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  24. Smiths Watch
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  27. vintage Royce - please help identify year of manufacture
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  33. Universal Genève 1959
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  36. Question About A Hy Moser Watch
  37. can you help me I.D. a vintage Hamilton?
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  39. Help with ID'ing a vintage Hamilton watch.
  40. How did I do? Arctura.
  41. Help identify and value Standard watch
  42. Movement search: Ranfft, ChristophLorenz,... what else?
  43. Helbros invicible 17 jewels made in w. germany with day and date
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  45. The lives of watches- Ruhla 30 years service in the MfS...
  46. Hamilton 1960's (i think!) Watch
  47. Help with Ottoman Sakalaroff & Cie
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  62. ARSA Precision Luxe 19 Rubis
  63. Thought I'd share my Great Grandad's Waltham pocket watch.
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  67. WRUW August 2013
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  72. Another "what model is it" thread
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  82. A flea market find
  83. Is this CHONOMETER LIP good for keep?
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  87. Gübelin watch!
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  91. Something Old, Something New, Something Different
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  95. any clue what i could have
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  100. Fun Thread: Twist l'histoire d'horlogerie
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  115. Odd watches
  116. Could someone provide more info about Dubois Freres watch
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  119. Movado Museum HELP??
  120. Vintage Mulco and maybe military?
  121. Please Help! Identity of cool mid-1800 captains dual-train pocket watch.
  122. Pocket watch cc 1829, England, Birmingham
  123. Vintage Glycine Airman AM/PM
  124. Identifying details of a pocket watc
  125. Please help me identify my Helvetia!
  126. Universal Geneve Tricompax
  127. Please help me read my RECORD stopwatch
  128. Auction find
  129. second vintage purchase: 1940/50s(?) Olma
  130. Hand winding a vintage watch
  131. Can these textured dials be restored?
  132. Universal Geneve
  133. Can anyone provide some help/info on these pocket watches please?
  134. Chronographe Suisse Black Dial 17 Jewels 50's
  135. Pierce (non-chrono) watch
  136. Quartz "Harvard Time" Watch
  137. Bulla watch with Marvin movement on ebay
  138. Verge Fusee Wm. Aukland London: date and hallmark?
  139. Please, can anyone tell if my Mido is from the 20`s or 30`s?
  140. 2 Old Watches - Philippe and ETERNA-MATIC
  141. LBJ's Hamilton "Pacer" Electric
  142. Vintage Gruen Precision Curvex 330 Movement Is Actually A 311
  143. Armitron Snoopy & Woodstock Peanuts Watch
  144. West End Queen Anne
  145. Hello everyone, I am new here and need help finding model/brand from 1930's-1960's
  146. Can anyone identify these watches?
  147. What old hamilton or bulovas are worth collecting?
  148. Zodiac..original or a replica?
  150. Elgin military pocket watch G.S. Mark II
  151. How do you tell if a watch is salvageable?
  152. Lord Elgin pocket watch
  153. LeJour Chronograph
  154. Tried but couldn't find another one of this Omega Seamaster 1957-1958, Movement 520
  155. Can anyone identify this movement?
  156. Sold as "Junk, dead battery"
  157. Vintage Watches NYC
  158. Titoni Space Star
  159. Looks like I'm in trouble/Breitling-Heuer Cal 15
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  161. Omega wire lug watch
  162. First Vintage Watch - Rodana Chronograph
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  164. identifying Cordia Commander II
  165. Helvetia
  166. Information about Orano
  167. Just found these 4 in the basement, need help to ID them
  168. Questions about a specific Omega
  169. 1980's Ruhla Eurochron
  170. Have you ever wanted to be mesmerised by an Accutron movement for 4 minutes?
  171. In Surprise Ruling, COMCO Halts Swatch Group Escapement Cuts
  172. Vintage Bulova Watch Value
  173. Thoughts/info on this '62 Hamilton Thinomatic?
  174. Camy watch
  175. Landon movement - what do you think
  176. Thrift shop treasures: 1960's Longines Grand Prize auto
  177. Help identifying and ageing this Waltham Pocket Watch please
  178. Bucherer "Silverstone"?
  179. Help with my first purchase
  180. Is it real or fake? H. Moser & Cie
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  182. Angelus Movement Date 1956 Identification
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  184. Why Museums Need our help
  185. please help
  186. "Maybe you could put a few away" my wife.
  187. New To Me...
  188. discovering the heritage of my Eldor Geneve wristwatch
  189. 40s or 50s Omega - Need help IDing!
  190. A game of Breguet
  191. IMHOF movement find.......??
  192. Question for those who work on chronographs..
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  194. winegarten
  195. Microrotor sound
  196. Any info on this vintage piece?
  197. Smiths Watch - Neat Looking Movement
  198. Courvoisier & Frères back winder pocket watch
  199. Identify this Breguet pocket watch
  201. Today's purchase - LeCoultre Memovox
  202. Help identifying this pocket watch???
  203. Cyma restoration
  204. help with opening a 60's Lucien Piccard
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  206. Ukrainian Pocket Watch conversions: was - Please identify this Breguet Pocket Watch
  207. Any help with this..Omikron Watch..!!!!!!
  208. Can anyone idintify this watch ?
  209. Rather quirky Silvana DH
  210. Help with information on Grandad's watches
  211. Old (~1929) Omega Pocket watch - any thoughts?
  212. My new 1970s? Seiko 5 arrives. Fantastic color Dial..Comments Welcome
  213. 1920's Skeleton Gruen Verithin?
  214. How can I identify the calibre and maker of an Admiral pocketwatch so I can look for repair parts ?
  215. seem to get a better wind with bumper movt???
  216. Mystery (to me) Universal Geneve
  217. What's the best/neatest watch you've gotten for under $500?
  218. Remontoir info
  219. Lord Griford mystery dial
  220. My little Eterna vintage watches collection.....
  221. Just came in an hour ago.. Titoni Race King Valjoux 72
  222. Help me out here
  223. Vintage Cortebert: fake or genuine / info?
  224. weird Certina small womens watch
  225. Pocket watches say me nothing
  226. Swiss chronograph
  227. Roamer Anfibio is running too fast.
  228. Vintage Omega "bumper" automatic
  229. any info on an old citizen quartz?
  230. Remontoir that my Uncle gave me
  231. 1914 IWC 64Cal, Borgel cased. Serviced and with a 'new' strap.
  232. Looking to purchase first vintage watch
  233. Gallet Clamshell Booklets
  234. Vertex Identification
  235. ~1700 fine calender and moon phase indicator by Fromanteel
  236. My first alarm watch and questions.
  237. 1929/30 Rolco center secs silver cased trench watch type.
  238. Zenith 1970
  239. Help with Vintage Waltham World War II movement
  240. Tara Swiss watch - 60's / 70's ? - info please
  241. Vintage Rado World Travel Legit?
  242. BubbleBack versus Ovetto
  243. First vintage watch purchase: Tell me TRUE, how did I do?
  244. Repairing a balance wheel??
  245. Is this Mondia FHF movemnt
  246. Please help to indentify the movement lady Ebel
  247. My first post
  248. 41J Rotary Super Compressor
  249. Can someone help me with info , about this watch ?!
  250. Resources on Arctos Elite