Poll : Electronika project options

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  • 70s large case LCD (B6 02 homage)

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  • SS Electronika 5X

    52 61.90%
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Thread: Poll : Electronika project options

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    Poll : Electronika project options

    For the Technochas project the options remained on the table are two:

    1) B6-02 homage. Surok has shared two proposal based on the first generation quartz introduced in Soviet Union in the 80s. The details are still to be discussed however the sketches shows a classic round case and the other "big block" design. Modules are the 50A but in the case this proposal is the finalist we can discuss other options (for instance, a module with smallers digits, negative LCD or even a multifunction one).

    The size appear to be the about 45 x 37mm with a 9mm thickness, subject to confirmation.

    2) Stainless version of the classic Electronika 5X with WUS.

    In this case the case is a 1:1 recreation of the classic Soviet design but in stainless steel, modules to be decided even if the sketches shows a 55.

    Please appreciate this is a much smaller watch than the chunky 70s digital proposal, 39x33x6.5 mm. The case is snap in and WR is the same as the current models, that means splash proof. Indicative price for 100 pieces 2000 roubles.

    Again, if this proposal wins we can discuss the details like the WUS logo, engraving etc...this poll is not to determine this but to decide which route the forum members would like to take.

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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    Thanks for the poll Mr Cuthbert.
    As for the watch I like both designs but would prefer the B6-02 :)
    A classic soviet style digital with only time on screen would be very different from most of modern casios.
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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    I think that having the 55 against two different cases under the same checkbox is setting the 55 up for failure
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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    I love both, but chunky is funky! And aging eyes appreciate a larger size.

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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    What would be the WR of the B6-02?

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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    There's 3 options posted but only 2 choices...Anyways, I voted for the 55.

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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    Quote Originally Posted by GoodNamesWereTaken View Post
    There's 3 options posted but only 2 choices...Anyways, I voted for the 55.
    Look again. There are only two options:

    1. a chunky '70s homage of an as-yet undetermined style (two possibilities shown) - more polls, longer development time, higher cost
    2. an all-steel ChN-5x multifunction (existing case style with module, dial and back to be decided) - fewer polls, fast turn-around, lower cost

    This poll will determine which fundamental kind of project gets submitted for approval. Style differences can be voted on once the project starts.
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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    1 please
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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    I went for number two, i like it. I find number one a bit too retro funky for me!
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    Re: Poll : Electronika project options

    55 for me...and probably two pieces..one for daily use and one for the collection!!
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