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  12. If selling on WUS, Please use VINTAGE in the listing title!
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  20. 1970s/80s Molnija 8 day clock
  21. The iconic and most collectible wristwatches though our time.Listed A-Z By Brand.
  22. Verify vintage Patek?
  23. Safe to clean a 14kt "rolled-gold" (i.e. gold-fill) Omega with a Hagerty polishing cloth?
  24. Does anyone have info about BETRA?
  25. Rolex cal 600 (?)
  26. Gruen dating with Wadsworth cases
  28. Do you know Preserval?
  29. Showing off again
  30. A "Future Classic" Book
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  35. Bauhaus
  36. Latest Chronograph Acquisition
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  39. Tips for buying a watch / vintage from a dealer
  40. Suspect a cheap knock off movement replaced in vintage Rado
  41. Wire lug find
  42. Old Ancre watch questions for you - guys and girls
  43. Is this Olma a redial?
  44. I'm going to conquer the world with Vantage watches!
  45. Hamilton Thin-O-Matic... eta style or micro rotor???
  46. Everbrite Watch company - any info and movement ID??
  47. Google voice search vintage washes
  48. 1st post neat watch, Invicta Electodyne by Waltham
  49. First vintage watch. Should it be one of these Gruens?
  50. Vintage Military trench watch Tissot
  51. Elgin Pocket watch
  52. Showing off again, sorry folks.
  53. old love never rust - bumper time - Lunesa automatic
  54. WRUW August 2014?
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  56. Interesting Benrus Presentation Watch
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  58. Stem problem on a 6119c Seiko 5
  59. Anyone ever hear of Arsil?
  60. Blued hands of time
  61. Pre-war Omega wristwatch in silver - thoughts? Info?
  62. vintage Mickey Mouse watches
  63. Burlington Bertie
  64. Can someone help ID this Crown and stem for replacement
  65. Off Topic..I need help translating and identifying Asian Characters Please!
  66. Please help to ID mid size Record vintage movement 660 ?
  67. Unusual pocket watch movement on the way...
  68. Opening Movado-Zenith Museum 32mm.
  69. Sicura Chrono Computer
  70. Need appraisal for Hamilton Model 23
  71. 8 days wrist watch
  72. Help on this one- Nimer 16 jewel Swiss watch
  73. They exist - anywhere - out there
  74. Possibility of Billodes sold movement but who build it
  75. Help identifying movement...
  76. Old Colibri Pocket watch
  77. Watches with a dark history - would you buy/ wear one?
  78. Old winding Favre Leuba, need help with info on model price etc.
  79. Someone mention Eterna?
  80. Help with an old silver half Hunter
  81. Help identifying vintage Baume and Mercier Automatic Watch
  82. Help with a Movado Vintage
  83. Universal Geneve Cal 267- Thoughts?
  84. Omega Seamaster 471 stopping randomly
  85. Universal - Polerouter, case finish
  86. Can you help me with any info about this pocket watch?
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  88. How much time is OK for a vintage watch to lose/gain per day?
  89. Need help identifying pocket watches from my grandparents estate!
  90. Help with Longines Pocket Watch
  91. Can anyone please some provide info on vintage "Ingersoll" watch?
  92. Vintage Nivada Antarctic Diver Sub Automatic - Date and Depth uncertain
  93. Recomendations to help rescue a worthy Favre freres Alarm please.
  94. Help with replacing hands?
  95. different pocket watches
  96. New Additions, Elgin, Gruen
  97. Universal Geneve Medico Compax - Authentication
  98. Please help identifying and valuating this 18K Gold JLC Slim
  99. What movement is this?
  100. Vintage JLC - redial?
  101. Verify old GP?
  102. Identify GP movement?
  103. WW2 Pierce Parashock
  104. Roamer 372 just in...
  105. Grandpa's Hamilton Masterpiece - Looking for more info
  106. Hamilton Pacer - My grandfather's last watch
  107. Just found this old thing
  108. Vintage Bucherer Information please
  109. Please help identify movement! Agassiz/Longines?!
  110. ~1941 Elgin: Help identifying and valueing
  111. Anyone heard of this make?
  112. Found My Holy grail at last!
  113. Fortis - Saddam Hussein
  114. Thoughts in this Longines
  115. A horological hotrod restoration
  116. Got my Rima watch back after losing text trying to clean it and I'm happy with the redial.
  117. Movement identification help
  118. I Chaton Remontoir levees visibles ancre 15 rubies ligne droite spiral breguet
  119. Heuer Manhattan Chronosplit
  120. Verify GP Chronograph?
  121. Vintage Ebel-watch. Which model?
  123. Another secondhand shop find..
  124. Elgin inscription query
  125. Help identifying vintage Girard Perregaux watch
  126. Help me with my Agassiz CWC Co. 790210 pocket-watch / stopwatch
  127. Need advice on best way to sell- 1908 Vacheron & Constantin
  128. Watches are like buses............./Update Movement Pic
  129. First vintage watch!
  130. Feeling a bit rectangular...need help with ID though.
  131. Baume & Mercier?
  132. Paul Buhre Ladies wristwatch
  133. 1913 Eterna.... in need of some tlc
  134. I call it dumb luck.
  135. Genuine Patek?
  136. Advice needed on 1950s Olma 25 Jewel Automatic service and spares
  137. Help identify this Hamilton gold watch with diamond dial
  138. Maybe! All at glistens is not.....
  139. Tissot Seastar - dial cleaning
  140. IWC? Pocket watch Movement ID
  141. Can anyone translate this
  142. Can someone tell how to search facts on this movement? thank you
  143. Hello :) and a few questions!
  144. Eberhard questions
  145. Hamilton almost vintage
  146. Any information on Monvis watches?
  147. Gap between crown and watch case of the Omega 2000 I bought
  148. Is this Eterna a WWII Military Watch?
  149. I need advice regarding Omega purchase
  150. 1942 Bulova Lieutenant
  151. Help meeded please. I have a vintage Girard Perregaux...
  152. Thrift store score
  153. UG Black Dial Chrono Verification
  154. What can you tell me about a Hamilton/Illinois
  155. Another odd PW movement....
  156. NEED ADVICE PLS!! Bravingtons Chornograph - looks similar to a Breitling Top Time.
  157. Help for Weird Movement ID
  158. Waltham full hunter 1920`s
  159. Ingersoll Rex
  160. LEMANIA Chronograph WWII - is it worth to be overhauled?
  161. TritonA WWII - overhaul or not??
  162. Burlington Special
  163. Vintage GP on ebay - legit?
  164. Found these 3 P/W movements that I thought were a little odd
  165. Waltham Pocket Watch
  166. Trusted Vendors for Vintage Wrists?
  167. CAUNY Geneve
  168. Aerowatches and Valgine Pocket Watches
  169. RHODES pocket watch
  170. Please help me out with this one, i think its valuable
  171. roman numerals
  172. Elgin 760 Click Gahhhh!!!
  173. Benrus Watch - Info Needed Please
  174. Identify dial material for cleaning?
  175. About Hebdomas
  176. The find for today- Waltham Vanguard 23J up/down
  177. requesting information on London PW
  178. Waltham Railroad Pocket Watch - Info Need Please
  179. Help with beautiful old womens pocket watch
  180. Eterna-Matic 1000 5 Star Watch - Need Info Please
  181. Gruen Veri-thin Precision
  182. ProVita vol.2 - manual steel standard style..
  183. Help identification vintage watch mechanism
  184. Momo racing magazine and an unidentified pocket split second stopwatch
  185. Is Incabloc effective?
  186. Help Identifying Some Vintage Military Pieces
  187. Please help identify my grandmother's watch!
  188. Pocket watch Tissot for dating
  189. looking for a cal. 300 movement
  190. Is there a problem now servicing and repairing vintage Omegas in the UK?
  191. Identifying this "Spiral Brequet"
  192. Please advise: Hampden circa1918
  193. Waltham Golden Eagle wrist watch
  194. Still my only electric.
  195. Tell me about: Certina Argonaut Chronograph c.1970
  196. Bulova movement marks
  197. Identify One Button GP Chronograph?
  198. Is this Longines heritage Conquest pre-Swatch Group Acquisition?
  199. 1980 Glashutte Spezichron automatic
  200. Do not adjust your eyes...
  201. Revue caliber 57
  202. Reform watch S.A. one of those nearly forgotten labels of G.F.- Jacot living beside Zenith
  203. My new Caravelle 666 auto.
  204. Chronometre Monos
  205. Newbie: vintage pocket Tissot
  206. My Vintage Watch Collection
  207. Lord Elgin needs identifying please.
  208. +/- daily accuracy for vintage IWC Mark XI Pilot watch?
  209. Unicorn - any ideas of year and movement for this one..
  210. New Acquisition: Omega Dynamic III
  211. 1918 Illinois Watch Case Company Trench Watch Case w/ Swivel Lugs, Can it be SAVED?
  212. Valuation Help PLs - Longines
  213. Help ID an Baume & Mercier watch
  214. Is that girard perregaux 3 bridges tourbillon?
  215. Omega beads of rice bracelet authentic?
  216. Expectation for vintage watches
  217. Swimming in Bulovas!
  218. Omega De Ville, authentic?
  219. Help to identify please.
  220. Dating Zenith pocket watch
  221. ENO watch Swiss???
  222. Just inherited a 1955 Omega SeaMaster from my great grandfather (more pics inside)
  223. Identify chronograph movement?
  224. Vintage Ulysee Nardin, authentic?
  225. Found a NOS Revue watch, any thoughts?
  226. chrono-sport of france question/s
  227. Another one of my crazy watch collecting habits...but what to do with them?
  228. New Project... Universal Geneve cal. 291
  229. Fixed my Vulcain...for free! Also a question regarding cannon pinion?
  230. World's oldest mechanical watch?
  231. New pick ups
  232. Hamilton Chrono-Matic
  233. little Deco - Record 117
  234. My current vintage collection! Mido Multifort, Caravelle, Gruen etc. (IMG Heavy! High Res)
  235. Seeking advice to buy my first proper pocket watch
  236. 1917 SOLID GOLD Waltham Depollier Trench Watch Deal of the Century ! ! ! ! !
  237. seeking feedback: restored vintage Omega Seamaster 1956, cal 501
  238. New Pickups
  239. First vintage Swiss watch advice needed
  240. Help Identifying Waltham 25J Automatic
  241. Vintage omega info needed
  242. Movado Kingmatic S Square
  243. Information Required on a Roamer Calendar Watch
  244. 50s 'Coresa' Chronographe Suisse Watch...
  245. Pocket Watch Identification
  246. A possibly correct and genuine Rolex 3428
  247. Are these radium dials?
  248. Looking for Info. on a Nemo Roskopf c. 1880's
  249. Louis Brandt - Minute Repeater Wristwatch - Circa 1892
  250. Vintage Longines