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  30. What to do now?
  31. El cheapo scrubs up well.
  32. Junghans Quartz
  33. any info on this Longines quartz
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  39. How can I acquire a pocket watch similar to the one in "Photographing Fairies"?
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  44. Lucien Piccard ladies watch vintage. I need help
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  46. Waltham Black Dial Advert Depollier D-D Kahki.
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  48. Green gold p.w.
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  51. Family heirloom help needed; 1970s vintage LeCoultre women's watch
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  53. A Michel 221 full hunter early WW1 period
  54. Military HMT?
  55. Vintage Silver Pocket Watch By W Bolt Of Dawlish
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  57. Info about 60+ yo IWC
  58. Oppinion
  59. Does anyone know this Union S.A. Soleure pocket watch?
  60. Remove gold plating from base metal bezel?
  61. Early Heuer Chronograph Wristwatch
  62. Vintage dive watch recommendations
  63. Fine p.w. case U.S. 18 size may be Suisse?
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  66. Hamilton 917
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  71. Longines cal 431, how is it?
  72. Waltham WW movement model?
  73. Gruen German p.w.
  74. "New" Bulova (1956)
  75. silver double albert pocket watch chain and fob identify! please help
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  77. A pilot's watch...
  78. Those calibres signed VENUS but are not chronograph ones
  79. Is this a legit Universal Geneve 18k case & movement?
  80. Help with Mido crown please
  81. I need a memovox k814 alarm disc!
  82. Lady's trench watch :)
  83. American PW ?
  84. Looking for hour and minute hands for redialed vintage 34mm tissot visodate seastar mechanical watch
  85. Trying to buy my fiance a pocket watch as a wedding gift
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  91. Tudor military
  92. First monocoque wristwatch case?
  93. Multiple vintage pieces out for repair at one time; I miss them!
  94. How was the mineral crystal glass attached to the bezel in Trench Watches?
  95. VERY Rare WWI Waltham General Joffre Trench Watch w/ Crystal Guard
  96. Need help identifying this wrist watch
  97. GUB Glashutte manual winding - REAL?
  98. Swiss Made Pocket Watches History and Value
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  100. Gruen Precision Day/Date "Ra SWISS Ra" Dial
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  104. Lepine movement in wristwatch case? Common?
  105. My Grandfather's Elgin
  106. Longines Pocket
  107. Time travel with Captain Cook
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  111. Recently bought a few Vintage pocket watches, Would like some help on info about them.
  112. Waltham pocket watch
  113. Help with UT6325 Adjustment
  114. Timex Viscount Boy Scout Authenticity?
  115. Vintage Omega
  116. Found old Lanco watch - any info?
  117. My Girard Perregaux 39 Jewel Gyromatic
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  119. ID Great Uncles Watch? I scoured the site but might have missed something
  120. Old Timex from my grandfather
  121. Vintage Jaeger Le Coultre, Longines and Universal wrist watches. Info needed please!
  122. Douglas Skindiver. Info?
  123. Vintage Sub...
  124. Timeline.Watch
  125. Longines Masonic Pocket watch help needed please
  126. Elgin Watch Co. New Addition
  127. My 2nd Chronograph Suisse w/slightly mangled lug. Where / how to fix?
  128. Illinois Burlington wristwatch
  129. Gruen Precision Alarm & Gruen Precision Waterproof -Great watches! What can you tell me about these?
  130. Olma Caravelle Super-compressor
  131. Kijiji Finds: Heuer 2000 - An affordable piece of Heuer history
  132. Restoration of South Bend pocket watch
  133. First vintage Bulova (or any watch for that matter) I was able to 'repair'.....yay!
  134. 1822/23 Verge Fusse Pocket Watch
  135. Little Tiny Omega Pocket Watch
  136. Lovely Girard Perregaux
  137. Help identify this vintage Hamilton
  138. Month advance on AS 1315?
  139. Flea market find
  140. Don't forget Valentines Day roses this weekend
  141. I need help to ID small womans swiss pocket watch
  142. Please explain stupid to me
  143. Vintage unknown movement. Related to Urofa? please help
  144. Zenith 8 3/4f help with case ID
  145. Big and strange militar? wristwatch from the 1930/1940 - help need
  146. Inherited a Leonidas and want to know more about it
  147. Something more antique for a change
  148. Old vintage watch with nice movement
  149. IWC from 1943 question
  150. Vintage 1924 Elgin
  151. Waltham Model 1908 Produced 1913
  152. Revue Thommen Identify help
  153. Let's see your Coffin Bracelets!
  154. Omega Speedmaster 861
  155. Spotless Helbros from the late 60s
  156. A conundrum.......
  157. Looking to purchase for husband, need advice.
  158. I cant identify a skeleton pocket watch...
  159. Omega C267 2900-1 original hands?
  160. Memovox k911 original hands or not?
  161. Tissot Mechanical Wristwatch 1960s?
  162. My collection...
  163. Average price of service?
  164. Sourcing links and bracelets for Seiko vintage
  165. Seller re-lists(?) "sold" Hamilton 910 with increased damage
  167. Question about Jewel Counts.
  168. Vintage Watch ''Avion'' what is this brand ??
  169. 17j vintage Fortis from India,ebay seller?thumbs up or down
  170. Hi all...
  171. Waltham - Mystery Part
  172. A Breitling Example of Why This is a HARD HOBBY !
  173. Help Identifying Thin Swiss Platinum Pocket Watch
  174. Questions on Vintage Heuer Chronograph 40s
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  177. Found something interesting
  178. Waltham 25jewels super automatic???
  179. Affordable Vintage Watch
  180. Info On Watch Case?
  181. Help me to identify this Breguet pocket watch
  182. Vintage Memovox 815 - Would like your expert opinion
  183. need help on identifying this watch
  184. Eberhard vintage chronograph help needed plz
  185. New (to me) vintage watch
  186. Hugo Maxx watch given to me
  187. Waltham 25 incabloc?
  188. Question about old Movado
  189. Opinions on Bucherer Watches and Pics of Yours
  190. Hamilton 9329 Quartz
  191. Swept store ..a very unusual Billodes
  192. Info on Hampden pocket watch?
  193. Recomend a strap for my Tissot Visodate Seastar Mechanical watch
  194. To relume or not relume?
  195. Help to identify this watch , value ? (Gladstone)
  196. Love my new vintage Gruen Veri-Thin. Needs new glass, any suggestions?
  197. New Collector-Looking for Repair Shop Referrals
  198. New Arrival 1915 Waltham black dial.
  199. Pocketwatches, help identifying
  200. The Colors of a Vintage Watch
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  202. Eberhard or Eberhard or ''Eberhard'' ?
  203. Shark and Saturn? on screw down back
  204. Help with Gallet Mc12
  205. Sterling Movado Ermeto Back From Service
  206. IWC Cal 82 Back From Service
  207. JLC P478 question
  208. Opinion on this Vintage Breitling Top Time and Price
  210. Vintage Rado
  211. Crawford Chronograph... Someone claims....
  212. Everite ? who is it?
  213. Best 5 Vintage Watches under 1000 USD
  214. Airline watches. Who used what?
  215. Some help the IWC Cal. 89
  216. New Incoming A-11
  217. Vintage Hamilton Ref. 9446
  218. New York Standard Worm Gear Watch
  219. Help With Information About Pocket Watch
  220. Omega trench watch.
  221. Quarter Repeater KW/KS , Parachute shock sistem , ID .
  222. Everyman's watch
  223. 1950s Baume & Mercier Verification Assistance
  224. Uhm...........What????????????
  225. Curious about key wind PW - any help appreciated
  226. Fortis Performance
  227. Tavannes Pocket Watch Age and other Info
  228. My second vintage Rolex: Oyster Perpetual 1007
  229. Help whith a Swiss pocket watch.
  230. Tips on finding dial for redial for 1952 Omega Seamaster.
  231. found a beautiful watch - ARSA
  232. Vintage Mido Identification? Felsa 294
  233. Roehrich, Audemars Piquet or Borel?
  234. Identify origin of Pocketwatch
  235. Certina Automatic Bristol 235. Please help me find more details!
  236. Dominex Trench Watch
  237. Need some info on this watch: Thoresen Recipro-Register
  238. Seiko Lord Marvel - servicing advise
  239. Tudor Prince Oysterdate 2824-2
  240. Leonidas advice
  241. Vintage Rado auto- advice?
  242. Vintage Nivada identification
  243. pocket watch movement identification
  244. *** Vintage WRUW February 2016 ***
  245. My first Racine has landed
  246. Is this a Brass Case
  247. Can Anyone Help Identify Movement?
  248. Remex watch
  249. Amazing Pcket Watch Case
  250. Greatest mechanical movements of the 1960s and 1970s?