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  52. Aplina Standard.
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  82. Posting etiquette, watch fits into many categories, is it ok to post multiple threads?
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  89. My Bulova 1D16M Gold "Sub" Diver
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  92. Model 1883, year 1890 Waltham 15 jewel pocket watch.
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  127. Pateck Geneve
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  135. Zenith I got restaured
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  137. Stained Shutter Dial. Big Fat Bezel. Back So Worn It Looks Like A Mirror. What Bulova ?
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  139. PUW experts I need your help
  140. Silvana automatic whit alarm worth?
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  150. What Is Bulova In French ? Le Bulova.
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  186. Bidynator, my second and last (haha)
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  188. Trench Watch (or ladies wristlet) ID help
  189. VIRGIN Offset Crown Philadelphia Trench Watch Case with the Original FACTORY TAG
  191. Nice Certina's
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  193. Omega Diplomat ..?
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  198. Today's flea market finds
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  203. Any information on this welcomed
  204. Is this Girard-Perregaux real? What year is it?
  205. Omega sister veterans of war. Lost limbs, knocked eyes. Crown at 12.
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  211. Fleemarket gold
  212. Enjoy
  213. venus cal. 230 alarm wheel part nr. 7290 NEEDED!!!
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  224. Help identify
  225. Landeron 48 or 54 ?
  226. Social experiment for peace of mind
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  228. Vintage Lecoultre dial.
  229. I'd like some help finding a movement..
  230. [recommendation request] vintage JLC vs VC
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  232. A fun, semi-watch related find
  233. Found Roamer sport last weekend
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  239. Den-Ro Auto
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  242. Daros information please
  243. heres my vintage Elgin from 1909
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  245. Certina DS-2
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