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  9. not sure this is a great idea
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  11. Old Bentima cushion market find - Cal 92
  12. Sydko watch? Ever heard of it?
  13. Toronto GTG May 3
  14. Zodiac/Clebar 17J actually an ETA 2970?
  15. Confused over what to use to polish out scratches in old Bulova crystals.
  16. Alsta chronometer
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  21. Je ne sais pas ... Oddball-YEMA Chronograph, cal. Valjoux 92
  22. New linen kid in the house, A master of the sea + weekend flea market wooden box
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  27. Need help opening old pocket watch
  28. The Timex Time Machine. Model 62
  29. What did I do with my Wyler..... Oh, never mind, I found it.
  30. BUREN cal. 525 / Pendulum automatic
  31. question for TRENCH WATCH fans....
  32. Vintage Christmas catalogues from 1933 with lots of watches
  33. Cool Football timer
  34. Newest Arrival - The Black Dial Hunter Trench Watch.
  35. Help identify olc watch
  36. Affordable dressy classics for poor and poorer :)
  37. Need help in vintage Repeater identification
  38. Alpha 17 Jewel - scrubbed up nicely
  39. Possible problem with vintage omega
  40. Lunesa manual wind - Somehow misterious movement
  41. If Anyone Needs A Vintage Bulova Stem..........
  42. Vintage Tavannes
  43. You be the judge
  44. Hamilton Help Needed
  45. Jaeger-LeCoultre watch from my grandfather
  46. Elgin watch of my fathers. Thought?
  47. Info on Omega Electronic De Ville
  48. New addition, interesting Incaflex
  49. Vintage Tourneau Watches? What are they like?
  50. A 'Russian' Has Arrived....
  51. Vintage pocketwatch 18k
  52. Help dating Equity watch
  53. I met a new chum yesterday
  54. Mysteries of the eBay world, part 1 of many
  55. NOS vtg. DOGMA DeLuxe 200m Auto Diver on Orig. signed SS Ralley Band
  56. Need stem for 1 jewel Sheffield jump hour watch
  57. The Earl's watch - Pierce Chronograph, cal. 130
  58. Reberg or Durowe movement???...
  59. Mystery watch with Felsa 690 movement - Edit: discovered to be Leonidas.
  60. A couple Waltham pocket watch questions.
  61. A question for Zenith experts...
  62. Bulova Crystals. Any Idea Where I Can Buy Them In Bulk ?
  63. My second Gruen
  64. Can anyone identify this vintage quartz movement for me? Nautilus Lume Dial Diver.
  65. Chronographe Suisse caliber info?
  66. Help Identifying Pocket Watch
  67. Looking for info on this Special Citizen watch movement
  68. BWC Automatic with ETA 2789
  69. Can't find any info on this vintage pocket watch
  70. Service for vintage eterna-matic in Calgary?
  71. New Member need pocket watch ID. More pics added!
  72. Help please with a Hamilton Electronic 702 that stopped working
  73. Non-Working Bulova. Just Too Pretty To Use For Parts. - Don't You Think?
  74. Looking for:Vintage Bulova, Modern shape
  75. A Calvan watch?
  76. Le Phare found at last
  77. Need Help Identifying Pocket Watch
  78. Verry strange Niello pocket watch , OSIRIS. Need Help.
  79. Trench style watch
  80. Help ID my great great great grandfather's pocket watch
  81. How overly ambitious should I get with these?
  82. Look What The Bulova Bunny Brought Me.............
  83. Certina caliber 384 / Bumper automatic
  84. IWC Schaffhausen - Wristwatch
  85. Enicar Sherpa Graph Mov't Overhaul
  86. Show us you Damas!!
  87. Lanco movement?
  88. Vintage Bulova Part Question: Does anyone Know What Crown and Shaft.........
  89. An advertising tray and a Trench Watch
  90. Help with keyless works - Missing parts?
  91. Universal Geneve question for those who work on watches...
  92. Post your Triple Dates and Moonphases!
  93. Trench watch movement ID ... NEED HELP
  94. Value 18K Longines/Tiffany & Co Pocket watch
  95. I have the world's best boss.
  96. Vintage DOXA Watch. Please help identify
  97. 1916 Stauffer IWC Demi Hunter with interesting luminous dial
  98. My Dads Accutron
  99. Damas Wrist Watch
  100. Just how original is my Speedmaster Mark II Racing???
  101. Bulova Accutron counter display *Vintage
  102. Need Help Identifying Pocket Watch
  103. Timex movement 25 question
  104. Vintage Butex Watches?
  105. Just returned from the watchmaker
  106. New Bulova Addict Gets Fix For The Day........But What Is It?
  107. Hello - new member needs help with vintage Bulova
  108. Battery for Hamilton Electronic 702009?
  109. And yet another find, Movement: BREVET 30478
  110. Which one of these watches should not be in a serious collection?
  111. And yet another find, HENO
  112. More finds, Uhlmann Geneve
  113. I need some help
  114. Help identifying an old Rolex
  115. Worthwhile vintage telemeter/chronograph under $250?
  117. Vintage WRUW April 2015
  118. I.D help wanted on this 1940`s unbranded watch please.
  119. Vintage Omega Help
  120. Is this Junghans worth fixing?
  121. Vintage Edox wristwatch minute hand seems sticky?
  122. 1915 Old Gold Watch with a "Bell" logo ?
  123. Omega DeVille
  124. Roskopf pocket watch
  125. Who is this movement "Harlo Chronograph" ?
  126. 1000th Post and Thank You!
  127. New Accutron in the stable!
  128. LeCoultre Mystery Dial
  129. Ask to the technician: Wolf teeth are usefully intermeshed or counter
  130. Buler Deluxe
  131. Verge Fusee question?
  132. An oddball? Croton Resistal Aquamedico Acurator?
  133. Omega Pocket Watch Cal. 38,5 LT1 1932 - Do you believe in miracles?!
  134. Does anyone recognize this movement?
  135. any informatin on this watch, atp barringtons, enicar,
  136. Bucherer pocket watch
  137. Thread: "Movement weekly" pt.3 - Ulysse Nardin 1870's
  138. Re-dial or Real-dial
  139. Vintage watch servicing London/Surrey area
  140. Vintage Zenith Help
  141. Any info abt Breguet a Paris /pocket watch
  142. First Display Back Wrist Watch
  143. Seeking information about an old Omega
  144. Vintage Watches from behind the Iron Curtain
  145. 14k golden ladies watch +100 years old, working: need history
  146. Eterna-Matuc 3003 Deluxe 18k Gold
  147. Vintage seiko chronometer with blue jewels???? Help!!!
  148. What a mighty big crown you have! Mens Waltham mechanical
  149. Vintage Vulcain watch, more info?
  150. Does Re-Finishing The Dial Of A Vintage Watch Devalue It ?
  151. Help Watch Indentification needed
  152. Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch
  153. Reasonable value of this Tudor Prince Oysterdate 34
  154. Any info on Chevy watch?
  155. Bulova Addict Scores Friday FIx - Someone Give Me The Dope On This Beauty.
  156. Ball Watch Co. Pocket Watch
  157. Courvoisier Freres Pocket Watch
  158. Dumbing down of watches on TV. Is Rolex the new Biro ?
  159. Vacheron & Constantin pocket watch
  160. One for the ladies
  161. Help identifying ladies Omega cocktail watch
  162. Medana 17 jewel
  163. need help dating my watch
  164. Found what looks like a vintage watch
  165. Seeking info on an 18K Juvenia automatic
  166. Nice Breitling IMHO ...
  167. Please help identifying this mechanical hand wound movement
  168. felsa 4002
  169. Borel Fils & Cie Pocket watch
  170. Vintage watch box for a couple of vintage watches.
  171. Advice needed - Certina bezel popping off - solved
  172. Thoughts about collecting?
  173. Best vintage diver?
  174. 1970s Chronos - a few modern recreations for your purusal
  175. American watch co waltham 1877 movement type?
  176. Some questions about the Bunn Special
  177. Primo pocket watch - what is it?
  178. A "new" old Recta pocket and a little mystery
  179. Les Fils De R Picard
  180. Third of three
  181. Valgine - Fake?
  182. Titoni Airmaster 21J Info
  183. Please help me identify this pocket watch
  184. Just received this Milan from my grandpa's estate, any info would be greatly appreciated
  185. What bracelet for mine bulova super seville day date?
  186. Very Early Elgin Wristwatch
  187. Tissot Pocket Watch help
  188. Zentra Savoy Automatic - thin 1960's style with micro-rotor Buren cal.
  189. Quality of Oris watches from 1970s to early 1980s
  190. Omega Constellation Authenticity
  191. Illinois Burlington Trench Watch aka The Aviator
  192. The first American?
  193. Daniel's Digital
  194. New arrival! Smiths W10.
  195. Advice, best vintage watch under 400
  196. Gallet catalog from 1965-ish, some interesting models displayed
  197. I'd like to get the Railroad Approved watch for a gift
  198. Gruen Chrono-timer buy advice
  199. A grump writes…
  200. Looking to buy my first Omega Seamaster - what are your thoughts on this one?
  201. I Feel Like A Traitor - It's Not A Bulova, It's A Silver Rado.
  202. Vintage Watch 39-41?
  203. Webinar #3 Beginning of Hermetic Wristwatch and New Dicoveries
  204. Rotary dress watch
  205. Getting into vintage omegas. Advice needed
  206. Birmingham and eggs
  207. Accutron Astronaut Mark II
  208. IWC watches - "Swiss" missing
  209. Is It A Bulova ? Can't Find It Anywhere.
  210. Another movement saved from the gold-rush.
  211. Is this Zenith description true or false?
  212. Help me identify my vintage Omega
  213. Any info about this IWC pocket watch.
  214. 1918 Hampden McKinley pocket watch
  215. Need help finding year and worth of my vintage Luminox.
  216. Can anyone help me identify this old Hamilton?
  217. Can anyone shed any light on this watch for me?
  218. Problems opening back on vintage omega
  219. Gallet Chrono's on ebay. What's wrong with these?
  220. Information on Picard Chronographs??
  221. Thread: "Movement weekly" pt.2 - 1820's "Breguet"
  222. I Think I've Arrived In Heaven - Which Way To The Bulova Store ?
  223. Help me with this vintage Technos diver's watch
  224. My Marvin watches
  225. Redial or original?
  226. Help with a 1955 Omega
  227. Omega pocket watch - real or counterfeit
  228. Austrian-Swiss verge watch co-production? Pls help identifying.
  229. To Boldly Go Where No Watch Has Gone Before.
  230. Help with Identifying this 1970s Chrono Please?
  231. Girard Perregaux info
  232. Rolex junior wannabe or what? Caliber ID?
  233. Verge Watch Coulin à Geneve
  234. My first vintage Hamilton
  235. Movado 1940s Mens Watch Help
  236. Who have you influenced into vintage watch collecting?
  237. The beginnings of my vintage collection
  238. Rare vintage Angelus watch
  239. ID Needed: Vintage Mimo with Girard-Perregaux Movement
  240. Do You Have A "Rotation" Box Or Drawer?
  241. Vintage Hebdomas: Restoration Candidate?
  242. OPINIONS PLEASE -Vintage Watches NEED HELP...what to keep and have serviced and what to sell?
  243. Help with movement.
  244. Unidentify vintage watch - EASIA waterproof antimagnetic
  245. Help Me Identify This Watch Partex
  246. What is the function of this chrono dial
  247. Help identify a pocket watch
  248. Potential fake vintage Omega on ebay
  249. Schaffter & Ackermann?
  250. Vintage 60's Dreffa Chronograph