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  30. Are these Rado and Zodiac fake or real?
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  32. French watch
  33. help me ID this vintage chronograph "Silver"
  34. vintage breitling 1940s
  35. help tp identify longines pocket watch movement
  36. Unbreakable mainspring - Fact or fiction?
  37. Verge Fusee Antique pocket watch square pillars help, opinions.
  38. NOS Unbranded 18mm curved endlinks BoR bracelet??
  39. Opinions of this vintage Fortis
  40. Gold Capped Vintage Watches
  41. Timex
  42. Tiffany Doctor's Watch Evaluation
  43. John Harrison movement opinions, help
  44. Unsigned watch from the early 70's, any info regarding this piece will be helpful
  45. Benrus pointer - Strange Dial - Help to identify
  46. I thought I'd share... vintage TIMEX
  47. 1980 Vacheron Constantin Original Price
  48. Seiko 6139: different colour subdial hand?
  49. Some advice for this patek philippe
  50. Advice Revue Pastime
  51. Timex
  52. Pierce Chronograph
  53. A cool NOS treasure found today- Timex Dual Zone
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  55. HMT Pilot (1970s)
  56. Angelus cal 216
  57. Non-Vintange, NEW, Mechanical Pocket Watches ~$500
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  59. Vintage August WRUW
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  62. Appreciate any assistance
  63. Bulova SeaKing A 1961
  64. Ball Railroad pocket watches command high prices?
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  67. Lord Elgin with lumed hands
  68. repair Oriosa Gold watch
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  71. Vintage purists
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  73. Help with pocket watch, Berthoud Adams & Co
  74. Birks Service Watch
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  76. 1940's Concord Time Only Watches???
  77. Vintage Eterna 1940's with radium dial
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  82. Radium in Seth Thomas Clocks?
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  86. Vintage Rima Desk Clock with Abercrombie and Fitch Signed Dial
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  92. Bring a Brain XXVI
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  94. BELMONTE and a SHEFFIELD - What do you guys know about them?
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  97. New Pickup
  98. My great-grandfather's mystery pocket watch -- appraisers have been stumped
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  101. My grandfathers inherited pocket watch
  102. A Very Complete Hamilton 950
  103. Girard Perregaux Observatory Chronometer -- how many were made?
  104. Looing for a bit of info on an Helvetia watch
  105. Favre Leuba - Legit? Movement Legit?
  106. looking for information or history on this watch
  107. Cyma Cymaflex
  108. Logical idea? Well an odd Logic pocket watch
  109. Moeris with Subdial and Lollypop Hand - Model?
  110. Got my up/down day/date accutron back from service!
  111. Looking for info on a "THUYA" watch
  112. Type XX (3-register) serial number project: every Mathey-Tissot, Breguet, and Girard-Perregaux
  113. Should movement and caseback SNs match?
  114. Help With Waltham Serial Number
  115. Eterna-matic on eBay
  116. S Services 17 jewels watch Swiss made
  117. Vintage certina ID
  118. Watch collection - what it's worth
  119. 3000 watches – a sincere warning for all the ‘hoarders’ amongst us.
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  121. Help! Identifying a movement
  122. Sicura ID & date, 17 Jewels Day-Date Full Lever
  123. Vintage lot- Croton, Favre Leuba, Seiko, Waltham WWII, Elgin
  124. Universal Geneve Tri-Compax
  125. Sicura Watch Identification
  126. New arrival - Universal Geneve Medico-Compax
  127. Identify HERO watch
  128. Thoughts on this vintage Chronographe Suisse? Possible radium dial?
  129. Movado HS 360 Kingmatic Video Sub Sea
  130. Old Doxa inquiry
  131. MUST SEE VIDEO – Calculating longitude at sea
  132. Help Identifying this Nivada Antartic
  133. Vintage Wittnauer "Revue"
  134. Identifiying an old pocket watch
  135. Unknown Vintage Omega Cal 26.5 T3 Enamel Dial Blued Hands
  136. my Hamilton GG-113-W (1971)
  137. Help! I can't identify this Nicolet mechanical
  138. Jaquet Girard Info Required
  139. Some New Pocket Watches
  140. Info on a Vintage Wristwatch - HIRA
  141. Vintage Benrus research for an old friend
  142. Trying to identify a Hamilton RR
  143. Grana kf301
  144. Sandoz 2834 auto day date dial
  145. Eberhard “Replica” Chronograph: Creative Anachronism
  146. ALFA branded movement identification.
  147. What year is this seiko??
  148. Before and after pictures
  149. Omega Geneve Questions
  150. Inherited my grandfather’s Rado Green Horse
  151. Vintage large antique pre 1920 Art Deco branded T, CURVEX mens watch
  152. Different movements in affordable chronographs
  153. Vintage E.Howard Pocket Watch Arrived
  154. Pocket Watch Grades -- what do they mean and how can I determine mine?
  155. Vintage Bulova
  156. Any history on these?
  157. Longines, Wittnauer and Hamilton - Redials?
  158. Pulsar Analog/Digital Alarm Y960-6018 LCD Watch
  159. Pocket Watch case for Illinois Sangamo
  160. Longines Pocket Watch
  161. OMEGA Longuevue Pocket Watch, railroad?
  162. Edox Bluebird. Dial original?
  163. Antique Fusee Pocket Watch Movement?
  164. Movement ID and rough age?
  165. What longines model is this? Old
  166. New Chrono Showed Up Today.
  167. First Longines for the collection
  168. Watch ID Help
  169. Heuer 73321 - Help with authenticity
  170. Help with datejust purchase
  171. Please ID this Ancre Watch
  172. BULOVA SEA KING - How does the movement look?
  173. Another Accutron back from service!
  174. Pierce tripple date moon phase watch and first post
  175. Can anybody identify this Gigandet?
  176. Searching for More Information on this Beautiful Curious Timepeace
  177. Need help with vintage watches.
  178. Vintage Benrus: Help Identifying
  179. 1918 Hamilton Railroad Pocket Watch
  180. Help dating Minerva Cal 13-20 Chronograph
  181. Ladies Bucherer Movement ID
  182. Pocket watch
  183. What decade was the first tougher watches?
  184. Info On Gruen Precision
  185. Pocket watch: Elgin Grade 345
  186. Record Geneve
  187. Lemania second line in 1950s? Bernova prototype
  188. 1968 Timex addition to the collection
  189. Looking for Proposal Pocket Watch!
  190. Please help me identify my pocket watch
  191. My first vintage? Baylor Day Date
  192. Check this vintage piece out
  193. No-name Unitas watch valuation
  194. Please help me identify the movement on this LIGA?
  195. Vintage Omega Evaluation
  196. Unknown Hamilton mystery movement?
  197. Oris 15 Jewels 451 KIF
  198. A little help please
  199. WEST END WATCH CO - How is it? WHAT is it?
  200. Seeking information on this Enicar
  201. My $25 plus tax Illinois Sangamo Thrift Store Score.
  202. Help to determine rough date for this UG please
  203. Mystery watch
  204. Enicar moonphase watch felsa 693
  205. Elgin: Large Spread Between Dial Up & Down
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  208. unusual Elgin-have you seen one like this before?
  209. Watches from the Russian Federation trustworthy?
  210. Please help identify watch?
  211. Gyromatic project
  212. Vintage Sandoz 17 jewel Swiss made Chronographe wrist watch
  213. Chrono-Sport France 17 jewels
  214. Hamilton Lug Question
  215. Universal Geneve Tri Compax Originality Help
  216. Identifying old pocket watch
  217. Eberhard signed Movado cal.620N
  218. Help identifying old pocketwatch
  219. 1 jewel Wilson watch
  220. vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches
  221. Early 60’s Original Timex Marlin Servicing
  222. Vintage ZentRa watch issue!
  223. Help with Lewa Sport De-Luxe // Year & Maker?
  224. whats the purpose of this button? BULOVA watch
  225. Nice Ebay pick on saturday night! Update last post.
  226. IWC Cal.853 for $410 usd, good deal?
  227. 70s or 80s Pequignet - Any Info?
  228. Old Elgin Pocket watch Crown won't stay down
  229. Help IDing Caravelle 666 Diver
  230. Vintage Movado 1940's (Make/Model request?)
  231. Can anyone tell me about this piece?
  232. Vintage Rolex Precision not winding correctly - when do I know to take to AD?
  233. Any hardcore collectors recognise this watch??
  234. How much did 19th century pocket watches cost?
  235. WWI Mark V pocket watch (I think)
  236. Seikosha - Japanese... Zenith???
  237. Cara Sport 2 button chrono, Jura Watch Co
  238. Help identifying Edox watch.
  239. What is this movement!! Help please!!
  240. Unique pocket watch
  241. Nice looking but any issues here
  242. Vintage Watch Friday Wristshots
  243. Help evaluating an 100+ year pocket watch
  244. Please can somebody identify this watch
  245. Omega Globemaster? Large Pics
  246. Getting to the movement for this UG
  247. I'm A Safe Driver! Or At Least The Original Owner Of My New Tissot Was.
  248. Jaz Quartz vintage
  249. Three old watches: Sarcar Geneve, Orly and Muralt
  250. Peerless Shockmaster, Australian Railway Watch, Schild Movement.