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  1. Croton (Nivada Grenchen) Aquamatic 360 EL
  2. Patek Philippe
  3. Is this watch Vacheron Constantin ?
  4. zenith pocket watch don't close
  5. unknown silver hallmark
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  8. Vintage? Mido multi Star Bracelet?
  9. Girard Perregaux woman's watch identification
  10. Audemars Freres opinions. Is everything ok or there si something irregular ?
  11. The Hamilton Fontainebleau Chronomatic - excellent article !
  12. Buying watches that turn out to be worth A LOT more than what you paid for it?
  14. Looking for info on this watch
  15. Help in identifying this Swiss Movement in an American Case? Thank you!
  16. POLL - How do you know when you have enough watches?
  17. Please help, I want to know everything about my BOREL pocket watch :)
  18. Information needed: Vintage 1920s Omega hunter case pocket watch 14K gold
  19. Vintage Omega
  20. Tavannes waterproof case?
  21. unknown fusee pocket watch
  22. Looking for advice on a larger faced 60's automatic date watch
  23. Rolex Tudor Prince
  24. Help Needed Identifying Case Symbol/Mark
  25. Advice on Vintage Longines with salmon colored dial
  26. avoiding service: what to do with lower value watches?
  28. Need help identifying swiss pocket watch
  29. Bucherer watch help with age
  30. Ludwig Simon watch
  31. First time Rado buyer questions!
  32. ROLEX Unicorn watch ??? Wooow Is this real or joke ???
  33. Two Pocket Watches for ID
  34. My ?new? electrical Zenith wall clock
  35. Anyone recognize this image?
  36. Few remains of an early Billodes mov. for the osman market or just formaly a higher quality one
  37. Avoiding date function vintage watches
  38. Looking info on Grossman 1861 Pocket Watch 18K
  39. Bulova 300 series Digital watch from 1976
  40. Vintage Movement Question
  41. Old Gold Pocket Watch Spangenberg & Co Montervideo
  42. Help to identify is this a real pre-ROLEX watch ? The story is true ?
  43. Help to identify if this is real ROLEX ?
  44. That's Done it, it's too ostentatious
  45. Vale Muhammad Ali
  46. Vintage Elgin - Identification Help
  47. Timex Automatic - Model 32 Automatic - ID Help
  48. Felicia De Luxe
  49. A Couple Pocket Watches found in a trunk
  50. Zenith Vintage Dress Watch - My First! Opinions & Info Please?
  51. Help with Revue Sport
  52. Question about my silver pocket watch
  53. Questions about an Eberhard monopusher
  54. WALTHAM hi Q. 6 size 1891
  55. WALTHAM and GRUEN p.w. 18901-95 jewel marks
  56. Identification of movement in West end secundus and dating the watch
  57. Aero Neuchatel pocket watch date ?
  58. Omega Deville day date need advice on how to remove the moevement
  59. Eterna-matic 1000
  60. Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series
  61. LS Armand Locle chronograph Hello Daddy!
  62. flea market find - how did I do?
  63. Omega 352
  64. What should I do with this watch?
  65. ????? WRUW June 2016 ?????
  66. 60s-70s Tissots - alternative to 60s - 70s Seikos?
  67. Vintage HEUER Chronograph
  68. Vintage trench watch stem removal problems
  69. Bucherer watch info requested.
  70. Late 1970s Omega Constellation Model ST166.0234 Caliber 1012 Automatic Movement
  71. For Timex Fans Only
  72. Omega replacing vintage hands with different style during service?
  73. Accro Wrist Watch?
  74. Opinions abouth this Glashutte Chronometer pocket watch
  75. Help with vintage divers
  76. Help with more information abouth this M & E Didisheim The Nassau pocket watch
  77. Picked these up in Afghnistan this week
  78. Old Minerva chronograph: Do you know such a lettering/writing of "Minerva"? Age?
  79. Vintage Omega Seamaster ID
  80. Vintage 1950's Longines Silver Arrow
  81. Crystal Replacement for an Oris Blue Star
  82. Movado?
  83. Advice on this Illinois Pocket watch?
  84. watch ID
  85. Can anyone identify this pocket watch my grandfather inherited?
  86. Help With Watch Movement 1936?
  87. My second Waltham PW (many pics)
  88. South bend id
  89. Watch Identification, Casio and Pulsar
  90. 18k PW chronograph - Henry Capt. Geneve - S. & Co. (Stauffer & Co.)
  91. Can you help me identify this clock?
  92. Enicar help needed
  93. Champ w co? Anybody have any info?
  94. Galion Automatic 25 Jewels Ultramatic ???
  95. I did a little "thing" - Oris, Fortis, Roamer, Raketa, Seiko
  96. Navitimer 806 Questions
  97. Anyone wants to show their Triple calendar type watches?
  98. Help with this Rodania?
  99. Fake/franken Doxa sold at the H-shop
  100. Questions on Vintage Omega
  101. Questions on Vintage Hamilton Military watch
  102. Anything special about the Mido Powerwind Movement?
  103. Help with a vintage Breitling Duograph (mid-40s)
  104. Brunott Mercedes
  105. Show your lovely West End Watches!
  106. EMCO I a - little black vintage - in search for info
  107. Some advice needed!
  108. 1950s era Tudor
  109. The surprises of tagsales
  110. Help to find from where i can buy lugs for welding them to my pocket watch?
  111. 17 j movement ID
  112. What's the best website to sell high end (eg, JlC, IWC...) vintage watches
  113. What on earth have I got? decimal and weird
  114. Please help identify Revue watch
  115. Benrus - Too hard to get..?
  116. Question colonel gaddafi watch Felca
  117. Cyma Navystar
  118. Finally, I have a pie pan Constellation in my collection
  119. Help identifying Rolex (Prima?)
  120. Franken Doxa
  121. HELP Identifying Rolex Pocket Watch
  122. New Old Schlock and the Master of Redials
  123. Agassiz, Longines, or other?
  124. Elgin Deluxe 17J pocket watch
  125. Need help identifying Juvenia, 18k gold band
  126. Nivada 17 jewels movement ID
  127. Vintage Sicura Superwaterproof 400 Diver
  128. Intro and appeal for help with a Cyma from a total newbie.
  129. Help with info a seeland chronograph
  130. Help for an Identification!
  131. Dodane - Chronograph
  132. Vintage Longines authentication
  133. blancpain fifty fathoms aqua lung no radiation correct hands?
  134. Eterna Eterna-Matic Centenaire Help
  135. Old Mido Ocean Star (Chronometer Powerwind) with a strange mechanical sound
  136. I need info about Piaget watch
  137. Vintage HOGA Sub that looks suspiciously like a UG Polerouter Sub
  138. Help with this LED watch
  139. Gruen p.w. dials
  140. Vintage Concord Watch
  141. Paul Ditisheim Solvil
  142. Watchmaker to service vintage pocket watch in south you know any
  143. 1915 Glasgow hallmarked trench watch but what movement?
  144. Value of this Bergeon Locle Rementior
  145. Which watch should I go for!?
  146. Piaget Extra-Flat - Redial?
  147. Why is almost every single vintage Girard Perregaux on Ebay being sold out of South America?
  148. Thoughts on an Eterna Chrono Valjoux 22
  149. Omega - really big pocket watch - 10,5 cm
  150. Very rare Le Phare chronograph with rare Valjoux 237 Movement and 5 minute regatta countdown.
  151. Omega mystery - please help to identify
  152. Spare Parts - Sourcing - Dorset
  153. Help identify this 24 hour Movado
  154. Orphaned Waltham Movmt , would like to convert to Wristwatch
  155. Vintage Timex 100 Help
  156. Omega De Ville
  157. GME Hoff & Fils Tourbillon Pocket Watch
  158. Post Your Vintage Dress Watch
  159. [Enicar Aqua Graph] Top condition case but scratched dial... what's a good call?
  160. Elgin Question
  161. Enicar Ocean Pearl
  162. Help Identifying this pocket watch please
  164. Date Gruen p.w. with Wadsworth case serial numbers?
  165. Advice sought for repair of quartz movement no longer serviced by manufacturer
  166. Pocket Watch. Sterling Silver. 1925 :)
  167. Help Identify this Elgin Open Face Pocket Watch
  168. Chateau / Synchron 73 anyone collecting these ?
  169. 1990 Favre Leuba
  170. START STOP RESET - PHILLIPS May 14 Live reaction thread
  171. Ladies pocket movement ? ~1900
  172. Help With Movement In J W Benson Watch
  173. Citizen Eagle 7
  174. Orfina Porsche Design 7176s glass size
  175. Rodana
  176. ZIVY FRERES year?
  177. Help to identify a hallmark
  178. Accutron 214
  179. Oops!... I Did It Again - Wakmann edition
  180. Real patina or has this JLC dial been tea bagged ?
  181. RCO Daytona
  182. Assistance needed identifying value of Howard pocket watch interesting dial
  183. Almost all complications combine. But what is it?
  184. Tavannes Ref 816
  185. Help to identify this movement
  186. Vintage Pie Pan Constellation authenticity
  187. French pocket watch 1800's? ..... please help
  188. Vintage Pocket Watch Help Identify Please
  189. alpina telemeter chrongraph information
  190. Vintage Ingersoll - Snapped stem etc.
  191. Advise needed on first vintage watch
  192. Questions on Glycine Airman's Fixo band
  193. Eterna Matic KonTiki Seven Day help needed
  194. Opinions on authenticity for Omega officer
  195. Update on Omega Watch, Need Help!
  196. Let's see your Vintage Display Back watches.
  197. The "Shop's" Next Victim- a Movado
  198. What brand is this swiss watch?
  199. Shark Jumping
  200. My Latest Acquisitions
  201. Advice for buying my first vintage Girard Perregaux
  202. New pickup, curious if folks know more
  203. Raised Octagon-shaped Caseback - how to open
  204. Juwel - 21 Jewels - Request for Information
  205. Waltham 12 size model 94 special
  206. Chrongraph Movement Identification
  207. Coresa Chronograph
  208. Roamer: lucky eBay-gamble and some questions
  209. Need help to date Audemars Freres gold pocket watch
  210. Oh dear oh dear
  211. Could someone tell me something about this watch?
  212. 1916 Elgin Bold Arabic Dial offset crown.
  213. What we call a dial with text/minute track beneth the dial coating?
  214. Does anyone know anything about Taylor watches? Bought this watch and I'm intrigued!
  215. Vintage Omega just landed! Info please
  216. My dirty secret - Wakmann/Gigandet
  217. Bucherer
  219. Montres Besancon Diver
  220. 30s, 40s and 50s material for master thesis!
  221. Are there any vintage watches above 36mm?
  222. Looking for more information on two pocket watches
  223. Enicar Sport watch's movement
  224. Gallic charms or show off your French watches
  225. Any opinions abouth this repeater watch ?
  226. Eterna Matic Kontiki 20
  227. Need advice for a Phenix Stop watch
  228. Desktop looking case for Elgin Pocket Watch?
  229. Strapcode PVD (or other options) for Le Jour Valjoux 7750?
  230. Help with identifying this pocket watch
  231. Benrus dive style
  232. Question about vintage Cartier quartz
  233. First Omega!
  234. Aquadive Benthos 500 diver
  235. Bought a job lot of Quartz watches but found these two mechanicals...
  236. One of a kind Pocket Watch ~ 1850's
  238. WALTHAM 1877 p.w. rare surviv0r.
  239. My Grandad's watch
  240. New found, please help to indentify and date the movement
  241. Omega Deville question
  242. Longines Frontloader Redial/Fake?
  243. Identify Omega
  244. Interesting "Rebuilt" Vintage Gruen
  245. Sessmer Watch Company Swiss
  246. What exactly is my new watch???
  247. Please Identify - Triple Calendar Moon Phase Vintage Pocket Watch
  248. Universal Geneve Compax 1959 884.475
  249. please help me identyfy this movement.
  250. Can any one help me with this vintage Roamer?