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  19. Rondine 17 jewels Self Winding Incabloc Swiss, help with finding Information on maker
  20. Columbus 16 size r.r. by D. Gruen
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  24. My Grandfather Omega
  25. Damas dress watch
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  27. Keystone box
  28. 60's Omega NSW Government Railway Pocket Watch
  29. Need Help to ID
  30. Anybody have any info on this vintage Omega Stopwatch?
  31. Vintage Girard Perregaux
  32. came across a very very interesting watch!
  33. help with identification
  34. Escape Wheel for Omega cal. 1481?
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  36. landeron 2
  37. My grandfather's J. Assmann Glashuette I/Sachsen pocket watch
  38. help id this movement
  39. Scored a vintage Hamilton electronic from the thrift store! No apparent case openings..?
  40. Shot in the dark
  41. Omega cal. 750
  42. An outrageous watch just arrived, want to guess?
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  44. J.G ladies Racine pocket watch
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  46. Old pocket watch with Diogene movement
  47. Berna Stopwatch Information? Pics Inside.
  48. Hamilton Identification
  49. Help identifying Date of Waltham Wristwatch
  50. Cyma Triplex cal. R.414 K8 early 40-ties?
  51. Advice on Omega service
  52. case maker id help dating
  53. Hamilton Brandon Upgrade
  54. looking for INFO on a old watch
  55. What kind of case is this Omega???
  56. D. Gruen's Columbus W. Co. examples
  57. Old Jules Jurgensen and Matile, Locle identicals
  58. Sandoz NOS
  59. help identify AMI watch logo
  60. A box lot...
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  62. Vintage Omega
  63. Vintage Roamer pocket watch
  64. Ingraham Dixie Pocket watch question
  65. yet another movement ID requested
  66. Help w/ Curved Movado Tank
  67. Mathematical repainted dial
  68. Gold Hamilton Watch
  69. Longines self-winder w/ SS
  70. Tissot Visodate Seastar
  71. Lemania chronograph serial numbers
  72. Bao Xuan
  73. Hamilton Wilshire
  74. Anyone knows the history and variation behind Heuer Camaro?
  75. Incoming Hi-Beat Zodiac
  76. Help dating a Cortebert watch
  77. Introducin myself and asking reference about a watch
  78. Vintage for Wedding day?
  79. share with LIBAN Automatic
  80. Help with History of this Special Edition Pocket Watch
  81. Anyone have experience with ?
  82. Please help to identify watch brand
  83. Bedforde Pocket watch? Anyone know of this company?
  84. need help on old american waltham watch co pocket watch
  85. A long wait for the latest finished project.
  86. Hello folks, 1909 Illinois
  87. Help identifying and dating Seikosha
  88. Patek Philippe Chronograph
  89. My evolution to POCKET WATCH COLLECTOR
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  91. Picture of a gorgeous Wittenour I found on the net?
  92. vintage benrus and hamilton value
  93. Roamer Restoration
  94. Baume et Mercier watch from 1953, trying to find some info
  95. Information wanted on watch, PLEASE help.
  96. Seiko 6106 -9050
  97. Help, PLEASE!!
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  100. Restored My Grandfather's Hamilton
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  102. Edox Delphin
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  106. unknown Swiss watch "TAVERNIER"
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  109. Making good on a resolution
  110. modern pocket watch assistance
  111. 10K bezel and stainless steel back
  112. Favre Leuba Bathy 50 circa 1966
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  115. 70s' YEMA "UFO"
  116. Two Incoming, Not Vintage, but Classics.
  117. Mirexal? Any info?
  118. Von Ribbentrop's watch found...
  119. Latest Arrival, Goma Triple Date.
  120. Any info about this Primedor watch
  121. Degel Swiss Watch
  122. Help Identifying Old Roamer
  123. anyone dealt with this site before?
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  125. The very first railroad watch
  126. Help me identify my Favre-Leuba watch
  127. seiko H801-6098 1990's
  128. '73 bulova
  129. Vintage Omega Seamaster
  130. Vintage Patek Philippe.
  131. pocketwatches
  132. Elgin Pocket Watch, Looking For Help?
  133. Ebel S/S Automatic ... help
  134. HELP..I want to know more about the watch my aunt left behind
  135. Unknown SFG movement
  136. Jaquet-girard
  137. Vintage Ladies Solvil et Titus
  138. Lucien Piccard Vintage Watch 14k gold question
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  140. 1st post at this section.....A. Schild?
  141. recommendations on looking for 1st vintage watch for daily use?
  142. Any UG Polerouter wrist shots?
  143. ingersoll pocket watch
  144. Jaeger LeCoultre Wind Indicator ..suggestions/insight?
  145. A little trenchie gem from a bulk lot
  146. Raketa Kopernicus
  147. How much is this Watch Worth Now?
  148. Pocket watch restoration?
  149. My first Panda
  150. Brand Identification (Goma)
  151. ISO Resources for Waltham Pocket Watches
  152. Very interesting story on PBS History Detectives tonight...
  153. Making Something Out of Nothing
  154. 1972 +/- Seiko crystal type
  155. Yet another pocket watch chronograph.
  156. Old School Chronograph arrived today
  157. Need help identifying pocket watch
  158. 1900 English PW - F.J. Spiller- Taunton - Sterling case by JR
  159. a real omega seamaster?
  160. For the life of me, I cannot find 18s sweep second hands!
  161. Need help identifying a watch
  162. Vintage LeCoultre
  163. Real or fake omega seamaster deville?
  164. Anyone Have a Few Dollars Lying Around?
  165. Zenith help...
  166. Mido Multifort super-automatic
  167. My First Helbros Incoming
  168. so I got my Oceanographer back...
  169. Ellis Wrist Watch
  170. Favourite old strap
  171. Help with an Omega Seamaster please!
  172. How does this look, any thoughts?
  173. Electra
  174. Wabi-Sabi and vintage watches
  175. Buying vintage Mido Ocean Star Commander
  176. Need opinions bad want to buy but doubts about old dial finish
  177. real or fake
  178. I just bought a Lanco. Great watch! Uh...what year is it from?
  179. Vintage Hamilton Movement Video
  180. Another Alprosa by Enicar
  181. Bad paintjob on a 1950 Tissot Pointer?
  182. Illinois Movement Question 0 size
  183. Revival of a B.W. Co. Central USA
  184. Vintage Timex Watch Question
  185. DOXA, Tissot chronograph, chronometer
  186. pocket watch conversion Case..where to buy
  187. Oyster Centregraph
  188. Buler "Monte Carlo"
  189. Yema !
  190. Movement ID / LeCoultre Help
  191. Yet another 'ID this watch' post - Hemingway's watch
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  193. Vintage Tissot lady Watch 1965
  194. Incoming NOS 1970's Tissot
  195. Baume Mercier 18k
  196. Flea Market Finds
  197. GP Movement identification
  198. Pw conversion
  199. Modern Ingersoll
  200. $10 Flea Market Find Le Jour
  201. A Vintage Grail Arrives: The watch Bill Gates didn't want me to have
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  203. Movement quiz!
  204. Christmas gift Elgin
  205. movement ID of a Jowissa
  206. Ro La Tron Super Deluxe
  207. Home city watch thread - put yours here
  208. identify pocket watch
  209. Seiko 7005-8030 From 1969?
  210. rusting on movement...bad news?
  211. Thoughts on this Breitling Top Time?
  212. Phenix Stop
  213. Today's purchase(s)...
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  215. Pic sharing: Walter Lange's Journeyman Watch
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  217. Advanced search in the movement archive
  218. Vintage Vostock
  219. My BWC swiss - some photos
  220. Sekonda De Luxe
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  223. brand new
  224. Help please with identification..
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  226. Info on this Roamer?
  227. Waltham 1877 OF export Farringdon F
  228. 1940's Doxa, New Arrival
  229. Cyma Triplex
  230. First Incoming of The Week
  231. Seeking information regarding this pocket watch
  232. Value of Ladie's B&M?
  233. My new vintage Hammy, please enjoy.
  234. Need help with Gruen Autowind...
  235. Big old bronze eagle p.w. holder
  236. Any info on this Omega?
  237. Hoping for a little info (identification)
  238. Orient Quartz
  239. What can you tell me about this Telephone?
  240. Info about my old Doxa
  241. Praise for Watchmakers and Franken makers
  242. HOLY F. S. engraved watch.
  243. Caravelle Innards/Wristshot
  244. My Grandfathers old pocket watch
  245. THought you might like to see..
  246. Latest Incoming 1950's Eterna
  247. Hamilton 992B, plastic dial???
  248. Hand replaced on PW-Now it doesn't run. What happened?
  249. Opinions on up-jewling a watch
  250. I know It's been discussed before...but!