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  17. Rado Diastar questions
  18. Identify a 1940s (?) German watch? DRGM
  19. Vintage oris
  20. Roman Dial Doxa
  21. Question Regarding Rose Gold Markers & Hands On Vintage Watches
  22. Elgin wristwatch seen at local antique shop - redial?
  23. I hope this $12 special pays off! Update
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  28. 16mm formal strap to make a ladies watch masculine?
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  32. Remembering My Poppy for Christmas.
  33. Worst ... Datejust ... Ever
  34. Does your watchmaker do this?
  35. First Vintage Dress Watch
  36. Franken or genuine? Help please.
  37. Group shot on my military issued chronographs
  38. 1928 Elgin
  39. Girard Perregaux buyed on ebay
  40. Vintage - State of play...!
  41. Is buying a cheap vintage mechanical/automatic ever worth it?
  42. Recommend a band
  43. Amazing Hamilton pocket watch! My best pocket watch find!
  44. Take a virtual tour through the U.S National Watch and Clock Museum
  45. Help Identify this Cortebert Watch
  46. Leering at an Omega 30 t2sc
  47. Elgin alarm wristwatch
  48. Where did my Seiko TV post go?
  49. Tissot Seastar Seven - need assembly help
  50. New Old Pocket Watch
  51. Interesting early Christmas present
  52. Incoming hummer! F300hz buffs....need help with a dial/depth rating.How unusual?
  53. Information regarding vintage Vulcain movement
  54. Vintage Rodania - Any info available on the web?
  55. Record Watch - Can anybody help me
  56. Help with Wittnauer
  57. Heritage Calendar vintage diver
  58. Vulcain Cricket Calendar NOS???
  59. NEED SERVICE: Vintage Yema Yachtingraf - Chicago?
  60. Default Vintage Buren Art Deco Watch ID :)
  61. My New NOS Seiko Sports 150!
  62. Need an information - West End Watch Sowar Prima
  63. Does winding back and forward cause too much ratchet wear?
  64. Is this a Lemania 13ch? Any info?
  65. NOT Bring a Brain- But a Redialed Vacheron Warning
  66. Please help me with this Longines 30CH
  67. Great story for two college dropouts
  68. Worst Navitimer ever?
  69. Cortebert watch
  70. Finding a replacement crown for Omega Seamaster 30 (135.003-62)
  71. 1961 Longines Flagship without the Caravel Engraved on the Caseback? Legit or not?
  72. Favre leuba gold cape 25 centiemes and bovet movement
  73. Arnex PW (Grandma is a compulsive shopper...)
  74. Suggest a new strap for my Benrus electronic citation.
  75. Chrome Glass Back Display Cases
  76. LEONIDAS Chrono Landeron 148
  77. Pocket Watch Logo ID
  78. Interesting Pocket Watch Cady & Olmstead
  79. Leonidas with "Swiss Made" under name
  80. Help with first vintage pocket watch
  81. Waltham with calendar dial - what is this called?
  82. Please recommend an affordable pocket watch
  83. Today's Haul!!!
  84. Any info on a Saudi Arabian Universal Geneve?
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  86. Sicura NAVY three stars
  87. Yema Yachtingraf 7730
  88. 1969 Bulova Seaking $5. Thoughts?
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  90. New arrival
  91. What do I have here? Waltham Pocket Watch Movement
  92. Info and I.D help please on this job lot find.
  93. Fake Fortis, Tiitoni and Tissot - Report Now!
  94. Hamilton Hybrid In Yesterday's Mail
  95. I need help identifying this mechanism
  96. Udoras Nivarox
  97. Vintage Watch Journeys
  98. Vintage Zenith help
  99. Patria Trench Watch - finished
  100. What does it mean to "wash" a dial
  101. Gold filled Clinton chronograph
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  104. My JXH's in the collection of COW's
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  107. Watch Collecting Group in Richmond or Fredericksburg VA?
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  110. Information about Silvana watch
  111. Vintage Girard Perregaux
  112. Thinking of getting this Girard Perregaux, very clear photos for inspection; any comments?
  113. Anyone seen an Angelus like this?
  114. One of the fake Polerouter Subs on eBay
  115. 1918 WWI Illinois Trench Watch, Probably the COOLEST one EVER!
  116. Vintage Cuervo Y Sobrinos
  117. Best Vintage Story
  118. Taking the gilt off a Girard Perregaux
  119. Pocket Watch Movement ID?
  120. Help with Helbros Landeron 47
  121. VACO Langendorf watch
  122. VERY STRANGE Waltham Movement!
  123. New Member, Received and Old Movado Chronograph from Dad, Help!
  124. This vintage Breitling...too good to be true or quite a steal?
  125. Vintage Helbros Chronographs
  126. Favre Leuba Harpoon88
  127. Thoughts on this Girard Perregaux?
  128. Need to identify calibre from Chroton Chronomaster
  129. Gigandet Super Compressor - your thoughts please
  130. Lets see your antimagnetic watch
  131. Help identifying
  132. Another obscure find -Help needed please
  133. Recompenses gold pocket watch
  134. Two back from the watchmaker!
  135. Westfield Bulova Antique Mechanical Watch
  136. Vintage "Rona" watch
  137. 1965 Bulova Surf King
  138. Oil leak on the dial
  139. Any Universal enthusiasts on here? Looking for a second opinion
  140. Windsor Jagot PW Movement Help?
  141. Help identifying a vintage Heuer watch
  142. Smiths Imperial Dial Question
  143. Please help identifing/dating gold H Moser & Cie
  144. Identifying vintage Vacheron Constantin
  145. I need help identifying a Universal Geneve triple calendar
  146. Looking if anyone knows anything about the Ebosa 41 cal movement, as it is kind of interesting
  147. Vintage Tissot Chronograph cal. Lemania 1281
  148. What is this Hamilton
  149. Help with vintage brands
  150. Vintage Longines cal. 19AS
  151. Looking for your thoughts on 2 Universal Geneve pieces
  152. Identifying/dating a Tavannes
  153. What's wrong with these listings?
  154. Caravelle 666 help
  155. Bring a Brain VIII
  156. Is this Lecoultre Memovox Legit or Not?
  157. Auction Items Showed Up Today
  158. Hamilton identification.....barrel?
  159. Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch ID? PIC Heavy
  160. Vintage watch related
  161. Just saw this come up over at Girards watches - Swiss Remontoir Pocket Watch
  162. 40s Rolex chronometer
  163. Pawn Shop Pocket Watch
  164. Cyma Cal 234?
  165. Endura Caliber ID
  166. Mystery Gruen 17 Jewel manuel Wind
  168. Difficult choice - Some opinions are welcome
  169. Just for laughs- "very first wristwatch in history" on the Bay
  170. JLC model help
  171. Help w/ ID - Vintage Girard Perregaux Chrongraph
  172. What do I have here? 1969-70 Valgine incabloc.
  173. Croton Chronomaster Aviator/sea diver - help needed on box/bracelet?
  174. Benrus Sky chief
  175. Omax
  176. Chronomètre Zena pocket watch - information needed
  177. Pre-war (?) Omega SS
  178. Waltham Pocket Watch Advice
  179. Help w/ Vintage Clebar
  180. What do I have here? Russian. Beautiful, 875.silver hallmarked, key-wind, but Cyrillic. Need help
  181. Little Thrift Store Find
  182. Hamilton Mystery - What is it?
  183. Vintage Girard Perregaux - Worthy or not?
  184. Vintage pieces in a Tokyo Shop Window
  185. Eterna Matic Identification Help needed!!!
  186. Your favourites? Dreamies?
  187. In the mail today...It's Like Christmas
  188. Please help identity Art Deco pocket watch
  189. Anyone knows where can find a dial to replace this one
  190. The patron of all watchmakers
  191. Anyone have any knowledge on this obscure Swiss brand please ?
  192. *** Vintage WRUW December 2016 ***
  193. Antique Working D.D. Neveren London Pocket Watch (lots of pictures)
  194. Another arrival a Mellrose 17 jewel "Sports" watch
  195. Croton Buccaneer my long journey.
  196. Buying vintage on Etsy
  197. USSR vintage Saturn watch
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  199. Three vintage chronographs
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  201. Borgel acquisition
  202. Orfina chrono
  203. Radium graphs are in, take a look!
  204. Vintage Collection To Date
  205. Pricing Vintage Pocket Watches without experience
  206. Gothic Vintage All Tuned Up!
  207. Photo shooting with new found omega seamaster
  208. Vintage Bulova 666 Diver - Mystery Hands?
  209. Rolex 1510
  210. Alarm watch off ebay bad pics
  211. Ladies' art deco watch
  212. Prim caliber 96 automatic in details
  213. Zenith circa 1950 cal 126/6
  214. Omega Seamaster: 18k gold case and hands with sliver tone hourly markers? Legit?
  215. Vintage Omega Advice? - Considering some 1930's Omegas, look for some opinions/insight
  216. Help Pls with Victoria Alarm Pocket Watch Engraving
  217. Milus wristwatch, identification, not much info available. Fake?
  218. My great-grandfathers old French pocket watch from late 19th century - need info
  219. Venus Chronograph
  220. U.Nardin Locle & Geneve pocket watch.
  221. Some new vintage watches join my collection
  222. Where to find pocket watches with stem at 6 o'clock position ("upside down")?
  223. Semantics, for those new to vintage watches
  224. Endura jump hour watch
  225. Pocket watch help
  226. Hamilton Auto Date Escort
  227. Pocket watch service suggestions.
  228. Watchmakers directory?
  229. Elgin X Wittnauer - Vintage specimens
  230. Looking for some help assessing condition of tricky vintage Zenith pieces - from a newbie
  231. Why avoid restored vintage watches?
  232. Vintage Gallet...authentic?
  233. Pocket watch movement id
  234. Creative use of Dremel engraving tool.
  235. Vintage Bucherer?
  236. Help needed identifying this vintage AP
  237. Wakmann diver I came across
  238. Vintage Hamiltons on eBay
  239. Newbie looking for guidance
  240. 1975 Caravelle 666 Divers Watch
  241. Video Fun with 1927 Elgin
  242. Vintage JLC - please identify
  243. More Eberhard Chrono 'Diversification' ....
  244. Next strap attempt..
  245. Chonometer makers - Who actually was the maker?
  246. Help unknown movement
  247. Hamilton Martin - Oversized Advertising Watch
  248. Help needed with Vintage Hamilton - Glenn Curtiss, Webster or what?
  249. Help with ID of 2 vintage Rolex
  250. Picked this jules jurgenson panda chronograph today!