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  59. Thanks Mike (mmarc77) for helping with my Walthams.
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  157. help me identify that bulova
  158. prototype Hamilton calendar electric!
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  160. My New Favorite Wyler
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  162. Transformation-in-Time
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  171. Please ID this beautiful pocket watch .
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  173. is this Elgin worth looking into for 10 bucks?
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  175. Armistice Day/Veterans Day, lets see your military watches
  176. Fine service work by top grade watchmaker Dave Cooper
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  179. how do you find your vintage watches?
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  182. Vintage Bulova Repair?
  183. Please help ID - Classic 17 jewels shockproof
  184. Information about Clebar
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  186. Snap on bezel???
  187. Dogma Prima
  188. Need Identification Help Please...
  189. is this Bulova worth fixing?
  190. Identify this vintage chrono movement - brand I've never heard of
  191. 29 jewels two train , moustache lever pocket watch movement . Need you help to ID.
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  193. 1950s NOS Ancre
  194. Eterna 1408U with bicolor dial
  195. Eterna Centenaire
  196. Gallet Clamshell Mono-pusher
  197. Vacheron Constantin Ultra-Slim 1003/1
  198. Pierce Triple Calendar Moonphase? Help!
  199. Turkish Railroad Pocket Watches
  200. Two Watches without a brand name? Catorex?
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  221. Post your NOS vintage watches!
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  225. Can you identify this pocket watch?
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  227. Post Your Favorite Non Round Vintage
  228. Roamer 2750--redial,franken or fake
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  244. What to get mum for her birthday?
  245. A very nice man
  246. LeCoultre Mystery Watch
  247. To the people with the wast knowledge in this forum: can anyone give me some info about my great gra
  248. Huma chronograph manual wind Please give info.
  249. Vintage Jules Jürgensen watch
  250. Recommend any Pocket Watch with nice Display Back?