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  2. Hi, please help me identify this ROYCE watch.
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  18. favre leuba automatic?
  19. Is this a fake or real Girard Perregaux?
  20. New crystals for Eterna Matic 2002 & 3003 TV style
  21. help finding watch similar to this Patek Philippe
  22. Bueche Girod, opinions please
  23. Swis made pocket/pendant watch, help!
  24. 1940s Military Chronograph watch By Titus, EBAY, is it worth biding ?
  25. Vintage Bulova questions
  26. Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions
  27. What do i have? No really, what do i have.
  28. My Small Collection of Vintage Timepieces - Do share yours too.
  29. converted omega pw to wristwatch>?
  30. JYB - another French obscurity
  31. Hodinkee Comes to Minneapolis to Talk Vintage Watches
  32. Universal Geneve and Valjoux Calibers in the 1960/1970s- Info anybody?
  33. favre leuba waterdeep identification?
  34. Need Help identifing Movado/Zenith? Sub Sea Tempomatic?
  35. movements marks list
  36. Mido Multifort
  37. Gruen Assmann 1896 p.w. marked Ausman
  38. Any thoughts or opinions on this Longines Flagship?
  39. Need some information on Lecoultre Futurematic!
  40. Help identify my omega watch
  41. Old elgin wrist watch with soldier box
  42. Bulova Astronaut MkII
  43. 14K Longines Chronograph Caliber 30CH In-House movement. More info? Dial refinished or custom made?
  44. New to me Elgin 571 and an introduction
  45. Hello friends I need help on this vintage omega 267
  46. Can anyone venture a guess as to who made this pocket watch?
  47. need help identifying age of Ingersoll radiolite (pics inside)
  48. HELP: need more info on this Omega De Ville
  49. Help Pleese
  50. timex 400 17 jewel german
  51. Looking for the real Universal Geneve Expert
  52. Nicolet Watch (but which caliber is that?)
  53. Invex
  54. Is this eterna Matic all original?
  55. Lemania automatic 21 rubys, help with renovation question
  56. Identify my grandmothers pocket watch
  57. gentlemen, be not fooled.
  58. Vintage Girard Perregaux watches
  59. Timex - with Ticka Ticka
  60. Sandoz Duplex Watch
  61. Another LeCoultre Memovox
  62. Louis Rossel
  63. Got myself a pair of vintage watches - but is it real???
  64. Help and advise required for a Thomas & Son pocket Watch.
  65. information about Mathey-Tissot
  66. Help with a vintage Tiffany/Longines pocket watch
  67. Need more information regarding this Skymaster.
  68. Synchron Doxa
  69. Totally Swiss made Gruen p.w.
  70. Gruen Curvex 280-330 - too thick crystal?
  71. Not an Omega,1951 Jaeger Lecoultre Powermatic reference 671903 coming back from service
  72. Illinois Sangamo Special Tear-Down
  73. Gruen cal. 98 and Swiss Patent 51482
  74. What's this watch
  75. Family tradition
  76. Hampden (John Dueber) Is It Worth Repairing ??
  77. help with identification
  78. Looking for info' about Roy Ehrhardt 16s replacement dials
  79. Can you recognize the caliber of this Empire chronograph wristwatch?
  80. triple date Muralt identification please!
  81. What are the best vintage pocket watches?
  82. My first 3 Pocket Watches that got me hooked! Howard, Illinois "Bunn Special" & Waltham
  83. Hello, my first post: Need help identifing a watch
  84. Can anyone recommend a good reference book for vintage movements?
  85. Maintenance costs
  86. HELP! Need ID and info on my vintage Vacheron Constantin
  87. Never underestimate the taste of the public
  88. Vintage Zodiac ?
  89. Bucherer Swiss Made chronometer stainless steel back 1512p
  90. My round Cartier Santos is back!
  91. HELP: Could anyone ID this ENICAR watch?
  92. It's a Timex, but without the "Ticka Ticka", an SSQ
  93. Vintage Tissot - Can you ID?
  94. Scrap?
  95. Illinois Sangamo
  96. My Vintage Watch Collection - with Pics
  97. My Vintage Roamer
  98. Help wanted: salvage store find
  99. Patek Philippe 3445
  100. Camy Royal
  101. Help would be appreciated
  102. Would appreciate any info on these watches,
  103. Sea Diver Super Deluxe
  104. Illinois Watch Co. Pocket watch
  105. Vintage Repeater Pocket Watch
  106. Discovery: Vintage Gallet
  107. HELP! can anyone identify this pocket watch
  108. Early Tissot with R. Albert Riele 19''' ?
  109. WILKA watch info. request..
  110. john harrison
  111. Unboxing and review ? West End Watch Co Day-Date from eBay seller in India
  112. Small weekend pocket watch project...
  113. Helvetia pocket watch information required
  114. Elgin Pocket Watch With Caterpillar Strap
  115. Definitive vintage HMT Jawan military watch thread?
  116. would love to see some of your ww1 and ww2 watches and how you dress them
  117. Roamer Searock Real or Franken?
  118. Real or fake Patek Philippe antique? Help!
  119. Gerp Watch. Can't find much info on this one.
  120. One Landeron in the flea market
  121. My Grandfathers watch
  122. WRUW September 2012
  123. vintage citizen chronograph
  124. MANY ID Request, has anyone come across this make.
  125. Vintage Omega pocket watch
  126. Why do some vintage swiss made watches not have a brand name located on front or back of watch?
  127. "Clock Repairing as a Hobby"
  128. Universal
  129. Two new additions to my collection: Mido & Vulcain
  130. What do you guys think of this Waltham Wrist Watch?
  131. Looking for information about Elma watch brand... historical
  132. Pocket watch magazine
  133. Anyone know anything about these watches
  134. Is this a Fake?
  135. Here my latest vintage arrivals!!
  136. Identification assistance needed
  137. Darn. Think I underbid...
  138. Audemars Piguet : info?
  139. Titan watch
  140. pocket watch wrist strap/holder
  141. Trench Watch
  142. 14k Gold Unsigned Pocket Watch. Can someone help identify?
  143. Info needed on Wittnauer Pocket watch
  144. Vintage shops/stores in Lausanne, Geneva
  145. Need help identifying this vintage Hamilton
  146. Golana pocket watch
  147. Vinatge OMEGA Sea Master Watch, Can someone tell me which movement will fit this watch??
  148. Patek Movement?
  149. Art Deco Patek Philippe, is it real?
  150. Please help identify this 18k gold watch.
  151. Old IWC wristwatch.
  152. Glass for Smith Empire Watch
  153. Help on identifying a vintage watch
  154. Unmarked Pocket Watch Help
  155. Patek Philippe Gondolo Pocket watch
  156. 1973 Bulova
  157. New to forum help with eternamatic
  158. Novice requires opinion on Omega DeVille watch
  159. Novice watch
  160. Question regarding vintage VC dress watch
  161. Newest Chaton Acquisition! What is it?
  162. Does this watch appear to be in good shape? I really want to buy it but I want an expert opinion 1st
  163. Pierce 1940s one button chrono and Vintage flea market in Covent Garden
  164. Any info on this?
  165. Unsigned Pocket Watch Identification Help
  166. Help with Swiss Fero
  167. Questionable Dial/Movement
  168. Info request: Tusal Geneve
  169. Bauhaus
  170. Help identifying old Longines?
  171. Perfection W. & D. watch
  172. What do you do when you buy a used vintage watch and it has a personalized inscription on the back?
  173. Vintage Movado Watch - 1940s???
  174. Need Help Identifying Vintage Omega Ladies Watch
  175. Identification help please - Hamilton wristwatch
  176. Pocket Watch Identification Help Please
  177. Minerva pocket watch chronograph help
  178. Identification of 4 PW - please!
  179. Is this original?
  180. [ French ] Carriage clock identification - HELP Please
  181. Unknown gold GLYCINE POCKET WATCH, please help...
  182. A 10ct white gold Omega female wrist watch bought in 1970 need info please.
  183. Vintage Omega Questions
  184. Help finding Vintage Omega Seamaster Deville
  185. Vintage Movement Identification/ Help needed
  186. Buying vintage gold watch (<£1,500)
  187. Help identifying this rather Old watch please.
  188. Yema - ?History?
  189. I don't have the faintest idea of what I've just bought.
  190. 1970s Stellaris Dynatron Electronic Watch!
  191. Uncle Joe's War Watch
  192. Vintage Wittnauer with cool lugs.
  193. Setting the date on a Tissot Seastar cal. 781...
  194. women's Ulysse Nardin chronometer
  195. Early Date Pointer - Advice needed
  196. Just enough time to bore you with another trench watch...
  197. Chilex from the 1950's
  198. Dual Sided Chronograph Pocket Watch? Totally Bizarre
  199. Hamilton 686 - need some opinions on what (if anything) I should do with this watch
  200. MAJOR ebay gamble. Any info on the maker?
  201. American Waltham 1892, Need assistance
  202. The Old Machines
  203. Hamilton Masterpiece Watch
  204. Another from the Ultra stable - Ultra Prestige
  205. All original UG vintage compax?
  206. American Waltham Need help
  207. 1886 Waltham back from Service
  208. Omega "Labrador" pocket watch
  209. Old Pocket Watch ID and Info help (Pics Included)
  210. 1936 Hamilton Seneca/Sherwood--advice and value?
  211. Watch size?
  212. Groeflin Pocket Watch
  213. Zenith Sporto
  214. Selhor - back from service after months away
  215. help appraising antique masonic railroad watch
  216. An Unexpected Gift
  217. Pocket Watch Gift
  218. Accutron 2182 problem- eats batteries.
  219. Need help dating a DOXA watch
  220. Not quite vintage Timex help?
  221. 3 pocket watches..
  222. Newbie Looking for Info
  223. Olma Luxus
  224. Perfex 1920's, Froidevaux frères, or someone else completely?
  225. Actual military watches?
  226. Guys, I'm really stressed out and could use some honest feedback. Ebay guy wants to take me to court
  227. Which movements worldwide were as good as their contempories from Switzerland?
  228. "The Newsroom" Watch ID Help
  229. Movement ID needed, Parrenin????? Anybody seen one of these?
  230. Is this three register Mathey Tissot watch authentic? Or is it a redialed Tissot?
  231. Need Help Identifying this Watch
  232. PLEASE HELP!!! Identify this old Seiko, and where to purchase it...again...if possible
  233. Vintage Ottoman pocket watch - Help identifying anything about it is appreciated!!
  234. Pictures of Renown
  235. Please help to identify my 18k Vintage Pocket Watch
  236. Has this watch been hacked to pieces?
  237. IWC 1918 Bigelow Kennard & Co
  238. Another Pleasant Find, Universal Geneve 18K
  239. Lord Elgin Enigma
  240. Lorie watches, sears house brand
  241. HMT Janata dials
  242. Whats your opinion on this Hamilton watch?
  243. WWII watch case part terminology question
  244. Jaeger LeCoultre travel alarm 8
  245. Bronze pocket watch, questions on quality.
  246. Need help with ID of vintage ladies Wittnauer watch
  247. Croton Watch information needed
  248. hamilton 940 repair
  249. Wearing another silver watch...
  250. Incoming ROAMER Rotodate.