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  2. ********* WRUW May 2019 *********
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  5. 1924 gold Seiko. the first ever to carry the Seiko brand name
  6. What is it?
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  15. Universal Geneve Polerouter Microrotor Automatic From 1959. Year
  16. Vintage Pocket Watch Manufactures using the ETA 6497 movements
  17. The Orfina Porsche Design Chronograph: Everything you need to know.
  18. Can anybody tell me anything about this beautiful Everite pocket watch please?
  19. Rust On Watch, What Should I Do?
  20. Incoming: 1970's Omega quartz watch (reading the eBay ad carefully can net you a score)
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  25. Felicitas Chronograph 1960's
  26. Question about vintage Britix Gold chronograph
  27. Tissot PR 516 Dial / Case Variations register.
  28. 60s Zodiac Sea Wolf Hands (looking for)
  29. Help with Vintage Doxa
  30. Movement ID
  31. Meet Milton!
  32. Omega 266 Question
  33. Junghans Pocket Watch help
  34. Vintage Hamilton Help
  35. Movement ID - Awoner Watch Co.
  36. Vintage timex indiglo
  37. 1964 Accutron Spaceview
  38. Why re-dials are ok for vintage Hamiltons. The perfect redial.
  39. HELP! Buying Universal Geneve Polerouter
  40. An old genuine Windham watch - The American Time Keeper!
  41. Unknown movement. Can someone identify it?
  42. 3 Vintage Timex Flea Market Finds
  43. Dennison Watch Case - 1926-27 - A.L.D. - Swiss Made?
  44. Who was Bulova's Japanese supplier?
  45. Interested in Hamilton 992 and 4992
  46. 1940’s Hamilton
  47. Dalvey pocket watches - what are these?
  48. Need help finding information.
  49. What is a RUBY Precision?? Cannot find anything online
  50. [Found in a drawer] Tissot and Arten
  51. Thoughts on date of this Jules Jurgensen?
  52. Girard-Perregaux Tron dial!!!
  53. Ulysse Nardin. Original or fake?
  54. Ww1 watch
  55. Omega tuning fork watch
  56. The Ideal Vintage Trifecta?
  57. Nice old Rotary Flyer
  58. What are these strange symbols on watch key? - SOLVED
  59. Info needed on gold pontiac watch from 1973
  60. Seeking knowledge… about old Movado caliber…
  61. 1927 Chevrolet Radiator Watch, " For Making Quota, Used Car Campaign..Just out of watchmakers
  62. Anyone know anything about this vintage Cortebert?
  63. Vintage Tudor, Radium dials, and radiation exposure
  64. Please help identify this West End Watch Co Chronolever wristwatch
  65. question concerning Dirty Dozen
  66. Does anyone have any info on this watch?
  67. Tissot Antimagnetique vintage watch 1940s JUMBO case 37mm
  68. Cyma 920? Tavannes? What´s about my pocket movement?
  69. Timex Dynabeat
  70. New 1960s' Longines
  71. Ebay find.. "Alexon" Watch.. Any info?
  72. A learning experience...I hope!
  73. Can you provide any information on this LongLife
  74. Can you provide any information on this Kingsway
  75. Can you provide any information on this Doxa
  76. Junk bag find, Carravelle 666 Sea Hunter. What band?
  77. One of the two pocket watches I own
  78. Can anyone pls identify this movement?
  79. Chopard finally got repaired
  80. U.S. Time Corp mystery brand?
  81. Help identifying caseback and movement needed
  82. Miso multi star with vertical date window
  83. Omega 2179 Acquisition
  84. Vintage watches as investments? A fun article on New York Times site
  85. My vintage Fossil
  86. Timex 600 feet diver
  87. Grandpa's Zenith's
  88. H.Moser Chronograph fat pushers for the evaluation
  89. Help identify this movement please & brand??
  90. Watches from eBay via India
  91. Jump to vintage premium brand. Bad choice?
  92. Need to repair my Gruen Ocean Chief
  93. How do you set prices for watches?
  94. New Addition - Vintage Waltham Diver
  95. Took a gamble on this thrift store Breitling Navitimer 2300
  96. Vulcain Chronometre
  97. Glycene ‘Bienne Geneve’ deserves service??
  98. Waltham 1908 Maximus seemingly running there a community?
  99. Any Info on this Crazy Thick Vintage Timex
  100. Vintage dress watch suggestions
  101. Waltham Necklace Watch G100
  102. New Acquisition - Thalco Yachting Timer
  103. What kind of band or bracelet would look good on this?
  104. Can anyone ID this movement?
  105. What is your favorite “TV style” watch?
  106. Help Identify Favre Leuba Geneve Allresist
  107. Seeking help with a Roamer Stingray CD or JT with Val 23
  108. What strap to fit to my Vintage 1957 Rolex Oyster
  109. Where to obtain a very old crystal
  110. Tips on Restoration
  111. I cannot figure out how to set the hour on this one
  112. Zodiac Day-date, Automatic, funny symbols
  113. Royce watch
  114. Mid 1800's Huguenin and Fils Ponts-Martel 15 rubies help
  115. 1963 Omega
  116. A Zenith wrist watch ca.1920 - I thought I buy a modernized watch but now I get unsure
  117. Vintage Timex - identification help
  118. 1969 Gold Bulova Accutron - Family watch
  119. Roamer movement ID help
  120. Need help with Universal Geneve Compax (Real/Fake?)
  121. 1965 Longines dial - restore/reprint/leave it?
  122. Bovet / Rogers chronograph history
  123. Can you date this Certina Mayfair automatic?
  124. New Arrival >>
  125. Amazing documented pilots watch!
  126. Photos of Vintage Watches being worn in Movies/Ads
  127. Ulysse Nardin Chronograph Assistance
  128. Private Label Ball
  129. Credos Pocket Watch Movement Pic. ETA?
  130. JLC Memovox Reference guide
  131. A few vintage Tissots, and one Berco
  132. Flora Pocket Watch - any info?
  133. Vulcain Cricket Questions
  134. Watch Identification help
  135. Bought a tired Seiko 6105-8110, need answers
  136. These guys came in today
  137. Vintage Timex
  138. What did I just buy? Antiquorum
  139. Please someone can help me find more about this zarvath watch
  140. Where was West End Watch Co founded?
  141. Pls help ID Longines
  142. Cortébert Authenticity
  143. Chronographe Suisses in great condition - where are they all coming from?
  144. Vintage Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk
  145. My dads timex
  146. Movement Identification
  147. Help identifying a vintage 50's Doxa model
  148. Anyone here have more info on the Sutter Watch brand?
  149. POST pics of your recent finds that you got dirt CHEAP!
  150. First dabble of the year
  151. Cool story need help.
  152. Rolex Bubbleback
  153. Omega vintage dial restoration
  154. More information on Vintage JLC? Model unkown
  155. 1940s (?) Vacheron Constantin Watch Help
  156. Please help identify Longines pocket watch chronograph
  157. [vintage]Picked this up for 10 bucks
  158. ************April-2019-Vintage-WRUW*************
  159. Watch bag find, 14k Gold Bentus! Original dial color?
  160. Authenticate Vintage Cartier watch
  161. where to repair Wittnauer 7004a?
  162. Vintage timex electric?
  163. Fake or Genuine Omega Pocket Watch?
  164. Grandpa’s Caravelle
  165. Depollier Waterproof Watch and Helvetia
  166. Help with stamp in watch case
  167. Help identify Piaget Manual Wind Watch
  168. An observation
  170. Help identify this watch
  171. Identify Ulysse Nardin watch! Please help
  172. An eBay roller coaster of emotions
  173. How do you polish the scratches out of the glass?
  174. Wish me luck y'all! UPDATED last post
  175. Vulcain 17 jewels automatic
  176. Help with ID of movement with button next to balance wheel
  177. Wanting to get into vintage jump hours/digitals, need advice
  178. Eterna pocket watch
  179. My oldest wrist watch being repaired. Any info on the make of the movement or case?
  180. My Dads Caravelle
  181. Vintage Bomb Timer custom build
  182. Servicing a vintage watch
  183. Going through a box from my teenage years I found these guys
  184. What do you know about a company called “advance“
  185. Help verifying this Certina DS Podium
  186. Help Identify Zenith Pocket Watch
  187. Vintage Clebar chronograph
  188. Changing the battery on a Citizen Aqualand divemaster DIY or no?
  189. Don't you hate it when you have so many watches that ...
  190. Requesting help, trying to identify a movement
  191. Credos Pocket Watch?
  192. Cometa Watch: does anyone know anything about this brand?
  193. Cyma R.814.01
  194. Removing Gold Plating or Rolled Gold
  195. Interesting Zodiac (red rally), found today at Goodwill...
  196. Vintage Watch Bracelet ID
  197. '60ish Lanco dress watch with "Circle L" logo
  198. Recently inherited this Arnex pocket watch; would appreciate any info on it
  199. Show your Zentra.
  200. Rolex pocket watch info
  201. Space and Spaceman themed watches - loose interpretation
  202. Is this LeCoultre dial toast?
  203. Would you scrap this dial?
  204. Universal Geneve Polerouter dating help
  205. Can anyone identify my grandfather’s Seiko?
  206. Ever heard of Longune?
  207. Vintage Junghans, this one’s different
  208. Let's see some vintage date pointers!
  209. What finish is this Omega 19SB?
  210. Please help me identify this high-tech Reusser 17 Jewels Incabloc alarm watch
  211. Help identifying old waltham movement
  212. Quiz: How well do you know your vintage watches and songs?
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  214. Omega pocket watch info
  215. Antique Silver Pocket Watch
  216. Dads World War II watch
  217. Need some help with this Waltham WR
  218. Glashutte J. Assmann
  219. Vintage IWC identification
  220. Vintage Stowa Hands
  221. Vintage Edox ID
  222. 70s Timex lume.
  223. Can anyone tell me anything about this vintage Invicta?
  224. Did I over pay for this 14k Longines?
  225. Seamaster 30 Recently Acquired
  226. Dads Accutron
  227. Hamilton 500 servicing in the UK
  228. Seiko Vanac 5626-7140
  229. Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk 1960s: legit?
  230. No-Smiths Astral
  231. My First Eterna
  232. After a 15 years relentless old hunt, finally I got my Constellation Dome
  233. Please help me identify an Ogival
  234. Round watches? Yes, but not only!
  235. Universal Geneve Chronograph
  236. Hamilton 14k estate find!
  237. How to remove back from vintage Helbros alarm watch
  238. Unable to identify movement
  239. Citizen JA Information Needed
  240. Seeking info on my Le Jour PVD 7750 with world time bezel
  241. Help identifying my Clebar chronograph
  242. Help identifying my Yema Meangraf Sous Marine
  243. Longines and Elgin pick ups - question re Elgin
  244. Vintage 1970s Timex Thrift Store Find
  245. H R Ekegren/Ed Koehn Minute Repeater
  246. Omega Seamaster DeVille - Real or Fake?
  247. Very early Longines for Russian market (Paul Buhre)
  248. Railroad Pocket Watch to start with for service, repair & collecting.
  249. Need your help with this 6139 - 6002 golden dial.
  250. The Zenith of my Hunt