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  1. For watch service - how make clear to keep vintage in original condition?
  2. IWC cal.89 Bombe vs shark-fin
  3. Aargh! A franken Zenith EP on the Bay listed for $9k
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  12. Croton Nivada Grenchen Sea Blade
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  17. Information On Fontainmelon? Movement
  18. Beautiful Longines Flagship 30LS - Original dial?
  19. Need information about this nacar
  20. Chronograph Suisse - information
  21. My first Longines and I think I struck lucky.
  22. A small watch
  23. IWC cal 89 - good!?
  24. found my first Accutron today
  25. Help with Vintage Gruen PW w/ back inscription
  26. 38mm Dress Watch - Tudor Jumbo or JLC Memovox (or alternative)
  27. Breitling ETA 1080
  28. Vintage Omega
  29. Zodiac Aerospace GMT
  30. Gold-cased Gallet MultiChron 45M on eBay?
  31. help please: ID gold Rotary dress watch, mid 1960s...
  32. Need advice regarding appraising omega constellation vintage watch
  33. Seiko Navigator Help
  34. Oberlin pocket watch
  35. Help needed on Longines Ultra-Chron adjusting
  36. Etiqvette (sic)?
  37. Citizen Itellectus E Fortitudo - World Time 6720
  38. Post your nostalgic watches
  39. Help from Memovox Experts Needed: Is this Memovox legit or not / Dial repainted?
  40. Heuer Autavia experts. Help.
  41. New acquisition
  42. WWII Junghans JB 30Z flight chronograph, a life story
  43. E Howard Pocket Watch
  44. Breguet ? the movement still in mystery...
  45. help with Girard Perregaux identification
  46. Help me Identify this Universal Geneva Watch
  47. Under $150
  48. Help Identifying Vintage Vulcain
  49. Vintage Corum help
  50. Cry for Help: Isssue with quickset mecahnism Omega Cal 565 - What's the name/ref of this part?
  51. Help opening Vintage Ernest Borel Watch
  52. Elgin (Rebuilt)?
  53. Bring a Brain III
  54. Identifying a Vintage Gruen
  55. A new home for a lonely old movement
  56. Admiral watersport shock absorber??
  57. GP Sea Hawk
  59. Pocket Chronograph - identification
  60. Universal Geneve FS
  61. Ingersoll (UK) pocket watch - probably 1950~60s
  62. Zuril Watch Company
  63. Enicar Sherpa Ops
  64. Please HELP - Looking for a value and any information on this Vintage Chronograph I found?
  65. A scarce 2-tone finish Elgin grade 290
  66. Help on finding strap for Elgin wrist watch
  67. Casio AN-9 [104]
  68. Anything about vintage 'Yonger et Bresson' digistop watch?
  69. Need to ID this movement to find a donor.
  70. Dial cleaning
  71. HELP - Any info on this old watch I found?
  72. Marine-star 600ft Sicura/Breitling ?
  73. Invicta vintage watch.
  74. Fixing hour markers on old dial?
  75. Wittnauer- what model reference?
  76. ID help with this Glycine
  77. ID and Brand Info for this Vintage Harvel
  78. Lord Sheffield chrono ... what's the movement?
  79. Fake hallmarks, Chinese characters, Swiss movement
  80. Vintage Timex regulating help.
  81. How would my watch look like without a dial?
  82. Ottoman pocket Watch ID and help
  83. Appreciating vintage watches
  84. Dating vintage watches
  85. The psychedelic drug influence on watch design
  86. My vintage collection!
  87. 1940s Eterna watches
  88. Researching Mawhinney & Ryan Antique Gold Pocket Watch
  89. What models were popular?
  90. Information about Valjoux 7731
  91. Identification again
  92. Help with ID on old key wind....
  93. Vintage Quartz Diver Help.
  94. Need your Views: Has this Omega Constellation dial been repainted?
  95. Mysterious , unexplainable , self-repairing watches. Explanation please!
  96. Need help roamer
  97. Today's haul
  98. BUREN Vintage Watch....with UNIQUE DIAL....Anyone seen this before?
  99. Sometimes it's best to get a second opinion
  100. T. F. Cooper Pocket Watch with Cameo of Civil War Soldiers?
  101. An ally joins the fight!
  102. Bring a Brain II
  103. Omega Split Timer Stopwatch
  104. Great Digi-Ana Citizen with a story behind it!
  105. Dug out my Grandfathers Zenith Pocket watch
  106. Pierce Moonfase movement
  107. 32 + 32 + 32 + 34 = ...Lovely.
  108. AS movement? ID?
  109. My vintage gold filled Longines "hour glass case"
  110. Tissot Seamaster auto.
  111. Help on vintage gruen . Any experts around .
  112. Enicar Sherpa Superjet questions
  113. Is Telda watch legit or franken?
  114. movement
  115. Illinois mainspring question
  116. Seiko 5717-8990 1964 Toyko Games Chrono
  117. Hamilton Electric 505 Battery Replace Help
  118. Shahrazad
  119. Which Tissot watch was this band from?
  120. Flea market hamilton, needs new crystal. Help!
  121. Flea market found
  122. Seiko pocket watch, year unknown.
  123. What should I look for when looking at an Enicar??!
  124. Eterna Watches
  125. Cry to all Memovox Specialists for Help: Is this Memovox legit or not. Doesn't seem to me!
  126. Square Case for Breitling Top Time 814 the same as for TT 2211?
  127. Considering buying this Continental vintage chronograph
  128. First Working LCD Watch. Advice needed!
  129. Update on Radium Dial, Lacquer
  130. Rado Voyager advice
  131. Courvoisier & Frères back winder pocket watch
  132. Help with Gigandet Wakman
  133. Gruen Curvex 1948ish
  134. Elgin Shockmaster Estate Sale Pick up
  135. Need help identifying a vintage Illinois watch
  136. Where to shop for vintage watches in Paris, Florence, and Rome?
  137. My vintage Gruen Precision with Diamond Dial!
  138. Delma of Switzerland
  139. Help. English verge fusee information.
  140. Girard Perregaux Chronometer HF Gyromatic
  141. René Valjoux 775ß0 - anyone knows this brand?
  142. Help!!! I can't set time on my 1968 Omega Seamaster
  143. "Through the looking glass..."
  144. 1970's Accurist Diver
  145. Is this tritium or radium on this Timex Electric?
  146. INCOMING! 40's Jean Louis Roehrich & 70's Gubelin Ipso Day
  147. A nice Landeron 349
  148. Are new watches superior quality to the oldies ?
  149. Hooray! My Zenith has been resurrected!
  150. Movement ID please
  151. Movement Identification Help Please
  152. Doxa with unusual font
  153. 3 Dollar thrift store find
  154. A Verge Fusée pocket watch from France
  155. Monocoque conundrum
  156. Longines 22A authenticity check
  157. Brands to avoid trying to repair?
  158. My new Longines Silver pocket watch
  159. British Issued Enicar ATP Watch
  160. Help with an IWC Cal. 60
  161. Incoming - Cortebert cal. 460 automatic
  162. Two new additions
  163. Tale of Two Omegas
  164. Watchsmith for vintage pieces
  165. Bulova and Waltham
  166. I have the worst luck with vintage quartz/LED watches ugh...
  167. Grandfather's Patek Philippe Pocket Watch
  168. Tagsale find. Croton cum laude
  169. Flea market chronograph
  170. Old Eterna - Identification, help needed!
  171. Swisshouse with Pallas Movement - 1940s/50s?
  172. Kelbert movement I.D. ?
  173. Le Phare - Vintage Watch - 50s? - Challenge!
  174. Were chiming hour vintage wristwatches made?
  175. Watch ID: JLC or IWC?
  176. Couple of Vintage Atlantics
  177. Old Omega, Cyma and Gold Pocket Watch,
  178. Porsche Design Orfina (black) missing link
  179. Kienzle German Automatic watch.. Thoughts?
  180. Selfridge viceroy
  181. Is there a max split time for Index-Mobile // Valjoux 84 // Venus 179/185
  182. Waltham 39 Jewels New Yorker Automatic?
  183. Vintage Junghans - Redial?
  184. Identification help
  185. ****WRUW September 2016?****
  186. Help me identify this please!
  187. Flea market sicura find
  188. winding my watch - am I doing it wrong?
  189. Bring a Brain
  190. Please help, pocket watch LA PIVE movement.
  191. Please help me identify this Zenith
  192. Lanco Watch
  193. What do you do when you see a watch incorrectly advertised
  194. So what do you think of this Bulava?
  195. Recommedations for what to do with wabi on the dial
  196. My collection after 3 years of collecting.
  198. Latest Flea Fair Find- 1963 Bulova!
  199. Calling Elgin trench watch experts
  200. Lanco De Luxe - with photos
  201. Any information on this watch? Bueche Girod
  202. Help Needed Identifying Vintage Ulysse Nardin Timepiece
  203. Can anyone help identify this watch
  204. original Haarwood dial and hands ?
  205. Can anyone help me identify this pocket watch?
  206. Got an opportunity to buy some Rado watches, but knows nothing about the brand..
  207. PW repeater movement
  208. information on old yema watch
  209. A cool ELGIN dial...
  210. Don't be afraid of those cool vinatage LANDERONS!
  211. A Nice Wakman Day/Date Chrono with Valjoux 730
  212. Universal Geneve 285 Movement
  213. Help ID this vintage leather watch strap? WWII military?
  214. Animals and pocket watch cases
  215. Found vintage Junghans clock with pocket box at flea market for 5 EUR
  216. The brand Drotten?
  217. Omega speedmaster cosmic, authentic?
  218. What movement might be in this Westclox?
  219. Help: seeking info on Finova Stossgesichert
  220. Identification pleas
  221. need help identifying a vintage Tissot pocket watch
  222. Seiko Levante ? (Quartz)
  224. Hour Angle
  225. 1950s Oris
  226. Just bagged a "N.O.S" Ralco (Movado) - Bargain or Balls Up?
  227. Vacheron question
  228. 1970 Accutron score
  229. Authenticity of Yema Meangraf Super
  230. Cyma "Dirty Dozen"-Style Watch
  231. Patek Philippe - model identification and evaluation
  232. Have An Oddball or Orphan? I'd Probably Love It!
  233. Zenith tie pin
  234. Universal Geneve Polerouter
  235. Certina blue ribbon
  236. Awesome Bulova Oceanographer store display
  237. Royce 25 Jewels
  238. Question about Restoring a Vintage Hamilton
  239. Andre Rivalle 17 Jewels pocket watch questions
  240. Saved this (Gold?) Enicar from the garbage (literally)
  241. Self-winding: how wells does your 50s/60s rotor automatic perform?
  242. Opinions on Vintage Oversiza Eterna
  243. Need advice on 3 star vintage Benrus watch!
  244. Some of the Vintage watches for sale at the jeweler
  245. Vintage watch Ruby De luxe Swiss made
  246. Citizen Promaster Dive Watch
  247. Colonel Mortimer's Pocket Watch
  248. NEED HELP: Straps for 1920's Banner Panto
  249. Today's workbench photos: vintage grande sonnerie carillon
  250. A Roamer with dubious case