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  15. vintage seiko 5 6119-5401
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  18. From Grandma's collection (2)
  19. From Grandma's collection (1)
  21. Let there be science! The PhD's watch - Omega Constellation ref. 168.046, cal. 1001
  22. Your opinion on a 1950's Girard Perregaux
  23. The world's longest "quickie" renovation?
  25. Helbros movement with Rolex dial?
  26. Something modest but interesting...
  27. Shum has connections down under.
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  29. Ever seen one of these?
  30. Fellows auctions
  31. J.W Benson London watch ID HELP!
  32. Thrift store find
  33. When did the tuning fork lever appear in history?
  34. Mido - 14k Rose Gold Vintage Multifort
  35. An unexpected Rolex/Rolco - The kind of things that pop up
  36. AWWCO 1893 Model 88
  37. Gallet...What do you think..?
  38. Hoverta
  39. Movement id
  40. New project!
  41. Announcement re Watchuseek
  42. Accutron Battery screw
  43. Favorite Vintage Straps/Bands/Bracelets!!!
  44. Vintage Zodiac Autografic
  45. Vintage Buren Venus 170 Chronograph
  46. UPDATE!!! My first two :) Lord Marvel and Hafis 17 Jewel 14k Solid gold
  47. Separated at birth?
  48. Vintage gold pocket watch: Favre Leuba & Co - Bombay & Calcutta
  49. Redial?
  50. A first for me
  51. Info on Roamer
  52. Elgin star dial
  53. Cyma restoration project.
  54. Anyone for a project?
  55. I would like to know the value of this Roamer Brevete
  56. help with authenticity of a vintage fortis
  57. Boardwalk Empire - Nucky Thompson's Elgin.
  58. Help explain this movement please .
  59. Today's meanderings
  60. "Marraige" watches or vintage pocketwatch converstions - talk me out of it,
  61. Can anyone tell me about my Accutron watch
  62. Vintage Rotary Watch Identification Needed
  63. Certina DS-4
  64. My modest mid-century vintage collection
  65. Vintage English pocket/fob watch
  66. Suggestion needed for an antique Hamilton Pocket Watch
  67. original band advice - Omega Seamaster f300 (late 60s)
  68. Looking for Info on Vintage DOXA Anti-Magnetic Automatic
  69. Vintage Girard-Pirregaux Purchase?
  70. Vintage Citizen Auto. Glass repair.
  71. Tech question about ETA 2830
  72. When is an Aquastar an Aquastar
  73. Info on Atira wanted
  74. Info needed on Vintage Cyma
  75. Suggestions for first vintage watch
  76. He likes vintage too!
  78. Lemania supposely from '30-'40's with funny dial and unknown caliber
  79. Lusina movement identification help
  80. Zenith Autosport: Should I Be Concerned?
  81. 15 Jewel movement but not sure what make or calibre
  82. My Vintage Bulova Longchamp? Any info? Thoughts?
  83. I just bougth my first Enicar !
  84. JLC Memovox in gold/steel versus steel/steel
  85. Lord Elgin. Anyone with an original Advert?
  86. Interesting ? Or ... Not ? Or.... Maybe ? - haven't anything like this...
  87. Watch identification
  88. Question about your collection? Focus or diversity
  89. Can you identify this Caravelle Swiss pocket watch movement?
  90. Bulova 11 ANAC
  91. HMT Jawan movement specs
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  94. An Accurex Delux from the 1950's
  95. Help with a Certina movement
  96. Say 'Goodnight' to the Hallmark - Anyone 'Never' See This ?
  97. if i can prevent one person from buying a fraud...
  98. Shocked but not suprised. Can you help?
  99. What do you think about this trench?
  100. Just wanted to share this with you, my friends
  101. Need Help Identifying This Omega(?) Pocket Watch.
  102. Question about people purchasing vintage Swiss watches on ebay.
  103. Hmmmm....
  104. Vintage gold pocket watches.
  105. First moon phase seen in a pocket watch?
  106. Two top notch Elgin movements
  107. Movement I.D needed, Oriosa 25J. :-)
  108. Mysterious Mithras?
  109. Help with sourcing hands
  110. Verify GP?
  111. How to fix a vintage JB Champion
  112. A gift from a friend. Odd Sheffield Calendar?
  113. WRUW OCTOBER 2014
  114. Watch Movement Information
  115. NAWCC 'Dialectic' - Open Comment on a Process and Benefits of Objective Dialogue
  116. Bulova Phantom
  117. Identifying WW1 wrist watch
  118. Help on this vintage Ruhla and Diantus???
  119. Hamilton Masterpiece 12s PW in 18kt gold
  120. My Latest - An early wristwatch
  121. Today's meaderings
  122. New Pick-ups, Bulova Seiko
  123. Diastar, Barrel, Cushion, Oval Shaped Cases Discussion
  124. The weekend hunt results - An auction experience
  125. Girard Perregaux project
  126. A master piece...
  127. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead - Waltham Pershing "Star" Dial
  128. Job lot.2 – Lusina, Felca
  129. Job lot story. 1 ? USA watch company - Marquis/Mercury
  130. Missing gold coin: King Seiko
  131. Info on this vintage Raymond Weil?
  132. Anybody know the make of this watch?
  133. help and/or advice vintage Hamilton pocketwatch
  134. Polish Bounty ? Poljot, Slava and Ruhla.
  135. Help with this vintage Stowa watch please!
  136. can someone tell me about this watch
  137. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead - INGERSOLL WRIST
  138. Help/advice needed for vintage "lighter" clock
  140. Help identifying watch movement inside JW Benson
  141. Pocket watch recommendations - exhibition case back but on a vintage?
  142. Girard Perregaux movement
  143. Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?
  144. Omega pocket watch - age??
  145. can anyone tell me about these two Benrus watches?
  146. Advice about whether to fix Movado Calendomatic
  147. Please identify this vintage pocket watch RUBIS brand
  148. Omega seamaster geneve
  149. Advice for Vintage 21st gift
  150. VINTAGE Audemars Freres Serial 181964 I need some info on this piece
  151. WEST END IMPERATOR 1878 18 K Gold perfect working condition
  152. Mickey!
  153. ESA 9162 (Eterna calibre 1550) Parts
  154. smiths empire watch
  155. A question about an old FL Chronometre
  156. Polhem?
  157. Older watch with german markings and unreadable name
  158. Unknown Watch
  159. Eterna Watch Questions
  160. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead - Gallet WWI Nurses
  161. Need info on vintage Baume et Mercier!
  162. This one cleaned up well.
  163. Vintage Omega Chronometre estimated 1945 help identifying!!!!
  164. Say what ! Brand name pronunciation.
  165. Another one brought back from the "Junk" drawer
  166. First vintage watch - Ebay help
  167. Geneva Sport - Any info?
  168. Croton Nivada Grenchen
  169. Bund, Kitchener or whatever the correct name is?
  170. It took more than 1 year............
  171. I haven't done one of these in a while.
  172. Help identifying vintage Movado ca 1940?
  173. Help identifying this watch - Edox 15 jewels movement
  174. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead - "trench with shrapnel"
  175. watch opinions
  176. Help with Rado Silver Stag bracelet
  177. Just in - Precimax Bernex handwinder
  178. Lake Shore P/W...another SWISS railroad attempt?
  179. Recommended Reading, If You Have Ever had a Watch Repaired, You'll Like This.....
  180. Can anyone identify this early Ulysse Nardin movement.
  181. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead - Waltham Pendant
  182. Old omega with 14k B&A question
  183. Tonight's project!
  184. Help Identifying this 18K Watch and it's estimated value
  185. Can anyone shed any light on this watch???
  186. IS this watch really 18k gold??
  188. Thread: NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead Autorist
  189. help identifing old pocket watch?
  190. Hilarious! My photo's famous!
  191. Anybody know anything about this vintage watch?
  192. Can anyone tell me anything about Greville?
  193. Another watch...
  194. Real Robert Roskell?
  195. Non-Magnetic Walthams
  196. Bulova 1957
  197. Just won this Charles Nicolet watch on Ebay.
  198. Vox Temporis - Glycine corrected
  199. Can someone identify the lume (if any) used on my vintage Bifora?
  200. Need help identifying vintage Waltham wrist watch
  201. Chrono ID movement
  202. Omega De Ville from 60's (verification needed)
  203. Nairi 14k golden watch
  204. ETA 2363 production time?
  205. S.Barlow Geneve information
  206. Bargain Roamer
  207. Is she savable/worth saving?
  208. Project
  209. 1970's Hamilton
  210. Herna incabloc platinum and diamond watch..... Info on please :-)
  211. Winding a watch directly on the movement (missing crown)
  212. Québec city inauguration of a gift from Richard Mille.
  213. My hand wind gains about a minute per hour...what is the issue?
  214. NAWCC 2014, The New Task Ahead
  215. My growing fondness for simple, manual wind. Today $2 Benrus
  216. An aviators watch
  217. Incoming today.....Gallet Trench watch
  218. 1957 Bulova "Minute Man"
  219. Canted/tilted "drivers"/"driving" watches with pocket watch movements and enamel dials?
  220. Rich's Department Store watch
  221. Watch Specialties Co - The other find
  222. Angelus - Latest find and some questions
  223. Help: Can not open this old Omega wristwatch. and some other questions regarding refurbishment.
  224. urgent need of pocket watch movement identification
  225. Help with Vacheron Constantin
  226. New arrival
  227. Vintage Certina Kurth Freres Military
  228. 1970s Omega Seamaster 565 automatic
  229. Post your vintage Divers!! Lets see them!
  230. Help with a vintage Vulcain Watch
  231. My restored Vintage GOTHAM Diver Watch! What do you think? *Pictures*
  232. Help identifing Tissot pocket watch
  233. Help identifying a Zenith and an Altus vintage watches.
  234. Watch like Girard Perregaux Casquette (vintage LCD)
  235. Longines 12.68z
  236. Question about fog inside crystal: vintage Seiko Lord Marvel
  237. Military Vacheron & Constantin Chronometre Royal - Silver Case Pocket Watch
  238. Looking to jumpstart my vintage collection
  239. Lady watches, Regines and Sergines
  240. Seller look legit?
  241. info on this vintage..
  242. What options are there for affordable, vintage submariner homages?
  243. Gold Fever!
  244. Questions About Reconditioned/Refurbished Pieces
  245. Reasonable to remove works?
  246. Primiz 1941 Deine Geschwister
  247. Waltham G#645 Set Lever
  249. Agir Chronograph..Thinking of buying this one
  250. Here's a strange one for today