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  16. Incoming Bulova
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  18. Oberon Watch Company
  19. Hi, my first time at the forum
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  28. Memovox Cal 825 - LeCoultre on Dial but Jaeger LeCoultre on Movement
  29. Any idea about these two watches???
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  31. Mido - interesting watch on the bay.
  32. My Technos Impala
  33. Elgin A-11 Early Case
  34. Vintage crocodile pop up wristwatch
  35. New Pickups and Projects
  36. Enicar Inner Bezel / Tachy / Insert Needed
  37. help me date this bucherer watch
  38. Looking for more info on this 1922 Dennison (Silver cushion case, unbranded dial, unsigned 15j)
  39. Can you help me identify this 1980s(?) Rado Florence sapphire crystal watch?
  40. Orator's rectangle watch (Louis Lang), ancient&unknown
  41. *SOS* ...---... Mayday
  42. Here's one for the oldies. Can anyone ID this markers mark?
  43. Looking for info on 50s Schild Chronograph
  44. pretty rare one i picked up
  45. What timepiece has the most moving parts?
  46. elgin 706 list of jewels and size?
  47. Look what I found! Barrie Edinburgh Pocket Watch
  48. What kind of back does this watch have and how do I open it?
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  50. Help Identifying a Elgin Watch
  51. Help Identifying a Illinois Watch
  52. My first watch. Would you send it back?
  53. Elsmere Watch Company (help?)
  54. Vintage Ralco Ladies Pendent Watch
  55. Waltham Pocket Watch with viewable movement... For under $150. Impossible?
  56. unknown old? pocket watch
  57. Looking for More Info on this Found Watch
  58. Please help identify and place value on found vintage Bulova watch
  59. Angelus Pocket Watch
  60. Is this an original 1958 KonTiki?
  61. Watch Protector
  62. Elgin pocket watch worth restoration?
  63. trying to identify vintage Audemars Piguet
  64. faivre perrin locle - pocketwatch
  65. Anyone fancy a get together?
  66. Got one at last
  67. Help identifying this Longines
  68. Cauny Prima - Grandfather's watch - More information and restoration
  69. OLD CURIOSITY from London
  70. Unusual many color gold case 16s with 12s movement
  71. Help with new find- Piedmont pocket watch
  72. Elgin 27 jewels. 761
  73. Is this Vulcain watch real or fake????
  74. WALTHAM 1907 model 3/0 w.w. movement in pendant case.
  75. extremely rare antique finora watch
  76. Longines 508 question
  77. Looking for information on Lemania 1345 (or 1341) movement
  78. Any info on this old Wyler that belonged to my grandpa?
  79. Tellus watch, gold, any info?
  80. 'Trinity' of WW1 Trench-Style Watches...
  81. Pocket Watch Friday
  82. Help! Would love any info on this vintage Atlantic
  83. Hamilton Masterpiece electronic caliber 551121 in need of repair or replacement parts
  84. Help with vintage Movado triple date - Franken?
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  86. Heuer Monnin 844 true or fake?
  87. Vintage Bulova automatic help!
  88. Eterna-Matic Ladies Watch?
  89. Query re Hamilton online resource
  90. It was suggested on the Hamilton forum I post for help here to identify this Hamiton.
  91. Jaeger Paris - Chronographe - 8 Jours - Dashboard Clock
  92. Need help identifying this pocket watch
  93. Great Grandfather Watch
  94. can i have some help please
  95. Omega Half Hunter - Stem Sleeve and Case - Help Please?
  96. Oh my Lord!
  97. Seeking - Enicar Sherpa Graph Crowns
  98. Seeking - Gallet Mutlichron 12 dial / Excelsior Park 40
  99. Junghans pocket Watch... Fake?
  100. Have you seen this UN before?
  101. Thrift store find. Memovox.
  102. Help with identify this GP watch
  103. Any Ideas on this???????
  104. On its way soon. Hamilton Electric.
  105. I think it might be time to lose the lume, and stop the dial getting worse
  106. Feelin a bit blue today
  107. Can anyone I.D. this ?
  108. Just one more old Omega
  109. Help with age of old Croton pocket watch?
  110. Please help me identify this vintage CYMA movement
  111. Good watch repairman in USA?
  112. Zodiac Goldenline Chronometre info needed
  113. Pocket Watch Advice
  114. Forgot the before pics..... again :-/
  115. Help with vintage Ebel
  116. Arcadia Ring Watch
  117. Automatic Chronographs with a Vintage (1940-1945s) Size and Aesthetic.
  118. Enamel dial with red 12, cca 1920, but i dont know the caliber. Help, what watch is this??
  119. Vintage Omega Seamaster Mickey Mouse Serial Number / Production Question
  120. Nice 18k fine case large London p.w.
  121. You know those times when
  122. Help with identification
  123. Hanhart 417 issued chronograph
  124. Is this an authentic vintage Omega Seamaster? How do I get to the movement?
  125. Omega info needed.
  126. Vintage Must de Cartier Authentic?
  127. Help with identification
  128. A day with Rotary. Picture heavy
  129. First vintage Omega - need advice
  130. Good buy?
  131. OT: IanCognito, Matt_wool83, Tomcat et al.
  132. 17th or 18th Century verge fusee?
  133. #### Vintage WRUW November 2014 ####
  134. A question on movement
  135. New projects and something new to me.
  136. My Priceless Waltham Riverside
  137. Basis watch??
  138. Help identifying a Timex watch.
  139. Record watch from the 1920s
  140. Zenith pocket watch with a screw down crystal
  141. Dad's latest purchase.
  142. Trying to help out my granny
  143. The Importance of Original Parts on inexpensive pieces?
  144. Thrift Store Vintage Tissot Automatic ID help
  145. The story of this Normandie
  146. help: fake ladies omega?
  147. Source for vintage dial for pocket watch turned wrist watch
  148. Omega help (2505 maybe?)
  149. Junk shop find
  150. Tissot Seastar -needs some TLC
  151. Vintage Comet watch -what are its origins? any info appreciated
  152. Vintage Omega(well at least prior 1980)
  153. Vintage Rolex
  154. Watch Cleaning Machine
  155. Georges Beguelin Reconvilier Calendar Automatic watch - Any additional information?
  156. Is this zenith genuine ?
  157. [Identification] Need help identify this vintage Chronograph
  158. Thoughts on Girard Perregaux & GP Chronometer HF show & tell
  159. Croton watches apparently used movements from major makers
  160. Patron saint of lost causes
  161. Gruen 50th case change?
  162. Reluming a dial
  163. Certina DS-2 Calendar Wheel
  164. Verbena swiss watch? Any info?
  165. Jager Le'coultre Pierre Cardin Information
  166. Where does the insanity end?
  167. please help
  168. Vintage COSMO Watch? What is this! *Pictures!
  170. Rust on the movement?
  171. Rare Baumier NOS Chrono with Valjoux 7733 from the 70's.
  172. Help with this NY Standard watch Co.
  173. Can anyone identify this movement cal.2002?
  174. Identifying an 18th century verge-fusee...
  175. Aroma Datejust?
  176. Can someone tell me more about this Jules Jurgensen?
  177. second hand shop bargain - Citizen Automatic Chrono 8100
  178. High Grade
  179. A pocket watch with a difference
  180. Can anyone identify these watches?
  181. Help Identifying Vintage Military Watch
  182. Help identifying old Omega
  183. Hey guys! Need some help.
  184. Calling all Wyler...ians Questions
  185. Cancel them all !!
  186. Can anyone ID a pocket watch for me?
  187. Been to the Watch fair, Goodies to be had
  188. Any GP expert out there can help?
  189. Therapy?
  190. Roamer MST 402 spares S.O.S !
  191. I inherited a watch...
  192. Unichron Chronograph
  193. Nov 22nd - WoK - London-Town
  194. GS Cabinet and Press
  195. Are these genuine?
  196. Help With Watch Movement Etc
  197. Like a rainbow, All the others....
  198. Rockford grade 40 - scarce, early RR grade
  199. A clutch of hummers and an electronic
  200. Can anyone identify this movement?
  201. Omega Pocket Watch - Unidentified Part - Help, Please...
  202. Vintage black beauty dials.
  203. Remontoir Pateck 14k Women's Ornate Pocket Watch -- Old, I think!
  204. Hampden Coin Silver Pocket Watch circa 1895
  205. any one can give me an info about this old bracelet watch???
  206. 70's Swiss Emperor info required
  207. Searching for proper hands for vintage Omega 30T2
  208. Questions about a new purchase
  209. need to know more about this old Taylor pocket watch
  210. Alpina 17 jewels
  211. I seek help, been bitten by the vintage chrono bug... please recommend
  212. I'm Always A 'Sucker' For Eberhard...
  213. Is this a Franken watch? (Hamilton Donald 1941)
  214. Newbie seeking advice
  215. Roamer Limelight c. early 70's, screw down case back removal?
  216. Roamer Mustang Indianapolis (case 601)
  217. URGENT! Please help me identify this Eberhard Chronograph w/ Three registers
  218. Pobeda 2603, 38 mm case size?? it's this original?
  219. Citizen new master 22 17 jewels
  221. Pocket Watch cherry with lots of questions.
  222. Could anyone ID a watch for me?
  223. Help need on souring replacement Roamer tank watch crystal
  224. Sekonda de luxe 2209
  225. Help ID'ing a movement.
  226. Waltham Model 1894
  227. Cockpit Clocks
  228. Looking to buy a reasonably priced classic vintage in New York.
  229. Why do most pocket watches have an empty chamber on the back?
  230. limited edition timepiece: Argentum Solis. Like antique.
  231. Today's projects!
  232. Info german? russian? .... pocket watch?
  233. Roamer 44 jewel roto-date fake?
  234. La gauloise movement information please
  235. Great antique shop score
  236. vintage 70's omega seamaster, good idea? (pics)
  237. Is it cheaper to buy the parts?
  238. "Kaziui ?i?iui. 1935 III 4. Liet. ?iaul. Sk. Bendrad." Helvetia 32 ?
  239. Zenith 18-21-1T with "cyclops" bridge variation
  240. My first Vintage watch!
  241. Hilton 18K Dual Register Chrono with Venus Cal 188
  242. do you know this watch?
  243. Ladies Roamer Anfibio
  244. Snagged: Seeland 3 button Landeron 47
  245. Help me identify model and brand of this watch
  246. One week to go
  247. Bought 4 watches from India.
  248. Rare Lemania 105: Queries on originality
  249. (Re) Introducing myself
  250. my boss dumped a bunch of "vintage" watches on me and told me to sell them. please help.