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  13. Competent Cleaning
  14. Happy New Year!
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  18. My Tissot Seastar Seven
  19. I look to Watchuseek for the answer ?????
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  23. Benrus Strap Suggestions
  24. Opinions on this Universal Geneve?
  25. Conversion of pocket watch to wristwatch.
  26. my great-grandfather's pocket watch from 1900.. ..or earlier?
  27. My first VINTAGE post............ ALL comments welcome!
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  29. A (Somewhat) Scarce 18 size Bunn Special
  30. Bad advice from a "watchmaker"?
  31. Vintage JLC - Info Requested
  32. Centrex
  33. Vintage Girard Perregeux
  34. Help with dating and any info on Vintage Hamilton Railroad
  35. Vintage watch - more infos needed
  36. Antique ball watch
  37. Westclox Train pocketwatch from aprox. 1978
  38. Vintage Seiko ID Help
  39. Elgin The Mystery
  40. waltham 17 jewels
  41. Illlinois Pocket watch - brass dial?
  42. Vintage Ulysse Nardin - fake?
  43. how/where to buy vintage American watches
  44. Help dating lady Ulysse Nardin movement
  45. Tourist Praesident 1960-something.
  46. Guidance Needed -- Hamilton 987 Wristwatch
  47. BWC Valjoux Rhodos?
  48. Latest project - vintage Ardath handwinder
  49. need help with a vintage Zenith
  50. New Vintage Divers watch. Stellaris
  51. Please help me in identifying this old Longines
  52. Vinatge watches 40mm or larger?
  53. Vintage LeCoultre Question
  54. Looking For Info, Vintage Eska Chronograph
  55. CA Doubet watch with Gilbert movement ??
  56. Unknown old swiss lady's watch
  57. Pls help Identify this vintage pocket watch
  58. Age, information about this watch?
  59. Help Me Identify this Bulova and Girard-Perregaux!
  60. Zevar? Roskopf?
  61. Great Grandfather's Gruen VERI-THIN
  62. Picked up a Gruen bumper.
  63. New old book, and going to enjoy reading during holiday
  64. Help with Vintage Omega Movement Identification
  65. Interesting in purchasing my first pocket watch
  66. Purchase my first Zenith Pocket Watch
  67. Help needed dating an Ingersoll
  68. Rogers Watch Company
  69. Vintage Longines - Great Grandfathers!
  70. Please, help with a pendant Movado
  71. Rover English mechanical? Please help identify...
  72. A Xmas Present to myself
  73. Suggestions for 1958 watches
  74. A First For Rolex
  75. Illinois Hunter Pocket Watch
  76. Accutron Spaceview and 1939 Benrus
  77. Pallet fork moves but second hand no movement. Elgin 19j BW Raymond 1906
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  79. Cool Competition I Watch
  80. New Camera and new Pieces!
  81. Another one, and a sad story
  82. 1917 Trench watch (inscribed to a soldier)
  83. Breitling Premier Gold
  84. Sun Trademark A.L.Dennison, 14c gold, 17 jewels, serial no 359064
  85. Looking for mechanical pics of English minute repeaters
  86. Merry Xmas and Happy new Year!
  87. Additional arrival today
  88. AR 1292 balance shaft?
  89. Help ID unknown vintage
  90. Vintage Nivada Bauhaus watch added to my collection
  91. Seasons Greetings to the vintage thread !
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  93. Big American Pocket Watches
  94. Vintage Girard Perregaux Alarm watch
  95. Hamilton 24 hour Pocket Watch
  96. Elgin transitional/trench watch
  97. Unsure of what we found in the jewellery box.
  98. Damarex 17 jewels Vintage watch - question about the cal.
  99. Grovana Pocket Watch
  100. Grandfather's Omega Pocket Watch - working
  101. Vintage Cyma Pocket Watch Identification Help
  102. 1960s Omikron - Info? Quality? Reputation???
  103. My Poljot Chronograph (cal. 3133) - some pics
  104. my properly restored 1962 Omega 131.001-62-sc cal 286 came back from restoration in July
  105. something new in my collection
  106. Info needed on A N Stuart watch company
  107. help identify the origin of manual RELAY 17 RUBIS INCASSABLE MANUAL WATCH FRENCH ORIGIN?
  108. Great Grandfather's Elgin Pocket Watch - Questions
  109. What is the fate of this watch?
  110. Omega 1906 wristlet
  111. Benrus question
  112. Vintage tiffany need help identifying
  113. Marvin movement question
  114. Vantage Apollo 11 SS Led Watch info
  115. I'm eager to repair HERMES pocket watch. Need mov't ID
  116. Waltham wristwatch, ca. 1918. Gold engraved case.
  117. 1957 Bulova 23 jewel selfwinding wrist watch.
  118. Hamilton ID needed
  119. Vintage Connie arrived, re-dial or clean?
  120. Le Locle key set key wind movement. Brand ID? Any help or info
  122. A little project
  123. Eterna cal 710
  124. unsigned movement
  125. Omega Constellation Review
  126. Do all roller tables have roller jewels?
  127. Please Help Identify This Vintage Universal Geneve
  128. Flea Market Find
  129. UK Servicing
  130. Got the Vintage bug!
  131. Vintage IWC i need help with
  132. A French Piece
  133. Out of India..And any experiences you have had with Indian purchases?
  134. Strange Favre-Leuba Eterna watch (Any thoughts)
  135. Need more info on a LeCoultre watch
  136. Hamilton vintage 10k gold pocket watch with second hand dial - any information?
  137. Could someone help me to identify longines ladies watch?
  138. Auction lot of pocket watches to identify
  139. Kelek Chronograph
  140. Please help me identifying this Raymond Weil vintage watch
  141. Real-ish Baume and Mercier Chronograph?
  142. My grandfathers Wittnauer/Longines, any info?
  143. Sharing my Nicolet watch automatic
  144. Is it possible to use a vintage pocket watch on a daily basis?
  145. Vintage tudor
  146. Good price for 917 movement??
  147. "Frankenbully" or I am looking for the model and date of my Bulova Chronograph Valjoux 7750
  148. Need some opinions - Zodiac Hermetic
  149. Help with identification vintage ENICAR watch needed
  150. Night Stand for pocketwatch. Rarely seen.
  152. rare Longines Artofex Pantit 19.25 authentic ?
  153. what do you guys think about this watch
  154. Information request - Colibri pocket watch
  155. How to get a list or pictures of every OMEGA and tissot watch ever made?
  156. Benrus 2155 series... how old??
  157. latest pocket watch acquisition - South Bend 431
  158. Huber/Breitling Chronograph pocket watch?
  159. please help me identify this vintage Roamer
  160. Vintage Rolex
  161. In Thuds We Trust: Glycine Airman SST R724
  162. Identification needed - Neova ATP & Incabloc
  163. Overhauling vintage Heuer 1553 S
  164. post on the vintage Zenith 'TV' Defy (link inside)
  165. Movado Kingmatic Calendar
  166. Atlantic Worldmaster 17 jewels...What is this movement?
  167. Best way for a collector to store collected watches
  168. Illinois 19j adj3 pos private label inner urban special
  169. Vintage Rotary back to life.. how old is it?
  170. Roamer, Limelight automatic, Swiss from the 70s
  171. Ladies Eterna, or 1940's Military? (Better pics of watch face)
  172. New arrival - just could not resist the temptations of EBay
  173. Company called Anew watches?
  174. Help identify watch!
  175. Old Bucherer watch
  176. Anyone heard of Hely Watches?
  177. Help to I.D pocket watch
  178. Please Help Identify Universal Geneve!!!
  179. Pocket Universal Geneve
  180. Illinois 18 size Model 4 Bunn
  181. Help me with ID of Omega pocket watch, please
  182. MY OLDEST WATCH????
  183. Ulysses Nardin, Chronograph - Is this an authentic dial?
  184. DuBois Vintage Watch authentic ?
  185. Huntington
  186. New purchase- Helbros Diver
  187. Could anyone give more information on Swiss Empress watch?
  188. Need Help Identifying Antique Pocket Watch
  189. Watch Repair Help
  190. 1840 very fine little verge mvnt. no name fine enamel.
  191. Vintage Mod
  192. What kind of watch is this??
  193. Vintage watches in London?
  194. West End trench watch
  195. Waltham v2691 small watch
  196. Identification of 2 "alertic" watches: "Golana" and "ARSA"
  197. vintage watches in Singapore & KL
  198. Fake dial, redial, original dial ...?
  199. Need Help Finding a Vintage Watch
  200. 1914 small wrist single pusher chronograph, which maker?
  201. Vintage Roamer MST 372
  202. Newish member and a shiny Waltham
  203. Lady Elgin Pocket WAtch Restoration
  204. Need help identifying couple of pocket watch movements
  205. So Whats the story with older Ricoh Watches..Rarely see them discussed.
  206. Help Identifying Gubelin/Movado ladies watch
  207. Need some info: Bulova Sea Hunter 1000m
  208. Help me indentify this old Hamilton watch
  209. My oldest PW
  210. My Swiss
  211. My Americans
  212. Need help in verifying a Vintage Omega that's being sold.
  213. Cortebert Sport handwinder
  214. Estate sale find
  215. Difference between a Vulcain Alarm & Vulcain Cricket
  216. No name pocket watch,help with identification
  217. Longines vintage watch fake or real
  218. last purchase : Titoni Airmaster
  219. What's up with my Longines "Flagship"?
  220. Need yuor help in identifing pocket watch with repeater (?)
  221. Ladies Vintage Pendant watch opinions
  222. Perseo 17 jewels
  223. wakmann 17j incabloc 1970s?
  224. Need help in assessing what this watch is.
  225. Vintage Oyster Lincoln Gents wrist watch
  226. Help Identifying Watches!
  227. First Vintage! 1957 Bulova Condition?
  228. Need help in verifying a Vintage Omega that's being sold.
  229. What can you tell me about this 1960's Pierpont watch co caliber?
  230. Vintage Lucerne Constellation Help
  231. Union Horlogere pocket watch,help with production date
  232. 1959 birth year - suggestions?
  233. Small Dubois 1785 Watch - can you help?
  234. What do you think about this watch? Marvin Patent cal 700 15 jewels
  235. Rose Gold fixed lug repair? Advice?
  236. Help needed with a IWC im selling on ebay
  237. Valjoux 90 moonphase, interesting language
  238. OBRA ?!old pocket watch
  239. Please identify: 15 jewels movement 19.45mm / 8‴ in Swiss "Tourist" watch
  240. Another pocket watch
  241. sorna cal eb-8420 need an opinion with it
  242. Vintage Datum Lorix.. any info about company, etc..
  243. New vintage grains of rice band for my Omega Bumper
  244. My Pop left me this old pocket watch and I'm having trouble identifying it.
  245. HELP! - Jackville/Sackville Swiss Made Watch information?
  246. Help I'd Patek
  247. Help with info and possible valuation of the watch
  248. How to open this vintage Seiko 5
  249. Is my Patek Philippe genuine?
  250. fhf movement production date and west end watch name