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  19. Movado 1940's , please if you can help me
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  27. help with a strange Difor watch i found at the carboot today
  28. I'm lost and have no idea ...
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  31. Please help estimate the value of my mother's watch
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  33. That Smiths W10 has a lot to answer for......
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  38. Sicura Breitling Computer, just came in
  39. Please help.
  40. Royal London and Mount Royal brands: where are they made?
  41. Help with brand name
  42. Searching for a 50/60s Vintage Model
  43. Is this Roamer from India, one of those "deals" to beware of?
  44. Latest bootsale Vintage watch finds Roamer Oris swiss de lux timex etc
  45. Vintage West End Watch co. pocketwatch from the 1940's
  46. Thoughts on breitling
  47. help me pleace
  48. Ive been offered a Omega...
  49. Just needs a battery!!
  50. Can anyone help me indentify this??? Antique Gold Pocket Watch with no name??
  51. WRUW March 2013
  52. vintage seamaster question
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  54. 1952 Vintage Hamilton Lyndon
  55. 30mm Men's watch?
  56. Help!
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  62. How much for a vintage service?
  63. HMT Jawan on the bay 224 bucks! Have they no Shame?
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  66. Help to identify this universal Geneve Watch please
  67. Elgin 14k gold.
  68. Help re pocket watch confusion
  69. Vintage Omega Geneve Turler 1968
  70. brand new vintage glashutte, posible?
  71. Just arrived Seiko UFO
  72. TISSOT AUTOMATIC PR516 - Looking for a part
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  74. Received Oris 392 cal from ebay runs very slow. What to do.
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  77. Case for Elgin pocket convertible movement grade 50 & 86
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  79. Westclox Wrist Ben (repair/service)
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  81. Westclox
  82. Benrus...IS this real?
  83. Image resolution reduction for easy load.
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  86. Vintage Watch for $2k
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  90. perlon watch strap on 40s Omega ?
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  95. Any ideas as to the identity of this movement
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  97. Jules Jurgensen Key Wind Identification Request
  98. RELEASE: Android "timing machine" app for regulating mechanical (pocket) watches
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  100. Help to identify the HELVA movement.
  101. Just got this vintage Roamer - any good?
  102. Anyone know of a company called"William Shears?
  103. Can Someone Give Me Thoughts On This Seamaster 600 Please
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  105. Broken balance wheel!
  106. Was not looking for a Pocket Watch, but ...
  107. Fairly rare Gallet dial for my 1,000ish post
  108. Gruen Guild 794, Factory F & Identity of Second Watch Cuff Link
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  110. A Tale of Two Watches
  111. A new acquisition, with a scarce dial
  112. How To Get The Back Off Of My Hamilton Railway Special
  113. Could this watch be restored and actually free dive with it
  114. dating a timex
  116. Info Needed International Watch Company/Goldsmiths
  117. Information on a vintage watch by a company called "Shield"
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  119. old pocket watches - HELP
  120. Over winding a Vintage Pocket Watch
  121. West End Watch - Incoming - Thoughts?
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  123. Practically, manual vs automatic?
  124. Vintage ORVIN 17 Jewel info needed
  125. Can anyone tell what this is for?
  126. My grandpa's amazing watch
  127. Info about Sergines Pocket Wtach
  128. Sicura Breitling Computer, can anyone give me more info
  129. C. 1930 Bernex Swiss made pocketwatch
  130. What is Sherlock Holmes's pocket watch?
  131. Help to ID watch worn by Malcolm X
  132. post your black and whites !
  133. Pocket Watch: A.L. Haman & Co, St. Paul
  134. Need advice on a Longines Ultra Chron
  135. 1912 Illinois Pocket Watch
  136. 26 mm trench watch
  137. Vintage 1930s Glashutte
  138. Waltham in a Dennison Star Case
  139. Opinion please on a vintage seamaster
  140. Alpina or Rensie or Eisner....
  141. I need HELP purchasing a Pocket Watch
  142. What does G.f stand for on this old longines it's not gold filled
  143. Wittnauer - any opinions on this vintage??
  144. Identify pocket watch?
  145. Vintage Movado
  146. Vintage Seamaster Help Please!
  147. Got an Omega Ranchero for 95 euro
  148. Early Tiffany little lady trench form w.w.
  149. Vintage Longines Conquest hi-beat
  150. How DO you store your pocket watches?
  151. Any Info About Automatic Tramway Wrist Watch?
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  153. Mickey Mod Watch from the 70's?
  154. Little antique verge
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  156. the watch i got of my grandad
  157. Classic 60's Black Dial Sandoz
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  161. Silver Habern Type Pocket Watch
  162. New to the forum, need help identifying a very important watch to me!
  163. Vintage Longines Help
  164. Incoming
  165. 1915 Borgel Demi Hunter Cased Electa-Gallet
  166. INCOMING: High-Beat Zodiac, cal. 86
  167. 1941 Omega: *WARNING* Not for faint of heart! Don't try this at home! ~ PIC HEAVY ~
  168. CYMA
  169. My first packet watch-Elgin 17jewels
  170. Baume & Mercier watch, help and advise kindly appreciated
  171. Auction find
  172. 1950-60s Mechanical Watch With Black Dial
  173. Help a newbie to buy first nice watch....
  174. in identification of old wristwatch
  175. Vintage Seiko Sealion M55 (6106-8050T AD)
  176. Please Help to identifying old swiss pocket watch
  177. Shock protection on an early Valjoux 7730
  178. My pick of the week....
  179. Help Identify this pocket watch pls
  180. Im New to buying vintage watches was this a good start?
  181. Help with Engraved Watch
  182. Interested in a watch but not sure
  183. Help to Identify Vintage Vacheron & Constantin
  184. THOUGHTS PLEASE - Vintage TELLUS Chronometre
  185. Gallet tritium-paint watches
  186. General infomation - Pocket watch stand/watch.
  187. was this decent purchase?
  188. Watch Fantasy: Which Watch Would YOU Choose if You Had $60,000?
  189. 2 Ebay scores - $13 and $38
  190. Westclox Ben Wrist Watch
  191. Help me identify this watch
  192. 60's roto 44 inquiery
  193. T anyone????
  194. "Marriage Watches" - Converting Pocket Watches to Wrist Watches
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  197. A French classic :)
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  201. 1899 [?] Sz 16 Waltham With Philadelphia "Crown" Case
  202. Need more info about vintage tissot antimagnetique
  203. Expert eyes on 2 Omegas...authentic?
  204. Moncare Incabloc Car Watch?
  205. Please help me identify this vintage JLC dress watch
  206. Identify part of vintage generic swiss
  207. Help identifying Hamilton
  208. Movado? ESQ? Please help! ID
  209. Help identify "The Bell", please
  210. Watch company called Summit?
  211. ?
  212. Help Identifying Pocket Watch
  213. Cannot Identify Vintage Bulova Dive Watch
  214. Could someone identify it?
  215. Omega Automatic Geneve help needed!
  216. Pocket watch help
  217. It's been a while... But hoping for a gem in this pile of junk!
  218. Vostok Komandirskie Paratrooper Authenticity Verification
  219. Very Confused. Dennison/Waltham pocket watch case.
  220. Help needed to identify this Rolex
  221. Help identifying/dating DOXA pocket watch
  222. American Waltham info please
  223. Help Identifying a 1960's Omega Cosmic
  224. Vintage Omega Chronograph help?
  225. Help identifying 2 Elgin Pocket Watches
  226. What type of strap fits onto this wristwatch?
  227. Mid- 19th century pocket watch?
  228. Vintage Birks Watch
  229. Collector's initial interest generated how where when , etc?
  230. Just got a Horsham Watersprite.
  231. Gallet MultiChron Medigraph - any thoughts...
  232. Universal Geneve Annual Calendar?
  234. Purchased "ERY" watch off ebay. Anyone know anything about watch, brand? see pic
  235. Help Identifying An Older Swiss Made Automatic Watch.
  236. Any Information? Tho Rickett Wycomb Pair Case
  237. Help needed to identify Certina Blue ribbon cal 919-1, original or re-cased?
  238. help to identify these possible vintage watches
  239. Watra (French?) Keeping Time After 30 Year Nap
  240. Help identifying a pocket watch
  241. Baume et Mercier - Vintage - HELP NEEDED
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  244. Appleton or Bartlett model 1857 Waltham?
  245. Fusee pocket watch
  246. Question about purchasing vintage watches
  247. Know-nothing pocket watch heiress needs help with identification... Locle: Huguenin...Denire
  248. Fusee pocket watch
  249. Help Identify a Vintage Girard Perregaux?
  250. A Handful of Private Labels