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  1. Found this
  2. Estate sale goodies- Bell-matic, Croton Nivada "Penguin", 1 Mystery watch
  3. Westclox wristwatch, wondered what era its from? I'm new to this!
  4. Anyone heard of W Terray London ?
  5. 1930s JLC movement: duo plan or not?
  6. Is this Longines real?
  7. Minerva Chronograph (Info. / Help)
  8. Any idea who made this movement for Tiffany?
  9. Patek Philippe & Co Geneva Circa 1913
  10. Wakmann Valjoux 236
  11. Omega military watch info
  12. Waltham 1925 3/0 size hunter cased
  13. 1789 or 1809?
  14. Noob questions about vintage watch
  15. 70's Eterna
  16. Too good to be true Vintage Chronograph Heuer make me Concerned
  17. Omega Speedmaster Mark 2 advice
  18. Reverse date Heuer chrono - ever seen one?
  19. Need to know if this is a laser etched Longines logo.
  20. Pocket Nivada ID
  21. **** Vintage WRUW April 2016 ****
  22. An English and an American watch from today's mail...
  23. Henry Moze, London
  24. Is this good idea Delbana
  25. Ot? Have a question about my watch
  26. Rado watch
  27. Omega 1935
  28. Men's Geneve 19 Jewel incabloc? Help please!
  29. Help with helvetia watch
  30. 1959 Bulova Seabee B
  31. Pocket Watch Lanyard Wanted;
  32. Minerva, redial?
  33. Calling all lume experts...
  34. Help me understand this 1970's watch case
  35. Need some help identifying an 18th Century J.W. Benson Watch
  36. Union Soleure - Seeking More Information
  37. Say What??????????
  38. Old womens watch, any info appreciated
  39. Gruen's most expensive watch
  40. Which model is this?
  41. Latest batch.. a gem included..
  42. Need help identifying this pocket watch
  43. Incoming: 1938 Omega Pocket Watch
  44. The one time forgotten >>>
  45. Racine Freres Movement Question
  46. When is it time for a good service >>>
  47. Alternative movement
  48. Feedback please: Does this seem authentic?
  49. Is this watch considered a vintage?
  50. Vintage Gruen Pan American?
  51. Show your Easter Sunday watch
  52. UN - fake or real?
  53. I know, What was I thinking when I bought this Seiko from India!!
  54. New Elgin to add to the mix...
  55. My Majesti Pocket Watch
  56. Anyone seen this video?
  57. Help ID vintage pocket watch casing
  58. Vintage Ovaras Automatic ETA 2836-2 (Fake or Genuine)
  59. Favre Leuba help
  60. I give up collecting
  61. Vintage Two Tones- Please Post Yours
  62. What do you guys think of this Longines
  63. Does this Patek Look Okay?
  64. LeCoultre Watch Looking for information
  65. Porsche Design, Orfina
  66. Hamilton 912 with Franklin gf case
  67. Vintage Hamilton Intramatic question
  68. [identification help] ~1936 Swiss Made (omega movement) unknown make wristwatch
  69. Vintage 18k two tone Omega
  70. A few new pickups of non round watches
  71. Harry Winston Watch? Real or Fake?
  72. Ball pocket watch info
  73. Elgin Veritas extremes
  74. I need help identifying this watch
  75. universal geneve cal 138
  76. Gold Pendant Watch 1909
  77. Latest arrivals
  78. Whose logo is this
  79. Help ID: Unusual Caravelle Pocket Watch
  80. Vintage Rolex Yes or No?
  81. Is this dial refinished?
  82. Waltham with lettered dial. Any Info?
  83. Oh no... They did it again!
  84. My Girard Perregaux HF Chronometer
  85. Help Identifying My Ernest Borel Watch
  86. Vintage Watch
  87. vintage watch
  88. Does any one know about ASRA?
  89. Rare Arnex Lion Head Watch
  90. Doubts about this Enicar Ultrasonic Sherpa
  91. Putting your vintage automatic on a watch winder - which way to go?
  92. Tudor 7021 - real?
  93. Clinton watch question - clicking sound
  94. Bedford Wrist Watch
  95. FHF908 can't get it to run
  96. Share your bad dial clean-up/restoration tips
  97. Hello. Can anyone help identify this UG please :)
  98. Any info about these watches? Delfin/Lido
  99. Age of Benrus Tank style watch with subseconds and Shock Absorber on the dial
  100. Girard Perregaux help
  101. CT "Swiss Model" Stopwatch
  102. Would you look at this old chrono for me?
  103. Yesterdays flea market find: Volkswagen Mauthe. What a beauty!
  105. Any information about this Waltham watch
  106. English fusee, help with dating
  107. Wakmann Triple Date Chrono (need some measurements)
  108. EBay redialed chronos
  109. My first mono-pusher: 20s Quillet chronograph
  110. Waltham model 83 p.w. movement names not quality indicators?
  111. Please help me report this guy. Horrible fakes!
  112. Help with any information on this Gruen
  113. Looking for advice on purchasing a vintage Glashutte Original
  114. Old pocket watch
  115. Antique diamond ladies watches found in house. Help Needed
  116. ID for military chrono?
  117. Vintage Orvin with Curved Lugs
  118. Tissot case back numbers
  119. Is this watch safe?
  120. A few goodwill finds
  121. Opinions on Vintage Certina DS 25-36
  123. Source for a similar beautiful leather pocket watch strap?
  124. Help ID: Vintage Helbros, Movado, LeGant, Corrigan Watches
  125. Question regarding hand-painted pocket watch numbers
  126. Bought my first vintage, this Lemania chronograpgh, please help take a look / ID
  127. Watchmaker NYC area?
  128. Old ladies diamond watch
  129. Vintage EDOX DELFIN please help identifying
  130. Finally, a use for all of those ladies' movements laying around
  131. Vintage full calendar with small date?
  132. Need suggestions for a new watch strap!
  133. Girard Perregaux Gyromatic
  134. Picked this up for my Dad
  135. Tudor identification?
  136. What watch is that?
  137. Advice on mechanical movements to add to my collection ~ $500
  138. What is this watch?
  139. MEDANA XTensa Ladies Wrist Watch
  140. Thought I would never see the day......
  141. Tissot Visodate 1962
  142. Omega Seamaster Bumper Date on 6, redial or not?
  143. Where to Have Radium Dialed Watch Serviced?
  144. Found a Zenith Sporto today. Any idea on age?
  145. Waltham Black Military Enamel Dial made in the USA.
  146. Box of Watches - Anything Here Worth Fixing? - 10 Pics
  147. Elgin electric watch....fix it?
  148. Tissot T-12 Automatic seastar need info ?
  149. My vintage/family watches
  150. Broken Omega
  151. Interesting brochure
  152. New Enicar from Amsterdam...
  153. Somebody tell me I'm crazy
  154. Affordable, Thin, and Vintage,
  155. Just for fun
  156. Roamer winding crown question
  157. Pocket watch propose for the moderatos to open ebay auction section and private sell section for us
  158. NOS Tressa LUX 25 - Worth buying?
  159. Anonymous pocket looking for info
  161. Breguet pocket watch
  162. Good make/model of contemporary quartz pocket watch?
  163. Today's little diamond in the rough find
  164. Vintage Lemania Chronograph help
  165. ID on Mildia Chronograph 17 Jewels Incabloc
  166. Elgin Star Dial Series all 5 Dials.
  167. Exotic Polerouter?
  168. Bulova 1959 Sea King top loader
  169. Mulco Wristwatch - Interesting Solid Swinging Lugs
  170. Jardur Bezelmeters
  171. Vintage Opera Automatic Seadiver need info?
  172. Advice on buying a vintage "bargain" Patek Phillipe pocket watch
  173. Combined shot this morning, to boost up the Monday mood.
  174. Looking for a Vintage Watch Similar to RGM Corps of Engineers Watch
  175. Quality and age assessment needed for russian pocket watch
  176. Only ?22k for this nice Sherpa Graph
  177. New found, please help to indentify the movement
  178. Vintage Buren Watch FREE
  179. Please help identify this movement.
  180. Price Hamilton in 1941
  181. Vintage Buren Identification
  182. Werid old pocketwatch. Please help me identify it
  183. Dad's new Auction Chronograph purchase
  184. Help identifying family watches
  185. Something Fun - Pick one of these 12 watches, and tell why!!!
  186. Balco pocket watch
  188. Rockford Wrist watches
  189. Need help for movement identification
  190. Helma 'Bundeswehr' with Omega case for Ref. 2383-6
  191. Help with Chronographe suisse, lug
  192. Swiss code for the records
  193. My first foray into sending watches off for replating.
  194. Primary research: how well do automatic pocket watches wind?!
  195. A & F Seafarer opinions pkease
  196. Need some Quick Help About a Pending Purchase - Link Inside.
  197. Brief Rant on Hamilton Electric Market
  198. Cyma r459 issue since dropping
  199. Need Help Please - Narcisse Watch Company??
  200. Watchmaker's estate watch #4 - Seiko World Time
  201. 1917 Waltham Depollier Khaki information.
  202. Watchmaker estate find #3 - Tissot Bumper
  203. Anyone Heard of Michelotti Studio Tecnico?
  204. A Barthelay Solid Sterling Silver Watch
  205. What Happened to This Dial?
  206. Need help identifying originality of some vintage Vostoks
  207. Another gem from a watchmaker's estate...
  208. New to me Haas Neveux&Co. Pocket Watch
  209. School Me on Vintage Zenith
  210. Replacing Crystal Waltham full hunter
  211. Hodinkee now sells vintage watches
  212. Can anyone help to put a rough date on this vintage watch strap ?
  213. Old watches from parents loft.
  214. PW movement identification
  215. Ladies pocket watch identity?
  216. vintage winding watch
  217. Identification and Information Assistance
  218. Charles Nicolet watch information needed
  219. Help needed on two vintage Raymond Weil watches!!!
  220. Sicura Apollo submarine diver manual: any good?
  221. LA BEAU watch Monarch Watch Co 21 Jewel
  222. Enicar Sherpa 600 Star Jewel Automatic: fake or original?
  223. NEED: Original Dial for Heuer 7734 Chronograph
  224. Movado Triple Calendar
  225. Example of a best at any cost in 1895 of an over the counter American p.w.
  226. Vintage quartz TAG Heuer - fake or real?
  227. Vintage Omega - Military Style
  228. My first Diver! Updated New Pics!
  229. A third lucky buy in a row on eBay - must be heading for a fall soon.
  230. A couple of lucky Waltham finds...>
  231. Unusual quarter repeater identification help please (pic heavy)
  232. What is the model of this watch?
  233. Old Leonidas Chronograph Worn Lug Hole Solutions?
  234. Movement identification
  235. Genuine Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver with arabic numerals?
  236. Silvana gold watch, info needed
  237. Rocail pocket watch 1898-1902
  238. The WWI Trench Watch of Lieutenant Paul Baer, America's VERY FIRST Flying "ACE" ! ! !
  239. Please help me ID 2 watches
  240. Vintage IWC Automatic: To buy or not to buy.
  241. Is this watch non altered?
  242. Nivada Antarctic GMT- Production numbers?
  243. 40's? 50's? 60's? Eloga Swiss Automatic Incabloc
  244. Help with ID of Vintage Elgin Wrist Watch. Pics
  245. Something unexpected in my Croton purchase!
  246. Vintage Waltham 21 Jewel - Family Heirloom
  247. Need help finding dial for LeCoultre Tank!!!!!
  248. Vintage Benrus
  249. Favre Leuba and Gruen at the flea market
  250. 1952 Ingraham Wrist Watch