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  31. 1915 Hunting Case Trench Watch
  32. Please help me ID this Howard Pocket watch
  33. could you help me with this pocket watch
  34. "Made Dore" instead of "Swiss Made" pic
  35. Does this number mean anything on my Tissot?
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  47. Dynamite Patek Philippes and Rolexes Dominate Christie’s June 17 Auction - Bloomberg Business
  48. A nice little Torino Automatic
  49. LTG ? Any ideas?
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  55. More identification
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  58. Can anyone help me with id of this Hamilton
  59. Manual wind version of FHF 65 movement?
  60. Bucherer watch from the 60's or 70's looks like a weekday automatic
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  64. Reliable Service Needed!
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  66. Illinois Bunn Special 161B at Bonham's
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  75. Büren Florida
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  81. Charles Rosat detent chronometer
  82. In the 2-register chrono "phase", advice welcome
  83. 1900`s Trench style watch,Red 12,Roman numerial dial.
  84. Identify GP? Authentic?
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  86. just bought: a 1959 watch, new in box with papers
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  104. Italian Philier Watch
  105. Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?
  106. Titus titomatic Jetpower-Super 41 Jewels
  107. 1960s Steel Revue watch Vintage or Fake?
  108. datum watches
  109. Is it something I said?
  110. Need help identifying vintage Mido Multi-Star
  111. Accutron Repair?
  112. Vintage Timex
  113. looking for any information please :-)
  114. Calling all experts need help with Elgin
  115. help identify model of this watch and value
  116. Waltham Opera style p.w. Natural light photos of 3.
  117. Is this a hallmark from James Walker ? ( Case maker, Albert Street, Coventry)
  118. Running time of vintage wrist watches
  119. My 2015th post
  120. Have I identified this Seamaster correctly?
  121. Sunday market catch- Certina Club 2000
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  123. Certina Chronolympic C-tronic...what have I bought?
  124. Someone thats recognize this small old watches ?
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  129. I scratched my head at this one
  130. Just sharing my 1939 Bulova
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  132. Little help re-setting a stem please!
  133. Landed myself another Roskopf
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  135. Carrying a vintage pocket watch in the summer heat
  136. EBERHARD v/s EBERHARD & Co.
  137. Random Vintage Watch Sighting
  138. Looking for advice
  139. Le Cheminant ladies watch
  140. Need help with strap choice
  141. Help with ID - My Return Post!
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  143. Oris Handwind (Ebay)
  144. Timex Crystal?
  145. Need advice: I want to assemble a custom vintage watch
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  147. Vintage Fortis I.D help needed.
  149. Do you like my omega costellation pie pan solid gold 18k
  150. Pity this newspaper article from 1900 doesn't have more info about the watch...
  151. My repaired verge is back home!
  152. Omega seamaster cal 565
  153. More information on Pocket Watch
  154. Need to ID this trench watch movement. DF&C
  155. Vintage ulysse nardin
  156. Mojo Continues His Bad Habit of Buying Bulovas Without Knowing What They Are - Do You Know?
  157. Non functional buttons on a Certina DS Chronolympic LCD quartz 1977
  158. Does this look legitimate to you guys ?
  159. Elgin Pocket Watch
  160. Vintage Girard Perregeaux
  161. Zenith ID needed
  162. Info on cased Elgin pocket watch?
  163. Ladys pocket watches wearable ?
  164. Just in.. Full hunter trench watch
  165. Whats the Longest You Have Waited for Vintage Grail to Come for Sale?
  166. Help IDing movement in Baume and Mercier
  167. Vintage; Do you specialize in one or two brands?
  168. Sicura Globetrotter..
  169. Omega f300 Chronometer Question
  170. Votum, Swiss made - Does anyone know this?
  171. Was this a good buy?
  172. My $20 swamp purchase
  173. Need Help With a Vintage Hamilton
  174. Doxa pocket watch Hors Concours Liege-1905
  175. Two new acquisitions
  176. Check out my new 1950's Tissot Square GF Bumper (And help me ID it)
  177. Help needed to identify movement type AS
  178. Of course a hardly mistreated Zenith pw movement but what was it in former times
  179. Waltham wrist watch question
  180. **** Vintage WRUW June 2015 ****
  181. ***Please welcome Mirius as new Vintage/PW moderator!***
  182. A 2nd Omega Constellation pie pan (pic heavy)
  183. William Shaw pocket watch info needed
  184. Ladies Elgin unusual pendant watch- dating?
  185. New (back again) to the Forum
  186. A few quality American newcommers...
  187. EMKOZA pocket watch?
  188. Atira - Info/history wanted
  189. Alprosa (enicar) watch
  190. Can anyone ID this pocket watch from 'Sherlock Holmes' (2009)?
  193. Breaking News.....John Mayer eats CROW!!!!!!
  194. Help with vintage omega
  195. PH Wolf
  196. Still have No Clue What This Bulova Is......
  197. Help in IDing or Details on this Vintage Watch
  198. Oldest Verifiable Waltham Trench Watch??
  199. Betcha Didn't Know That M.C. Escher Was a Bulova Fan...........
  200. Thinking of getting this Vintage Cortebert. What do you guys think?
  201. Help identifying strap from vintage watch
  202. Gerard-Perregaux
  203. An article on the adoption of wristwatches
  204. old lavina 17 jewel
  205. How do I measure a PW bezel correctly? Update:
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  208. Lemania here we go again
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  211. What Are You Sporting Today Sports?
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  213. Historical prices of now-vintage watches
  214. eBay late April Fool`s ??
  215. Vintage Watch Info Online?
  216. When was the Ronda 726 quartz movement introduced?
  217. How do you shop flea markets, junk shops for watches?
  218. Keep Your Heads Down, Here Comes The Air Warden.
  219. Patek Phillipe pocket watch conversion
  220. What am I missing here? Interesting PW movement
  221. Pocket watch id would be appreciated.....Delmar
  222. Info sought on Gotham wrist watch
  223. tissot newtimer
  224. Off topic: Calling all vintage pilots watch owners
  225. Any Pierce lovers want a ladies watch?
  226. What, Another Bulova I Can't ID............
  227. A Marriage Watch That Could End Yours
  228. Need Help identifying this Bucherer Mens Watch and potential value!
  229. Help identify Baume & Mercier Watch
  230. Help identifying this watch please.
  231. Perpetual Date Pocket watch with no makers marks
  232. What movement is this?
  233. Can anyone date/identify my Oris Anti Shock Pocket Watch?
  234. Zodiac Jet with logo but no name on dial?
  235. Vintage Eterna Military Chronograph movement ?
  236. Help me ID eBay pickup
  237. Just bought an Omega Constellation Pie Pan - Thoughts?
  238. Looking for some advice/opinions on restoring a vintage Omega with a cracked enamel dial
  239. Alvica, Swiss Made - Anyone know anything about this?
  240. What Movement do I need for 1925 Cyma
  241. 1946 Ahrens Luzern Pocket Watch
  242. Hamilton
  243. Need information on a DUMAI pocket watch
  244. Howard mechanical watch.
  245. Aplina Standard.
  246. Picked this up today from a boot sale
  247. Glycine airman 2000 automatic world time 200M-660FT real or fake
  248. Dubey & schaldenbrand real or fake?
  249. Fleamarket finds (Candino/Citizen) Any info appreciated.
  250. Been offered this for US$100