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  5. Is This Poljot???
  6. Vintage Looping alarm clock
  7. BUECHE GIROD CARTIER miniature marvels
  8. Rolex from WW1 era with crown on enamel dial?
  9. Info on Cyma watch..if anyone knows anything about them
  10. J. Darier Geneve .
  11. Requesting help finding info on a NUMA pocket watch.
  12. To service or not to service?
  13. Question about Scarcity or Rarity
  14. Help with Portuguese Omega
  15. Please help to identify this Gallet chronograph watch.
  16. Another exciting LeCoultre find at the thrift store today!!
  17. Best place to look up calibre and case pairings?
  18. Opinions, My first pocket watch conversion
  19. Just wondering about this Vintage Movado
  20. BREGUET? double verge small p.w. Repeated with better info.
  21. Center seconds "Automobile Régulateur" pocket watch
  22. Any ideas on this watch movement?
  23. 60"s Lord Elgin Help
  24. Does anyone know where I can find a balance staff for my Elgin 18s pocket watch? or a part number??
  25. Best movement for early 14S case, help please!
  26. 2nd box of watch cases, some good stuff...
  27. Landeron 48 vs Valjoux 23
  28. Thinking about a vintage-style Mickey Mouse watch
  29. Villereuse Pocket Watch, 17 Jewel, Swiss Made
  30. 1943 Universal Geneve with possible military connections?
  31. Vintage Elgin pocket watch estate grab
  32. Ladies vintage Bulova estate sale find- mystery?
  33. Omega Vintage Watch Database :-(
  34. Great-Grandmother's 1906 Elgin Model 2 pocket watch
  35. Fake or not? "Art Deco" Omega
  36. patek philippe display desk clock
  37. Sinsa Stopometer Project
  38. Pocket watch movement indentification help needed
  39. Junghans Olympic Chronograph - vintage
  40. Question about Vintage Seamaster Beads of Rice bracelet.
  41. Vintage Gallet found
  42. the wierd crap you find in the parts box
  43. Mystery square watch, 1916 - 17. Anyone know anything about it?
  44. Omega Seamaster - Franken or not?
  45. Longines Cal. 30L - Could you help me with my purchase please?
  46. Election bumper
  47. Autavia Heuer GMT 2446c - 3rd Execution - Movement Pictures and Video
  48. Any info on a Crosby Automatic?
  49. Rare Longines WW2 Aircraft Navigational Watch - Looking for information.
  50. Can you guess what this Elgin might be?
  51. old PW movements
  52. Bulova 23 jewel
  53. King Seiko servicing and dial restoration
  54. Omega 30T2 From Spain - Opinions Needed
  55. Old manual wind Paul Garnier with unknown movement
  56. ID movement, model number
  57. 3 Gold Chatons Pocket Watch Movement . Need help to ID.
  58. Timex Electric
  59. Omega Poct Watch 18SPB?
  60. Help with these Smiths watches please
  61. Vintage Omega question
  62. Movement question re: late 70s Timex
  63. Hamilton 972
  64. Pawn Shop Pocket Watch **PIC HEAVY**
  65. Advice Needed on 1950s/60s Omega Seamaster Dress watch
  66. what a weekend! flea market finds: Certina, Raymond Weil, Bifora & Lübre.
  67. Vintage GUB Glashutte
  68. Vintage quartz watches with analogue movements running again.
  69. Vintage Longines L4.661.4: History?
  70. Need help deciding on a strap
  71. Quick maintenance question-second hand stops at 23 sec. every rev.
  72. I need help identifying this model and unsigned movement.
  73. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh
  74. Is it worth servicing? (1880s (?) Waltham)
  75. Interesting Bifora 113
  76. Found a few vintage automatics at the thrift shop
  77. Flea market find. Germanys first automatic. Bifora 103 Bimag
  78. Found H.R Ekegren Koehn movement, any insights?
  79. GRUEN and ELGIN 1928 compared
  80. Seiko Fest
  81. Date on Dogma?
  82. Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre
  83. No movement number or jewel count on Ulysses Nardin?
  84. After watchmaker visit
  85. Jager LeCoultre Skeleton Pocket Watch Real of Fake?
  86. Couple of thrift shop finds.
  87. Citizen WR 100. Help me out with the manufacturing year of this watch. :)
  88. In the words of my lady watchmaker, a whimsical piece
  89. Help identifying movement
  90. Up'ing my Seiko Diver game.. a Feb '72 6105-8110.
  91. Help identifying a pocket watch
  92. Favre Leuba Sea Sky 724 GMT 1974
  93. Help with a watch purchase
  94. Vintage Zenith!
  95. CERTINA DS-2 Chronolympic
  96. New shoes for my Seamaster
  97. Is this a scam? "New old stock" 70's watches
  98. Latest arrival
  99. BELLANA -German Railroad Watch
  100. Possible to install a different movement in a vintage Lord Elgin?
  101. 5 Months Since Tune Up, Thoghts on The Enicar;
  102. Interesting Fabrique d'Horlogerie de Fontainemelon (FHF) Ebauche Comparaison
  103. Your thoughts on this Vetta
  104. authentic or not - Girard Perregaux
  105. Identifying a 70s German watch.
  106. Vintage Lucien Piccard ID help please
  107. This also came today- Bulova
  108. Quick Restore of a 1968 Timex
  109. West End Queen Anne
  110. Nice Timex 21 jewel arrived
  111. Gruen Ultra-Thin Pocket Watch
  112. Need help ID-ing this movement on this wristwatch .
  113. my first Candino 17 Jewels - AS1950 - early 1970's
  114. Picked up a nice Helbros the other day.
  115. Rolex Oyster Royal 1930 authentic ?
  116. Help: Unknown Swiss vintage watch brand
  117. Another Tavannes/Cyma 335
  118. Help! Older Eterna-matic 14k
  119. Need help identifying pocket watch
  120. Need help with a vintage LeCoultre
  121. My new to me Hamilton "Yorktown" just arrived
  122. Elgin Pocket Watch Help Needed
  123. Your thoughts on this vintage Longines
  124. Let's see your Vintage Mechanical Bi and Tri Calendar Chronograph Wrist Watches
  125. Catawiki
  126. 935 Gold?
  127. Universal Geneve Silver Shadow
  128. Lanco in good condition with 369 on the case back
  129. Help ID'ing Illinois Pocket Watch - "Autocrat"
  130. First watch-- good choice? Omega geneve
  131. Burien JJ?
  132. An early crownwinder all ideas about the orgin are wellcomed
  133. Late 1950s Ladies Rolex- original, genuine crown or not?
  134. Tissot Authentication...
  135. New: Candino dress watch
  136. Anyone identify this Tissot?
  137. Question about Seiiko Bullhead (Black)
  138. LeCoultre Redial or Original?
  139. Do you know something about this watch and brand? Windsor - a swiss - interberlic watch?
  140. Tiffany???
  141. New: Kasper Chrono 7133
  142. Help needed please?
  143. Vintage THOMAS GAUNT watch - a Melbourne man!
  144. Vintage CRAFTSMAN watch - do you know the history?
  145. The wife is asking questions, about watches of course :)
  146. Vintage Wakmann, Panda dial
  147. Just bought this: Ernest Borel Neuchatel
  148. Citizen quartz Crystron
  149. To repair or not, that is the question
  150. Cyma . Info on lucky find.
  151. MY last purchase just now arrived: BWC
  152. Is this years nylon Nato strap next years knitted Tank top ?
  153. Thinking of buying this vintage longines. UPDATE-Watch Recv'd HELP!!
  154. New additions to the collection (more info wanted)
  155. Bargain Lanco
  156. LeCoultre Date and Movement?
  157. My "new" 1950s Mellrose 17J "Diver" Watch
  158. Radium - Dangerous or Nah?
  159. Help needed with Hamilton 6bb British military.
  160. Need help to find a good looking modern pocket watch
  161. Vintage Heuer Chrongraph ref.3641
  162. Grandfathers pocket watch
  163. Possibly The First British Military Wrist Watch With Pheon
  164. 1935 Waltham 21 Jewel
  165. i took a nice picture of my vintage Rolex and vintage razor
  166. Quickset Date on Vintage Omegas
  167. Question on handed down pocket watch
  168. 60/70s Seiko waterproof vs water resistant
  169. Hamilton Seckron success, and request for help!
  170. Old Gold bulova
  171. *** Vintage WRUW October 2015 ***
  172. Vintage US Time Mickey watch 1940's
  173. My Grandfather's vintage watch
  174. Nice movement identification
  175. Can you help with an old Alpina
  176. GRAND SEIKO 6145-8000
  177. Vintage Madison wristwatch - Any help?
  178. Friend found these in a drawer of a chest he bought.
  179. OLMA watch - real or fake?
  180. Help identifying this Audemars Piguet circa 1970
  181. One Watch - Two Goals Accomplished
  182. Vintage Longines Manual Winding: Original?
  183. Omega Seamaster dial marks?
  184. Water on Mars
  185. Watch Repair in Los Angeles
  186. Looking for any info on this silver vintage pocket watch
  187. Need help identifying Girard Perregaux
  188. Looking for opinions on this Laco automatic (590)...
  189. Pocket Watch ID Help, Please.
  190. What's the deal with vintage Girard-Perregaux being relatively cheap?
  191. Early Hamilton railroad grade, timekeepers' watch?
  192. Vintage Watch Movement Identification Help
  193. CYMA Trench Watch and Walther PW
  194. Hampden The Four Hundred showed up in the mail today
  195. Paul Garnier . Need help ID-ing this movement
  196. Louis Brandt Frere Repeater Sonnerie Chronograph
  197. Vintage Benrus id
  198. Vintage Omega Seamaster: Original?
  199. Longines 18K Hallmark?
  200. Green Crystal - use or ornament?
  201. Vintage watch info
  202. Buren grand prix pocket watch
  203. Mido
  204. ENICAR: an almost impossible challenge
  205. Who to have service and clean my Fusee?
  206. GMT worth servicing?
  207. Omega Seamaster Deville
  208. Rolex OysterQuartz..17013 ?
  209. I guess her Paa Paw didn't like quartz watches?
  210. Baume & Mercier print style
  211. Vintage Felca Watch
  212. Latest purchase and first Baume and Mercier
  213. DOUBLE VERGE small movement in fine gold case. Rare design?
  214. 1916 Rolex 'trench' watch resto
  215. Waltham Ellery 50953
  216. Grandmother's old Harwood self winding ...
  217. Good, Bad, and Ugly :)
  218. I need help identifying this watch
  219. Heuer Autavia gasket ?
  220. Seeking advice on: Vintage Heuer Chronograph
  221. Grandpa's old Gruen wristwatch ....
  222. Bobbee and Matt go for a jolly
  223. 18k gold fusee - duplex? - identification
  224. Pocket watch display cases from yesterday's box...
  225. Early American watches found yesterday 9/24/15
  226. which strap for my vintage BWC?
  227. World war I ace award Omega pocket watch - real?
  228. Information about this vintage Tip Top watch
  229. Jean Antoine Lepine
  230. Trench watch case, stem @ 2:00, correct movement?
  231. Help with ID/info on 2 watch movements please
  232. Coolest vintage watch box I've seen
  233. Need help identifying this 1970s chronograph seen on TV
  234. Help to ID a pocket watch movt
  235. Something to meditate on...
  236. need to ID movement for anniversary present, please help, swiss ladies 15j
  237. Lanco, Langendorf 722 movement 1930s-1940s
  238. Wanted: some info/history about my two wrist watches
  239. Genuine Omega Bumper?
  240. Back from service
  241. Vintage Seiko SOTC
  242. Accutron question
  243. Info on pocket watch please!
  244. [Edited post]
  245. Anyone who can identify this watch?
  246. Does anybody recognise this watch?
  247. BREQUET? Small old verge in fine unmarked gold case
  248. What was your first Vintage? This is the one that got me hooked...
  249. Vintage Telda Chronograph
  250. Identifying a Vintage Longines?