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  28. I was told this is a 18k gold Corum watch. Can anyone tell me anything else?
  29. just joined up and after some help
  30. Two nice Autavias - would you help me decide?
  31. Strange Heuer stopwatch
  32. Tissot with Canadian Avro inscription
  33. Accutron Bracelet
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  38. Ebay experience. What would you do?
  39. Litlle help with an UG, please!
  40. Help me with some vintage watches
  41. What does WUS Think of this Waltham pocket watch?
  42. illinois springfield pocket watch...need info
  43. Pair/Job lot arrived today
  44. LeCoultre Memovox bumper - replacement stem?
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  51. 'Dry' removal of radium luminosity
  52. New to me Vintage Dugena Chronograph Strap Advice Needed nice looking piece!
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  55. Hello! I'm a new guy. I need a little help..
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  67. Vintage Patek Questions
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  71. Article about selling time
  72. ----HELP ID WATCH PLEASE-----
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  76. WRUW April 2013
  77. My great grandfather's pocketwatch.
  78. L&W H. Laval Locle pocketwatch information
  79. Please help ID Watch Maker and Date
  80. Talk about being greedy.... another watch returning from its service!
  81. I have a few watches and know nothing about them please help
  82. A Movement ID needed... whilst waiting for normal WUS activity to resume!
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  87. National Watch Co, Elgin, Ill, Frances Rubie grade 23 10 size movement
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  92. Some more help from Bulova lovers
  93. Exacto Swiss Watch
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  95. King Seiko Chronometer 27 J Diashock
  96. 1960 Pierce DuoFon: Does anyone else here own one?
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  98. How old is this Cyma?
  99. Anyone ever purchase from
  100. Young Guy, Old School Part 2
  101. Designed to be glued?
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  106. "Civil War" Walthams
  107. Help in identifying this pocket watch
  108. Vintage 1940's chrono, possibly landeron movement. Worth repairing?
  109. Info on this little Borgel pocket watch - I know very little!
  110. Any info
  111. More info about brand, value, markings etc'
  112. Lord Elgin 680 with Zodiac bezel
  113. Transitional watch and band
  114. Where can I buy these hands?
  115. Girard- Perregaux 1130 Help
  116. Excelsior Park
  117. how collectable is this Omega beast from the 40s ?
  118. help with silver halmarks... again
  119. Can anybody help identify this Tiffany Chronograph pocket watch??
  120. Cortèbert Sport - What do you think?
  121. Need help to identify movement
  122. Help Authenicating Bulova A-11
  123. Pocket Watch Display, anyone?
  124. Any Bulova lovers shed some light on these 2?
  125. Favre Leuba Duomatic - how about it?
  126. Know this movement?
  127. Vintage Croton
  128. Omega de Ville, 9ct gold, 1973: some more pictures
  129. worth while or waste of time?
  130. The chronograph is older than you think...
  131. Certina DS2 Chronolympic
  132. Help Identifying my Grandfathers pocket watch
  133. Rado Starliner 999
  134. Whitehall pocket watch
  135. Langendorf with Elgin Case - Strap Fitting Question (pics)
  136. Pentagon p.w. case only a Gruen style?
  137. Collection of pocket watches
  138. Stripped Cases?
  139. Waltham 1891? Need help identifying this watch please!
  140. Bifora Japan clock
  141. Aero ladies watch evaluation
  142. Precis Glashütte Immediate Post-War
  143. Longines 2 in 1
  144. Unknown Watch - help please
  145. Omega?
  146. Can anyone tell me anything about these pocket watches?
  147. Elgin & Voltaire
  148. Help - Can anyone identify this vintage automatic swiss watch??
  149. 18ct gold full hunter Elgin pocket watch made in 1888 value??
  150. A pocket Waltham
  151. buying an early 1800's pocket watch
  152. Here is my old LeBois & Co. Valjoux 72
  153. any helps to ID this vintage GP?
  154. Advice needed for this 9ct watch
  155. Which Vintage watch sellers do you trust?
  156. Advice on Buying a Separate Movement
  157. Question about early 70's Omax watch. Redial?
  158. What defines a 'signed' movement?
  159. Help identifying a Waltham(pics included)
  160. R LAPANOUSE Chrono type watch ---worth fixing?
  161. A New Highlight In My Collection.... 1919 IWC Borgel
  162. Please help me with any info in this watch.
  163. Some new photos of my '31 Bulova 10AN
  164. Omega Geneve - comments?
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  166. Please help me with any info in this watch.
  167. Help identifying a Waltham
  168. Has anyone heard of a ROXOR watch
  169. Omega Constellation Quartz - NEED HELP!
  170. how to tell a fake?
  171. Omega Seamaster DeVille 1972
  172. Need Help on Antique Pocket Watch Books
  173. Glycine/Mondia World Timer (70s?) Need Info
  174. Freres Esquivillon a Geneve fusee .Info!
  175. bulova railroad approve.
  176. First Vintage - Gallet Commander?
  177. Help identifying a vintage Wakmann
  178. Should I be concerned about this corrosion?
  179. vintage watch overhaul
  180. 370 Gruen Curvex
  181. Phenix Pocket Watch?
  182. How can you tell the origin of a vintage movement by looking at it?
  183. Can someone tell me about this watch??? any info would be great...1950-1960 Omega De Ville
  184. reposted in new thread
  185. A. Schild cal 1052/ 1054
  186. GRUEN 5OTH 1924 BOOK
  187. Rebberg watch case???
  188. How can I find a new crystal for an old 1930's watch?
  189. Help IDing and dating this Morvil(?)
  190. Roman Numeral "IIII" instead of "IV" on Waltham PW dial?
  191. Info about a Vintage Eska wristwatch.
  192. Watch exhibits dramatic positional variation
  193. Another Odd one... 1918, square case, 22mm lugs!!
  194. Need help identifying vintage Bulova
  195. Would Really Appreciate First Pocket Watch Advice
  196. I thought my watch was made 1913 but it was made in 1906
  197. Help dating this Favre-Leuba
  198. Help me identify my grandfather's watch
  199. Does anyone know of a Vintage watch called Tullius?
  200. vintage casio gd-8 race game
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  202. WWI OFFICERS BORGEL WRISTWATCH - real or restored ?
  203. Freemasonry pocket watch - antique or fake?
  204. my camy. comments.thoughts? and also what year?..
  205. First Vintage Watch as a Gift for Boyfriend
  206. Longines Spirit style watches.. also help with categorization..
  207. Is it too small?
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  209. Help with Elgin Pershing
  210. Vintage Breguet questions
  211. Grandfather watch, what is it?
  212. Looking for Hamilton(vintage) batteries
  213. British military WWII watches (need information)
  214. Vintage Haste Chronograph Worth the Buy?
  215. Rebberg content
  216. Elgin 1923 Crusader Help please
  217. 1927/28 Borgel swing case
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  219. What do you guys thinking of this Elgin Swiss
  220. J.G.Graves pocket watch
  221. High Grade LeCoultre Movement from XIX Century
  222. Info needed on a Hamilton Railway Special pocket watch
  223. Tuning Fork Watches-- Opinions
  224. Thoughts on the age of this watch - only dial/case to go on!
  225. The Swiss in New York World's Fair 1939 & Vintage COSC
  226. HELP! Info on watch received from an inheritance...
  227. Udall & Ballou with Longines movement?
  228. 1960 Omega "Seamaster", cal 268:
  229. Help Identifying This Watch
  230. Two Vintage Ulysse Nardin's, two Frankens or just rubbish?
  231. Help with an old, vintage "MONTFORT"
  232. Help in dating a Hy Moser & Ce damen watch.
  233. Croton Aquamedico 14k
  234. Vintage Bucherer
  235. Bought Three Smiths pocket watches. Am I an idiot?
  236. Help Identifying a Pocket Watch c 1910(?)
  237. How do I open a muckle case for Elgin and see the movement?
  238. Pocket Watch Question
  239. Gruen w.w. style copies
  240. Help me identify and open my Elgin watch!!??
  241. Pocket watch - movement - identification
  242. Need help with Tissot PR 516 dial!!!
  243. How to open this up so I can see the movement?
  244. Identify This Stowa KM - Genuine or Fake?
  245. Perpetual Self-Winding Watch Company
  246. Some like it hot - Gothic Jar Proof from the Roaring Twenties
  247. Mothers Day Present
  248. WWII Gallet Multichron Navigator GMT
  249. 1920's Ancre "Alutex".
  250. Lucerne Superflat-- Any Info?