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  26. Roamer Stingray MST471 Diver repair
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  31. Opinions on this JLC Memovox?
  32. Favre Leuba rectangular case with sub seconds at 3:Fake or genuine?
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  34. Also, any info on this Lecoultre?
  35. Any Info on this Ulysse Nardin
  36. Need help identifying age of Vulcain Cricket
  37. Dugena Electronic- Any info?
  38. Help with old Concord Watch ID, tips?
  39. Help! Crown is gone on 65' Omega
  40. I Need Help Identifying A Golden Omega Pocket Watch
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  42. Kelton Pocket Watch (Timex)
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  44. Can anyone help me identify this Eterna watch ?
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  46. La Couronne
  47. Hallmarks on Swiss 14K watch
  48. Need info on gold pocket watch (70+ years old)
  49. Tissot Seastar Restoration Finally Complete
  50. Patek Minute Repeater Tiffany & Co Circa 1900s Why is it Starting So Cheap?
  51. Replacing Plungers/Pushers for the month/date quick-set of a Wakmann Chronograph? Need Help Please!
  52. Some cool vintage watches from my dad (the big guy)
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  56. When is a Precision not a Precision
  57. pocket watch Swiss?
  58. Looking for the new case for my Roamer 371 caliber
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  62. Help with a vintage Tiffany Allemann Swiss Longines pocket watch
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  64. Jaquemarts, Swiss watch
  65. Help Please?
  66. Repetition a quarts chronographe
  67. Dalil muslim watch vintage automatic
  68. ID of hallmark (Gold rush era 1840-50s silver pocketwatch back case)
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  70. Finally received my new vintage Helbros alarm.
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  72. Help Please!! Need Movement identified on Wesclox 17 J Wristwatch
  73. Restore project: What should I expect?
  74. Tremont pocket
  75. How would you go about researching this?
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  77. 1965 Zenith Cal 2531
  78. Trada watch
  79. Request help with movement identification... and some advice
  80. Simply , a really nice watch .
  81. Movement Landeron 523
  82. Help with ebauche identification.
  83. Swiss Revue - Authentic or Knock-off
  84. [Information] Omega Grand Prix Paris 1900
  85. please help me identify this watch
  86. Military Single Button Chronograph - Identification
  87. Latest aquisition. A rather lovely 30's Laco.
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  89. Please, help with this octogonal ladies old movement from my Grandma that I will give to my sons
  90. Does this Universal Geneve Tri-Compax have an original dial? What about the rest of it?
  92. Remontoir Ancre ligne droite nickel Spiral Brequet Chaton 18 Rubis
  93. Breitling 1353
  94. Vintage Coventry Astral 123 movement ships pothole clock bootsale find
  95. ARTA Swiss made
  96. Pin-Lever Week
  97. Hi I'm new here
  98. forthfaron on Ebay - reselling watches from India?
  99. Vintage Longines Admiral (L636.2): Please date?
  100. Crown_Jewel_Watches on Ebay - Many vintage watches - any good?
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  103. omega 18k watch, original?
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  105. Vintage Fortis Trueline automatic AS1876: Please date and model?
  106. Cyma Navystar...kind of
  107. Request for info on vintage cortebert
  108. My other purchase this week.
  109. vintage Jaeger le Coultre automatic : information and opinions requested
  110. platinum auto cal 853 circa 1962
  111. Benrus Watch Date?
  112. can someone help i.d. this pocket watch/timer please?
  113. Pocket Watch info
  114. Correct hand lengths of Gruen Airway (aka Airflight) hands
  115. Help please in identifying this Zenith pocket watch
  116. what do you think about this vintage Movado?
  117. any experience with ebay seller vacheron_nl
  118. Omega pocket watch - 17 LBSPN
  119. Accutron 214 Battery Hatch
  120. Trench watch movement ID
  121. Anyone heard of a "Kramer"?
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  123. Two Longines???
  124. Help needed: Old Technos
  125. Vintage Omega help
  126. Yet another first time post asking for help in identification! ;) man. wind Belvil
  127. Picked up 2nd Vintage with PIC
  128. Benrus DN21 - Restoration Project
  129. Can anyone give me the date and product name of this watch just found it in the house!
  130. Patient left me ELGIN this pocket watch.
  131. 18K Gold Ebel Watch w/ Mesh Band - Any help appreciated
  132. My first vintage watch! anyone got any info on it?
  133. Any information on these (pocket) watches is welcome
  134. My first 1970's vintage Hamilton , I think I got the watch bug lol
  135. "The House of Wonders" - filmed inside the Elgin Watch Co. circa 1931
  136. Seamaster with illuminate dots off the place, indication of fake?
  137. Tremont Watch Company
  138. Another Cyma dial restoration
  139. Vintage Hamilton and Bulova
  140. Today's Purchases
  141. Hampden Pocket Watch info?
  142. does this name sound familiar any info apreciated
  143. Is this a totally original Omega Seamaster Calendar?
  144. Trench watch movement ID
  145. Lady art deco watch movement identification help
  146. LeCoultre Bumper P812
  147. EGRA 15j 3 adj.
  148. Vague details on pocket watch sale, need help with ID
  149. Citizen Newmaster Please help to age this watch
  150. Just Won this Rado NCC 303 : Help me with its Authenticity
  151. Authentic automatic Omega watch?
  152. Zenith Sporto Authentic ?
  153. Kienzle 51/0b
  154. First Wristwatch 1908?
  155. Best way to store / display Pocket watches?
  156. Vintage Omikron 21
  157. Molnija Russian Railroad Pocket Watch received!
  158. Any ideas about this vintage Tudor?
  159. How to Use an 18 CHRO
  160. Any chance this is a a real Vacheron dial or case?
  161. Charles Oudin Silver Key PW
  162. Need help IDing this vintage Poljot
  163. Newbie watch collector. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!
  164. Patek Philippe Ellipse 18k Yellow Gold 750 ref # - 4226J
  165. New watch... Broken. Fix or return?
  166. Favre - Leuba's Porcelain sign
  167. Waltham - Premier 25 Jewels handwind Swiss made watch
  168. Please help me ID old Felca watches
  169. Jitterbug's Older Brother
  170. IDing Vintage Telemetre Chronograph
  171. First Vintage Watch-1956 Tissot?
  172. New Desk Clock! Jaeger Lecoultre Skeleton Clock. Advice on where to get it serviced?
  173. Is it possible to remove lume from a dial without damage? Universal Geneve Tricompax
  174. About to pull the trigger on a vintage JLC. Checking here first.
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  176. balance jewel problem
  177. Movement I.D ?
  178. Opinions on Zenith rectangular with seconds sub dial
  179. Vintage Omega
  180. English Watch Factories - 50 years ago (1963)
  181. Gruen 415 CA
  182. Is this a genuine vintage Omega sub second
  183. Orfeo vintage watch
  184. Ditisheim pocketwatch
  185. Vintage Rolex
  186. I came across a beautiful damsel in distress and…
  187. Beautiful Rare Omega? or is it a redial or frankenmega?
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  193. Bunn Special
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  195. Squale cased vintage diver
  196. Stuck Stem removal, Help Needed!
  197. Interested in this Vintage IWC Pocket Watches
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  199. Any info on this Darius Leon Levy Freres watch would be appreciated
  200. NAWCC - Gallet Guest Curator-wristwatches. 'blog'
  201. Omega f300hz Cone
  202. GRUEN Vintage watch - worn parts.
  203. Possible Breguet?
  204. J Dent Pocketwatch - Billodes Movement for Ottoman Market ?
  205. Longines Chronograph: Please help authenticate
  206. Incoming Helbros alarm.
  207. Need help identifying LAIKA 17 Rubis watch
  208. Looking for info on vintage Hamilton
  209. Some Vintage Pieces to Share
  210. Need Info - Swiss Made Vintage Elgin Skeleton Pocket Watch
  211. Vacheron thoughts
  212. Smallest Automatic?
  213. WRUW September 2013
  214. OLMA Watch
  215. Robert Brandt - gold enamel pocket watch
  216. What Zenith Pocket watch movement is this?
  217. Omega 625
  218. Edouard Richard
  219. Need help dating Universal Geneve
  220. Help Identifying these watches
  221. Bracelet for a 60's Rado World Travel and a Couple of Other Questions
  222. Vintage Omega: Real or fake?
  223. hallmarks ID help
  224. Baume Mercier Geneve
  225. Waltham 8 days - does anyone have more knowledge about this watch?
  226. When adjusting pocket watches
  227. Beautifully un-beautiful double-sided silver chronograph pocket watch
  228. Anyone know much about Oceanaut ?
  229. Benrus Red LED Watch from 1976 - Broken "mechanism" / Wrong Battery
  230. Klip Klip watch strap
  231. Settle a bet: was Angelus ever used by Patek Philippe?
  232. Early wristwatch ID
  233. 1920's-30's Ladies Gotham Aristocrat ,Diamond Wristwatch
  234. Help me identify this Zenith with sub second hand
  235. Newbie Hunter Case Question...
  236. All My Bags are Packed
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  238. my 1965 Hamilton thinline!
  239. $5 Sears Alarm
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  243. Two Elgin Pocket Watches and one Unidentifiable wristwatch
  244. Bremon information for my sons
  245. Unsure if Vintage, Questions on Wenger.
  246. A Lange Söhne - Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation Glashütte - Identification
  247. Arrived in the mail.
  248. Skeleton Pocket Watch
  249. Help me Identify this "Aeromatic"
  250. Please help me identify this 8 days pocket watch