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  16. Bring a Brain (Back Again), Ep.XXIX
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  18. LYLO Chronographe Suisse on eBay - Does anyone know anything about this make?
  19. Sapphire watch cases.
  20. What watch is this
  21. What is a Doctor's Dial?
  22. Rolex 1601
  23. I'd like to know the year or atleast decade this Buler was made
  24. Need some help with these watches I picked up today
  25. Tudor Rolex Caseback
  26. "The mint dial has gained a patina and has a noticeable flaw"
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  28. Vintage Movado curved lug strap suggestions
  29. Seiko Quartz Diver 100 Sports Cal 7123 - Vintage?
  30. So, that's how it works
  31. AP Ultra Thin cal 2003/1, reliability and ease of maintenance?
  32. Help Identifying Watch.
  33. Need help identifying watch
  34. Courvoisier & Comp
  35. Bulova caravelle info. Lume-material?
  36. Vintage Oris watch information
  37. Longines All Guard - Original dial?
  38. Beautiful size 3 pocket watch with no maker?
  39. Asprey 18k & Enamelled Fob Watch
  40. Vintage Dress Watch - help choose a gift
  41. Rolex and Omega
  42. Does anyone knows anything about this Arenus watch?
  43. Help me identify this Nivada watch
  44. Frey & co. Frey watch co.
  45. Pierce moonphase - redial?
  46. Movement ID: Bretiling Time Only
  47. Bucherer
  48. Gallet Multichron stem not winding
  49. longines 290 question
  50. Help Identifying 1940s Eterna Automatic
  51. Help to open a Rone Sportsman watch
  52. Vintage chronograph identification
  53. Vintage Vulcain Chronograph...
  54. Information
  55. Does this Cartier Tank Vermeil look genuine?
  56. Vintage Breitling a redial?
  57. Waltham Model 1892 Pocket Watch
  58. Help identifying a 1930s monopusher chrono movement
  59. Please Help Identity Vintage Eterna-Matic Cushion Case
  60. A prescient pocket watch
  61. Need help identifying vintage atlantic watch
  62. Seeking Advice: 2 Waltham Pocketwatches
  63. Information on Aureole Swiss Watch Brand
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  65. Rolex Marconi Special
  66. Vintage Certina DS Square
  67. Blue dial and bezel
  68. Old Vulcain “I have a dream” watch
  69. 14k supported by steel watch case?
  70. Tudor Prince Oysterdate Chrono-time
  71. Help identifying a Vintage Quartz movement.
  72. Omega Constellation Pie-Pan 168.005 verification
  73. Timex Electric value?
  74. Waltham PS Bartlett pocket watch
  75. Strap for Vintage Omega Seamster
  76. Longshot here, but this vintage Ulysse Nardin chronograph... Redial? Franken? Just uncommon?
  77. Licurgo 18 jewel vintage watch (small seconds, antimagnetic, incabloc)
  78. Abercrombie and Fitch Co. Shipmate - Help! need information
  79. Pocket watches Dallas Area?
  80. Can anyone figure out which watch this goes to? Major props if so!
  81. Henri Grandjean Long Running Pocket Watch
  82. Looks like an old FHF but is it?
  83. Is this considered a nice patina or just plain dirty?
  84. Atlantic Watches?
  85. Cheap Beaucourt cylinder watch...
  86. Croton Diamond Watches marked Gerry,Cara, Marcia, etc.
  87. Identifying a small French(?) 24-hour pocket watch
  88. Omega Seamaster 120 “baby ploprof”
  89. Please help me identify this antique Bulova
  90. Sell the house? Don't eat for a year? But I want IT!!!!!
  91. A Special Zenith Special Conversion
  92. Does Anyone Else Miss "Bring a Brain"?
  93. Any advice would be most appreciated
  94. Dating Revue pocket watch
  95. Any sense in buying vintage?
  96. Railroad Watches!
  97. Pocket watch identification
  98. Blazon watch
  99. Need help identify fathers patek philippe please
  100. ***Happy 50th Birthday, "El Primero"!!!***
  101. 1912 Concord 8 Day Travel Clock-watch
  102. Show Your Best Flea Market / Estate Sale finds
  103. It's not a watch... but it feels and looks like one.
  104. GSTP issued pocket watches NO LOGO Value?
  105. Just a vintage Vulcain automatic with a stunning dial.. and a strange limitation-choice
  106. Charles Nicolet Tramelan
  107. Eterna Matic cal 1416u
  108. Eterna Matic cal 1416u
  109. Thanks for all your advice.
  110. Need help to identify a watch movement
  111. Milos waterproof incabloc alarm watch
  112. Certina K.F 320 help needed
  113. Have you ever seen a beauty like this antique Longines gold wristwatch?
  114. Unknown Watch
  115. Vintage ss 1945 Girard Perregaux redial advice
  116. 1889 ELGIN HUNTER
  117. ________________
  118. Omega Mod. CK 929 - Cal. 17
  119. [Identify] Hamilton Caliber 771
  120. Stainless Steel Timex Auto
  121. First watch of 2019
  122. Omega Seamaster 861 chronograph
  123. 14k hamilton original or put together ?
  124. Jubilee movement ID help
  125. Jaeger LeCoultre cal. 463 WWII Era
  126. Help finding a vintage watch dealer/store in Toronto, Canada
  127. Issue with Lord Elgin 724 movement
  128. Is it original or fake - vintage Ulysse Nardin?
  129. Need help indentifying :)
  130. Sourcing Watchmakers
  131. First Man: Other watches?
  132. Vintage Seiko from Estate Sale
  133. broken "male" lug on vintage 18k gold case rolex precision
  134. Help on info for my grandfather’s watch. Likely a 1960’s Timex Marlin?
  135. Vintage Wakmann Chronograph Panda Needing Love
  136. 1963 Omega 168.001 The "Jumbo dial" Constellation
  137. Vintage Butex
  138. Chains et al
  139. Your thoughts about this vintsge Omega caliber 266?
  140. Vintage Timex Marlin - Odd Variety?
  141. Help needed, Olma movement ID. Silvana 1180/Venus 180?
  142. Looking for a vintage watch
  143. Vintage 1938 Rolex ref 3140 questions
  144. Marque de Fabrique & Déposée / Zenith
  145. Vintage Patek 524
  146. Enicar watch part question
  147. I have four watches that I need help identifying and getting any background information
  148. Please help me identify this watch
  149. Any watches with cases like Marvin's Flying Dutchman?
  150. Help to source lemania 19NP movement parts
  151. quarter repeater classification
  152. Finding a beads of Rice band in rose gold
  153. %%% Vintage WRUW January 2019 ???
  154. Looking for information on this!
  155. First Chronograph
  156. W.E. Barrett pocket watch
  157. Help identifying Patek please
  158. How to identify the ebauches used in old Ulysse Nardin wristwatches?
  159. Mr Saal's old pocket watch...
  160. Unknown antique Rolex watch - help please
  161. NOS Timex Question
  162. Epic Fail Live Timex Commercial
  163. Need help identifying please
  164. Vintage Universal Geneve Polerouter
  165. New arrival, Albert chain with a difference
  166. Gift from President LBJ Vintage 14kt gold Bulova Accutron with Tiffany & Co. Dial
  167. Birth-year watch as a gift
  168. observatory chronometer OCD database
  169. Help with hallmarks
  170. Can anyone ID this vintage ELPE pocket watch?
  171. Valjoux 77 - problem with actuating push piece spring
  172. My Grandfather's Autavia Heuer
  173. Vintage Hamilton Watches
  174. Auction Find! What should I do?
  175. Cortebert identification help please.
  176. Tiffany and Co Pocket watch date and info?
  177. Grandad’s watch
  178. West Pointer Pocket Watch - Savoy Movement. Is it an ETA 6497?
  179. Can I ask for help in looking for a Ulysse Nardin Jubile 4000?
  180. Omega Seamaster Identification
  181. unknown PW movement
  182. Info on old Swiss watch brands
  183. Can anyone ID this vintage Omega watch?
  184. What brand is this watch?
  185. Help identify this Longines.
  186. Real or Fake?
  187. Vintage Breitling knockoff?
  188. The Hamilton HWW Slim Bridge
  189. Help identifying this vintage Heuer?
  190. Breitling 806 with service dial & hands Early mistake
  191. Just a vintage lady's watch – the Christmas story
  192. Vintage Zenith help
  193. Please for information for movement 41 Jewels, watch brand DAMAS
  194. European railroad/railway pocket watches?
  195. Rare Time Traveling Hammie!
  196. Omega Pocket watch
  197. Phillipe Monet pocket watch. Cannot find anything online.
  198. longine military diver?? anybody ever seen this
  199. Help me identify this watch!
  200. Waltham pocket
  201. Lemac chronograph bezel use?
  202. Hamilton W10 Military
  203. Vintage Casios- model help plse
  204. Lucien piccard watch
  205. Breitling Datora Ref. 785 w/ Valjoux 72C
  206. 1040's Spillman Case Chronograph Gilt Dial Astin Branded
  207. Waltham 1888
  208. Seiko 6139-7030
  209. Help indentify 1948 longines
  210. Help identify Favre Luba Sea Chief -- Real/Fake?
  211. Solvil et Titus - Please help in finding additional information on this watch
  212. Pulsar Time Computer Question
  213. Omega T17
  214. My latest purchase: Astromatic Astrological Sign (ca. 1970)
  215. Can someone guess this watch's age?
  216. Detectives needed for identifying vintage square quartz make/model
  217. Gruen 770R chronograph
  218. Does this omega sea master look okay?
  219. Please help is this a patek philippe pocket watch from 1847
  220. Omega ID Help please?
  221. pocket watch movement ID help
  222. Want to start a WWI TRENCH WATCH General Discussion Thread - Post Pics of your!
  223. Pocket watch movement ID & help
  224. Help with identification (Vacheron?) or any information
  225. Watch identification help
  226. Girard Perregaux - original dial??
  227. Angelus Chronodato
  228. Minerva Antimagnetique w/ Tear drop lugs
  229. Just acquired my vintage "grail"...a Rado Alpineum
  230. Does a pocket watch have a place today?
  231. JLC 383355 mechanical mvmt????
  232. Vintage watch help (Legit check and history) Girard Perregaux and Junghans
  233. Cauny Submarine
  234. Help with information bout Emka watch brand (specifically vintage)
  235. Identify a Melbun ?
  236. "Fresh, clean-cut masculine look"
  237. Help identifying Israel watch
  238. Zenith Railway PW 1926 and WUS/Enrico figured out: Chemin de Fer Ottoman Anatolie Baghdad
  239. Armitron Pocket Watch Help
  240. Type XX (3 register): first draft of serial number project complete [Breguet, Girard-Perregaux, Math
  241. Show us your vintage watch finds from 2018!
  242. Help me identify vintage Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox
  243. Nice little 20$ pawn shop buy!
  244. Eardley Norton Pocket Watch London Fusee?
  245. A Hirondor watch? (pic inside)
  246. New Member - New Le Grand Roy et Fils pocketwatch
  247. Watch from birth year: 1982. Suggestions?
  248. Nice Vintage Voumard
  249. Seeking info on Vintage Hamilton Automatic
  250. Sources for Information on Vintage Longines