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    Help ID this watch

    Hello ,Digging thru my old watch box I came across a PAKETA 24 hour watch , I dont remember where I picked it up but it was at least 15 years ago , I runs and keeps great time , unfortunately the buckle is missing from the leather strap signed PAKETA and CCCP on the back and CCCP on the front. The caseback is stamped "C^E^AHO B CCCP" 849198

    Is this anything special/collectable??
    Thanks ,
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    Re: Help ID this watch

    Hi Neal,

    - the brand name is not "Paketa", but its written in cyrillic letters and it reads "Raketa" (Rocket).
    This watch factory, situated in St. Petersburg, Russia, claims itself as the oldest watch factory/manufacture in Russia, scine the days of "Peter the Great", found in 1721 !

    Th writing on the back is "сделано в ссср" which simply means "Made in SSSR".

    This watch was already mass-production and you may find such a piece for around USD 100:

    Nevertheless I consider it to be "collectable" because of it´s unusuall 24 h-mechanism.
    About the history of the Raketa-Factory and how its got its name you may watch their channel on Youtube:
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