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  16. my first vintage
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  22. Need info on Mondaine watch. See pic
  23. Any info on this Gurzelen pocket watch?
  24. Just picked up this little jewel.
  25. Looking for your advices...
  26. Catorex pocket watch
  27. Eterna Civilian with military features
  28. Thinking of buying a vintage omega
  29. Questions on Alsta Date-Chrono
  30. Longines Pocket Watch Help
  31. Help Identify an old Bulova Marine Star and Junghens Pocketwatch
  32. Fitch's Patent Dustproof Case(first screwdown crown?)
  33. Today's Buy - Certina
  34. Identifying help needed!
  36. Help needed! Identifying henri blanc 17J Swiss Movement
  37. Vintage Omega Constellation Cal. 564
  38. Waltham Model 1907 parts needed.
  39. help identify this watch
  40. Todays Finds :)
  41. Skeleton dial watch advice
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  43. Help needed! Identifying 17J Swiss Movement
  44. waltham flea market find
  45. vintage titoni (40 years old maybe)
  46. Upgraded to first class
  47. Officers and Children First
  48. Hamilton St James
  49. Vintage Minute Repeater Pocket Watch Help Needed?
  50. Pink gold plated Longines dress watch.
  51. CALIBER ?
  52. DF&C pocket watch mystery help please....
  53. Returning the favour, sharing the passion ;)
  54. Blue dial vintage watch thread
  55. Help with identifying chrono movement
  56. Bulova world time clock
  57. Need confirmation for a Hampden pocket watch (56K warning!)
  58. Can anyone recognize this old Omega?
  59. Help identifying age and movement
  60. Cyma Hermetic-cased watch
  61. Help me choose one - Certina watches
  62. My first post on this forum - Patek Philippe
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  64. information about watch brand "Ard"??
  65. Today's purchase- Longines 14k
  66. Lausanne with alarm
  67. Early Breguet 1/4 Repeater with Hand Written Papers from Breguet
  68. Suggested Reading for someone new to Horology
  69. The 'REAL' Index Mobile
  70. Omega Seamaster 300 -66
  71. New Omega Seamaster 600
  72. Just picked up this beauty!
  73. Royal Orient - 1958-1960 (~ish)
  74. Looking for....
  75. Looking for a 40s-50s mechanical chronograph: what to look for/avoid?
  76. Vintage Rolex - does this look right to you?
  77. New Acquisition And Questions
  78. Anyone seen the big blue Kingston before?
  79. eBay Question for vintage collectors
  80. World War II Waltham with Russian engraving
  81. Assistance with Identification and/or Information on vintage Hamilton Pocketwatch
  82. Elgin/Fahys Montauk Pat 1879?
  83. Swiss Incabloc 17 jewell identification
  84. Longines Dial Question-Numeral offset
  85. Lady Waltham 1890
  86. 17j Bunn special order?
  87. 37 size Waltham and Elgin
  88. Info on a vintage screw back Bulova?
  89. Looking for a nice vintage watch under $200
  90. My new to me Soviet Luch 2209 slim
  91. New Crystal- this time on the Helbros diver
  92. Waltham Model 1898 parts needed
  93. 1940s(?) Bulova and a few questions to go with it
  94. Original Breitling venus movement?
  95. What do I need in my collection - would like your thoughts on my next steps
  96. New vintage caravelle diver!
  97. Vintage Roamer on eBay - what are your thoughts
  98. Last Week's Find
  99. Tiffany/Movado
  100. My Grandfather's watches.
  101. futurematic vs memovox automatic vs.....
  102. Waltham Watch
  103. What did I buy? Bulova accutron 218
  104. Family Heirloom - 18K Dennison Watch Case Co. - Swiss Made
  105. Great Grandfather's Pocketwatch
  106. Has anyone seen an Elgin Avigo advertisement?
  107. Just purchased on eBay - Vintage ELCO / Caravelle / Timex & Citizen
  108. I have a old nardin watch,I want to know the movement information.thanks!
  109. 1950+ Elgin best extremes
  110. identifying a Cyma movement
  111. Vintage Sandoz Automatic
  112. Vintage Ladies Watches
  113. Vintage Hamilton 2987 with "W" between lugs
  114. Anyone familiar with vintage Soren Melgaard watches?
  115. Reluming vintage dials. For the love of God!
  116. Another Flea Market Find: LeJour 17 jewel
  117. Help Identifting Unique Hamilton Wristwatch
  118. Black trench watch?
  119. Daniel Perret
  120. vintage lecoultre production level
  121. Help with Gruen Airflight hands
  122. Looking for my first pocket watch, opinions requested!
  123. Information on this Ultramar wristwatch
  124. Nice Omega pocket watch find.
  125. A Bulova back from service.
  126. No16 Interesting Anglo Swiss Watch Co. Borgel
  127. TISSOT Switched movement Saga continues....
  128. Movado Chronometre from 1940
  129. Rondine watch, glycine movement
  130. My first vintage Omega - Seamaster c1961 (repost to vintage)
  131. James Dean Lucky Pocket Watch
  133. shocking pictures
  134. Longines Archives
  135. Germinal Voltaire?
  136. Vintage Elgin? WWII
  137. Calling all Vintage Vacheron Constanin experts!
  138. 1960s ROAMER Rockshell Electronic
  139. dating a Universal Geneve Cal. 291, help please ?
  140. Hamilton 770 ?
  141. Advice needed! Vintage Breitling
  142. Latest Aquisition -1920s SABINA ?Monopoussoir? Chronograph
  143. Question about Vintage Omega Dial
  144. Old Omega
  145. Question about acquiring vintage chronographs on a *budget*
  146. 1930's GALLET MULTICHRON REGULATOR on a JB Champion mesh bracelet
  149. Need help ID'ing this automatic
  150. Pocket Watch ID/Maker
  151. help id a vintage hausmann chronograph movement
  152. Molnija 3602/3 revisited
  153. Gruen and Rolex Similarity
  154. Vintage Buler watch. What movement is this?
  155. Omega Seamaster Automatic
  156. Info request for Wittnauer Geneve Automatic watch
  157. Today's find to share with the folks here
  158. Help me find a Vintage watch to match this!
  159. Help! Rotary Super Compressor Super 41?
  160. Omega automatic
  161. HAMILTON 600 , BIG QUESTION!!!!
  162. Oris Watch Case - Help
  163. Vintage Axa and unknown hallmark on back lid ?
  164. Columbus Swiss and Gruen's designed p.w.
  165. Pocket watch movement help wanted
  166. Elgin Repair/Restoration: Who Does It?
  167. Vintage BME watches, info on the brand?
  168. Auction find and now i need help!
  169. Longines Watch Idenitification
  170. 1917 German Soldier with MAMMOTH wristwatch
  171. Help Needed Please Cazal Watches 1022 Movement?
  172. Am i going mad?
  173. Same dials on vintage refurbs from India?
  174. dilemma in collecting British WWW watch
  175. Help to identify an old watch
  176. Langton Watch from Brazil
  177. Questions about vintage Venus 210 chronograph
  178. [Identification Request] IWC Pocket Watch, Breguet, and Ebel
  179. How to adjust speed.....
  180. 1960s Smiths car dashboard clock (Watch)?
  181. Buren Experts - could someone give an estimate age?
  182. Dubois & Cie
  183. What do you like from my trip to the antique store today?
  184. SOTBC..... Family Shot!
  185. Help in identifying this watch
  186. Seller Review Request
  187. Obscure cylinder watch - Amec.
  188. 1940s Omega :: Expert opinion needed
  189. In Times of War - A CAMPAIGN Watch
  190. Gruen curvex Clean up
  191. Any Help - Huge Vintage Omega Skeleton
  192. Assistance IDing this weekends find.
  193. wittnauer identification help.
  194. Whats the retail on one of those? More than you can afford, Westclox.
  196. Can you help identify?
  197. Do You Believe in Reincarnation?
  198. My first clean up/overhaul
  199. Beginning of a Vintage Collection
  200. Its been at-least a week... can one have too many Borgel cased watches?
  201. Baume or not a Baume
  202. Any Gruen Curvex owners out there?
  203. Help with Identifying and Evaluating a watch - Wm J Collison London
  204. Info on Longines 13ZN
  205. Bulova Accutron 214 M2 need crystal part number
  206. WHAT KIND OF WATCH?? DIXI Milan 1906 Old school Pocket Watch
  207. Help to identify ALB watch
  208. vintage Vulcain cricket-how to tell the year of production?
  209. Need help Identifying this Patek Philippe Geneve watch
  210. Waltham Vanguard 16s, 23j up & down indicator
  211. E. Howard Watch Co
  212. Elgin deluxe pocket watch info
  213. WRUW June 2013
  214. Henri Duvoisin>>>>>
  215. When did Omega and Lemania stop using radium dials?
  216. Help I.D. this 1930 Illinois wrist watch
  217. Emilio Pucci- my second vintage blue square watch...
  218. What's WUS Think of this find?
  219. My Newest Find. What does WUS think?
  220. old pocket watch,may be omega or...
  221. The Truth Behind The Myth - The Final Story Read more:
  222. Benrus Military-Style Wristalarm Watch
  223. Help Identify Pocketwatch
  224. This might be an opportunity to aquire a nice Vintage watch at a reasonable price.
  225. Vintage Omega Constellation
  226. Candino Blue Square watch find...
  227. Some information about old LEONIDAS Silver Pocket Watch
  228. Gotham Aquaking
  229. Information Request: Unknown Vintage Chronographe Suisse
  230. Once Again I Ask For Advice... Roamer Military Watch
  231. Longines 302-Loose Cannon Pinion?
  232. Info on a 1940s era Universal Geneve watch
  233. Can Anyone ID This Movement?
  234. Longines Ultra-Chron ref. 8301
  235. Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  236. old Haller german pocket watch
  237. need advise on girard perregaux
  238. Switching out a movement in a pocketwatch
  239. Is this even a pocket watch ? Previous owner was military skier (circa 40's I think)
  240. Vintage Omega
  241. Olympic or Handelsmarke - what to do with these?
  242. Please help me ID my omega constellation
  243. Car Clock?
  244. "Bison" pre-1970 watch?
  245. Vintage Rolex Speedking
  246. Glashutte Original Senator Automatic questions...
  247. Cooksey Shugart Passes Away
  248. Any info on this Tobias pocket watch movement?
  249. Help identifying a Rado Golden Horse vintage watch
  250. Need help identifying Gruen Watch