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  13. Unwanted Monument - Pin-Pallet High-Tech from 1970: 'Concerta', cal. Baumgartner (BFG) 158 31/7
  14. Remove paint from porous ceramic dial face
  15. Congratulations crazyfist on your epic Enicar thread
  16. The Vintage Itch
  17. Arived in the mail today and worth the wait!
  18. NOS Jacques Monnat
  19. Waltham wrist watch
  20. Minerva chronograph identification.
  21. WRUW March 2014
  22. Need repair for Hamilton W-10
  23. Real or fake and identification help
  24. Dial Mystery: Old Croton Nivada Grenchen Chronograph Aviator Sea Diver
  25. ESA 9164 Tuning Fork Servicing
  26. Should it stay or should it go?
  27. Help with vintage Longines Silver Arrow purchase.
  28. Citizen 8210A - 17 jewels?
  29. Incoming: Cousin of Geophisic, Nivada Antarctic Chronometer
  30. Just bought an Avia Olympic vintage watch.....
  31. I Love Fedex ! My 1926 Omega Art Deco Watch Arrived!
  32. Info on Waltham Model 1883 Pocket watch
  33. Need help identifying pocket watch movement
  34. Help Needed: Vintage JLC or Vintage-ish IWC ?
  35. Universal Geneva pocket watch - looking for info
  36. Help... Can anyone offer any information on my watch please?
  37. Vintage watch Pronto Westbury 30
  38. gold pocket watch - identification movement
  39. Jules Jurgenson old p.w.
  40. Gruen 1936 Women's Watch
  41. Helbros Diver on Bond NATO #2
  42. 60s Omega Seamaster: Someone Please Enlighten Me
  43. Couple of Marvins
  44. Lip Reissues
  45. The Sandoz-Sisters' two-time: reference 1738Z-84-5, cal. FHF 905
  46. New Vintage Chronograph Please Help?!?!
  47. Please help identify the pocket watch movement, Patek Philippe?
  48. Vintage Oris Pointer Date
  49. watch gaining too fast
  50. Good condition Waltham, any additional details appreciated
  51. Help Id movement
  52. 1971 Seiko 5 2906-0230
  53. Can someone help me?
  54. Oris Pointer Date - Early movement?
  55. New pick up. ID?
  56. Help identifying 18k solid gold pocket watch
  57. Bucherer
  58. Real Heuer or not? Help please
  59. 1950s Lord Elgin questions
  60. Ardent T13 HELP
  61. Some you win.. some you lose.. and some are in between..
  62. What the heck is a Rado green Horse???
  63. Help identifying old Eterna please
  64. girard perregaux chronometer hf gyromatic information
  65. Pirofa Diver 1960's?
  66. Three vintage watches (Omega, Tissot, Citizen)
  67. My watchcollection
  68. Waltham 7 jewel
  69. Vintage Record Geneve wrist watch
  70. Vintage Titus Crystal Replacement
  71. Fusee Pocket Watch, anyone able to Identify?
  72. Vintage Chateau dive watch
  73. Anyone knows the year or aprox. years of this Lemania wrist watch? I need your help
  74. Looking for info on an Orient Quartz Pocket Watch
  75. Help with vintage Longines dial
  76. What is this? Girard-perregaux?
  77. Please Help: Circa '74 Girard-Perregaux
  78. Classic 1950s Wittnauer
  79. Two Recent Longines Arrivals
  80. Today's Watch in my Pocket
  81. Vintage Universal Geneve
  82. Vintage Harwood wrist watch
  83. The 'Zeitgeist' Chronograph: Buttes Watch Company Bi-Compax Chronograph (ca. ...
  84. Help identifying pocket watch
  85. vintage 7733 chronograph Eufra - help with the company brand
  86. Real or Fake: Awesome Longines Ottoman Pocket Watch
  87. JW Benson ? Cyma? ? movement ID
  88. Buying and engraving a pocket watch
  89. Vintage citizen - any clues on date and value?
  90. [Q] Need help with worth of an old Ruhla/Champion.
  91. Advice on restoring corroded case.
  92. Vintage tissot for Ferrari - real??
  93. So... did Longines do this? Or Wittnauer? Or some clever watchmaker?
  94. Vintage Triple Crown - Longines, Omega and Now....a 1937 Bulova 'President' 21 Jewel
  95. Black Dial Pocket Watch - Help
  96. Pocketwatch conversion
  97. 1950s and 60s Omegas- in house movement?
  98. Illinois Gr. 94
  99. Any information on this Girard Perregaux?
  100. What to think about when buying a vintage watch?
  101. how to remove he movement from case
  102. Handless - D'Arcy Direct Read Jump Hour, cal. AS 2082
  103. Lanco automatic watch age
  104. Emrox Swiss Made before and after pics
  105. On the Prowl for a 1920s Omega - Any Quick Comments on the Movement ?
  106. If it were a little bigger , I'd snap this up !!
  107. Fixing a Trench Watch?
  108. Buy of the year part 2
  109. New pick up! Need a little help
  110. Info Ulysse Nardin Chronograph 18k
  111. Solvil et Titus Chronobloc 21 jewels (Swiss made or not?)
  112. Picked this Eterna-Matic 3003 up today. Any experts?
  113. Omega pocket watch
  114. Submarine 'Waterproof' watch - any info?
  115. WW1? Need help in identifying this wrist watch
  116. Driver's Friend: (Stowa) MinStop, Kal. DuRoWe 471-4
  117. Favre Leuba & Co. Ltd
  118. WUS SYD GTG
  119. Vintage Landau
  120. A good day for watches..
  121. Need help gruen 311 curvex
  122. The Vintage Bandit Strikes Again
  123. Buy of the year ?
  124. Acquired 1933 Longines 14k Art Deco Tonneau - Not 'Uncertain' Dunhill
  125. Parel watches ?
  126. Any Quick Eval/Comments on a 1935/36 Gruen 17 Jewel Curvex 'Precision' Movement ?
  127. Need help with this vintage watch
  128. Vintage Virgin - Questions about Brands
  129. Movado wrist watch
  130. Who copied who? Tradition or Seiko Pogue
  131. Still not buying watches... other than this Eterna 520 in need of TLC!
  132. News from the 'graceyard': TOBIR, cal. CRC 860
  133. contact incabloc 25 jewels
  134. A fine mc gold 18 size 1894 Waltham hunter case from fine dealer
  135. how to remove the movement from this watch
  136. Newbie needs help to I.D.
  137. New here, pocket watch
  138. LeCoultre Power Reserve What does everyone think?
  139. Information Request Please
  140. Early Bulova Pocket Watch
  141. Need help identifying possible vintage Patek Philippe series
  142. Should I go for this pocket watch?
  143. vintage omega constellation
  144. Nobility from the doldrums ... Baumgartner Chronograph, cal. 590
  145. vintage piaget watch
  146. vintage mini-pocket/hanger-watch by Aurore. Info needed please?!?!
  147. A Mainly Unknown Watch
  148. Question Regarding Seiko Crown
  149. How accurate can I expect a 1909 Elgin 7 Jewel to be?
  150. Need info on Bulova Accutron 218 D
  151. Dugena chronograph - what do you make of it?
  152. Vintage watch dealers at Cannes/France
  153. Another Vintage-Mod
  154. IWC vintage cal 89
  155. Early mentions of wristwatches in the NYTimes
  156. Any super collectors have info on J.J. Badollet?
  157. Old Mido pocket watch. Need help to date this watch
  158. Using an Automatic Mechanical Watch - New Vintage User
  159. 'Vintage' Tank Watch - Has Anyone Seen a Similar Dunhill ?
  160. Diamond in the rough!
  161. Illinois "Getty" Model Watches
  162. Oily sheen on old Pobeda dial. Possible to clean?
  163. Should I Have this Hugex Chrono Restored?
  164. Newest Family Member - Zodiac
  165. Roamer Anfibio- Unusual Case?
  166. Need help in ID of two beautiful watches
  167. Worth restoring? Zenith Captain
  168. Need to find crystal for vintage Bulova
  169. Help for indetify this watch!
  170. Roamer Watches
  171. Very nice Perfecta 15 rubis movement. But what?
  172. Re: How a Watch Works
  173. Melik Mido mystery watch
  175. The ugliest watch I ever bought.. I suppose it's a matter of taste.....
  176. A third Gruen for my wrist...
  177. Its been a long time coming
  178. Share Your "Rescue" Watches and Stories
  179. Early Junghans Quartz
  180. Omega Geneve: Franken or not?
  181. George Kummer Special?
  182. Pocket watch envy.
  183. new vintage watch
  184. Antique Unicorn Pocket Watch.
  185. Tiffany & Co. Geneva - Value/Age?
  187. Ebay Oddball "Competition" Watch
  188. Silver Trench Watch
  189. Loose Movement In Seiko 7025-8010?
  190. Please help me identify this Tiffany (possibly Patek) 18k Family Heirloom Pocketwatch
  191. need help identify WW1 officers watch
  192. Vintage Vertex Revue 350
  193. Tips on hallmarks and engravings on this pocket watch?
  194. Help on Grandpa Omega
  195. Need info on Ingersoll Radiolite
  196. Strap suggestions for vintage Helbros
  197. Vintage Patek: Is it real? Can anyone share authentic vintage Patek movement images?
  198. Omega Seamaster 30
  199. Need Help Please
  200. Anyone here? Bid on THIS?
  201. Need help with Rado Voyager re: Caseback (not sure this is the right thread)
  202. final piece of the eterna recessed crown collection
  203. Omega Museum Dial?
  204. How accurate should a vintage mechanical be?
  205. Clean Smith Patterson's 50's milstyle with 15j Concord Movement
  207. Marlon Brandos wristwatch
  208. Vintage Omega Seamaster (c. 1950's)
  209. Please help to me for removing sales lists the fake ottoman pocket watches!.
  210. Please help to identify a chopard 1000 miglia quartz
  211. Nice Elgin pocket watch find
  212. Roamer watch case issue
  213. any ideas what this ladies watch is, if its worth anything
  214. Benrus Sky Chief: Can you tell me about the year and movement of this one?
  215. Help me choose a chain for my new pocket watch! :)
  216. Private Label Hampden
  217. New to the swamp . Zenith PW Why so cheap ?
  218. Help with vintage Bulova
  219. Show some vintage designed for land sea air……
  220. Waltham p.w. with resilient escapement.
  221. Dueber-Hampden Wm. McKinley pocketwatch
  222. Researching Pallas Deutsche Uhrencooperation ... I think...
  223. Need help identifying ERNST WATCH pocket watch
  224. Need help identifying CYMA pocket watch
  225. Lings 21 prix telemetre help please
  226. Pedre with ESPA case
  227. Watchuseek recommends RGM Watch Repair & Restoration
  228. Help identifying these watches!
  229. How to set the calendar on a Valjoux 730?
  230. Vintage women's watch LIGA
  231. 61mm Unmarked Paul Buhre Deck Watch
  232. Vintage Roamer - how do I find the 'calibre' number
  233. Need help identifying Movado watch
  234. Union Horlogere pocket watch.
  235. Does anybody know anything about this watch?
  236. An Important and Rare Piece of American History
  237. Ladies Tissot with odd case design
  238. Vintage Tank identification
  239. Wittnauer Geneve wing up wrist watch question(s)
  240. Help me find a birthyear watch
  241. 1870's IWC Jones Model Pocket Watch
  242. Help with vintage Girard Perregaux
  243. Am I wrong to automatically avoid sellers from India and Singapore when looking at vintage watches o
  244. You need help.
  245. Anyone know anything about revue?
  246. Got my Universal Geneve triple date back from repairs!!!
  247. Ginsbo PiePan 27 Jewels Waterproof Incabloc
  248. 1900 Longines Pocket Watch Carlowitz & Co. China
  249. Brand new Longines
  250. I dont know what kind of watch I have - Please help!