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  20. Illinois Watch C.
  21. 9 reasons why I think this LEONIDAS is a fake. Am I right? Am I wrong? If fake, its damn good one
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  27. The Adam-12 Pete Malloy watch
  28. Anybody seen one of these before?
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  31. I am having trouble IDing this pocket watch, any help appreciated!
  32. First Vest and makeshift double albert system
  33. Is my Omega looking ok?
  34. Is this one of the cheapest USA made movements??
  35. Help needed!: 50's Aube Lelocle Datore Moonphase Venus 195- prototype
  36. Mentor 15 jewels (can anyone ID the movement)?
  37. movement & production year
  38. Need more info about this vintage Baume et Mercier Landeron Chrono
  39. Rare Wittnauer Eletro-Chron Skeleton
  40. Case Condition Questions, Servicing and LOTS of Pictures!
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  47. Would you change these hands?
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  51. Importance of Having Trusted Service Person
  52. My two Vintage Watches
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  55. Which patek is this
  56. Neuchatel Girard. W. 0
  57. Finally a thrift shop find worth talking about!
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  63. Need opinions on Edox Geoscope
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  93. Help me choose.
  94. Thrift Store Benrus Wrist Alarm And A Dynabeat
  95. ILA (low vision) watches
  96. Today's rainy day find- Hamilton Nautilus 605
  97. What Movement did Tissot use in their Triple Register Chronos before the CH27/1281?
  98. Pocket Watch Makers Mark Help
  99. Vintage watch haul! 1939 Hamilton Bagley, Westfield 1920s?
  100. Vintage Clebar Chrono
  101. How to best dip toe in vintage watch pool?
  102. Anker 25 Rubis, Stossgesichert, calendar hand - reference
  103. Very unusual wristwatch diver movement - identification please
  104. Would like more info about this brand
  105. Is this a Breguet Type 20? Dodane? Mismash?
  106. anyone knows about this watch?
  107. Help identifying a vintage Leonidas
  108. Chronograph Swiss Movement Identifier-Landeron or Valjoux?
  109. Help to identify this Girard Perregaux
  110. Can anyone help me to identify this Girard Perregaux?
  111. KONTIKI
  112. Just in!- Early Sixties Croton with Pie-Pan Dial
  113. Worst franken Zenith EP ever?
  114. Mechanism identification help needed
  115. Mil PW with Unitas cal 259 movement
  116. An old Zenith pocket watch in details
  117. Civic "Trench" watch with guard!!
  118. Ebay second chance offer!
  119. a Diving watch by Bucherer
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  121. Bit Off More than I Can Handle
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  123. Help Wakmann Incabloc pocket info
  124. Proper crown for Omega Cal 565
  125. Eterna Dial
  126. 1979 vintage watch suggestions
  127. Patina and Smokers
  128. help on info about a Pierre Renoir pocket watch
  129. Hamilton Ross Industries?
  130. Interesting 1936 Bulova 7AK Movement Dial
  131. Gruen Precision Antique Fair Find
  132. Eternamatic triple calendar
  133. Help - Paul Buhre (Pavel Bure) 14k Art Deco Mens Wristwatch
  134. pocket watch movement
  135. repeater movement
  136. Vintage Girard perregaux Real or Fake?
  137. Where to find a reliable, trustworthy source of mid-level Swiss Pocket Watches ?
  138. Paul Le Grande vintage diver
  139. Getting my $10 Seamaster serviced!
  140. Thoughts on this Omega.
  141. **** Vintage WRUW April 2017 ****
  142. Should I go back for a $20 Elgin? Got it! Pics last post!!
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  144. The Sad Piaget Coin Watch Situation
  145. Bring a Brain IX
  146. New additions a Frey and a Mathey Tissot
  147. Need info on Jaccottet Watch Co Pocket Watch
  148. Any thoughts on this early Omega?
  150. Decent Omega Find- help Dating
  151. Tradition Continued: A Pocket Watch Story - CHECK IT OUT - Second Watch Stories Series
  152. Le Phare watches, anyone?
  153. My First Vintage Haul
  154. Vintage Oris Diver
  155. Wonderful time was had at Marshall Pierce & Co hosting Analog Shift
  157. Ladies Tag and Movado ...legit?
  158. Wittnauer 7004 Professional Diver Chrono Repair or Service
  159. Thoughts on this dial?
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  161. Vintage grand seiko
  162. Omega vintage
  163. Looking to Learn About Eternas
  164. Vintage Vulcain Lady's Watch - what is it?
  165. Any ideas what the name of this watch be
  166. Pocket Ben
  167. Need your help for my 168.004 Omega Constellation watch
  168. H. Moser & Cie 1910 Flyback Chrono
  169. Another relative unknown vintage
  170. Hamilton grade 925 movement service
  171. Can vintage Diver....DIVE
  172. Antique Courvoisier Freres pocket watch polished, repaired and working like a charm
  173. Girard Perregaux genuine?
  174. Vintage Doxa 11.5 140 movement?
  175. Question about Vintage Pocket Watches Converted to Wrist
  176. ⠀Girard Perregaux experts: signed dial looks ok?
  177. 1927 Elgin Wrist Watch Restoration
  178. Hungarian inscription?
  179. Vintage gold plated Roamer
  180. 60's wristwatches on Mission Impossible
  181. A little help with vintage
  182. Help with pocket watch
  183. Opinions on this Patek Phillipe
  184. 2nd best known Vintage watches after Omega
  185. Omega cal 23.4 SC is it all original?
  186. Cool watch storage box from thrift
  187. Very odd 7 jewel Waltham wrist watch in folding case
  188. Vintage Wittnauer watch
  189. Enicar Sherpa Graph - Request for more info and advice
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  191. Calling all vintage Timex experts!
  192. Questions about Omega pocket watch case
  193. Late 50's Ebel--another $100 special
  194. Radiant compressor
  195. A happy pair of Croton 6R's !
  196. Vintage Bovet Chronograph
  197. Price Ranges for Vintage Rolex Explorer
  198. Help! Looking for EP40 mainsprings or someone to service (Gallet)
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  201. WWII German pocket watch - any help to identify the movement?
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  206. 1940s TELL Chronograph with Valjoux 22
  207. Confused by Benrus Case
  208. Heuer caliber 7701 split second stopwatch
  209. Questions about my Enicar????!!!!
  210. JLC movement
  211. Please hepl me identify these Romeo watch
  212. Wagner of Germany / resembling a Dienstuhr
  213. Can anyone identify this century-old watch?
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  215. WWI Trench watch: Replacing incorrect style hands with correct style?.worth it?
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  217. Quality over quantity
  218. Vintage Sandoz I Knew I Had to Have...
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  221. Vintage Girard Perregaux 1960's 33m Seahhawk
  222. Best Value in a 60's-70's Tri-Compax Chrono
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  224. Favre Leuba pocket watch
  225. Where to buy...Hamilton Dunham 747 crystal
  226. What might be in this Benrus?
  227. Argent T13 Piquerez Geneve pocket watch 7460
  228. I love pocketwatches
  229. My old Swiss watches: Omikron, Darwil and Bulldog
  230. Vintage Vulcain help.....
  231. Timex Q Quartz Model 63 day/date change problem
  232. Silver Trench Watch
  233. J. F Bautte. My new Grail.
  234. silver vintage pocket watch with nice movement
  235. Anniversaries this year.
  236. Ollech & Wajs - incorrect bezel?
  237. Tissot Seastar F1 Green
  238. Waltham Pocket Watch Questions
  239. An Art Deco "big size" wrist watch for ladys ??
  240. Any idea what movement/maker I have here? 1914/15 Swiss Made Trench Watch
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  242. Oil painting chronograph
  243. Incoming Universal Geneve Unisonic
  244. United States Watch Co.Pocket Watch
  245. Does anyone know the watchmaker Luxus?
  246. Old travel alarm AS 1475
  247. Helbros Recta watch
  248. Wire/Solid Lug Straps
  249. Help identifying Ulysse Nardin watch
  250. Today was better than Christmas!