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  1. 1900 Grand Prix Paris Longines and vintage HY Morcer & Ce
  2. Does anyone know about this movement?
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  5. WRUW January 2013
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  9. Been wanting to hold this watch for years and finally I get to wear it.
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  11. Where do i get a acrylic crystal replacement (odd shaped) crystal
  12. Cortebert Digital Wristwatch (jump hour)
  13. Happy New Year!
  14. Opinions of this Pavel Buhre
  15. 2013 is coming up...looking back on 2012 what is your favorite purchase
  16. Need help w/Bitunia watch, ladies 1871 pocketwatch & Bulova-UPDATED with pictures.
  17. JW Benson 1930; what is the movement & should I refurbish the dial ?
  18. Cyma Braille Pocket Watch
  19. Any info on 1953 Bulova?
  20. Help with old pocket watch
  21. Patek phillippe hunter case pocket watch
  22. Help in identifying an old pocket watch (great grandfather)
  23. Citizen Bullhead 8110
  24. Seiko Bullhead
  25. Help needed in identifying a Tressa watch
  27. advice on vintage watch
  28. Elgin watch box. O.K. for several autowinds, or only one?
  29. What bph values are "normal"?
  30. unknown vulcain watch
  31. Need help: Leyonet pocket watch
  32. ID help please!
  33. Can anyone tell me the date of this Royce watch
  34. Smiths - new crystal advice
  35. My Dad's Hamilton Model 23
  36. Camy clubstar watches with unsigned movements.
  37. Elgin Natl Watch Co - Pocket watch
  38. Longines (Ladies) Pocket Watch Elaborate Design, diamond approx 1904 - Help!!!
  39. Help with old watch identification
  40. Help needed
  41. Lafel Swiss Watch - anyone know this brand?
  42. Pocket Watch 100 Years +
  43. 1960's Square Gold Roamer Watch Identification
  44. Help dating/confirming Junghans, mov. J98
  45. Can someone help me Identify this :)
  46. Pie Pan Connie with Patina
  47. Found these in the attic! Tell me more about them!
  48. Should I buy it Tissot Seastar B985A/995A for 35£ ?
  49. Vintage Omega Seamaster 1010
  50. Help with this Tavannes
  51. Three Pocket Watches Need ID'd (Elgin, Hamilton, & ???)
  52. Going to buy a pocket watch. I need some advice.
  53. Isn't old stuff valuable? :-)
  54. Vintage 1960's Omega Seamaster
  55. Illinois Springfield pocket watch
  56. Gallet/ Racine diver
  57. Vintage Bel-lux brevet triple Calendar - help
  58. Authentic vintage Girard Perregaux ?
  59. What is your opinion of the value of this vintage belt watch/clock?
  60. 1940's Bulova identification. Crystal and hands needed
  61. DIY pocket watch repair help
  62. Genuine 1946 Omega Seamaster?
  63. Help in finding a good watchmaker in NYC to fix a LUC pocket watch
  64. 60's? Waltham Wristwatch Info
  65. New Year Welcome
  66. Anyone with Waltham knowledge?
  67. Shop recommendation, Birmingham UK
  68. help identifying some passed down watches
  69. Help me to identify this pocketwatch - Chronometre Noble
  70. Merry Christmas everyone!
  71. My first vintage: A Stowa! Pictures and questions galore...
  72. Help identifying a vintage Breitling.
  73. Seeking info on watchmaker: Albert Jean Lou
  74. Merry Christmas !
  75. My last for 2012
  76. help identifying (swiss?) pocket watch
  77. My Omega Pie Pan
  78. Smiths Imperial
  79. ***Oldtimers Archive & Vintage Watches Eye Candy***
  80. A little help with this vintage Roamer?
  81. Nostalgia: Early Wristwatches and Cell Phones
  82. Bulova Accutron.
  83. Polerouter (finally!) Part II
  84. Te He fresh from the watch maker
  85. 1968 Hamilton
  86. Just Purchased This 1920 Elgin Raymond Deco Pocket Watch
  87. Dating a vintage JLC
  88. Hamilton storm king V
  89. Baume & mercier chronograph
  90. Share your ephemera!
  91. help identifying vintage watch
  92. Older Stopwatch Made in Switzerland - ID?
  93. Brought home a vintage Helbros today
  94. Look who showed up
  95. Question on U.S. Watch Company pocket watch
  96. Vintage 50's Omega Question
  97. Early X-mas present...
  98. Help on identifying a vintage chronograph repeater?
  99. Information Request: Old Bulova
  100. Requesting Impressions And Opinions On Honeycomb Dial Vintage Seamaster. Gift For My Grandfather.
  101. Can someone indentify this 2 certina watches
  102. Work boredom strikes again - How'd I do?
  103. Pocket Tritschler Guadalajara
  104. Super rare Roamer
  105. Just picked up a Gradus watch...
  106. Hamilton watch - I am at a loss.
  107. Help 18 century pocket watch Identification Wiliam Glascow London
  108. help me please identify this at least 100 years old gold pocket watches, i believe they are swiss
  109. Can you tell me about this old pocket watch? (pics)
  110. Omega 560 run time
  112. Need info for this watch
  113. Tudor - Take it or Leave it? Your thoughts?
  114. Citizen;Please help :)
  115. Fontane Bleu space odysee 2001
  116. Mothership vs. Trusted Watchmaker Service
  117. 1960s HMT Jarwan - fake/ replica
  118. Please help with vintage JLC club
  119. Vintage Bovet: help identify!
  120. Help buying an 18th century fusee
  121. Heuer Calculator Cal 12 Pics
  122. Key Wind Pocket Watch
  123. New Hamilton 454 "Sputnik"
  124. Help with first Eterna-Matic
  125. Looking for help with Omega Constellation restoration
  126. Please help - Omega Cal 561 - 14k observatory medallion missing!
  127. A couple of old Walthams....with questions.
  128. Need help on Hamilton grade 974 pocket watch
  129. Vintage Bulova Super Seville Day&Date - some photos
  130. Douglas World Time Help
  132. Vintage Illinois Watch Co. Info Help? Pictures! Thrifted watch for 50 cents!
  133. Two more pocket watches for identification
  134. Help to identify the following vintage pocket watch
  135. Trying to ID Pocket Watch
  136. ZENITH - A Legendary Pocket Watch - Gandhi?s Alarm Pocket Watch
  137. My Grandads watch
  138. Vintage Omega, 60's?
  139. Omega Antique store find today
  140. Help identifying a Nitella watch
  141. Help orthenticate BREGUET & Omega pocket watches
  142. can any one help me i.d my working Louis Rossel Neuchantel Automatic Swiss wristwatch
  143. Identify this Certina watch.
  144. Hands for vintage Tissot seastar seven
  145. IWC Automatic, cal 853
  146. Any info on Paragon Watches?
  147. Advice for newby to vintage pocket watches
  148. 1908 Waltham Pocket Watch
  149. Find a Watchmaker Online
  150. Where could I find a list of 'Rotary' releases c.a. 60s?
  151. 2 Omega new 6b/159 SS cases needed to be made
  152. Help with identifying this Melody Alarm?
  153. Paul Perregaux Watch Co.?
  154. Needing some help with a vintage Omega
  155. Coupla New Old Ones
  156. Hamilton 917 running very fast
  157. Any Info about This pocket Watch?
  158. Vintage Mido
  159. Service Advice for Vintage Pocket Watch
  160. What brand is this?
  161. Which Gruen Precision is this?
  162. Vintage Bulova Wristwatch-Circa 1963
  163. Chronographe suisse - help!
  164. Solid gold back, GF bezel
  165. Servicing my "new" ottoman watch
  166. picked up a lot of old pocket watches
  167. What were the Lord Elgin standards for adjusting their automatics?
  168. Omega 1930's Watch..
  169. Any imformation about my new purchase Hamilton CLD
  170. HELP - special dial
  171. New enthusiast looking for advice!
  172. Intercontinental Pocket Watch?
  173. Just in : fun little watch from the past
  174. Vintage Vulcain of the 70s.
  175. CYMA Pocket Watch - Would like input on age and serial #
  176. Please help me identify pocketwatch brandmark
  177. Oriosa Chronographe Antimagnetique
  178. I have access to two Girard Perregaux. How Much?
  179. Super Compressor Apreciation Thread
  180. Vintage Bulova Wristwatch Questions Over in 1 hour
  181. Need suggestions for my first vintage pocket watch
  182. Please identify this Zodiac chronograph movement!
  183. Seiko 6138 3002 rust issues? w/ PICS
  184. pocket watch key advice please
  185. NOS Lanco photos (update from my Laco/Lanco thread on the LACO forum)
  186. Vintage Universal Genève with dry, leathery original strap
  187. A Fine and Extremely Rare Massive 18K Yellow Gold Centre Seconds Patek Philippe
  188. I think I was bitten by a vintage bug
  189. My Mystery Cresarrow Watch
  190. Asking for insight into Bunn Special variants
  191. Zodiac Sea Skate
  192. silver pocket watch makers mark
  193. Early IWC wrist watch - for advice please
  194. Vintage Tissot pocket watch - Who has information about it?
  195. advice for noob vintage enthusiast
  196. Universal Geneve Ultra Thin questions...??
  197. leijona watches
  198. Does what I do damage my watch.
  199. Ladies vintage Bulova - info sought
  200. Vintage Bulova - some guidance needed
  201. Vintage Watches on Display: Pictures of Nice Vintage and Pocket Watches..
  202. I have a beautiful Universal Geneve Full Calendar Watch - But is it authentic?
  203. Dial variation possible on a vintage omega??
  204. Anybody got thoughts on this?
  205. 1950's Elgin Help
  206. leijona watches
  207. Illinois 34mm Movement Questions
  208. Gold Train in Bunn Special Pocket Watches
  209. Unknown "cheap" automatic; anyone recognize this?
  210. Your opinion on this Omega please
  211. Clearing through old things - Avia 17J Incabloc
  212. Latest addition to the Electric collection
  213. Who invented this "TV-Dial"?
  214. Question for the long timers - Which vintage watch brands have steadily grown in price?
  215. Which are Omegas most desirable calibres and models from their Vintage collection? Pre 1980s
  216. Thoughts on this 1970s Omega Seamaster? Real or Fake?
  217. Question for those knowledgeable on Timex electric watches.
  218. New website about antique pocket watches
  219. pocket watch case compatibility
  220. Bulova Aerojet - Anyone out there got one?
  221. Gold gears in pocket watches
  222. Grandfather given me his Omega Automatic Geneve (watch novice here) -please help
  223. Gruen Ultra-Verythin
  224. New Ebay scam
  225. 1951 Bulova Help Needed
  226. My gosh I have been gone for soooooo long.
  227. Can someone provide some information about some of these pocket watches and wristwatches?
  228. Visiting Zodiac Chronograph
  229. Waltham Pocket Watch Help Needed
  230. JLC Shock Protection on Cal. 830/CW
  231. I need some info on this roamer sport
  232. To restore Dial for Lady Omega Dynamic ?
  233. Help in identifying this Wilhelm monopusher - LANDERON HAHN vs LANDERON 12 vs LANDERON 39
  234. Help in identifying this Aluminum High Grade Pocket Watch - Vacheron, LeCoultre, Longines ?
  235. Circa: 1943 Rolex oyster perpetual-balance staff
  236. Bunn Special with 60 hour motor barrel
  237. New to pocket watches
  238. Vintage Girard Perregaux
  239. Omega Seamaster 2990 (not Ranchero)
  240. Can you tell me about this?
  241. Vintage Elgin stops when not worn...
  242. Any thoughts on this two tone Seamaster??
  243. Recommendations requested for a vintage dress watch please........
  244. Stopwatch Information
  245. Titoni Airmaster 21 jewels
  246. What model is this?
  247. Help Need with Ulysse Nardin Vintage
  248. 50's Longines Art Deco
  249. Old Rodania Chronograph
  250. WRUW December 2012