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  19. help with info on cortland-concord 8-day alarm
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  23. Gallet stopwatch
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  28. converting a arnex 1198 to a mechanical movement
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  30. So... I got this mysterious MOVEMENT
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  32. What is lost and forgotten is found again.
  33. Atlantic Weltmeister Prima - dial painted or not?
  34. What were your first last and best watch acqusition of 2014?
  35. Omega Vintage?
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  40. Universal Geneve Tri-Compax Military Issue?
  41. "Vintage" Lecoultre?
  42. 18 ct Gold Tourneau Calendar/Moonphase Chrono...
  43. Help pls tell me anything about this pocket watch
  44. Help with identification of a Universal Geneve
  45. Help ID'ing a vintage seamaster 18ct gold
  46. most likely to be faked?
  47. Fortunate Felsa find (Bidynator)
  48. Vintage JLC Memovox
  49. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
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  52. Happy New Year!
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  54. Prosit Neujahr !
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  56. Another "Last watch of the year" thread. (Though I do still have 12 hours)
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  59. Mido Ocean Star
  60. Happy new year
  61. My last watch for 2014
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  63. my first DOXA
  64. Chezard - the dead beat seconds
  65. Any Hanhart pros in here that can help me with my watch
  66. Hebdomas Watch Co. is this a real one?
  67. Just Joined & American Watch Co. (Waltham)
  68. Two Rados arrived this week.
  69. Help Identify!! "superior" pocket watch 15j
  70. Ancre De Precision
  71. A Roamer that Google doesn't know
  72. In an old Waltham box
  73. Avia handwinder
  74. old Elgin Pocket watch 1893 worlds fair
  75. Roamer Searock 523
  76. I need help finding a pocket watch
  78. PW Identification movemet , Please
  79. I started to collect vintage watches in Nov 2014
  80. *update*! vint. Landeron love....Delbana & a '49 Fludo to the rescue!
  81. Radium girls
  82. Can gold leaf be used on a worn gold plated/ rolled gold watch case?
  84. Khormelton Stratomatic
  85. Vintage Bulova
  86. Vintage Altair
  87. Should I restore this '49 Seamaster?
  88. Valjoux 7733
  89. Give me some advice on this Tudor Oyster watch
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  92. Another Idenfication Thread
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  95. Opinion of my 23 jewels Hampden pocket watch
  96. Identification of Fortis bump automat
  97. Alpina 355 parts ?
  98. Larger Vintage 3 Hand
  99. Clebar with Venus 170 - just acquired
  100. Identification help !
  101. Please help in the identification of a Larga pocket watch
  102. Omega pocket watch, please help
  103. Help me to find somethig about this Chronometre O.H.G.
  104. Looking for help with inherited watches
  105. Cushion Seikos
  106. looking for help identifying a couple of pocket watches
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  108. Beat up Breitling Chronomat 769 - need your expertise.
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  111. Which Battery goes into: Certina Quartz Cal. 778 (ETA 9315)
  112. Questions on buying a Vintage Glycine Airman
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  115. Inherited vintage Lucien Piccard
  116. (christmas) fake and real
  117. Orion Quartz 32768 Hz - Ronda mov. MOD 300
  118. Nidor pocket watch
  119. Beginning of the wristwatch -First Photos of LADIES wearing a wristwatch
  120. Vintage Patek
  121. Cyma hands
  122. Tissot Visodate Seastar 1940's/1950's?
  123. Affordable vintage ultra thins?
  124. Ebel 60-second chronograph cal. 131 - ever seen one of these ?
  125. Advice on Universal Geneve (Aero?) Compax
  127. Rotary Commodore + something special for my dad
  128. Looking for any info on a Ricoh Dynamic Wide 21j manual wind/17j substitute?
  129. vintage watch buying
  130. Slim gun metal pocket watch with a fat bezel
  131. "Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War", 1st Copy ! ! ! !
  132. Help me with this pocket watch please
  133. My Bulova Accutron All Swiss Made Collection
  134. Help to identify the pocket watch (alpina)
  135. "A watch for Christmas!" - Flamor Chronograph, cal. Landeron 187
  136. Help required to Identify Pocket Watch
  137. Help identfy a watch model
  138. Small catalog of several pocket watches
  139. Vintage Tissot watch - any idea how old this watch might be
  140. Determining Vintage Ulysse Nardin Reference Numbers
  141. Generic 70's ETA - Ardet
  142. Waltham 16s 610 how to clean chaton balance jewels?
  143. Certina 25-661 runs slow while sweep hand seems to be accurate
  144. Just another Omega
  145. Everything (well, a bit!) you need to know about obscure brands, but were too afraid to ask.
  146. Help needed identifying ultra rare Omega folding pocket watch from 1930's
  147. Hafis Jarproof
  148. Helbros trio
  149. Help to identify vintage Benrus and Ball pocket
  150. Vintage Pocket Watch Identification Help?
  151. What do you know about this vintage Tollet Chronograph with Orator Watchco movement.
  152. Unworn Omega Geneve Cal 631 (~1969). To service or not to service?
  153. Another clock that I intent to identify it with your help
  154. Vintage Zenith defy serial numbers, results
  155. Watch crown
  156. Seiko junk stall buy - help!
  157. info plese on this Waltham small pocket watch
  158. René Rondeau: Hamilton "Victor" Electric Restoration--Before and After Pictures
  159. Goering Watch Movement
  160. Is this a "grail" for Bulova/automatics collectors?
  161. Which column-wheel Ebauches where there in the 40s and 50s?
  162. My 60s Kontiki Super
  163. Need to Identify Vintage Breitling
  164. Moser & Cie 30s Chrono...
  165. ebay cheap Citizen
  166. vintage chronograph movement identification
  167. My father gave me his Rolex - What model and year?
  168. Identification of two ladies watches
  169. Lecoultre pin watch
  170. Service recommendations in Philadelphia PA (USA)?
  171. - How badly did I just screw up? Bent the hairspring on my Landeron 148
  172. Rolex: Arabian Text on dial
  173. Seiko 7S26-0050, original or redial?
  174. Advice on best place to fix this Bulova Accutron Astronaut Mark II
  175. This is a nice surprise
  176. pocket watch identification
  177. Where to find: vintage watch strap
  178. What could be wrong with this watch?!
  179. Need help identifying gold content hallmark on tri-color pocket watch.
  180. The Adventurer and the watch
  181. Again ask support to identify this mechanism
  182. Help needed to identify piece fallen from watch
  183. More dead than red
  184. Victoria Movemet in Danish Pocket Watch
  185. Vintage Stowa pocket watch
  186. Let see those modern quartz watches with a vintage style.
  187. Not quite vintage,but...
  188. Grail Arrival: 1972-3 Roamer Chrono-Diver
  189. Need some help with Enicar and Era
  190. Breitling Top Time 824
  191. mystery to me watch
  192. Vintage 1940s Gruen Bumper
  193. Valjoux 7734 questions
  194. Latest precious...:)
  195. Omega Slim Pocket Watch
  196. Mentor Alarm Pocket Watch
  197. 49 Bulova
  198. Breitling Chronomat
  199. Vacheron Constantin cal 453 .
  200. 1918 Silver Wrist Watch
  201. Orfina Chronograph
  202. Cord Chronograph - Any information?
  203. New additions and auction scores!
  204. Vintage Hamilton
  205. 1939 Movado 620N 17 jewel wadsworth 14/k pocket watch missing crystal
  206. Info on pocket watch J Hewson Boothby pear shaped Vergee
  207. Helvetia Incabloc Anti-Magnetic Waterproof Watch 21 Jewels
  208. Another "Help with a Pocket Watch" Thread
  209. Is it real?
  210. Just acquired, vintage Seiko stopwatch
  211. Accuracy for a Gallet 6119B movement
  212. Help identifying Dumai Swiss automatic
  213. Help date Ingersoll Mickey Mouse
  214. Help: what crown for this vintage 1960s Super Kontiki?
  215. Military issued watches, let's see 'em
  216. Fusse Watch 18th century. Who is Ferrand ?
  217. Mystery 1960s watch but clearly a quality timepiece
  218. The Big Patina Con
  219. Vintage Breguet dress watches
  220. universal geneve funny looking dial ????
  221. TISSOT RESEARCH IDEA 2001 The seed of a counterrevolution
  222. Anyone know ...
  223. The Gem find for today GP Gyromatic
  224. Help identifying Seiko Automatic Ladies watch
  225. Wooden Elgin Christmas tree decoration?
  226. Seeking information
  227. Don Williams watch
  228. Vintage Eterna
  229. An old soldier gets new boots
  230. Real or Fake IWC Cal 89
  231. Help me indetified this mechanism of a pocket watch .
  232. Real or Fake VINTAGE ULYSSE NARDIN.
  233. Heuer Stopwatch
  234. Information request: Dispol (diver?)
  236. Seeking your opinions!
  237. A potential valuable auction item GRUEN
  238. Vintage Tissot
  239. J W Benson Vintage watch
  240. 1915 Silver Wrist Watch
  241. How do you define a "Vintage" Timepiece
  242. Help identify Girard Perregaux
  243. Any knowledge about an swiss watchmaker and inventor: Georges Louis Henry around 1930 ?
  244. New Zodiac SST 36000
  245. Delbana 15 Rubis Antimagnetic
  246. Need help! Very old Omega pocet wach?
  247. Movement
  248. 1920s/1930s - what do you think???
  249. Helbros Lifetime Warranty
  250. Need help to identify a watch