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  17. Is Zenith the best "entry level" vintage top-tier brand ?
  18. I'm suspicious about my Girard Perregaux
  19. These vintage Vacheron Constantin do not look legitimate. Thoughts?
  20. It's FINISHED! Omega Trench number 3 - 1916 Omega 13SB, Radium
  21. Vacheron Constantin - Please help identify what model? Auth or fake?
  22. Got a little NOS goodness today!
  23. Identification Help: 1960s Elgin
  24. Old rotary
  25. Please help dating Ladies pocket watch
  26. Vintage Roamer watch help
  27. Very weird hallmarks on back of old Movado
  29. JUVENIA Watch Movement....DATE?!?
  30. FHF 86 movement
  31. Nice Masonic Hamilton...
  32. Elgin electric article, Longines Ultra-Chron advert.
  33. Rotary Aquaplunge
  34. Seeland Chrono (late 1940s?) questions
  35. Found this in a grab bag of watches. Canadian Made Benrus? Opinions?
  36. Please help ID solid gold Bulova...
  37. Found! Another Moon watch and this time its a Rolex
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  39. Vintage late 1930's- 1940 Gruen watch thrift store score
  40. First vintage piece - issue
  41. Ricoh R31 Help
  42. Longines 18K gold Chronografo Contador - what is the value?
  43. Lancia Chronograph - bezel?
  44. Omega 1775 real or not
  45. Piece of family history - what is it?
  46. H.Samuel with Bonklip
  47. Lemania with date "complication"
  48. Help identify this vintage watch!
  49. The Speedy hunt is on - might need a little help.
  50. Omega Seamaster Deville help needed
  51. Identify pocket watch box
  52. Happy4th ! join me in posting some chronographs by US brands ?
  53. Can anyone help identify this vintage Atlantic?
  54. Vintage Alpina chronograph with Leonidas movement?
  55. Junghans find!
  56. Search for perfect Omega stifled by size
  57. Can anyone help identifying an old CYMA movement?
  58. Zeno Spaceman watches help required!Are these replicas?
  59. Vulcain Diver
  60. An old longines comes to life
  61. garage sale find, old enicar watch
  62. My first Vintage Buy!
  63. Seiko 7009-9000 INFO HELP!!!
  64. Accuracy required?
  65. My watchmaker is a big snob...
  66. A new adventure - making trench watch straps
  67. Dugena: Does it make the cut in a watch collection reduction?
  68. Need help identifying
  69. Dialhouse California
  70. Does someone know any detail about this Minerva watch.
  71. Servicing for vintage Enicar Guide - Who to go with?
  72. Need your expertise! Vintage Longines 14K - redial or no?
  73. Omega Geneve .Is it the real deal
  74. WRUW July 2016...???
  75. Fake/Franken IWC? Seems fishy!
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  77. Ollech & Wajs find
  78. Vintage Accurist || 1950s? 284?
  79. What do I have here? Gruen Precision World Timer.
  80. Vintage beat up Roamer find -A question on the case maker and the crystal.
  81. Seeking information on old Marvin watch
  82. Wittnauer C11AN
  83. Finally! A 40s chronograph!
  84. I Need Help to Identify a Watch
  86. Need help to identify RADO watch
  87. Sekonda || Vintage + Any Information?
  88. Hey, I'm new here and need some help. Nice watch but i don't know what it is.
  89. Girard Perregaux Gyromatic Richeville question
  90. Connoisseur of Time (heard of 'em?)
  91. Roamer Watch Info Sought
  92. Unver Chrono
  93. Post Brexit watch related question for UK forum members
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  95. Please ID age and origin of pocket watch
  96. Tudor redial?
  97. please help me to recognize this vintage patek philippe
  98. Vintage LeCoultre Polaris E859 Authentification Help
  99. Where to fix/service a vintage Zenith a386?
  100. Identify my grand father watch
  101. First Vintage Rolex, and a question about sourcing a new proper crystal.
  102. Movement identification 15 jewels
  103. HELP! Omega real or not?
  104. My watch is done!
  105. Please help me identify this watc, urgent!
  106. Waltham Trench Watch
  107. Amazing $5 find! Seiko Seahorse
  108. Can someone tell me something about this watches ? Please
  109. Chrongraph Movement Identification Help
  110. Help with Waltham pocket watch?
  111. Calumet Watch Chicago Looking for information.
  112. Good bye
  113. Trident vintage watch enquiry
  114. Help me with that unbranded chronograph - Landeron ?
  115. Remontoir 21 rubis
  116. Vintage Rolex 1603 query - illegible serial!
  117. Question about Bulova Automatic from the 1940sc
  118. Family Uni Geneve and Gruen
  119. Well...That's a Collection
  120. PW movement identification?
  121. Got a couple nice ones back from the spa...
  122. Vintage Seiko alarm quartz
  123. Need help with vintage Tissot
  124. Breitling Top Time Dial Ref. 2002 Black Reverse Panda
  125. Quest for information on an antique movement
  126. Identifying a watch - A little help please
  127. Picked up a Seiko World Time! Take a look!
  128. Chronographe Suisse, gold or plated?
  129. Mobilia pocket watch
  130. U.S. watches on the web -how do I snag them and get them to the U.K ?
  131. Know anything about the Seiko 7431 0020 pocket watch?
  132. Need Information on this watch-Tressa 17 jewels-Oval Shape
  133. What did the original band look like? Mido Ocean Star!
  134. LOUVIC MYSTERY DIAL is a REAL mystery?!?
  135. Yashica King Diver
  136. What Tudor movement is this and is it legit
  137. Smith TY Calibre - Ingersoll Made In Great Britain
  138. Elgin pocket watch.
  139. Vintage Chronograph
  140. Omega Vintage Chronograph Caliber 33.3
  141. Ebel vintage watch
  142. Could you tell me anything about this Dunhill watch?
  143. Looking to get into the vintage game - want to start off right
  144. The 2.5 euro Zenith
  145. New Timex and Seiko Pick Ups! Which one is better?
  146. Groomsman gift - pocket watch
  147. My Dad's Tudor Prince Oyster Date: year, history?
  148. Ambigious statements?
  149. Identification help!
  150. Help to identify this tool
  152. Climax - H.Samuel Manchester - Movement Identification
  153. Thoughts on Vintage Omega Constellation Black dial
  154. Swap Meet Pickups (Seiko, Caravelle, Hamilton, Canoe (?))
  156. One of My Latest Watches
  157. Doxa pocket watch - date, please can anyone help?
  158. Father's day find Elgin wrist watch
  159. Looking for Seiko 3800-series Regulating Condensers.
  160. Tavannes Pocket Watch to an Esquire of Scotland?
  161. Where to list pocket watches on WUS?
  162. Traded for a Concord 14k
  163. Tissot Chrono - help me find a crystal please
  164. Bulova Diver
  165. Hamilton 950B from the scrapper.
  166. Amazing Patina on Waltham Watch! Take a look!
  167. Identify a Patek
  168. The "R" word...maybe this 1890 14K Waltham qualifies.
  169. Flea market find of the year!
  170. Thoughts on this Junghans
  171. Let's see those moon phase vintage
  172. Sicura Brochure
  173. IKO pocket watch befor WW2 help dating it better
  174. Vintage ORIS 17 Rubis Automatic divers watch - Help! Info? (1960/1970's)
  175. Help me identify a watch purchased by my grandmother ~1968 in London
  176. Need help on possible purchase.
  177. Problem with Valjoux 7733.
  178. Bring out the SEAMASTERS !
  179. The More Affordable Vintage Chronos
  180. Please help to define Watch movement.
  181. vintage omega help
  182. 1950s Lunessa (Swiss) and Cometta - not sure where from
  183. Vintage Rolex Datejust Jubilee bracelet question
  184. Old Longines without a case back
  185. Incoming Bulova Accutron railroad watch** It Has Arrived!!**
  186. 1994 Bulova Accutron Swiss watch with odd inscription
  187. Need Help With Invicta 18k Pocket Watch
  188. Servicing a '34 Bulova Wandering Second President
  189. Help with identification for this iwc pocket watch please !
  190. Repco Chronograph
  191. Normandia vintage divers watch - Help! Info?
  192. Vintage Rolex, help with ID and value please
  193. Help in Identifying which factory / year (possibly) Molnija Pocket Watch
  194. Re-lume, re-gild questio
  195. Pocket watch identification, please help.
  196. Vintage Omega. Need help authenticating
  197. Vintage AJ Harrison -- Any insights appreciated
  198. Corona Pocket Watch
  199. Brought back to life- Tissot Seastar
  200. MY LIP
  201. Antique J.W. Benson Pocket Watch needing service/repair
  202. Vintage Girard Perregaux estate sale purchase
  203. Elgin Radium Lume?
  204. Need help with date of manufacture of Jubilee (Longines Wittnauer) watch
  205. washing hands: do you take off your watch?
  206. When Wilsdorf wasn't yet Rolex
  207. Opinion about movement
  208. Film Watch ID
  209. Vintage watches with great patina for less than $500?
  210. Bulova Accutron Quartz?
  211. Vacation finds
  212. Enicar ebay score
  213. Picked this up yesterday
  214. Help in identifying old pocket watches
  215. Sandoz Swiss Made - Identifying and Restoring??
  216. Eberhard 40's-50's Bidynator - an opinion about the dial ?
  217. Help finding a part ( Ranfft )
  218. Please identify my Garnadfather and Great Uncle's watches
  219. William Ehrhardt Silver Pocket Watch
  220. Help Identifying Waltham 17 Jewels Presumably From 1940's
  221. Tachymeter scale - I give up, can anybody help?
  222. Inherited Pocket Watch - Opinions & Info Please?
  223. 3 Vintage Limit
  224. Help Needed Identifying Swis Military Divers Watch
  225. 1980s Seiko Quartz or Illinois Pocket Watch?
  226. An Elgin Sportman conundrum
  227. UPDATED: Omega Trench watches, some light restorations...
  228. Can someone date this Technos 17 jewels incabloc?
  229. Re dial?
  230. "NATO" nonsense
  231. Cool Travel Clock with Major Issue
  232. Pulsar Calculator-Alarm Watch? Help!
  233. Croton (Nivada Grenchen) Aquamatic 360 EL
  234. Patek Philippe
  235. Is this watch Vacheron Constantin ?
  236. zenith pocket watch don't close
  237. unknown silver hallmark
  238. Stopped by the watch shop today
  239. Thoughts on this Longines?
  240. Vintage? Mido multi Star Bracelet?
  241. Girard Perregaux woman's watch identification
  242. Audemars Freres opinions. Is everything ok or there si something irregular ?
  243. The Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic - excellent article !
  244. Buying watches that turn out to be worth A LOT more than what you paid for it?
  246. Looking for info on this watch
  247. Help in identifying this Swiss Movement in an American Case? Thank you!
  248. POLL - How do you know when you have enough watches?
  249. Please help, I want to know everything about my BOREL pocket watch :)
  250. Information needed: Vintage 1920s Omega hunter case pocket watch 14K gold