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  1. Any additional information on Gallet Multichron Pilot w/Venus 188?
  2. Need some info on this watch please!
  3. pocket watch, no makers mark,
  4. CASIO AL-180 : capacitor GC 2016 2.4v 0.68F
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  9. Altair Diamond Watch
  10. Jules Mathey ? watch with original box
  11. Super-Tuff? identification needed
  12. Ladies Movado Chronometre..
  13. Gallet/ Excelsior Park serial numbers
  14. Crystal Polishing 101
  15. My first Doxa...
  16. Vintage Bulova
  17. Breitling Top Time (810) vs. Omega Speedmaster Professional (cal. 821)
  18. Caravelle Analog/digital information help
  19. Dobbies Ltd. of Nairobi
  20. Found an old Bulova in my Grandfather's Gun Cabinet-need ID help/advice
  21. British hallmarking of imported watches - new edition of Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks
  22. Unknown MHF wrist watch Parmigiani Fleurier's ??
  23. Moeris Pendant watch worth fixing up?
  24. Tissot Antimagnetique - HELP please!
  25. Antique Chronograph id
  26. Great Story About a Vintage Watch Find.....................worth a read.
  27. Vintage Waltham time loss issue
  28. cauny matic swiss made watch.
  29. Info needed on a 4 hand vintage Sicura
  30. Cyma gold band
  31. Smiths Astral, is this worthy of a refurb?
  32. Lanco ??
  33. Help identify Swiss made 18k watch
  34. This PW movement deserves to be refurbished ???
  35. ELGIN'S BEST 1900 age p.w.
  36. Assistance refurbishing my dad's 1968 Girard-Perregaux G-P Gyromatic
  37. To Repaint Face or Not
  38. Omega pocket watch identification
  39. How to add spare links to NSA 7row bracelet? Where to find said links?
  40. Hebdomas calibre number
  41. Help with Art Deco wristwatch
  42. Identifying Vulcain Cricket
  43. Nivrel chronograph
  44. Nivrel bracelet
  45. Help identifying this ladies vintage zodiac watch
  46. Vintage "Radium coloured" Lume thread to end all vintage Lume threads!
  47. Rolex questions
  48. re Algex 17 jewel pocket watch
  49. Tool for opening casebacks on vintage watches
  50. Did I break my watch?
  51. identify vintage watch
  52. The Holy Grail of "Trench Watch" Documents......Who, What and When!
  53. 1946 Omega Automatic after restoration
  54. Arrived in Yesterday's Mail, A tip o' the hat to Paleotime.
  55. As promised: 1940s Pierce Chronograph. Restauration project.
  56. Movado catalogue
  57. Thought/Opinion on this Vintage Timex
  58. Info on Gigandet Digital Incabloc
  59. Found a vintage watch in my grandmother's heirloom
  60. greatest redial EVAR
  61. My first real 'Trench' Watch
  62. Zenith 9ct Gold Full Hunter Watch
  63. Bulova Experts - What have I got here?
  64. Would like to know when this Bucherer was made and maybe some type of value.
  65. Big pocket chronograph with Hour Register and Tachometer scale
  66. Dating a vintage Croton pocket watch
  67. What watch does Mr. Brando wear in this film
  68. Help in identify this watch
  69. Jules Jurgensen history?
  70. 1915 Tavannes Borgel Wristwatch
  71. Lever/Cam Chronographs, Separating the good and the ´bad´ .
  72. JaegerLeCoultre p469/c movement
  73. Trying to understand pocket watch buying
  74. Help Identifying Vintage Swiss Faces and Movements
  75. Help Identify GRUEN?
  76. Omega Constellation C Case 562 (PIC HEAVY)
  77. Omega pocket watch. 19" Caliber. Sourcing mainspring?
  78. Chronograph PW need help to ID-ing
  79. Basics of vintage
  80. How do I set this watch??? Elgin Pocket Watch
  81. Tiffany sphere Pocket Watch needs repair
  82. Vintage Arcadia
  83. Got my first mechanical chrono today!
  84. $2,000 - vintage chronograph - what would you recommend?
  85. Evaluation for two watches
  86. Vintage Charles Delon Watch Set
  87. Recommend watch repair/service - Vintage Omega
  88. Vintage AP serial numbers/manufacture dates
  89. Vintage Farexy Swiss made incabloc anti-magnetic watch
  90. with $50,000 usd to spend what 3 vintage dream watches would we buy?
  91. Identify Vintage Delbana, THANKS!
  92. Vulcain Cricket repair
  93. Ronda 1215-21 Stem removal?
  94. identify four vintage watches, tissot Seastar, King seiko, revue sport, movado,
  95. Some help please with a Tempo pocket watch
  96. Helvetia automatic identification help
  97. Identification and price for this old 1
  98. Bulova group shot
  99. Unver Chronograph with single button - what is movement ?
  100. Winding question
  101. New to the forum, new (to me) Vintage Longines
  102. A couple off oddballs I picked up today
  103. Vintage GIGANDET manual-wind 17-J
  104. Why so little love for the Rolex 1625 Thunderbird?
  105. Vintage Cortébert watch, I would appreciate your opinions on authenticity!
  106. Three beautiful vintage watches I want to identify
  107. Pocket watch collection, where to get evaluated in the tri state area
  108. Mulco pocket watch - approximate year of manufacture
  109. leonidas vintage
  110. Zenith Defy A 3645 first series (1969)
  111. Inherited a couple watches - are they worth servicing?
  112. Crown seized on vintage Rolex 6082 Super Oyster
  113. What is the name of this watch, age and value?
  114. Groucho watch
  115. Lord Elgin ID help, please
  116. Lugran 17 jewel swiss pocket watch need help please
  117. Waltham pocket watch overhaul
  118. Omega Ancora 1970 Vintage NOS
  119. Repair and Service of a 1930 Bulova President
  120. Help with a 1972 Girard-Perregaux Quartz with date mechanism problem
  121. Trecadet Question
  122. Soliciting photos of elaborately decorated gold p.w. cases
  123. Project from a while ago.
  124. Touchon & Co pocket watch - please help to identify
  125. Certina DS Junior
  126. Help with some Chrono info?
  127. Vintage Patek Philippe
  128. Vintage Rado or not?!
  129. Is this the earliest form of automatic watch?
  130. 'High grade'
  131. Movement Number Printed on Dial, key wound , how to identify
  132. Another wee gem from the past..
  133. Longines and Doxa , rectangular movements ID-ing please
  134. Timex Electric problem
  135. Vintage Longines question about the dial
  136. Dating and authentication of Omega Pocket watch
  137. Help in ID'ing Movement Winding Problem
  138. Cyma 1944
  139. omega bezels
  140. Fusee watch features
  141. Omega: How do I know if my watch is solid gold, or "gold filled" and what does that mean? (pictures)
  142. Bueche Girod
  143. Help: what Waltham do I have? How much for a service?
  144. Minerva Movement Help
  145. id doxa square 24 hour sub second id help
  146. help with bulova id
  147. Caravelle Pocket Watch
  148. My "new" Omega Constellation
  149. I need help in identifying a pocket watch
  150. Lepine V Aiguilles 13 Rubis ?
  151. 1971 Bulova 333 Oceanographer
  152. 1971 Bulova Accutron 2185
  153. Help Needed, Pocket Watch 100+ years old, Broken! Need Advice!
  154. 1955 Bulova President
  155. Magnetised Fusee Pocket watch
  156. Elgin 1916-1917 watch
  157. DATING and IDENTIFICATION VINTAGE WATCH - Rotary 9ct Gold two-tone 1928 Tonneau
  158. Some Catalogs - 1982 - Favre Leuba, B&M, Longines PICTURE HEAVY
  159. Identify tudor
  160. Please help - identify RADO watch
  161. Vintage cimier retro sport telemetry.
  162. Need help finding pictures of pilots wearing "1928 German Airforce pattern" Flieger wristwatches
  163. Ervil Pocket Watch Question
  164. Help with basic info on Waltham 'riverside'..
  165. WW1 ladies Dreadnought advice required
  166. Vintage Ulysse Nardin Chronograph. , Questions about Case and Dial
  167. Strange Landeron 248 issue
  168. Ever come accross such a Skin Diver from Baume and Mercier?
  169. My first working verge!
  170. Latest arrival, MST427 Roamer Alarm
  171. Catalogs for vintage Omega
  172. Help in Identifying a Watch
  173. Long time listener, First time collection
  174. Aquastar BENTHOS 500 questions
  175. New Member: 1944 Omega Automatic Opinions? I have a couple questions.
  176. Oris watch late 60s or early 70s
  177. Help identifying a pocket watch
  179. Is this a genuine?
  180. No identification on face- Normandie movement
  181. The Vintage Omega Seamaster Thread
  182. Grandfather's 1950's Omega
  183. Nice JLC on the Swamp
  184. Richo day date 21 jewel automatic polished stainless steel no model or number HELP!
  185. ***Happy Birthday, "El Primero"!!!***
  186. Can someone identify my grandfather's old pocket watch
  187. Need Help - Zodiac - looks vintage, but is it?
  188. anyone purchased from ebay seller beverly_madison enicars
  189. Uncommon Rolex 1625 from 1974/73 ... The TOG or Thunderbird ...
  190. A little summer holiday project - something a wooden.
  191. Very Old German Pocket watch
  192. SS Astronaut, Tiffany Dial?
  193. Vintage Pocket Watches MY Collection for 3 month starts
  194. Oh My!! I Love Gambling on Bad Photos
  195. 1945 Rolex Airking 4925 Questions
  196. Vintage LeCoultres and their crowns...
  197. Vintage Kreisler USA & JB Champion USA Watch Bracelets, Is There A Difference ?
  198. Need help identifying my grandfather's Patek Philippe from 1970s.
  199. New member to the board
  200. Question regarding incabloc + non incabloc Landeron 148s
  201. Gallet Regulateur- re-dial?
  202. help with A. Lange and Sohne pocket watch movement idenfication
  203. 3 pocket watches for 50 :-)
  204. Vintage Swiss Emperor 25 jewels
  205. Allemann vintage pendant watch
  206. WWI (or early) Color Photos with wristwatch
  207. Trying to date this watch
  208. Fresh in the mail.
  209. Help with Omega Seamaster 120
  210. Vintage Omega Seamaster
  211. Bulova rattles
  212. Radium burns to dials....
  213. Tell me about Zenith
  214. Longines info needed
  215. Reputable spot in NYC for vintage Omega service?
  216. Shopping trip purchase
  217. Just landed - 40's Mars Tank on period pigskin w/tricky buckle tang-lock
  218. Trench watch project...
  219. What can you tell me about this Bucherer watch?
  220. From Serbia - With Love
  221. What are those retail store book looking mat things called, for displaying?
  222. Stupid Question of the Day
  223. Favre-Leuba ID if at all (New Here with pictures)
  224. Anyone up for a project?
  225. help wanted regarding this pocket to wrist conversion!
  226. Which arm do you wear your watch on?
  227. Vintage Tissot T12 Chronograph
  228. Eterna matic Automatic pocket watch and Omega Military Flea Maket score!
  229. Thoughts on this Patek Philippe P/W
  230. help identifying a vintage longines tank
  231. Get together 2015
  232. Rare Fortis Easy Math: Functionality and difference from "regular" MarineMaster
  233. Info needed on this 1953 Rolex 6282 with '61' end links
  234. Bateman pocket watch, seeking some information
  235. What are your thoughts on repainted dials?
  236. How do you pronounce Titoni?
  237. Zenith Chronometer
  238. Rotary Jetflyer - removing back
  239. Trying to ID Pocket Watch
  240. some pre-quartz electric love..
  241. help with info on cortland-concord 8-day alarm
  242. Thrift store find: vintage Hilton small seconds
  243. Buren market buy - throw away or repair?
  244. Help Identifying a Rotary Watch
  245. Gallet stopwatch
  246. Help me identify this Thermidor
  247. Today's purchase- Illinois Currier - first production run?
  248. A REALLY BIG POCKET WATCH - Can you help ID
  249. Another PW movement that i repaired . An ID-ing
  250. converting a arnex 1198 to a mechanical movement