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  26. Nappey
  27. Yet another Movement ID request- 21 Jewel Automatic, Incabloc
  28. Edward Prior,pocket watch.
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  37. point me in the right direction
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  50. Anyone like the AS 1361?
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  54. Please help :)
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  59. Have a watch with Baume(only Baume) on dial - would appreciate help please
  60. International Watch Co Ingenieur
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  64. I believe I was swindled...
  65. Can you please help me identify this case? ? ? :)
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  74. Something different this time - Kody - warning Photo Heavy!
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  77. Some Canadian marketed Soviets
  78. Can anyone help identify Buren Imperial Ladies Watch?
  79. RALEIGH 21J ???? WHEN AND WHERE???
  80. Benefits of socialistical command economy
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  85. My Great Grandfather was a Watchmaker - Advice Required
  86. Need Help With Elgin Pocket
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  88. This one jumped the queue (Roamer content)
  89. Please can you help me identify ? :)
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  95. Requesting Appraisel From WUS Community Elgins
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  99. Elgin Sidewinder
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  101. My Great Grandfather's Watches
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  104. A little and rare Assmann is a Gruen resale.
  105. 2 watches - Caravelle & Chrisfer, and a "not a watch " Jaz
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  108. Need help identifying Omega pocket watch
  110. Information on Olicana wristwatch?
  111. Calling all Hobbiest Watchmakers, your watchmaking rooms - participation please!
  112. Gotham ladies watch... is it gold?
  113. Considering a LORD ELGIN BLACK DRIVERS WATCH (50s)
  114. 1966 Omega Geneve automatic
  115. New Vintage Omega
  116. Compressor Gasket Question
  117. New to me 1956 Bulova w Textured Dial .. Pics..Comments Please
  118. Good Pocket Watch?
  119. 1920s Art Deco Roamer - Restoration Completed
  120. 40's and 50's Masonic Wrist Watch Questions
  121. Carlowitz & Co.
  122. More Gallet, this time a family shot!
  123. Gubelin movement?
  124. Not exactly a watch...
  125. 1929 swiss? ladies watch identification please
  126. WALTHAM pocket watch -any expert pleeeeeese help!
  127. Seeking info on vintage Juvenia watch
  128. Vintage Certina Chronolympic Arrival
  129. Nivada Watch Identification
  130. How to replace a jewel shock spring
  131. Pirofa
  132. Vintage 18k IMPERIOS Chronograph (big pics warning)
  133. vintage omega - history?
  134. Girard Perregaux Gyromatic service repair
  135. Where to find Patek 2434 dial?
  136. Vintage Zodiac Arrived Today
  137. Hello WUS, many firsts in this thread
  138. Information on Ultra, Altitude & Mirus, with added Altitude movement ID'd + accident
  139. Lunesa
  140. Help finding
  141. Need info on ladies old Edox watch necklace
  142. Hy Moser & Cie, just from post office
  143. Base metal
  144. Lemania Pocket Stopwatch
  145. Glycine Triple Date Chronograph with Valjoux 72C Movement
  146. 18K Gold Tavannes pocket watch ID please :)
  147. Did Assmann make small 17L watches beforw 1900?
  148. Genuine or not? that is the question
  149. Is this pocketwatch gold or gold filled? Any other info appreciated also.
  150. Vintage Elgin Watch Possibly Unique Quick Set Date
  151. Favre Leuba Ladies Watch
  152. 1980's Hamilton Sea Hawk 200 - Help?
  153. Any information on this Wyler Incaflex??
  154. A Waltham Trench watch - Blurry auction photos, lots buys - love'm
  156. Hamilton catalogue on-line...
  157. Anyone know any info on this vulcain??
  158. Bulova President has arrived.
  159. bulova knickerbocker
  160. Amazing deal but what am I in for?
  161. Vintage Roamer
  162. Your opinions: Which are the most beautiful (aesthetic) vintage watches out there?
  163. Teardown: Hamilton Myron
  164. Teardown: Hamilton Fontainebleau
  165. Teardown: Glycine Compressor / ETA 2472
  166. Hamilton identification help
  167. Unknown Swiss novelty p.w.
  168. In dire straits ! :'(
  169. Elgin? (Picture)
  170. Ebay caution!
  171. Wyler Incaflex Dynawind
  172. Elco Pocket Watch Fake or Real?
  173. 1973 Speedmaster Pro 861 - appreciate your thoughts on this one!
  174. Vintage Hamilton Help!
  175. Antique Railroad Gold Pocket Watch Help Identiy Maker?
  176. Well, it has been atleast 24 hours since my last Borgel thread......
  177. Does anyone has any information?
  178. Silver Leaves?
  179. 3/4 Plate Keywind Walthams
  180. Art Deco Ladies watch
  181. Crosby?
  182. 15k Gold Ladies Wristwatch 1914
  183. Want a vintage watch, but not sure which
  184. Omega
  185. First pocket watch for son's graduation
  186. Ingersoll dollar watch
  187. Need details on an old courvoisier freres watch inherited from my grandfather
  188. My Homemade Double Albert + Fobbie
  189. VOG - warning, picture heavy
  190. Value of Casio 52QGS-14 vintage digital gold watch?
  191. Looking for some advice on a vintage Tissot
  192. Looking for a case for my Elgin 10s Movement...
  193. The other watch that turned up yesterday was...
  194. Old Longines Gold Watch
  195. Ulysse Nardin with Zenith Movement
  196. vintage Baume & Mercier diver
  197. My jump into vintage pieces... and another one
  198. And now for something completely different. GANGI pocket watches at GTE 2012
  199. The Durowe connection: Ricoh and Timex
  200. Has this happened to you?
  201. What movement parts tend to wear out most often?
  202. I need help with a Glycine Pocket watch
  203. omega watch how old what is it and whats it worth
  204. Bought a watch in scrap today...
  205. Vintage Casio JC-22
  206. Made in England - Smith Watch......what do you know?
  207. Help - Great Grandfathers Omega - Art Nouveau Hunter
  208. Elgin 8-day huge 'pocket' (car?) watch, charity shop find
  209. Advice from the pros
  210. Early transitional watch..... maybe..... S&Co
  211. NICEA "Licence Judex" any more information gratefully received. With
  212. 1950? Hamilton Illinois Swiss w.w.
  213. Grosvenor wristwatch
  214. Were Assmann 17L small size p.w. made as Assmanns?
  215. In the collector car field, you'd call this one a barn find...
  216. ancre 14k 15rubies remontoir Royal pocket watch G.Monard
  217. Does anyone know
  218. Gruen 510
  219. Assistance with Vintage Hamilton
  220. The brand of the day is the always cool Chilex, starring a nice 1960's manual.
  221. Start of my small Vintage&Antique collection
  222. Please help with info on Union Horlogere pocket watch
  223. Non removeable spring bars.
  224. A question about a Baylor automatic Swiss watch
  225. Benrus date pointer - replacement crystal?
  226. Girard Perregaux Pocket Watch
  227. Grateful for any information on Volta, Kienzle and Roamer watches! Thank You!
  228. French watch number 38 - Super!
  229. Oh No! I think I've done it again!!!!
  230. One on its way... movement ID?
  231. More Humming!
  232. Gruen 179 and Alpina 762
  233. Knickerbocker Swiss made Pocket watch
  234. Hello and Looking for your help
  237. Help with Lemania wristwatch
  238. Information on Mido Multifort Superautomatic Powerwind
  239. Where does buren fall?
  240. Vintage Lucerne Pocket Watch? DESPERATE for help!
  241. Omega 1260 - back up and humming!
  242. My Vintage Collection - Share with you
  243. C.1960/1970 Bulova Accutron 214
  244. Vintage cases. Many look the same...
  245. 1967 Bulova RR
  246. Installing a sapphire caseback
  247. 1928 Hamilton PIPING ROCK wristwatch!
  248. Tuning Fork Watches
  249. Any additional information on this DOXA Valjoux 72C triple calendar? Thanks
  250. Is this 1939 breguet a fake?