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  25. Waltham pocket watch pictures and questions.
  26. I need a long band for this Bullova
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  29. 1958 Omega Constellation
  30. Mondia Golden Horse?
  31. 1961 Rolex GMT Master - thinking about acquiring one.....
  32. pocket watch movement id
  33. Trench Watch: Common Questions
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  36. bizarre Eastman watch with moving eyes.... any clues?
  37. Lepine caliber pocket watch
  38. Sportsman 17 Jewel Identification Help
  39. Anybody ever heard of Larleton Watches?
  40. Illinois Pocket Watch
  41. Old Elgin Pocket Watch
  42. Help to identify ladies Rolex
  43. Vintage omega help
  44. Need help finding this vintage Oris watch
  45. Need help with a Vintage Baume Mercier
  46. Vintage Hampden(?) Pocket watch.
  47. Vintage Buren watch I'd.
  48. Omega pocket watch is running only when the watch is in horizontal position
  49. No 3719 VALDOR double Plateau Spiral Breguet Chiton Tucre lique Sroite 23 Rubies
  50. Patek Philippe pocket watch
  51. Start of vintage collection, aka "fake it till you make it"
  52. The Man Behind the Watch.
  53. Help..!!!!!..FAKE OR REAL..??????
  54. Northstar 17 Jewel information
  55. Help needed with a vintage Vacheron...
  56. Unknown movements
  57. 1942 BULOVA One Button Chronograph. cal 10AH (missing parts)
  58. Help with my Great-Grandfather's pocket watch
  59. New Memovox and Pics
  60. I need help identifying a watch
  61. Questions on vintage Bulova 30s
  62. Anyone here have servicine experiences with these guys?
  63. Can it be saved? (Heuer Luftforsvaret)
  64. Vintage Turler Watch
  65. Babe Ruth's Verithin
  66. Help identifying a stopwatch
  67. Lemania watch and Gabriel watch, all info i can get is more than welcome!
  68. Is this Vacheron Constantin fake
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  70. Chronograph Suisse with Landeron
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  72. Help with Identification
  73. Please help me identify and find this pocket watch
  74. First pocket watch
  75. Turler Zurich pocket watch
  76. My precious pocket watches
  77. Swiss Elgin Automatic - ANY IDEAS?
  78. Help ID this SETTER
  79. Trench watch dial radioactivity
  80. Is this fixable? Vintage Esperanto hand wind spins uncontrollably (video inside for reference)
  81. WW1 watch? Any info appreciated.
  82. Unidentified watch and movement - any help appreciated
  83. 1909 IWC Borgel
  84. Unknown pocket watch
  85. Unidentified 1940s Ebel, any thoughts???
  86. What is this? How old?
  87. New pocket watch owner (1885 Antwerp) (HELP)
  88. Benedict Bros Pocket Watch Question SORTED, THANKS!
  89. Something for Adam (HOROLOGIST007) to look at
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  91. Dufonte by Lucien Piccard
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  93. Vintage Omega Pocket Watch
  94. Looking for information on 1960s (?) Baume & Mercier Baumatic
  95. Can anyone help identify my two watches please?
  96. Novice seeking a couple of parts
  97. pre world war tissot, is it possible to determine its value??
  98. The History of the Wristwatch
  99. Rookie Question - Patek Phillipe
  100. Background check on this Breitling
  101. My first foray into vintage - Educate me on this Leonidas piece please
  102. Introduction & felsa 4007N or?
  103. Buren watch information needed
  104. $150 budget: Which vintage pocket watch?
  105. Information needed
  106. Recently serviced question about mechanical winding
  107. Claudex chrono with landeron cal 251 info needed
  108. The Crausaz Chronometer Balance?
  109. Identify movement for repair project
  110. Please help dating Rado eta 1256
  111. Got one at long last -- a Tudor ranger that is !
  112. Another Longines to identify
  113. how much to replace crown ???
  114. Vulcain Conversion! Just arrived from Sydney!
  115. PLEASE HELP (Gilbert Albert)
  116. Incoming Memovox
  117. What to purchase first???
  118. Seiko 6139-6002 Question
  119. Second hand from sub to centre. When did it happen?
  120. Info on a Didisheim watch
  121. Suggestions for restoring vintage Longines cal. 12.68z
  122. Prisma Rado Roamer take a quick look
  123. Question of authenticity of a black dial Girard Perregaux
  124. Hamilton Victor Electric Arrow Second Hand Question
  125. Interesting Early '57 Model Waltham Stemwind
  126. Need Help With Identifying A Vintage Zenith Watch
  127. Men's Vintage Tudor Geneve Le Royer Wrist Watch
  128. Les Etoiles pocket watch????
  129. A vintage Doxa watch
  130. Special? Jules Jurgensen 7921? Unknown Tourbillon? "A Little Help"
  131. what is this? Aurore Miniature pocketwatch 925 silver. Info please...
  132. Can anyone tell me the build year of this watch?
  134. Now THIS is cool...
  135. Zenith Sporto Cal 40
  136. Vintage IWC
  137. First Vintage. Has anybody worked with these guys?
  138. Glashütte Spezimatic movement 74 noisy rotor
  139. Vintage Zenith Defy investigation
  140. information request for vintage Grand Seiko 44GS
  141. PRIM (XV. congress Kommunistic party - 1976y.) - limited edition - some pics
  142. Help with information about a pocket watch
  143. This is totally off topic but I wanted to show you folks what I think is a beautiful piece of design
  144. My First Hamilton Watch
  145. Hamilton 945 Information
  146. Can you tell me more about an Auto watch?
  147. Pecking order of makers during the 1950s and '60s?
  148. Unknown cal 1050?
  149. Got these back today, What do you think? *UPDATED WITH PICS*
  150. Looking for info on a vintage Timex
  151. Farren Price 1960's(?) Australian Watch Questions & Help
  152. What's wrong with these watches?
  153. Agir Swiss made Chronograph 40s/50s?
  154. Carrington - A watch from Old England
  155. Blancpain Scubapro
  156. Introduction to Vintage Watches
  157. And now for something completely different
  158. Baylor Spaceleader - information needed watch or clock?
  159. Questions on repairing my Father's vintage Helbros Diver in San Gabriel Valley
  160. First vintage purchase -Omega Seamaster
  161. Questions about 60s Omega Seamaster
  162. Help to determine if these are private label watches??
  163. can someone tell me about this waltham watch I won on ebay?
  164. Let's see some cool vintage caseback etchings!
  165. Thoughts on this Zenith Pilot Cal. 120?
  166. Rust on the dial?
  167. Omega Seamaster Quartz (1979) with broken 'stepper motor bearing'
  168. Identify great grandpa's watch
  169. Bulova Accutron MKll
  170. How much to service?
  171. Eterna watch identification
  172. Trying to date a Lucien Piccard watch
  173. Medana watch calendar
  174. Shock Proofing a Pocket Watch
  175. AS 1187/ 1194 question
  176. Chronographe Suisse - a first vintage?
  177. Is this the real deal
  178. Monarch 30 jewel super automatic antimagnetic Incabloc
  179. Help with couple of movements
  180. Gruen Identification Help!
  181. Show Your Vintage Walthams
  183. Patina - hurts or helps?
  184. Remiz Electra Questions
  185. Another Omega frankenwatch?
  186. Does nameless dials or dials with company logos' take away from vintage pocket watches??
  187. Zenith El Primero's 45th Birthday
  188. 1969 dogma chronograph
  189. Girard-Perregaux calibre 16
  190. DeCave pocket watch
  191. my latest add to the colelction: 1969 tissot visodate seastar seven
  192. IWC 1950's (?) Identification Help
  193. Omega frankenwatch
  194. Help finding a watch!
  196. Lubin watches?
  197. Looking for more info on this vintage Longines Admiral
  198. Vintage mindset - How to care for watches now
  199. 10k Ross Gold on Hamilton Watch
  200. Ball park budget for an off brand Valjoux 7733 chrono?
  201. Looking for more information about this Leonidas Moonphase
  202. Help on Tourneau Pocket Watch or Travel Clock?
  203. 1962 Favre Leuba- Is it original?
  204. elgin trench watch information
  205. Ulysse Nardin automatic 18k gold
  206. When does vintage start, really? (Movado/Zenith)
  207. Incoming - Mechanical Electric
  208. Leonidas Chrono - Lug Question
  209. my new favorite vintage citizen bullhead with nato strap
  210. Identify/date this watch?
  211. Is this a genuine OMEGA?
  212. Help Identifying old Bulova Watch
  213. Delbana help
  214. Edox Delfin Pocket Watch
  215. New law - You're only allowed to own one watch - which one ?
  216. Value of gold Concord watch from 80s
  217. two Zenith calibre 2531s
  218. Certina Automatic
  219. Question about a Vintage Jaeger Lecoultre and LeCoultre 14K watch
  220. Need Help to Calculate the solid silver quarter repeater pocket watch
  221. Help Needed - Can I restore this vintage Hamilton?
  222. Flea Market Treasure
  223. Vintage Lanco 15 jewels 18K bracellet maybe with rubis(?) and diamonds(?).
  224. Fun with a Bell-matic (Picture intensive!)
  225. Old Illinois 1874 Key Wind HOYT Movement Fell Out ?
  226. 1944 Omega with "expert repainted" dial...
  227. Help identifying Cine freres
  228. Help identifying wrist watch (Nox11)
  229. Blacked Glass on a UMF Watch.
  230. Vintage Nivada handwinder
  231. Restoration Project for a Friend
  233. Heuer 7 Jewel Model 7710 Stopwatch reset problem
  234. Need assistance identifying pocket watch from GGrandfather and repair options if any
  235. Help with vintage wrist watch info (Norba, Elco)
  236. 19th Century Skeleton Quarter-Repeater Question
  237. Old gold Tissot from my grandfather
  238. Legit Watch From South America?
  239. Any Info on this Benrus?
  240. *PICS ADDED*Interesting Waltham....a little help dating it??
  241. Anyone heard of Meridian Watch Co.
  242. Show your small vintage chronograph on the wrist.
  243. Non-Vintage pocket watch
  244. Interesting - Agree or not agree?
  245. Need some help buying a pocket watch
  246. Dial condition - is it a deal breaker for you?
  247. New GP Arrival!
  248. Last buy for 2013 (Enicar)
  249. Omega Pocket Watch - identification
  250. Help with identifying my old Movado