Komandirskie? Plrase help identify!

Thread: Komandirskie? Plrase help identify!

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    Komandirskie? Plrase help identify!

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    Hello all!

    Back in 1999 while serving as a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army, I was deployed to Kosovo where my unit (1st MP Co.) worked along side a Russian Airborne unit.

    One day one of the Russian soldiers and I decided to trade watches. I gave him my $20 Wal-Mart special (complete with stopwatch and timer) and he gave me this.

    It has sat in a box for 15 years until now, since I have decided to learn more about it. I have been looking at many Russian watch forums and have yet to find one exactly like it or even very close remotely similar when it comes to the face of the watch. But after exhaustive internet searching I have come to believe that it is a Vostok Komandirskie that depicts St. Nicholas and the Cathedral bearing his name.

    This watch has no visible brand name but does have the "big bird" design on the back. The band appears to be a thatched brown leather.

    ANY info you all could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Komandirskie? Plrase help identify!

    Hello travatkins: maybe a little help I can provide ?

    - the word on the back "водонепроницаемые" just means "waterproof"

    - the church in the background is typical architecture of russian othodox churches around 15. / 16 century.
    Most likly it is not the "church of Nicolaij", but the Dormition Cathedral in the Kremlin, Moscow and I think the watch was originally bought right there in the cathedral as a present/souvenir. This is nothing unsusual in Russia, in many big churches/cathedrals there are gift-shops.
    Dormition Cathedral, Moscow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As you mentioned already above,
    - the saint is St. Nikolaij, with his typically red robe with white hermelin collar and the typical position of his hand.
    Saint Nicholas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I absolutely agree with you, that the watch seems to be a "Vostok Komandirskie Gold Plated" Post Soviet ("Made in Russia").
    Like this one: Vostok Komandirskie Gold Plated – Post Soviet -Made in Russia | Sekondtime's Watches of the USSR

    It´s well possible, that such a watch was produced in a small amount of pieces by the above mentioned church itself.
    Look at the printing on it: a poor quality, as if DIY. They might have taken off the glas and just glued the new dial on it.
    Look at the small "window" for the date: It does not quiet fit to the rest of the dial and no professional watchmaker would do such a nonsense...

    There where version for every military branch: for tanks, airborne, marine etc.
    I think 5 different versions.
    Apparently the original dial was the "airborne" version of the Vostok Komandirskie.
    Like that one here:

    Hope that helps...
    ║* Greeting from sunny Crimea )) *•°*”˜˜”*°•.

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