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  33. Simmons Watch Company ?
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  37. Brown painted trench watch
  38. Anyone know anything about this watch, 1930s JW Benson?
  39. Starting a vintage 60's 70's chrono collection… Desirable/collectible movements/models?
  40. New Watch Collector
  41. Vintage Timex Windup w/Alarm Wristwatches (50s - 60s) *Replacing a lost heirloom*
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  50. Things you find in the trash
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  56. And just another purchase, but not for my collection Hamilton 950
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  67. Incabloc?
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  72. 1937 Cortebert
  73. From my mail man, Eterna Sonic.
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  104. Cyma/Bereavement
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  111. Presents from the postman.
  112. Technical thought on timing
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  122. Have you ever heard of Exactly
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  133. Another Really Ugly Watch
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  141. Mail Order Bride: Tempic Automatic, Kal. PUW 1563
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  143. can someone help me with that omega?
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  145. A T & Co, 1857 Restoration Question
  146. Camy Royal cal. AS 1950
  147. A sign that it will need service soon?
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  151. F11's Official "What Are You Doing?" Thread
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  156. H. Schaffer Langenthal AS 1441 Question
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  159. Valjoux 7733
  160. Elgin Pocket Watch?
  161. Something strange to share
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  163. This Gallet/Electa watch has everything
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  165. Phenix Rollamatic
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  167. Finding the right Longines stem
  168. Saw this NOS Breitling on ebay: legit?
  169. Please help me identify this unknown Breitling
  170. Roamer Crown Substitue
  171. I need opinions - Have I made a bad choice?
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  174. Arsa Precision Driectime Jump hour Watch
  175. Epilogue to 1926 'Omega Fiasco' - Escape After 5 Days in the 'Naughty Corner'
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  177. Vintage Calendar Watch: Primato Super 'Permadate', cal. AS 2086
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  179. 'He got Elgin movements from his head down to his toes...'
  180. Help me to identify movement and broken part
  181. Ruhla Watch - How to clean?
  182. need vintage Ulysse Nardin movement info.. please please
  183. Gold led
  184. Vintage heirlooms: Omega Seamaster De Ville and Elgin Pocket Watch
  185. The weekend hunt results
  186. Girard Perregaux- I now have pictures
  187. Elgin Pocket Watch
  188. girard-perregaux looking for model name
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  190. Certina vintage 5209 124
  191. Vintage Gold Slim Body ROTARY Pocket Watch
  192. Monobloc Cases - Movement Removal Explanation Wanted
  193. Baume Mercier replica or real?
  194. Can you tell me about this watch from Great Grandfather? Who is RK Smith?
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  196. Zenith Sporto and international women's day
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  198. The 1932 Bulova President
  199. Quiet pocket watch recommendation?
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  202. Anyone know if this Wyler Incaflex has any collector value?
  203. Hamilton Super Compressor 600 -- Need Strap advice (pic inside)
  204. is it weird?
  205. pros and cons of repairing my Omega Seamaster f300
  206. check out my new vintage Tissot Seastar, does it check out?
  207. check out my new (to me) Raketa
  208. A Mysterious Lady - 1920s Gents' Watch, cal. Felsa 158 (?)
  209. Graphics Up
  210. Stuck Hinged Case back
  211. Vintage 1966 18ct gold corum men's dress watch
  212. need information on vintage austin watches
  213. Looking for Case for an Elgin 1896 21j Hunter Movement (Advice Requested)
  215. Edox 24554 9 Womens Watch Information
  216. info on some vintage watches
  217. gruen 311 curvex info
  218. Peter Fonda's *Easy Rider* watch
  219. My Incredible $13.99 Seiko Bellmatic
  220. UR Beauty ladies watch
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  222. This just in: Titoni Swing Star
  223. NASA's "other" moon watches...?
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  225. Chrome-plated nickel vs stainless steel cases?
  226. Help! Part Needed!
  227. Help with opening case of vintage Elgin "Sidewinder" pocketwatch
  228. Lots of Vintage Art Deco Tonneau Watches are Available...
  229. Epitaph for a 1926 Omega - Written by a 'Blind Watchmaker'
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  232. What watch is this one? Pocket watch.
  233. New To Vintage collecting. Would like some guidelines.
  234. Looking for some information about a few vintage pocket watches! Omega, Helvetia and Favor watches!
  235. A Tale from a Lost World - GUB/Glashütte Spezimatic Bison, Kal. 75
  236. Painful Loss of Longines 'Vintage Virginity' .....
  237. Tudor Oyster Air Lion 1963 Gold Plated
  238. omega "banger' watch.
  239. Certina Certronic
  240. Ever heard of Ultima, a swiss watch maker?
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  242. Any feedback or comments on this Antique Tudor Watch?
  243. Gallet 3-subdial with unknown movement
  244. ID Help Ottoman Empire Pocket Watch
  245. Glashütte Spezimatic 26 Rubis
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