My Vostok collection - so far...
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Thread: My Vostok collection - so far...

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    My Vostok collection - so far...

    New member on this on this forum, but after reading about Vostok here, I finaly bought one Vostok. Then I got the fever... Bought another one. And another. You see them on the picture in that order i bought them. And of cause I had to costumize them a bit.
    On the first one, the 060 case, I satinbrusched the case, put a Natostrap on (I have several different colors to chage with, depending on the weather) and finaly swapt the bezel with my new Komandirskie.
    In the middle a Orange Ministry (light bronze in my opinion...) with a cheap, thin, black sharkmesh-bracelet. I also bought a couple of Nato and Zulu- bracelet for this one.
    Last, but mayby not finaly, an ordinary Komandirskie who lent the bezel from my first Amphibia.
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