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  6. Wyler Automatic "Bumper" and a Sesam wind-up: two nice pre-war watches.
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  9. How do size numbers work?
  10. help identify this Omega that was my grandfather's in Europe
  11. Would you call this a ladys pocket (watch lugs instead pendant) or a wrist watch
  12. More info and Any close alternative?
  13. Noob here, hello! Help with these watches please
  14. Vintage Patek Phillipe advice
  15. All kippers and curtains or: the rural beauty - Basis Sport Chronograph, cal. Baumgartner 677
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  17. need your recommendation!
  18. ACCO pocket watch?
  19. Recommendation on Pocket Watch
  20. Ww1 trench watch Id
  21. Help with my ID on my Fathers Watch
  22. Vacheron Constantin 6115
  23. Help finding a stem?
  24. Lord Elgin mystery watch
  25. Re: [UPDATE, PIC HEAVY]What Did I Buy? Their Here!!!
  26. Cheap Chronometers
  27. Just a teaser/ It's Arrived
  28. Ebay, what happened?
  29. Never seen this before
  30. There are WWI Waltham Trench Watches and then there is this WWI Waltham Trench Watch
  31. Today has been more than interesting
  32. "Herald" watch co info?
  33. Tavannes wristwatch with horn lugs
  34. Ricoh World Time 21 Jewel
  35. Trying to ID this old LCD Watch
  36. Catalogue of owned watches
  37. Mortima pocket watch
  38. Seeking advice - broken stem?
  39. Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 - help needed
  40. Vintage Piaget information and/or reference
  41. It followed me home. Can I keep it ?
  42. Help Identifying a watch mark
  43. What watches are these?
  44. The Other Fontainebleau:Peice of Hamilton history?
  45. (Help) More detailed information and How much is my vacheron constantin pocke...
  46. How many here are into verge fusee movements?
  48. Help identifying pocket watch (Ancre Levees Visibles 15 Rubis)
  49. Help with Vintage (dress) watch ideas
  50. Waltham Pocket Watch Repair help
  51. Tissot PR 516 handwinding with a new face and shining again
  52. Just got this Sterling Silver Military wrist watch back from repair
  53. West End Watch. Model "PRMA" ? Is this a fake one?
  54. I can't take out the stem of my 1977 Accutron! Help!
  55. I hope someone can help me to give a quite common Zenith pocketwatch movement a name
  56. Can someone tell me something more about this old tonneau?
  57. Need Help Identifying this Movement - T. Fattorini Woman's Case
  58. Looking for info on this Glycine EMRE please help
  59. circa 1898 pocket watch with Illinois movement
  60. (Help) Identify the authenticity of a Breguet Pocket watch movement
  61. Very early wristwatch articles
  62. Coffer Find: 18K 1960's Universal Geneve and Silver Anker Pocket Watch
  63. Do you have any LUCKY watches?
  64. Recent Additions To My Collection
  65. YEMA YACHTINGRAF Valjoux 7733
  66. ARSA: is this an Unitas movement ?
  67. ***NEED ID***Did you ever hear of Austin FM/ Pesag??
  68. Vintage Ulysse Nardin chronograph pocket watch
  69. Can anyone help ID this family watch
  70. A Swiss movement in a Japanese watch - Mikado Chronograph, cal. Tenor-Dorly T...
  71. Vacheron Constantin Pocket Watch
  72. [ PICS ] Any info on my "Aguila Suizo" aka "Swiss Eagle" vintage find? Or on the brand itself?
  73. Sweet 70s Seiko!
  74. Need help to identify Omega pocket watch
  75. The History of the Wristwatch - 1900 to Present
  76. Vintage pocket chronograph movement identification
  77. What is this?
  78. A few to AVOID like the Plague ! ! ! !
  79. Service costs for 70s Omega?
  80. seeland pocket watch
  81. The One watch to rule them all..........(apologies to Tolkien)
  82. Need more information about vintage VICCANTA watch (Swiss made)
  83. Very interesting vintage Vulcain Cricket (advice needed)
  84. Please help me put a belt on my watch
  85. Watch Maintenance
  86. Vintage Doxa Female Watch - need opinion
  87. Hello, a friend needs watch identification please!
  88. First purchase
  89. ANY HELP?
  91. Olora watch
  92. Newbie Intro and help with an interesting movement i.d ?
  93. Any info on this "Triomphe" watch? Gisiger Greder Son movement?
  94. J. Rothschild & Fils Chronograph. Bidding history
  95. 0 size Calvin S. ball moment identification help
  96. Help identify old pocket watch with serial number
  97. Old pocket watch, info needed
  98. Mystery 18k Gold Watch Needs Deciphering...
  99. Vintage Hermes real/fake help?
  100. 1941 Wittnauer Ladies watch strap question
  101. A shared online folder for Gallet information
  102. Help Identifying a Waltham Wristwatch
  103. Two Vintage Breguet Pocketwatches Added to the Brand’s Collection of Historic Timepieces
  104. Help identifying the movement of this 0 size T.S. Ball watch
  105. Unidentified Landeron 187 watch
  106. Vintage Gold Omega De Ville. Need Help!
  107. Help to identify the herma movement
  108. Help authenticating Baume&Mercier Chronograph please
  109. Newly arrived vintage stopped running: what now?
  110. Something from ussr. A clock and ladies watch
  111. Vintage wristwatch - gift from Jerry Lewis
  112. New pic-ups for me today
  113. Do all Lemania mov'ts have a serial number?
  114. Junghans J88 service
  115. Rare hand winding tudor: Good find or Too good to be true?
  116. Help Identifying Movement
  117. Help/info wanted: Porluc watch (Felsa 465N) - Swiss made in 50s (?)
  118. Found a Vintage Tudor 4463 Today
  119. Here is one that you don't run into everyday - Pierce Parashock Automatic
  120. Show off your 1950's watches, just for the fun of it.
  121. C.1910. Vintage Pocket Watch Chronograph
  122. Here's for Ric: show off your Nineteensixties' watches!
  123. Vintage men's Ulysse Nardin chronograph stainless steel case manual wind valj. 22 - is it real?
  124. Gala chronograph
  125. Here is one to help figure it all out Crosby dial Seeland case Everbrite chronograph
  126. My Newly Restored and Serviced Lifetime Keeper!!!
  127. The "USA" Trench Watch Shrapnel Guard that was up for Auction Recently
  128. Need Help Getting Some Info On A Vintage Omega Pocket watch
  129. Hello f11.
  130. WatchGuy's photo library
  131. [Identify] Tiffany antique Pocket Watch - Split second Chronograph
  132. vintage Gallet advert from 1938
  133. Help Please - Genuine Rado?
  134. Help dating a LeCoultre please
  136. '60s pocket watch back from a full service - what accuracy?
  137. Info request for a Gruen Precision
  138. Unidentified Watch
  139. Another unknown watch
  140. Cyprus Swiss Made any ideas what it is?
  141. Unknown Pocket watch
  142. 14Kt Gold Omega Turler?
  143. Vintage 1960 Rolex Submariner—what's it worth?
  144. Can anyone tell me more about it? PHILIPPE WATCH -ADRIAN PHILIPPE no 1
  145. 1915 Trench Watch Information
  146. 1894 Elgin Mainspring replacement?
  147. WWI Waltham Size 6s Trench Watch w/ CORRECT Military Dial, VERY RARE ! ! ! ! !
  148. ID and suggestions for this vintage cyma
  149. An Accutron from every year!
  150. Recommend a vintage watch with some strict criteria
  151. 1956 Omega international collection
  152. Help determine Longines watch
  153. A beautiful enameled watch
  154. Help Identify Vintage Eterna?
  155. Vintage Vacheron Constantin 453/3c: real deal?
  156. Great wheel for AS 1903 - any substitutes?
  157. Vintage Ulysse Nardin, can someone please help me to identify if it's authentic or not?
  158. Vintage Bulova chrono - unique - anybody ever sen it?
  159. Anyone know this watch?
  160. Starliner refit
  161. Helvetia identifying pls
  162. How to identify the mechanism of the watch manufacturer's logo?
  163. Vintage Eberhard
  164. Help on a possible impossible quest for vintage Breitling bracelets parts
  165. Help identifying old watches (Alpina and unknown)
  166. Tavannes pocket watch 18k gold - id please
  167. A unusual billodes anchor movement
  168. Citron Electra: 1970s goodness from Hong Kong
  169. Vintage "The Alaska" pocket watch....any ideas?
  170. Jaeger-LeCoultre NOS Master Quartz
  171. Omega logo at 6 o'clock?
  172. 1917 Elgin Pocket Watch. Anything Special?
  173. 1954 HAMILTON NEILSEN - Case sealing problem
  174. three vintage Breitling back from The Spa - collector's joys.
  175. Baylor Norseman
  176. Candino?
  177. Early Elgin(National) Private Label
  178. A Pair Of Intriguing Chrono's
  179. Patek Philippe
  180. Wostok 2605: When was it made? Real? How to fix date?
  181. Medaille D'argent Vincenti Cie 1855
  182. Vintage Flica Ancre 15 Rubis
  183. Omega pocket watch. Cal 161. Dial fix
  184. tiffany pocket watch 18kt could this be patek? Help Date?
  185. Please ID antique Repeater Pocket watch movement
  186. newbie: 18k caw crosby boston open face pocket watch case
  187. Removing a tricky NOS (new old stock) protective cover after 44 years
  188. What to do with those old vintage movements and dials..
  189. Quick introduction and Seiko Service question
  190. Elgin Pocket Watch
  191. Vintage Girard Perregaux Military Watch
  192. How's this Waltham for a first purchase?
  193. I hate my Dad, no wait I love him. Oh I don't know you decide
  194. Another piece of 70's funkadelic gold for me
  195. I need some info for an old Vacheron Constantin I have. What is its price for a possible sale?
  196. final piece of the Gallet EP puzzle
  197. Polishing a solid silver cushion case
  198. Unknown Tourbillion Pocket watch movement!
  199. My First French - Relliac
  200. Resell value of marriage watches?
  201. My 1st purchase since December 2013 Sunbeam Promotional
  202. Need some assistance here
  203. To 'B' or not to be 'Breguet'
  204. Glycine Heritage: A love story & 100 years of Swiss Watchmaking
  205. My new favorite piece! Solix
  206. Landeron 51, 151 or what?
  207. Hi, info required. Great Grandad's watch.
  208. My last purchases
  209. Bucherer Automatic Chronometer 70's era
  210. Movement for Tiffany
  211. Santa Fe Special
  212. Can anyone tell me more about this Hamilton pendant watch?
  213. Model 1883 Waltham Pocket Watch
  214. Please Help Identify Waltham
  215. Early Elgin pocket watch with Waltham dial - an early Franken or unintentional
  216. Social experiment - which movement would you prefer
  217. Solexa watch ... Ummm somewhat uncommon ?
  218. :incoming: new old stock!
  219. Any info would be great!
  220. Any recommendations for Waltham service?
  221. Omega Tonneau - 'Real or Memorex'?
  222. Questions on Vintage Rolex Oyster
  223. Show your 70's beauties.
  224. any info on these
  225. JLC cal 469 with vivid hands
  226. Vintage Le Phare chronograph - questions, advice and pictorial review
  227. A couple to share.
  228. I need help choosing a pocket watch
  229. What is the most complicated watch (clock)?
  230. Nisus Wrist Watch
  231. PATEK PHILIPPE & CO - information about it.
  232. Help with more info on this Waltham 1908
  233. So..What do I have here. (I'm guessing late 60s?, cccp)
  234. Cernos Chrono????
  235. Can I restore this Omega DeVille?
  237. Is this a great find? antique Rolex?
  238. Movie watch
  239. Mystery Vintage Heuer
  240. Seiko GS 61 seeking success
  241. What exactly did I end up with here?: '70s era Waltham
  242. What does "HiFi-Matic" mean on vintage Fortis watches?
  243. Quite an interesting piece
  244. INGRAHAM "SEVEN SEAS" - sailoring man is searching...
  245. Octo Watch Co. ETA Movement ID
  246. Real or fake?
  248. Longines Flagship.
  249. poljot alarm watch
  250. Some new vintage watches to the collection.