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  65. *x*x* WRUW OCTOBER 2019 *x*x*
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  86. Please ID and date if possible...
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  111. Unusual Record datofix full calendar
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  115. Eska chronograph calendar
  116. Schild alarm watch information request
  117. Smiths Deluxe ca. 1958 - Please Help Identify the Model
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  119. LaSalle 7N00-5089 R1. Gender?
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  122. 1976
  123. Could someone help identify this Girard-Perregaux?
  124. Citizen Hi-Line - looking information about this series
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  127. Vintage Zodiac diver's watch water resistant properties restoration experiment
  128. Berthoud Geneve - did such a watch even existed?
  129. Spieler pocket watch
  130. Election watch / case dating
  131. Show Your Best Vintage Finds Under $500!
  132. Lemania with numbers on the case edge?
  133. Newly Inherited Family Heirloom Pocket Watch with Longines Movement
  134. How original is this Tudor
  135. Is re Gold Plating a watch case turning it into a Franken
  136. 1996 PRT-40
  137. Vintage Record watch
  138. Vintage Anker
  139. Vintage watches information
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  141. My Great Grandfathers pocket watch
  142. Fake Sandoz, right?
  143. Baume&Mercier
  144. Any other Choisi owners?
  145. Vintage Tudor Movements by
  146. the bay protecting shill bidders
  147. Cooke and Kelvey Calcutta London Pocket Watch
  148. Vintage Oyster Alternatives?
  149. Accutron Spaceview "T" Model - Second hand original?
  150. Lord Alton 23 jewel
  151. Vintage Watches: Where to start???
  152. Interesting - I suppose - early Cortebert Sie 43 No 54
  153. Recommend Watchmaker for "Light" Restoration of Mido Multifort
  154. Information or identity
  155. Ulysse Nardin Question about its movement and history
  156. American Waltham 1896
  157. American Waltham
  158. Eterna -Matic crown help needed please.
  159. Vulcain Cricket Alarm Grand Prix
  160. Is gruen a common brand?
  161. Vintage omega
  162. Info about a Valjoux 92 “Ionatom” branded 92 chronograph?
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  164. Help with movement ID?
  165. Omega seamaster deville
  166. Any info on this doxa watch?
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  168. Collectors and Brands
  169. Thoughts on this vintage Omega 30t2?
  170. Vintage Rolex Indentification
  171. Seiko 6138 kakume
  172. H Montandon pocket watch, useful to anyone?
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  176. Seiko Monaco 7016
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  181. Elgin Sportsman 17 jewels
  182. Longines Art Deco
  183. Is this Cyma ?
  184. Vintage Omega Identification and strap suggestion needed
  185. Can anyone help identify this movement.
  186. Is this Seiko 6138 panda worth $900?
  187. Is this a world war 1 trench watch? & info please
  188. Help identifying this GP
  189. Orator small seconds - movement ID needed
  190. Vintage Gold Omega Seamaster Automatic
  191. Longines "calatrava" in question. Need help guys
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  193. I want to identify a pocket watch
  194. Vintage/Antique Gruen Verithin-Thin Pocketwatch
  196. CYMA identyfication
  197. need help identifying this little one
  198. This followed me home...
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  200. Vortic conversions
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  202. What watch do I have? P. Moser?
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  205. Info requested on VC 2206-44014
  206. Help with this mouvement,
  207. Longines navigation master watch - US Army
  208. *** *** WRUW SEPTEMBER 2019 *** ***
  209. Timex Help Please
  210. Any swiss brands that refused to supply Germany?
  211. CYMA pocket watch Help
  212. Gorgeous Teal Dial Eligin
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  214. Redial check on Omega sub dial Automatic
  215. Help Identifying this Mido
  216. Authenticity of this Universal Geneve movement
  217. 1960s USSR Mechanical Tiny Watch - working well but consistently running slow
  218. Helping identifying this Nastrix chronograph
  219. Classic fake Airman on Yahoo Auctions
  220. Another rare vintage Valjoux 72 comes to my stable, the Jenny Carribean 2000 Discotron chrono
  221. The Passthrough - Safety for trades
  222. 1940s Croton bumper movement stem removal
  223. What is this vintage Juvenia watch?
  224. Looking for Japan railroad watch
  225. Vintage Omega Rust/Corrosion Question
  226. JLC monopusher?
  227. Question regarding movement exchanges
  228. Deutsche Uhren Industrie Glashutte - No 2308
  229. Help me date this Prestige Lever watch
  230. Where to service old Timex watches from the 70s (hand wind)?
  231. Rado Diastar 1 Questions
  232. chrono movement
  233. Picked up this guy-Seiko 7A38
  234. Tradition - Swiss Watch Company
  235. Help identifying a 1960s (maybe?) Hamilton?
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  237. Fusee
  238. Haste Valjoux 72c chrono service $$$$
  239. Caravelle Super Waterproof - men's or women's
  240. Market Find >>>
  241. Berthoud Genéve (Universal) restoration
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  243. Rare (Waltham) American Watch Co Chronodrometer 1859?
  244. Unknown Ollendorf Watch
  245. Too much dogma!
  246. info about my vintage longines?
  247. Can somebody tell me from which year this Cartier Pocket watch is ?
  248. Watch thiefs from the beginning of the last century
  249. This Baume & Mercier is a fake, right?
  250. Bulova model ID help