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  20. fresh from service: Enicar Sherpa Guide with rare blue dial
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  22. Info on ALIA stopwatch please, thank you.
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  32. Can you identify this pocket watch?
  33. Pocket Chronometre Identification
  34. Post Your Favorite Non Round Vintage
  35. Roamer 2750--redial,franken or fake
  36. Service for vintage watch with Felsa 693 triple date moon phase movement
  37. A Le Jour Case and Movement with a Wakmann Dial
  38. A vintage Rolex dilemma and possible scam - can you help, please.
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  41. Market watching - vintage chronographs
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  43. Cymaflex
  44. In preparation for a rough day....let's see them
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  46. Could I get some help identifying my Oris pocket watch
  47. Pleasantly Surprised With Vintage Movado
  48. Heuer Bundeswehr Authenticity Check
  50. Recasing pocket watches into wristwatch cases?
  51. What to get mum for her birthday?
  52. A very nice man
  53. LeCoultre Mystery Watch
  54. To the people with the wast knowledge in this forum: can anyone give me some info about my great gra
  55. Huma chronograph manual wind Please give info.
  56. Vintage Jules Jürgensen watch
  57. Recommend any Pocket Watch with nice Display Back?
  58. 1940's Military Style Eterna
  59. Vintage Hamilton Chronograph Valjoux 7750
  60. Help with identifying year and value of an unusual Croton?
  61. Old Omega pocket watch
  62. Original Citizen "General Instruction" booklet
  63. watch repair sussex UK
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  65. A Couple of Watches in My Mailbox Today
  66. Jim aka EEEB
  67. Part for an old Breitling
  68. Questions on John Wayne (Duke's) watch
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  70. EMCO-Watch Co. ? info sought
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  72. A $12 shot in the dark.
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  74. My old Gruen Curvex
  75. 23 jewel hamilton wrist watch
  76. A nice story...........
  77. Anyone know anything about my watch?
  78. Got my Champion recently.
  79. Today's pick-up: Seiko Precision pocket watch
  80. 60s mappin and webb diver info required?
  81. VINTAGE IWC Cal 89 question
  82. Philadelphia case, crown at 1:30, Waltham guts...
  83. *** Vintage WRUW November 2015 ***
  84. Help dating a Hamilton 992 pocket watch.
  86. Two new aditions, for him and for her
  87. Information sought on Trabant watch please
  88. Egona Chronograph
  89. CYMA Movement 162 Doesn't Match?
  90. Can you help me to identify this Patek Philippe watch?
  91. Vintage watches: Be active, not radioactive!
  92. Bulova American Clipper steal
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  97. Ogival identification?
  98. Help to identify vintage chronograph Venus
  99. Solutions for Verdigris?
  100. Anyone worked on a Louvic reverso / removed mystery dial "hands"?
  101. Are my expectations too high
  102. Certinas success on Dhaulagiri
  103. What do I have here? Zenith
  104. Ever buy a watch band and THEN search for a watch to fit the band?
  105. Two 1916 Elgin trench watch siblings separated by 99 years *fixed photos*
  106. Glycine Airman info needed
  107. Rondeau Collection Auction Support Group
  108. Hidden beauty
  109. Brothers Bird Pocket Watch
  110. My First Vintage Patek
  111. Universal Geneve (UG) Aero-Compax black dial diameter sizes?
  112. checked another eterna off the list.
  113. What is this..? Trench watch?
  114. Longines three stars
  115. Early JLC Memovox movement questions
  116. Pocket watch with BRONZE case?
  117. what have I got here?
  118. Any info on this pocket watch please?
  119. Ebel pocketwatch
  120. Need help with vintage/antique lady watch Felka (Rodi&Wienenberger?)
  121. when is a genuine enicar Sherpa not a genuine enicar Sherpa?
  122. Help with two ladies watches
  123. Ever been a vintage chrono group buy/
  124. Old Watch Info iSeek :) ----> Inherited a ~1960 Automatic Lucien Piccard LP41
  125. Non rotor automatic
  126. Revue skeleton pocket watch
  127. E. Howard Pocket Watch
  128. identify these watches!
  129. Help? More Information on my Vintage Tudor?
  130. Vintage or Old...Men's or Women's...?
  131. Vintage Breitling...authentic?
  132. NOS 70's?? Waltham Wristwatch
  133. Seeking Recommendation for watchmaker to service Universal Geneve 2-66
  134. Pronto chronograph
  135. Is there a book about chronographs from the 20s to 50s?
  136. Inspired by the mum of Busmatt : Nurse watches
  137. Book Review Waltham Trench Watches of the Great War by Stan Czubernat
  138. Opinions on this Omega 354
  139. Help with sourcing pocket watch parts
  140. Some funk :D
  141. Memostar
  142. Breguet Exhibit in San Francisco
  143. Stowa Parat World-time
  144. 60's Zenith Redialed
  145. HELP pocket watch I.d
  146. Bulova Backwind
  147. Vacheron&Constantin from the '50s. Need some help...
  149. Case for a 266 Omega movement
  150. Mum's just dug this out of her cupboard
  151. Setting the time on a vintage?
  152. COSC and Vintage Watches
  153. Anyone else love the Waltham red second hand?
  154. Unique Watch Case and Brand
  155. Tips for buying vintage watches
  156. S&Co. pocket watch identification.
  157. Bought a Wyler and ended up with an Omega
  158. Need help to identify this watch. J Wein?
  159. Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Worldtime
  160. Interesting Pickup for Ten Bucks
  161. Finally Got My Wyler
  162. Authenticity of vintage Baume & Mercier Chronograph
  163. My Vadur vintage.
  164. Black Dialed 30's Rotary
  165. Best Omega 30mm caliber with sweep second?
  166. Adding another Elgin to the collection
  167. What did I just buy? HMT-Jawan from India
  168. Apollo 15 Bulova surface chronograph sale!
  169. Girard Perregaux. First HF (36k bph) watch
  170. Help dating this Wittnauer please
  171. Hello to the new guy.
  172. Joblots gone cuckoo
  173. Fortis? Ladies? Thoughts?
  174. BULOVA automatic, waterproof?
  175. 1950`s Accurist.
  176. This week finds with tons of questions...
  177. Help identifying an old pocket watch?
  178. LeCoultre Redial
  179. Actua Chronograph movment identification
  180. Help Identify Please
  181. Can not find this watch maker !
  182. Vintage watch recommendations for swimming.
  183. I Probably shouldn't have but...............
  184. Help identifying Rolex box
  185. Help identifying old Rolex
  186. Does this LeCoultre look original?
  187. Venus 17
  188. First Vintage Omega, Opinions Please
  189. Can someone help me find out more about my watch
  190. 1954 BULOVA Automatic
  191. Rolex movement Dennison case
  193. Omega Ref 2256-1 cracked bezel and caseback
  194. Benrus 39 jewel
  195. Lusserne Mens Watch with Cowie 5 Adjust Movement 82
  196. One "Trench" Watch One Pocket Watch: Info Needed.
  197. Old movement identification - Movado?
  198. Identify 1930's Rolex pocket watch
  199. Another Eberhard Monopusher You Said -- Are You Crazy ?!
  200. My First Wittnauer
  201. Illinois Bunn Special help needed
  202. A. Jeannot info
  203. Is This Poljot???
  204. Vintage Looping alarm clock
  205. BUECHE GIROD CARTIER miniature marvels
  206. Rolex from WW1 era with crown on enamel dial?
  207. Info on Cyma watch..if anyone knows anything about them
  208. J. Darier Geneve .
  209. Requesting help finding info on a NUMA pocket watch.
  210. To service or not to service?
  211. Question about Scarcity or Rarity
  212. Help with Portuguese Omega
  213. Please help to identify this Gallet chronograph watch.
  214. Another exciting LeCoultre find at the thrift store today!!
  215. Best place to look up calibre and case pairings?
  216. Opinions, My first pocket watch conversion
  217. Just wondering about this Vintage Movado
  218. BREGUET? double verge small p.w. Repeated with better info.
  219. Center seconds "Automobile Régulateur" pocket watch
  220. Any ideas on this watch movement?
  221. 60"s Lord Elgin Help
  222. Does anyone know where I can find a balance staff for my Elgin 18s pocket watch? or a part number??
  223. Best movement for early 14S case, help please!
  224. 2nd box of watch cases, some good stuff...
  225. Landeron 48 vs Valjoux 23
  226. Thinking about a vintage-style Mickey Mouse watch
  227. Villereuse Pocket Watch, 17 Jewel, Swiss Made
  228. 1943 Universal Geneve with possible military connections?
  229. Vintage Elgin pocket watch estate grab
  230. Ladies vintage Bulova estate sale find- mystery?
  231. Omega Vintage Watch Database :-(
  232. Great-Grandmother's 1906 Elgin Model 2 pocket watch
  233. Fake or not? "Art Deco" Omega
  234. patek philippe display desk clock
  235. Sinsa Stopometer Project
  236. Pocket watch movement indentification help needed
  237. Junghans Olympic Chronograph - vintage
  238. Question about Vintage Seamaster Beads of Rice bracelet.
  239. Vintage Gallet found
  240. the wierd crap you find in the parts box
  241. Mystery square watch, 1916 - 17. Anyone know anything about it?
  242. Omega Seamaster - Franken or not?
  243. Longines Cal. 30L - Could you help me with my purchase please?
  244. Election bumper
  245. Autavia Heuer GMT 2446c - 3rd Execution - Movement Pictures and Video
  246. Any info on a Crosby Automatic?
  247. Rare Longines WW2 Aircraft Navigational Watch - Looking for information.
  248. Can you guess what this Elgin might be?
  249. old PW movements
  250. Bulova 23 jewel