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  19. What options are there for affordable, vintage submariner homages?
  20. Gold Fever!
  21. Questions About Reconditioned/Refurbished Pieces
  22. Reasonable to remove works?
  23. Primiz 1941 Deine Geschwister
  24. Waltham G#645 Set Lever
  26. Agir Chronograph..Thinking of buying this one
  27. Here's a strange one for today
  28. To redial or not? That is the question, Harman Chronograph
  29. Good source to purchase vintages Omega or similar in LA area or internet?
  30. hi any info on a 17j fortis man wind
  31. Sigh, another victim of the gold rush
  32. Gutted about missing out on a watch
  33. JEAN ANDRIAN PHILIPPE??????????????????????
  34. Help identifying vintage Movado
  35. I don't know....
  36. General question about chronograph movements
  37. Speedy Pro 105.012.66 details
  38. What is the smallest size you feel comfortable wearing?
  39. What do I have on my hands? Bulova, Lord Elgin, & more!
  40. Trench Watch identification
  41. VULCAIN Monopusher Chrono calibre 65 MS, 1930`s
  42. Considering a 24 hour Pierre Marquette, but the movement won't set, concerned.
  43. Is this a real design of HMT Pilot?
  44. Help identifying vintage watch
  45. Question regarding vintage Timex servicing?
  46. Watch #3, Dennison cased pocket watch
  47. Watch number 2, Ingersoll Yankee
  48. Unidentified trench watch, movement ID help
  49. Info me about this Berney automatic chronograph
  50. 1936 Bulova Rose Gold case and bracelet
  51. Vintage Rolex
  52. Dress watches: My 1940's IWC compared to to moderns of similar style.
  53. seller on Ebay. Is it legit?
  54. Vintage Hamilton Automatic with 677 Movement
  55. Thoughts Clinton watches?
  56. Guidance: safe to regularly carry a vintage pocket watch in a carry on bag?
  57. Help me Identify these 2 Jaeger Lecoultre movements for me please.
  58. Authenticity of Jaeger Lecoultre?
  59. Vintage Tudor Oyster Prince 1956
  60. Zenith 2600 or Girard-Perregaux?
  61. "Proffesionally refinshed" dial Farve Leubo Geneve, should I go for it?
  62. Stacks on!
  63. Movado Tempomatic watch
  64. OISA - Domenico Morezzi
  65. Vintage Gigandet pocket watch help identifying
  66. Which bracelet for this Omega?
  67. The 1930 Bulova Gladiator!
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  69. Roamer 352 - was sold for steampunk parts
  70. Help with a hunter
  71. My first Enicar
  72. Please Help to ID Interesting pocket watch movement
  73. F.S. Schwarz
  74. Hello... and help please. New guy with old Omega ?s
  75. Help with a Harwood
  76. Patek Philippe fake or genuine?
  77. Where is the best place to find quality bands/straps?
  78. Need help, finaly got the case open!
  79. Latest buy off the Bay.
  80. Opinion on Rego Chronograph?
  81. Help with two Vintage Seiko Quartz - Need stems/crowns
  82. Greetings! Just Purchased my first vintage Rolex. Identification help is most welcome!
  83. Ricoh Sakura 21 jewel automatic men's watch: info please?
  84. First Chronograph: Venus 170
  85. Little dings and scratches in gold.
  86. Hess & Metford?
  87. Surprise Heirloom - Hamilton Ventura Electric - Any insights, please?
  88. Lots of blued steel on this Hampden
  89. Billodes keywinder with "free running wheel" which make keyreposition unnessesary
  90. Exploding dial
  91. Chronographe Suisse
  92. I've never seen one of these before
  93. Vintage watch case watch holder?
  94. Can I trust this supposedly vintage Bulova from Latvia?
  95. Is this vintage Seiko a Mumbai special?
  96. New and clueless
  97. Help me identify this Women's Pocket Watch
  98. Broken pocket watch
  99. Out with the new and in with the old....
  100. Vintage camy and Titus
  101. Just Received. . Chronographe Suisse Landeron 4??..
  102. Rolex 600 / Rebberg question
  103. clockwise winders
  104. New To The Vintage World.
  105. Pocket watch signed by the Ottaman Sultan Abdel Hamid II given to a Pasha in Damascus.
  106. New Benrus inbound, my first vintage wrist watch.
  107. Should I? Omega
  108. Info about my vintage Bulova watch? Help!
  109. Thoughts on Rolex Datejust 1601 from 1964?
  110. vintage lanco navel anf rytime 17 j
  111. New to vintage watches, what's the deal with NOS?
  112. Stuck Case Back!
  113. Help with a Wittnauer Revue
  114. Two-crown "Compressor style" cases that are not Compressor case watches... ?
  115. Ladies 1900s FOB watch movement question
  116. Lookie what I found!
  117. Authentic Gruen rr watch
  118. Whats the story here guys? Helbros and 1st Moon watch!!
  119. To re-lume or not re-lume my Cricket?
  120. A few notables from today's watch search
  121. Please help indetify this watch!
  122. Incoming!
  123. Hosam diver?
  124. Portugal/Argentina bad for vintage?
  125. what is the best manual wind Enicar movement?
  126. Need help indentifing Longiness pocket watch
  127. OMEGA 1894?
  128. (Identification request) vintage watch from Italy, h. Gervin
  129. Help identifying chronograph caliber 1920/30
  130. watch seeks pair
  131. Received my Grandfathers Girard Perregaux
  132. Eterna alarm PW and also ringing the changes in the alarm wristwatch.
  133. Vintage Omega Seamaster quartz
  134. Just won a strange little number on Ebay/UPDATE It's here Pic's inside
  135. Vintage timex electric question
  136. Servicing a 1929 Bulova - One for my wife
  137. Pocket Watch Waltham mdl. 1892 Appleton Tracy & Co Premier Hunter serno.: 10548557
  138. Doing some timing.
  139. More info on my Elgin de Luxe 'Harland'
  140. Rima at night.
  141. IWC at night.
  142. Interesting unusualness.
  143. Vintage Invicta, is it real?
  144. Please HELP
  145. Elgin A-11A
  146. New watch, finally! :Omega Content
  147. please help date Vialux, Plaque G10
  148. Help with identification "caerix" watch
  149. LCD watches, similar to Seiko H239-5070 and Omega Speedmaster LCD Quartz
  150. Interesting Vintage Omega Pocket Watch with subsiduary dial
  151. Tavannes "La Captive" sold by Munford and Percy..can you help me find out where this watch came from
  152. Can anyone tell me about this watch?
  153. How did I do? Elgin pocket watch.
  154. How does one replate a vintage watch?
  155. How does this chain look?
  156. Authentic Hidden Vintage Tag Huer or fake?
  157. A Day in the life - update
  158. Help identifying vintage Swiss watch
  159. Summarising 7 Months of Vintage Watch Collecting
  160. Help with identification...
  161. I shattered the crystal on a 110 year old pocket what?
  162. vintage oris
  163. Audax. What's this cheap movement?
  164. Waltham with 21 jewel 6/0D
  165. WRUW September 2014
  166. Longine Conquest
  167. Just Snagged an Interesting Timex
  168. Mens Valmon from France
  169. Help indentifying old Universal Geneve watch
  170. Swiss quartz vs Jap quartz?
  171. Omikron and Doxa vintage, info / advice. got 4 want to keep 2
  172. Thoughts on two 1930s Bulovas & dial restorations?
  173. New pick up today
  174. Need Help Identifying 1800s Pocket Watch
  175. Watching a few auctions, want your opinions on one of them.
  176. Identifying a Buren-Imperial movement
  177. A. Dunhill Ltd Chronograph Watch
  178. Vintage Mens watches vs Vintage womens watches?
  179. Advice on broken crown/stem on Roamer
  180. Bought a Vulcain Cricket today.
  181. EDOX! Help me find out more about this quartz
  182. Girrard Perregaux
  183. Vintage Citizen Crystron LC
  184. Need information about 1940's-1950's salvaged hand winding SWISS-MADE watches from India
  185. Beijing BS-2 watches
  186. Why so little non-Swiss vintage threads?
  187. And then there was two
  188. Vintage Zenith: is it real?
  189. Patek Philippe watch???
  190. Polerouter Jet: what replacement for worn crown?
  191. Vintage Vellois Women Watch
  192. 7 Antique shop find
  193. Vintage Patek Philippe Fake or Genuine?
  194. Favre-Leuba Hand wind
  195. You gota love that auction site
  196. Help with ID of two movements
  197. Help opening my Van Buren PW.
  198. Valjoux 72 chronographs, I wanna see em!
  199. Omega cal. 563 can't advance/retreat to set date
  200. Gallet under glass
  201. Atlantic Worldmaster and Blonex manual wind- good value??
  202. Can anyone date this watch?
  203. (help with identifying) CYMA Tavannes pocket watch
  204. Kedma plastic surround watch
  205. Huge Fortnum & Mason Watch - When is a Marriage Watch a Good Idea
  206. ID this watch?
  207. Vintage Roamer - identification help!
  208. Help to identify this vintage Ulysse Nardin 18k
  209. Vintage Invicta Chronograph
  210. What do you like to collect?
  211. Vintage Hermes Moonphase
  212. Help with vintage Enicar super- compressor case Ultra Dive and Super Dive/ Super Divette
  213. Omega Speedmaster Mark III. Is it OK?
  214. Certina Manual wind Waterking
  215. Marriage, conversion, abomination, call it what you will....
  216. Help Identifying This Elgin Vintage (Plus Some Other Questions)
  217. Step right up! The Louis Rossel Circus is in town.
  218. Help with Vacheron Constantin Authencity
  219. What model is my Lord Elgin?
  220. Who made my art deco ladies watch? Serial no. 69004
  221. Unknown Maker of pocket watch case ... HELP !!!!
  222. Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre 8 day
  223. Bifora watch (cal 114?) which year and model is this?
  224. Felca Titoni Sportsmaster XX
  225. Help identifying a vintage Tavannes pocket watch...
  226. local find - help me find out what it is
  227. Anyone have pics of this Tavannes or Cyma watch?
  228. Sorry to bore on movement questions - base valjoux 65
  229. Not sure which one I am happier to get back from repair today
  230. Last new additions for a while :(
  231. My Restored Vintage Itraco Watch, thoughts?
  232. How to remove movement, front open case
  233. ETA 2600 series
  234. Help identifying this patek philippe watch.
  235. H Moser
  236. Lange pocket watch
  237. Help me identify wife's great grandfather's old pocket watch
  238. "Restore" a Vintage Seamaster?
  239. Kindly Review This Wakmann and Let Me Know
  240. One dollar Seiko find 7009
  241. My first automatic and what a failure
  242. Help needed with broken Stowa case
  243. Favre-Leuba from India?
  244. Triple date moonphase chronographs, seperating the good and the bad.
  245. 1970's Gold Waltham Restoration
  246. What are some good vintage watch makes to look out for?
  247. Great Grandfather's Pocket Watch Mystery w/pics
  248. Longines Grand Prize Dial Question
  249. INCOMING (eventually): Jaeger-LeCoultre P450/4C
  250. Vintage Watch <$600