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  32. Swiss Made; Switzerland; Swiss; Swiss T Made - what do they mean?
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  34. 6139-6005
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  73. found this in my dads house
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  84. hi all any one seen one of these before
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  116. Need recommendation for an excellent watch restorer in the U.S
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  119. Strap suggestions for upcoming vintage
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  121. Anyone know anything about this Edox defin watch?
  122. Trade I made today! Advice on Lucien Piccard?
  123. Help Identify the Authenticity of this Patek Philippe ??
  124. Inherited This Vintage Benrus Pointer Date Watch CE-4. Any info?
  125. Found my great grandfather's Ball pocket watch - what can you tell me?
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  134. Tank with Engraved Metal Dial
  135. Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven (also my first post!)
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  138. How do I contact watchaholics anon.
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  140. Thos Russell half hunter - Breguet balance required?
  141. Super Rare Enicar Utrasonic Supertest EPSA compressor case watch. Anyone with some info?
  142. Milus Quartz Diamond
  143. Radium (A lesson learned the hard way, maybe?)
  144. LaVanDersall Mystery Watch- Any Info???
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  152. Not all was formerly better - gaskets well
  153. authentication Baume & Mercier chronograph
  154. Movado Tempo-Matic Sub-sea
  155. Indentify Wempe Movement
  156. [Help] Searching for Details about Vintage Girard Perregeaux "Seahawks"
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  159. Lepine caliber
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  164. Old watch, can anyone tell me what brand it is?
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  166. Jan 1994 Timex Indiglo B1 watch
  167. old pocket watches
  168. Longines automatic
  169. Just bought a automatic Timex at an estate sale
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  172. pocket watch albert chain modern take
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  176. New to the vintage world
  177. Ladies Art Deco Vintage Watch. Help with age and maker?
  178. Mystery TIMEX expedition clip watch.
  179. New Receipt!! Citizen Eagle
  180. Bulova Accutron Navigator, can anyone tell me more?
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  185. vintage wakann watch
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  190. polerouter!!!
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  198. Bulova Sea King
  199. Bought a broken watch.
  200. ***Vintage WRUW August 2017***
  201. quick quick question...
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  204. Hamilton Thin O Matic
  205. What watch is it?
  206. Can you help me identify this Cyma?
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  214. Game of Thrifts
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  217. Omega Reality Check Please
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  221. show you : Geota Diver recently found
  222. Please help me with identifying authentic of this Rolex
  223. Weird Interesting Little Caravelle?
  224. Revue Nautique
  225. Timex Electric Model 41
  226. Help on this vintage GP Seahawk
  227. Seeking information on a VINTAGE brand: "MONSEGUR"
  228. Lucien Piccard as it used to be.... opinion?
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  232. High-End/Expensive Defunkt Brands
  233. Is this Rolex a Rolex?
  234. Bulova Oceanographer 1975! Date function?
  235. Looking for a definitive list of Casio's A1xx model watches
  236. Post photos of your promotional watches...branded or not
  237. Patek Philippe!!
  238. Vulcain Min-Stop question
  239. A strange find - parts of unfinished Doxa 8-days movements caliber 2
  240. Help identify this Gallet Jules Racine Auto
  241. Festiva watches?
  242. Bent lugs?? Hamilton Neil
  243. Unmarked vintage/Antique wristwatch help
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  248. 1914 Waltham Travel Clock
  249. Does anyone have any information on Roxy or Thos Russell and Sons?
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