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  17. Rolex
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  19. Oris Vitage Style Military Watch - hand are out of sync - any guesses as to cost of repair?
  20. 1952 Smiths de luxe - what do you think?
  21. Another dial check please.
  22. c1910-1915 Waltham-made Ball Railroad Pocket Watch
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  26. Bring a Brain XVIII
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  28. Is it wrong to run a 140 year old pocket watch every single day?
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  33. Elgin Grade 222
  34. Paul Newman's TIMEX
  35. Can anyone tell me the reference of this vintage Omega?
  36. Birthday watch
  37. Help ID’ing vintage Ernest Borel movement and approximate age of watch
  38. Rado Companion - fake or genuine?
  39. DOXA anti-magnetic circa 1961
  40. 18K gold hunting case pocket watch B&C Trademark ID Help
  41. Unknown Inherited Watch - Governor branded, swiss made, what is this?
  42. What Did We Do Before Watches???
  43. Pretty sure this is a redial. Another T&H Gem.
  44. Can anyone help tell me what this watch is?
  45. A Tale of Two Movements
  46. Vintage Glycine find
  47. Omega Dynamic?
  48. Antique store find
  49. Enicar redial or not?
  50. I know you know. Please help
  51. POST YOUR MOVEMENT! (I mean watch movement)
  52. Longines 1200 Admiral?
  53. Czech Pilot Watches
  54. Vintage Stopwatch
  55. Not really a Vintage watch but has got me interested
  56. Another Pateck Geneve
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  59. 1926 But help please 😱
  60. Help with pawn shop Omega, return or not? Polished case?
  61. Junk bag Elgin panda chronograph
  62. Marvin and Longines Evaluations
  63. Info on Elgin Electra
  64. Jump Second Pocket MOvement ?? Help to identify
  65. Elgin 539 question
  66. Identification help sought for Repetition Chronographe A.quartz
  67. Vintage Longines Tank Watch Question
  68. Vintage Baume & Mercier Parts
  69. ***Vintage WRUW December 2017***
  70. Kelbert chrono question
  71. Altus with an interesting dial + maybe related to Glycine
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  74. Grand Trunk Pacific Special - Canadian Railroad Watch. Ca. 1915.
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  78. The Thrill and Anguish of Delivery Anticipation
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  82. Seeking crown for vintage Tissot PR 516 GL
  83. "Heuer Pasadena" Style VTG Homage Valjoux Chronograph (?? Pls Help)
  84. girard-perregaux model?
  85. Opinion on this Seamaster DeVille gold capped
  86. Hi just came across a pocket watch and need any infor you can give me about it...
  87. Omega 1969 Seamaster Cosmic
  88. Zodiac bracelet ID
  89. Found one of my old pieces on ebay.... for a hell of a lot more than I sold it!
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  92. Lauris Apollo
  93. Got my Waltham PW running.
  94. Need help.... think this is pre WWII Alpina???
  95. Vintage walthan Model CN 200 features a 17 Jewel French Ebauche 140 movement
  96. Wyler Incaflex Information Requested
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  98. Bring a Brain XVII
  99. Longines stopwatch
  100. German Military issued Junghans Bund Chronograph
  101. 1952 Tissot Visodate Seastar any thoughts?
  102. Gübelin Vintage Watch with Georges Beguelin engrave
  103. Cracked my grandfathers Elgin
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  105. Vintage 1923 Illinois Watch Co pocket watch
  106. Longines ID
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  114. $20 Gruen Autowind
  115. My «new» Douglas...before and after
  116. NOS Mint Condition Salesman Sample stock Jackpot!
  117. Are these worth taking to a pro?
  118. Westclox Scotty Style 4 Pocket Watch, serial number location?
  119. Now I'm a Zenith fan!
  120. Info on Jutan Swiss brand?
  121. 1960's Omega Constellation: true or fake?
  122. Favre Leuba Chronograph
  123. Inexpensive vintage watch
  124. Would you swap out this Marlin bracelet?
  125. Favre Leuba PW - Military??
  126. Holiday gift for a friend with a sense of humor
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  128. Longiness Dress watch verification
  129. Hampden Special Railway PW Opinions
  130. Favre Leuba
  131. What's wrong with this old Timex quartz?
  132. Help - movement identification request :)
  133. Help identifying if these are Original or Redial?
  134. Cry for Help: Do you know the reference of this vintage Heuer Chronograph?
  135. Eberhard pre-Extra Fort: should numbers on lugs and case-back match?
  136. Anybody know what this is? Patriotic Wristlet?
  137. Very early Glashutte
  138. MARDOR?
  139. Elgin movement grade in a Taco...
  140. Help with Tiffany movement I.D.
  141. KH WATCH
  142. Interesting Elgin waterproof watch from 1935
  143. Seamaster 300 FAP Frankenwatch Sold At Phillips
  145. I need to identify this vintage industrial clock brand
  146. Thrift Store find: 60's Hamilton
  147. Not a half-bad service on this PW
  148. $50 Omega Geneve pawn find. Redial or not?
  149. Service for Hamilton 992
  150. What are your favorite FUNKY/UNUSUAL vintage watches?
  151. Thrift store find: Bulova tank
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  153. Good deal for Kontiki with original bracelet
  154. Timex Repair Snag
  155. Help identifying my pocket watch.
  156. Picked up a 70's Zenith Defy date
  157. What Japanese and Swiss watches brands could be found in the former USSR and former communist Poland
  158. Trench Watch ID help
  159. Is it worth it to replace this ?custom? case with original Omega case
  160. This looks too good to be legit
  161. My new Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver
  162. EB 8810 Movement Accuracy
  163. Pendant Watch ID
  164. American Railroad Chronometer Standards
  165. Help with details of Waltham wrist watch
  166. Any Benrus Fans - Self Regulating
  167. Probably my most favorite Bulova to date
  168. 1940's Omega watch....
  169. Inherited Accutron
  170. World War 1 Invicta Cockpit Watch
  171. Help with a watches worth
  172. Information Requested: Lucerne Unbreakable Mainspring Automatic Watch
  173. Wilane Brac 40 Pin Lever Rescued
  174. Incomming WW1 Zenith Signal Corps USA issued wristlet
  175. Horrible Redial Omega Seamaster?
  176. Strange pocket watch movement need help
  177. Help find battery to replace
  178. Favorite Elaborate Model Names?
  179. Longines automatic identity
  180. High bids on cheap knockoffs
  181. Rado Golden Horse
  182. I got my first pocket watch, but I don't know what it is
  183. Mysterious watch?
  184. Benjamin the Builder...
  185. 11/11/17 Watch Hunt
  186. New-to-me!
  187. Ulysse nardin identification
  188. Any Info about Vintage Tissot Chronometer Pocket?
  189. What’s your best mistake?
  190. Why does it exist? Universal Geneve Microtor pocket watch
  191. Redial?
  192. New to me vintage Lucerne Skin Diver - needs service
  193. FEF130 Hairspring Needed
  194. Pocket Chronograph could use help to identify the movement
  195. Trying to get information on a pocket watch
  196. Glossy dial on Enicar Super Jet?
  197. Sola and Tissot vintage inforation neede
  198. MSR S2 Vulcain 120 Part Needed
  199. 1941 Elgin $10 thrift find hinged lugs. Redialed
  200. Recommendations for Dial Refinishing for Chronograph
  201. Pretty cool Racine Gallet Automatic
  202. Preferred Sellers???
  203. Grandfather's Vintage Roskopf from Cuervo y Sobrinos
  204. Seiko 6139-6002, present from dad.. But can I fix it?
  205. Newly Arrived Arco BFG 90 Alarm Watch
  206. Timex Model 62 Time Machine
  207. My vintage watches
  208. Information about a Tissot Aquachron
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  210. My very first demi-hunter...
  211. Is this Speedmaster case salvageable?
  212. Vintage Omega Seamaster DV Need Help with 1st Vintage Purchase! Frankenwatch?
  213. Parts for Chronomatic Calibre 11. Can I go for Valjoux parts?
  214. Completely priceless find for my collection. Just wow!! Boeing Accutron.
  215. Anyone else love vintage Lip watches?
  216. Christmas present for 23 year old son
  217. Vintage Longines Help
  218. Antique Staking cabinet?
  220. Help me identify Piaget watch
  221. Gold or gold plated?
  222. Conversion (Marriage) Cases
  223. Identify Breitling Doctor's Watch
  224. Identification of Vintage Watch
  225. What movement is this?
  226. Parts for Waltham Vanguard
  227. First Vintage Diver watch, Mortima
  228. Gothamatic - re-varnish dial or not?
  229. Girard-Perregaux ID
  230. Received yesterday 1993 Timex B29 Chronograph
  231. Need help finding Bulova stem and crown
  232. Pocket watch on the wrist?
  233. Vintage Breitling ?
  234. Unusual Trench wristwatch - any info?
  235. Longines Calatrava
  236. Help with vintage Hamilton
  237. A Lanco MYSTERIOUS dial (Paint it Black)
  238. Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch
  239. Vintage Norman, Hamilton & Doxa - help identify
  240. I need more info about my new pocket watch
  241. Elgin model ID help
  242. So, How Do These Scams Work?
  243. Juvenia stainless
  244. Vintage watch stores in Hongkong?
  245. Helbros France Yard Sale Find
  246. Wrist strap for pocket watch?
  247. Help me figure out what this vintage Titus automatic is
  248. *** Vintage WRUW November 2017 ***
  249. Having a hard time opening this vintage
  250. My dads watch