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  25. Omega DeVille
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  28. 1000th Post and Thank You!
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  31. Ask to the technician: Wolf teeth are usefully intermeshed or counter
  32. Buler Deluxe
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  34. An oddball? Croton Resistal Aquamedico Acurator?
  35. Omega Pocket Watch Cal. 38,5 LT1 1932 - Do you believe in miracles?!
  36. Does anyone recognize this movement?
  37. any informatin on this watch, atp barringtons, enicar,
  38. Bucherer pocket watch
  39. Thread: "Movement weekly" pt.3 - Ulysse Nardin 1870's
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  44. First Display Back Wrist Watch
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  46. Vintage Watches from behind the Iron Curtain
  47. 14k golden ladies watch +100 years old, working: need history
  48. Eterna-Matuc 3003 Deluxe 18k Gold
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  54. Vintage Waltham Pocket Watch
  55. Reasonable value of this Tudor Prince Oysterdate 34
  56. Any info on Chevy watch?
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  59. Courvoisier Freres Pocket Watch
  60. Dumbing down of watches on TV. Is Rolex the new Biro ?
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  62. One for the ladies
  63. Help identifying ladies Omega cocktail watch
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  65. need help dating my watch
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  70. felsa 4002
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  72. Vintage watch box for a couple of vintage watches.
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  81. Les Fils De R Picard
  82. Third of three
  83. Valgine - Fake?
  84. Titoni Airmaster 21J Info
  85. Please help me identify this pocket watch
  86. Just received this Milan from my grandpa's estate, any info would be greatly appreciated
  87. What bracelet for mine bulova super seville day date?
  88. Very Early Elgin Wristwatch
  89. Tissot Pocket Watch help
  90. Zentra Savoy Automatic - thin 1960's style with micro-rotor Buren cal.
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  93. Illinois Burlington Trench Watch aka The Aviator
  94. The first American?
  95. Daniel's Digital
  96. New arrival! Smiths W10.
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  98. Gallet catalog from 1965-ish, some interesting models displayed
  99. I'd like to get the Railroad Approved watch for a gift
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  101. A grump writes…
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  105. Webinar #3 Beginning of Hermetic Wristwatch and New Dicoveries
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  108. Birmingham and eggs
  109. Accutron Astronaut Mark II
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  112. Another movement saved from the gold-rush.
  113. Is this Zenith description true or false?
  114. Help me identify my vintage Omega
  115. Any info about this IWC pocket watch.
  116. 1918 Hampden McKinley pocket watch
  117. Need help finding year and worth of my vintage Luminox.
  118. Can anyone help me identify this old Hamilton?
  119. Can anyone shed any light on this watch for me?
  120. Problems opening back on vintage omega
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  122. Information on Picard Chronographs??
  123. Thread: "Movement weekly" pt.2 - 1820's "Breguet"
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  126. My Marvin watches
  127. Redial or original?
  128. Help with a 1955 Omega
  129. Omega pocket watch - real or counterfeit
  130. Austrian-Swiss verge watch co-production? Pls help identifying.
  131. To Boldly Go Where No Watch Has Gone Before.
  132. Help with Identifying this 1970s Chrono Please?
  133. Girard Perregaux info
  134. Rolex junior wannabe or what? Caliber ID?
  135. Verge Watch Coulin à Geneve
  136. My first vintage Hamilton
  137. Movado 1940s Mens Watch Help
  138. Who have you influenced into vintage watch collecting?
  139. The beginnings of my vintage collection
  140. Rare vintage Angelus watch
  141. ID Needed: Vintage Mimo with Girard-Perregaux Movement
  142. Do You Have A "Rotation" Box Or Drawer?
  143. Vintage Hebdomas: Restoration Candidate?
  144. OPINIONS PLEASE -Vintage Watches NEED HELP...what to keep and have serviced and what to sell?
  145. Help with movement.
  146. Unidentify vintage watch - EASIA waterproof antimagnetic
  147. Help Me Identify This Watch Partex
  148. What is the function of this chrono dial
  149. Help identify a pocket watch
  150. Potential fake vintage Omega on ebay
  151. Schaffter & Ackermann?
  152. Vintage 60's Dreffa Chronograph
  153. Is this considered a Bulova Academy Award?
  154. Looking for insight/opinions of this high grade Agassiz
  155. IWC 854 or JLC powerematic - which one is more mechnically sophisticated ?
  156. could you put a price on two 1920 watches
  157. Another really bad dial…
  158. unusual IWC dial
  159. Another no-name vintage watch
  161. Is this a redial?
  162. Finally had some luck buying a vintage watch...YAY!!!
  164. 1940s Elgin deco watch help?
  165. Can anyone help identify a brand on this watch?
  166. Help me identify my Omega
  167. MI-CHRONOMETRE - what is it?
  168. Help identify vintage watch with date, month and week
  169. Help with id of watch movement..
  170. 1980 McDonald's Kids' Mechanical Watch
  171. Vintage Doxa Ebay Purchase? Any Advice?
  172. Identify vintage Omega, 37 mm
  173. 18k Patek Philippe & Cie Pocket Watch
  174. Straps Heads Up
  175. 2 JLC : which one is real ? or are both ?
  176. Vintage Zenith dial replacement or repair solutions
  177. Dating watch - pointed tooth escapement
  178. Is this Ruhla a Frankenwatch?
  179. First buy: Longines Record Automatic -- what have I bought?
  180. What are the top 3 questions I should be asking before purchasing a vintage watch?
  181. Help identifying 14K Gruen Precision
  182. Eterna waterproof 1937 - screw in crown
  183. (moved from Main) On a Ebel vintage mission...
  184. Help needed to identify this `50`s/`60`s watch
  185. Compur 30 386 please help appraise it
  186. J.DentLondon a serious wholeseller for osman pocket watches or fiction and product placement ?
  187. Vintage Girard Perregaux (maybe?) - First Watch
  188. Verge watch history
  189. Bulova '48
  190. Felt in love with a vintage eterna/ Fake or good deal ?
  191. Help needed to identify this pocket watch case style please
  192. Testament to the watchmaker's art..
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  194. Valid and identify my old DOXA
  195. Vulcain Vintage Name ID and Theory
  196. "Movement weekly" pt.1 - 1860's cylinder gong alarm
  197. Waltham watch with British sterling silver case
  198. Any reco on leather roll cases brands?
  199. Yema mechanical digital
  200. One of the best boxes of watches I've ever had the honor of receiving...
  201. $3 "Spacey Wacey" Seiko
  202. Pontiac Pocket watch
  203. vintage breitling info
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  205. Looking for valuation advise on Camy watch
  206. Eberhard........what else is 'olde' ?!
  207. vintage Baume gold watch - help please - LARGE images
  208. Dufonte Quartz pocket watch info
  209. Wanting to know more about my new old Zenith
  210. New arrival- BULOVA
  211. Making an exception for a vintage re-dial
  212. 1910s pendent movement ID?
  213. Opinion about "Budget Accutron?"
  214. Beautiful antique solid silver Swiss pocket watch, CA 1890 - please help identify...
  215. Columbia USA watch
  216. Please help me identify this Movado
  217. New addition, seeking information and strap recommendation.
  218. Help dating verge watch
  219. Help me ID this nice Bulova
  220. Fixoflex marking help
  221. Why vintage? Because good design lasts.
  222. Wives & Vintage Watches - The 'Acid Test'......
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  224. The First Webinar from Adam (HOROLOGIST007) - The Beginning Of The Wristwatch.
  225. vintage rolex time keeping help!
  226. Inherited pieces. Help Please.
  227. 1918/19 Borgel Cased A. Schild watch with lever release stem
  228. Rado Voyager Fake or Not?
  229. A little gift to Adam, and the Forum - Adam's Webinar Video.
  230. Why do people collect vintage watches?
  231. An example of how easy it is to get fooled on Ebay
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  233. Before and After
  234. Confessions Of A Secret Timex Admirer
  235. For big kids and geeks everywhere
  236. Is it a rare dial for Omega cal355?
  237. Help with ID Bovet & Fol Gold
  238. Help dating a pocket watch
  239. Piaget pointer watch
  240. Info on my paps pocketwatch
  241. somebody more information about this watch?????
  242. Help ID vintage Hamilton wristwatch
  243. Bulova Super Seville
  244. Unknown pocket chronograph
  245. This Vulcain look original?
  246. Very rare West End Watch co watchus
  247. South Bend parts resource?
  248. Why are vintage watches so cheap? Trustworthy on ebay?
  249. Identify vintage Eterna-matic, from 1974
  250. Incoming 1900's Wristwatch.