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  2. Bulova Oceanographer 333, normal for tritium to be this dark?
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  7. Polerouter help
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  10. Vintage Junghans alarm clock.
  11. Help me identify this Favre-Leuba Geneve "Datic" from early 60's.
  12. Thoughts on this Universal Genève Uni Compax please
  13. Thoughts on 2 eBay offerings (1 JLC, 1 Omega)
  14. Longines 24 hour military silver pocket watch
  15. Modern Automatic Pocket Watch?
  16. Gruen World Time
  17. Gallet Multichron Pilot - looking for experts' feedback on hands
  18. Westclox 17 jewel shock resistant
  19. Flashback: 2/24/99 Trump buys Reagan watch at Tourneau Auction
  20. Sea-King Name
  21. Rouen Sea Timer.....What the heck is this?
  22. Vintage Timex - Help with parts and movement
  23. Electric (and quartz) vintage watches : let them run or "hack" them and pause them ?
  24. Any Ideas what this is?
  25. 1962 Omega Seamaster
  26. Questions about a vintage Omega???
  27. Vintage Wakmann, need help
  28. Vintage Omega Service - UK
  29. Vintage Patek Philippe | Seeking Guidance
  30. Noob Buying a Zodiac Watch - Advice?
  31. Bring a Brain XXII
  32. Vintage Bulovas
  33. Help to check authenticity of Vintage Universal Geneve gilt shadow watch
  34. Advice on this Alpha Please
  35. Radium
  36. Interesting Find
  37. Help to identify the movement
  38. a gathering of Gallet's
  39. Parts info for a 23 jewel Waltham vanguard
  40. Royce 17 Jewels, Art-Deco Platinum - Mechanism?
  41. Your Thoughts on Tissot Pocket Watches Please?
  42. So sad...
  43. Competition - Mixing Entry Level Watches and Motorsport?
  44. Pocket Watch Chain
  45. Autavia 73663 Bund Vs Breitling 765 - priced sbout the same, which one would you pick
  46. Help identifying a Breitling pocket watch
  47. Help to idientify this pocket watch - is it gold?
  48. Friends Pocket Watch
  49. need help determining worth and to indentify a couple of watch i found after my grandfather died
  50. Elgin pocket watch find
  51. Vintage 1930s Waltham Watch
  52. “Presented by the 1979 masters association”
  53. So it seems that it takes 3 years and 5,000 EUR to service this vintage Patek...
  54. Can you identify this vintage chronograph movement?
  55. Today's score
  56. Info needed about ZERVITH DE LUXE watch and Company
  57. Helbros 49 Jewel self winding
  58. Pocket watch that was found under
  59. Anyone have an Ernest Borel and want this?
  60. UTI 18k - Movement ID Please
  61. Help dating and valuing a watch
  62. Edox bluebird case restoration
  63. Advise needed: Girard-Perregaux HF 440 movement
  64. Just another flea market find. Catalina vibrolastic
  65. 1970s Girard Perregaux - info and advice sought
  66. My uncles watch that was given to him by his work
  67. Assistance identifying a Vintage Audemars Piguet dress watch (est early 1950's)
  68. Gamma Watch?
  69. Help wantet on eterna vintage braclet!
  70. Evaluating 3 used JLCs from ebay
  71. Help identifying flea market treasure
  72. Identification Help For Possible Watch Buys
  73. Universal polerouter
  74. Bring a Brain XXI
  75. Certina DS PH200M
  76. Zodiac aeronaut gmt (just back from service)
  77. Is this of any value?
  78. EmE Enve-Claire??? What did I buy??
  79. Got my new case done
  80. You Don't Always Get What You Expect
  81. Cry For Help: Recommendations for dial refinishing companies for Swiss vintage watches
  82. Short film from Longines factory from the 1910s-1920s (mixed footage)
  83. Seiko 6205-7980 watch from the 60's
  84. Is the longines dial original?
  85. Vulcain Cricket Problems (after servicing...)
  86. Advise Needed: Parts Eterna Caliber 852S and Jaeger LeCoultre P478
  87. Grandfathers Collection
  88. *** Vintage WRUW February 2018***
  89. Vintage heuer Monaco case with pushers and NSA bracelet
  90. Vintage solid white gold Fortis?
  91. Mysterious pocket watch
  92. Omega pocket watch - price?
  93. My Sandoz vintage submariner needs a bracelet
  94. Bad redial example - ebay
  95. 1915 Waltham black dial trench watch - a bit of a rare combo
  96. Help: Dorset watch identification & I.D. of other watches
  97. Waltham diver received as a gift in 1974
  98. Does this antique Breguet Pocket Watch look real? Thanks in advance!
  99. Help with movement identification please!
  100. Recent Purchase - '36 Elgin
  101. Volga watch
  102. Funky dates on dial of Movado Triple Calendar Watch
  103. Dead Timex Model 63 Quartz
  104. New to me Cortebert with a couple of questions
  105. Omega Speedmaster relumed?
  106. Old Tellus watch
  107. Gasket for Hamilton Fontainebleau Cal 11 ca.1969?
  108. Promax
  109. I’ve bought a diver🤪
  110. Jovial old watch
  111. My grandfather's watch - Omikron
  112. Help to identify old Omega pocket watch?
  113. Ideas on protecting vintage gold plating from further wear ?
  114. LeCoultre watch value
  115. Redial Longines?
  116. How old is my watch?
  117. Vintage Zenith
  118. Possible to put strap on this Omega Geneve?
  119. In Search of Bulova Oceanographer Second Hand
  120. I'm desperately trying to identify this vintage pocket Patek Philippe...
  121. Help with movement identification?
  122. Can anyone identify this Bulova? 14k solid gold 1945
  123. Zodiac Triple Date Moonphase: Pass Inspection?
  124. Can experienced forum members please clarify which manufacturer produced this movement...
  125. Looking to identify what model Bulova I have
  126. Looking to identify what model Bulova I have
  127. Help with buying vintage Omegas
  128. Opinion on 1954 Seamaster.
  129. Help identify
  130. Help with Vacheron watch with Rolex bracelet
  131. HELP NEEDED: Universal Geneve
  132. Grandfathers old Ingersoll - Age unknown...
  133. Tudor Sub 7928 missing the word “rotor”
  134. Vintage 1963 Caravelle, help with identification please!
  135. Vintage JLC. Gold plated? Help me authenticate this allegedly manual wind 36mm
  136. I have 2 Bulova Minutemans! Right?
  137. Please help me start my collection
  138. Waltham pocket watch condition and value
  139. Lunivos chronograph help
  140. Etienne Jump Hour
  141. Picked up a Cortebert Railway Watch
  142. 1974 Citizen Adorex 8000
  143. Mechanical movement ID
  144. Help Identify This Watch
  145. Please help me identify this watch
  146. Hope this is OK....trying to find out info on my late mothers Herma Antichoc pocket watch
  147. Help identify my Grandfathers watch!
  148. 1954 Tissot Visodate Automatic
  149. Hamilton Automatic Micro Rotor but not Thinomatic?
  150. Vintage Girard Perregaux - from 1940's - please some advice regarding the dial on this model
  151. Rolex dial concerns
  152. Help required to identify this early Roamer movement please.
  153. Postala Chronograph - Info Needed Please
  154. Chronometre Royal
  156. Enicar Sherpa Electric - Landeron 4750
  157. Old Lancet wrist watches
  158. HELP: Vintage timex marlin manual wind springy
  159. Picked up a Gruen Veri-Thin today
  160. Vintage Military Tissot Chronograph movement opinions
  161. Questions regarding an old Swiss pocket watch
  162. Movement ID
  163. New Leonidas - any guess on date?!
  164. Vintage Zodiac watches: forgotten glory
  165. Gyromatic Dial Identification
  166. Croton Watch Stops When Chrono is Activated
  167. Help valuation Omega Seamaster Deville
  168. Two new pieces: Eterna and Cyma
  169. Help identifying two watches
  170. Need help identifying Longines watch
  171. Entry Level Seamaster, need advice
  172. Today's Find a Capitol Idea
  173. Early Seikosha's Swiss movement?
  174. vintage military watch question
  175. Doxa Woman’s Watch Questions
  176. Lancaster 17 Medals Watch Info
  177. Fake Must de Cartier Tank?
  178. Doxa Sub 600T Searambler (Aubry era): new arrival and help needed with bracelet
  179. Camy World Timer
  180. Vintage Longines watch ID
  181. Help with Elgin pocket watch
  182. Looking for a vintage dress watch with a black dial under $200.
  183. identification of a pocket watch movement
  184. Vulcain cricket Identification request
  185. Help for identifying a Omega stop watch needed!
  186. Radium Paint vs. Radium Salt?
  187. Medana watch
  188. Borgward watch need info please!
  189. Help/advice on inherited pocket watches
  190. Looking to buy a vintage Marvin -How bad is rusting?
  191. Play the game: Identify the watch
  192. Favre Leuba (Landeron 149)
  193. Second hand just detached - Fixable ?
  194. 1960 Vintage Bulova
  195. Chas Frodsham
  196. Brand histories: Fee based corporate lineage and successorship research.
  198. Omega 30T2 - Two specimens
  199. Gothic Today!
  200. Have you ever heard of a Vintage Golana?
  201. Identification of Hunter brand watch
  202. Vintage Ulysse Nardin Authenticity - Help Needed!
  203. N.O.S. Vintage watches.
  204. Longines Railroad pocket watch?
  205. Unknown pocket watch
  206. Royal geographical Society 13 jewels
  207. A Curious Ringo (No, not the drummer).
  208. Disposable Beauty: Westclox W5 Alarm
  209. Century Swiss - Help identifying a watch - with photos
  210. Great grand-dad's Elgin pocketwatch
  211. Unknown movement, identity help needed please.
  212. Can someone help me identify this Omega from the 70s?
  213. Patek Movement Identification
  214. Need info on my Ulysse Breting locle
  215. Any info on Rouan?
  216. Should I get a 1942 Elgin A11 or a 1975 Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214 Caliber
  217. Any info on this old pocket watch? Logo is an A in a triangle
  218. Acquired a vintage Titus
  219. New year, new mystery movement
  220. Help needed in identifying a Baum & Mercier cronograph
  221. vintage Omega - worth restoration?
  222. Hanhart Chronograph info need it
  223. Help Identifying Grandfather's Pocket Watch Please
  224. My First Gotham Gothamatic On The Way
  225. New and Looking for advice
  226. Looking for a Pallet Fork for Cal 69 Universal Geneve Polerouter
  227. First Vintage Watch - Second try
  228. Please Help Me Identify - 2 Elgins, 1 Waltham
  229. Lost in the innards of a Elgin Grade 222
  230. Beautiful 1930s Omega! Help me identify it
  231. Omega Speedmaster Mark IV, Tissot Seastar T12 estate sale pick ups
  232. Universal Geneve Uni-Compax - Some help needed
  233. Hamilton ID HELP
  234. Universal Geneve 1941/42 cal 262 help
  235. Universal Geneve help
  236. Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?
  237. Are vintage bracelets become collectible?
  238. First Zodiac. Grab bag find! Help?
  239. Heuer ID
  240. Chronometer/ Chronometré before 1925
  241. Lord Elgin 14k GF Black Golden Knight
  242. Austin Rado Connection?
  243. Elves GMT diver watch - movement?
  244. Clean crystal for 1970's Timex
  245. Help to identify this watch
  246. Really need help identifying this pocket watch
  247. Seamaster - info sought
  248. Can someone help identify my grandfather's Elgin 19?
  249. Need help identifying pocket watch.
  250. Favre-Leuba question