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  11. Pretty cool Racine Gallet Automatic
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  16. Timex Model 62 Time Machine
  17. My vintage watches
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  19. Beautiful Alpina information
  20. My very first demi-hunter...
  21. Is this Speedmaster case salvageable?
  22. Vintage Omega Seamaster DV Need Help with 1st Vintage Purchase! Frankenwatch?
  23. Parts for Chronomatic Calibre 11. Can I go for Valjoux parts?
  24. Completely priceless find for my collection. Just wow!! Boeing Accutron.
  25. Anyone else love vintage Lip watches?
  26. Christmas present for 23 year old son
  27. Vintage Longines Help
  28. Antique Staking cabinet?
  30. Help me identify Piaget watch
  31. Gold or gold plated?
  32. Conversion (Marriage) Cases
  33. Identify Breitling Doctor's Watch
  34. Identification of Vintage Watch
  35. What movement is this?
  36. Parts for Waltham Vanguard
  37. First Vintage Diver watch, Mortima
  38. Gothamatic - re-varnish dial or not?
  39. Girard-Perregaux ID
  40. Received yesterday 1993 Timex B29 Chronograph
  41. Need help finding Bulova stem and crown
  42. Pocket watch on the wrist?
  43. Vintage Breitling ?
  44. Unusual Trench wristwatch - any info?
  45. Longines Calatrava
  46. Help with vintage Hamilton
  47. A Lanco MYSTERIOUS dial (Paint it Black)
  48. Help with info on this Penlington pocket watch
  49. Vintage Norman, Hamilton & Doxa - help identify
  50. I need more info about my new pocket watch
  51. Elgin model ID help
  52. So, How Do These Scams Work?
  53. Juvenia stainless
  54. Vintage watch stores in Hongkong?
  55. Helbros France Yard Sale Find
  56. Wrist strap for pocket watch?
  57. Help me figure out what this vintage Titus automatic is
  58. *** Vintage WRUW November 2017 ***
  59. Having a hard time opening this vintage
  60. My dads watch
  61. Unusual Lemania Chronograph watch dial
  62. Gothic Jarproof Back in Service
  63. Timeless vintage, stainless auto, <$100
  64. My 1924 Bulova finally running!
  65. Gruen VeriThin pentagon pocket watch
  66. Advice needed about watch service.
  67. Any info on this ARSA pocket watch welcomed?
  68. Need help for two Polerouters
  69. Benrus Electronic Citation - Date of Manufacture?
  70. Ernest Borel Neuchatel Thrift Find
  71. Opinion on this Buhre Russian Watch ?
  72. Cheap first vintage dress watch!
  73. Another 'W & D' stamp?
  74. Question about patina
  75. Helvetia flieger 1930’d need help to ID caliber
  76. Is this a redial?
  77. Lange GUB cal 28.1 14K
  78. Bucherer watch. - what do you think ?
  79. New Seiko “Turtle” 6309 7049
  80. Elgin Electric 105
  81. Age of Zodiac box?
  82. How old is this Omega box?
  83. Omega Geneve Redial?
  84. Help Identifying Movement and Hallmarks
  85. The 1953 14kt Solid Gold Bulova That got Away........For Now
  86. Ulysse Nardin - other than the price how can you tell its fake?
  87. Tudor Prince Oysterdate - Is this a real model?
  88. These do not like right to me! (Omega Watches)
  89. Nomos... Glashuette???
  90. hour mark misaligned, is the dial original?
  91. Bulova 218 stem removal help
  92. West End Watch Co. - New addition
  93. Help ID vintage Longines
  94. A retro Seiko Sea-Lion
  95. Is this a redial?
  96. Renis vintage watch
  97. Snappy Croton Art Deco watch and movement I.D. ?
  98. Help need it with a Mido Multifort
  99. Seiko 6106 Coffin Link Bracelet
  100. Help in NJ
  101. Selection of watches - need info about caliber: Buler, Eberhard, Dubois, Wyler....
  102. Need help finding an affordable vintage watch :-(
  103. Unknown wristwatch movements lot & one unknown crown
  104. General Musings...New Arrival, On The Way and Possibility?
  105. Rebirth of a Watch: A short documentary about restoration of vintage watches
  106. Opinions on this Sporto please.
  107. Any way to regulate this movement?
  108. Longines L890
  109. Help Identifying Valjoux movement
  110. Opinions on this 1966 GMT-Master II?
  111. Can you Experts please help me identify this vintage Omega watch?
  112. Anyone Have Experience with Jeambrun PS32 Movement...
  113. H Samuel Defiance Pocket Watch Age Please
  114. Omega Constellation Evaluation
  115. I need more info about this pocket watch
  116. Help identifying this watch
  117. Hamilton Odyssee model one restoration:
  118. The Beehive Trademark
  119. Identify year/legit check a vintage Cartier Tank Paris (Vermeil?)
  120. Benrus Dial-O-Rama to clean or not?
  121. Monopusher Heuer chronograph
  122. Timex Electric Help
  123. It was a good weekend for watches...
  124. HELP - Seiko 5 Actus (vintage) bracelet removal
  125. '86 Oysterdate precision, Fuji X10...
  126. Pocket watch Longines 19.57
  127. Found a keeper! Wittnauer All Proof?
  128. Help with vintage Doxa FHF 4
  129. [Tudor] Dial Check! Need help identifying
  130. B-Uhr. As I dared let the watch to live a modern live.
  131. Accutron hums but hands dont move.
  132. Information on this Jaeger Lecoultre watch, help!
  133. 18k Gold pocket watch LA ESMERALDA MEXICO PARIS . HAUSER ZIVY Y C
  134. Boring choice or looks nice?
  135. Zenith Pocket Watch- A grandfathers legacy
  137. Movado Tempomatic
  138. Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster - significance of replaced crown?
  139. Help need it with an Elgin pocket watch movement
  140. 1975 Cardinal
  141. Out-of-the-ordinary eBay auction result for Longines 13zn
  142. Helbros 21 jewels ladies watch
  143. Found an old pockt watch marked Precision on dial and Depose on movement.
  144. Bring a Brain XVI
  145. 1971 Stop Sign Caravelle
  146. A Jovial Raree
  147. Mido Multifort Superautomatic Powerwind
  148. Please help identify this pocket movement.. Alpina/Union Horlogere
  149. Need Help Identifying this Vintage Breitling Watch
  150. Amazing $10 Bulova President? Find!
  151. Vintage Citizen - what've you all got?
  152. Grandfather's omega 267
  153. Phenix - pure in the style of 70's
  154. October’s harvest arrived
  155. Dolphin 300 diver - vintage, or just vintage-style?
  156. Plastic Military Issue Timex On the Way....Help!
  157. Help with vintage watch identification
  158. Watchmaker denied to fix it!
  159. Help dating Lucien Piccard
  160. Hello. Any help ID'ing a Vintage Zodiac Watch?
  161. Please Help! Grandfathers watch NIVADA - Need more information
  162. Looking for infor/value for Farve-Leuba vintage watch
  163. Vintage French Monnin, Cartier?
  164. The affordable vintage thread.
  165. Watch Values
  166. Zenith - help identifying model/yr
  167. Omega geneve - help identifying model/yr
  168. Vintage Timex info
  169. Your expertise please (especially about the back) - Olma Incabloc
  170. Gigandet and Vulcain Chronographs same dial!
  171. Could this be a LeCoultre pocket watch? Flea market find!
  172. Vintage chronograph movement ID?
  173. Bulova Snorkel 666
  174. Longines Conquest - Original?
  175. Record Diver - Period of fabrication
  176. Sicura Submarine - Period of fabrication and movement
  177. Ebel Engraved Gold Pendant Watch
  178. Vortic Watch Co.
  180. Vintage Smiths watch nuts and bolts
  181. My first vintage and my first mechanical watch
  182. Pocket Watch Movement Identification Help
  183. Longines flyback 13ZN
  184. UG cal. 265
  185. Hand wound Omegas
  186. About resources of polerouter...
  187. Need help identifying Loingines women's watch
  188. HELP identifying this 90's Timex diver.
  189. Can't name that brand
  190. Vintage Quartz Seamaster Deville Watch - Worth it?
  191. Any info re this watch, please
  192. What crown is correct for Tissot Navigator
  193. My first Vintage Omega Purchase. Need opinions please.
  194. Mystery hack chrono
  195. can somebody help me with some information?
  196. Can anybody help me find more info on this watch? Seiko 7N43-608a
  197. Thrift Store Seiko 5126-7010
  198. 1969 Bulova w/ whale, cal. 11ANACB
  199. Introduction videos of several vintage watches
  200. two polerouters
  202. Vintage west end
  203. Vintage Chronograph Identification
  204. Snapshot of the Seventies
  205. Need Help: Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox Crowns
  206. Universal Geneve Polerouter Super. Education re date setting needed.
  207. Traded an Illinois 24j Bunn Special for JLC Memovox - The Story
  208. Rolex Prince Brancard - opinions please
  209. Benrus Sky Chief Venus 178 Parts Hunt
  210. Last grandfather watch identification
  211. Identifying grandfathers pockets watches 2
  212. Help identifying Pocket Watch
  213. Titus Automatic Find
  214. Vintage Ball Trainmaster repair
  215. the last watch purchase of the year 1967 Omega Constellation Model c
  216. What watch is it ?
  217. HELP with info, ID
  218. Show your vintage Rolex
  219. Bulova and Gotham watches
  220. Omega Calendar 60`s Cal. 562 - Real or fake?
  221. Military Brand
  222. Help Identifying Hamilton Electric
  223. Worth 40$ (shipping included)?
  224. Can adjusting the time be bad ?
  225. Thoughts on this seller from ebay?
  226. Regnal Information?
  227. Request: Orient Kingdiver info need it
  228. Omega De Ville f300.
  229. Patek pocketwatch
  230. Vintage Gerard Perregaux Sea Hawk
  231. Gallet and Veteran Collector's Advice Needed
  232. Zenith, help to identify
  233. Vintage Wittnauer Geneve Watch- Having Trouble Dating It!
  234. Please help to identify this Racine (Gallet) manual wind watch.
  235. Longines 10K Gold Chronograph
  236. Identifying early W&D movements (Rolco, Unicorn etc)
  237. Le Gant watches, what have you got?
  238. Leica labeled watch Semco movement...what did I just buy?
  239. Websites and Blogs Devoted to Single Brands
  240. Know anything about park lane watches?
  241. Is this Accutron a ladies??
  242. 1960s Lanco – fun project or ingenious watchmaking?
  243. Zenith pocket alarm
  244. How do I regulate this vintage watch?
  245. Why did my thread disappear??
  246. Mysterious movement in a Doxa wrist watch
  247. Longines caliber 509: is it a rarely found caliber? can't find in database
  248. CT General/INA Corp./Cigna presentation watches?
  249. How rare is an Atlantic Milano watch?
  250. Help with movement ID, please.