Dear Russian watches admirers,
I found (bought) both watches in 2000 in Afghanistan (Mazar-I-Sharif).
Till now, I haven't gotten any clear history about them.
Between 2001 and beginning of 2004, when I was in Russia, nobody (even in Poljot factory where they were fully restored) could tell me when that model was produced, in which average quantity and for what purpose.
It seems this watch model was a political gift from the 70th when USSR and America were diplomatically fighting for being the privileged partner of the Afghan government…
I was told in Afghanistan what is written in Farci on the dial means:
Friendship Afghanistan – USSR.
I would be extremely pleased if one of you can give me clues about that (I guess) very rare model.
Of course, as you can see, one of them received for sure not original hands…
Many thanks in advance…