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  17. help identifying Baume et mercier vintage wristwatch
  18. Need help in identifying Swiss Makers Mark
  19. WEEKEND FINDS: Any more info please.
  20. WEEKEND FINDS: Any more info please.
  21. Dial authenticity check? Vacheron Constantin Calibre 1001 1950's
  22. Two 70's era watches I found.
  23. My new Eterna Kon Tiki "20"
  24. Al Archer on the job! With my Longines 30CH caliber 1940's chronograph.
  25. Lord Finn??
  26. Vintage watches in Sydney
  27. Curious about: Black-dial Omega, with red Omega symbol (cal 601)
  28. Vintage "HEBE" Wristwatch....
  29. Flesa 4007n stem removal help pls
  30. Icarus automatic 25 jewels incabloc (60's?)
  31. Help Identifying 1960's LeCoultre Watch
  32. Help Identifying 1960's LeCoultre Watch
  33. Elgin Pocket Watch 1930's
  34. Help identifying Hamilton pocket watch movement
  35. How/where the heck do I open this case??? o.O? Bizarre...
  36. Vintage Vacheron cal 1003 - Original?
  37. Looking for Large Pocket Watch Cases
  38. Help with Waltham wrist watch - identification
  39. High-end Vintage vs High-end Modern
  40. Is Tritium Dangerous?
  41. Need your expertise identifying vintage Bucherer mechanical ladies watch
  42. Wittnauer update
  43. Source for Vintage LeCoultre Handset?
  44. My first vintage
  45. Update on my Valgine Watch and Valgine in General
  46. Newbie into vintage
  47. Technos vintage 15 jewels pocket watch
  48. Need Help in identifying this Omega Seamaster/Constellation/De Ville Fake or Real
  50. found 14K gold Benrus wind up watch
  51. Please help identify unusal rotary watch
  52. What Sekonda?
  53. Girard-Perregaux Service and ID
  54. Question RE Omega US Army WWII Watch and looking for WWII Omega watch parts
  55. Does anyone know bout this brand of watch
  56. Help Identifying vintage watch (may be Mappin & Webb)?
  57. Omega Ranchero - frankenwatch or real?
  58. Gruen produced cheap 1945+ 50th?
  59. Date problem
  61. What Timex?
  62. French Watch at last
  63. Non-Magnetic Watch Co. of America PocketWatch serial # 326874
  64. Help identifying movement please
  65. Vintage Seiko Watches
  66. Serviced Cauny
  67. Jaeger Red Leather Travel Alarm Clock
  68. Swiss Heirloom
  69. My 1st IWC
  70. Newest Illinois Wristwatch
  71. Most of my pictures will disappear.
  72. Help sought with vintage Universal Geneve
  73. 14k Tourneau.... Anyone know what type of watch this is and what year is was made?
  74. Ever seen a vintage Movado like this?
  75. J & C Schwerer of Northampton Pocket Watch
  76. Girard-Perregaux Watch Identification
  77. Vintage LeCoultre Automatic in the mail today!
  78. Advice requested from a knowledgeable community regarding a future purchase
  79. Recent successful selective bidding for multicolor gold cases.
  80. longines gents 30's wristwatch - my first 'expensive' watch. how did i do? (n00b)
  81. 18 size Ball-Hamilton 999
  82. Any one tell me about thispocket watch??
  83. Need help to identify this strange watch: OLOR
  84. Help Illinois Watch Co.
  85. strange pocket (?) watch, please help identifying it
  86. can someone identify this Doxa pocket watch?
  87. HELP!!! Olma Pocket watch...
  88. MIURA Watch Company/Brand?
  89. Pre-WWII watches in Poland?
  90. Need help idetifying pocket watch please/thank you
  91. Does Anyone Know this movement? Help needed
  92. A new, old pocket watch...
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  94. Help with this interesting watch- INCABLOC DIGO MATIC 25 JEWELS SWISS
  95. Help to identify this gp vintage watch
  96. Vintage Bulton Ladies' Watch
  97. Le Coultre Identification~~ 1930s/1940s?
  98. Help please identify this pocket watch. Thanks.
  99. Bulova Jump Hour
  100. WRUC (numero uno?)
  101. WRUW October 2012
  102. Breitling Fliegeruhr
  103. old 18k Fusee watch help
  104. Pocket watch holder/wristlet strap
  105. Unicorn ladies watch- ?date and any comments
  106. Timex Electric 1973
  107. NOS Titus 100m WR Diver, a Seiko Diver Homage
  108. 1965 Omega Seamaster 600 Questions
  109. Please can someone help me
  110. Need help...
  111. Ww2 chronograph,,, real or frankenwatch?
  112. An Atlantic?
  113. Need HELP with WAKMANN
  114. Vintage Vulcain
  115. West End Watch - identification (help)
  116. Bernhuf Watch
  117. any Eterna lovers?
  118. 3133, Valjoux 7734 or other movement? Wittnauer chrono
  119. Mortima Mayerling - probably the last of my "general" French watches
  120. Help Identifying/Dating/Valuating Vintage Movado Pocket Watch
  121. Bennett pocket watch with Paillard Ste Croix Case ?
  122. Vintage Hamilton Automatic Day/Date--Need Help Identifying
  123. Opinions on vintage Breitling Cosmonaute?
  125. DECA... Ever heard of this watch?
  126. Schild Freres & Co, Help me please.
  127. Help identify this watch!
  128. Baume & Co watch
  129. watch repair NYC
  130. I believe this is a ca 1925 waltham Wrist watch 15j, Picked it up for $50 hope it was a good buy!
  131. Sportex Vintage Chronograph Watch
  132. Enicar Caseback Reference
  134. Help identifying antique pocket watch
  135. old quarter repeater marked "ulysse breting"
  137. Help Identifying unmarked Pocket watch
  138. Vintage Quartz Hamilton <$30?
  139. What is the difference in engineering between a "pocket watch" movement and a "wrist watch" movement
  140. Let's see your vintage watches with compasses.
  141. Is this old Citizen LCD collectable?
  142. 1950's Breitling Does this look real?
  143. Need help to identify ENGADIN wrist watch
  144. Rarity of Original 1931 Reverso
  145. Pocket watch with no markings
  146. Dunhill 1930s Driver's watch
  147. new strap for my vintage. not original but still well happy.
  148. What movement is in this Hamilton?
  149. Identify a wristwatch, info about brand and movement
  150. Visiting Illinois soon...
  151. Advice or info on this Omega?
  152. Help needed in identifying my family watch.
  153. Is this french made Zenith movement?
  154. What was your longest run and hardest catch?
  155. Should i buy this Omega?
  156. Desire Information directly or references about Swiss 1800's fine makers Lattes and Matile
  157. Zenith grand prix paris 1900 pocket watch
  158. Hamilton Military Watch GG-W-113 (Vietnam War???)
  159. Please help to decide on "original" colour of dial for a rare Favre Leuba Chronometer
  160. Ulysse Perret Watch, Compass and Thermometer
  161. looking for an affordable pocket watch
  162. Best Vintage Web Sites
  163. Authentic H. Moser wristwatch - Looking for details and an original mechanism.
  164. Servicing a vintage 1973 Bulova 666 Diver
  165. Identify my grandpas wristwatch
  167. My Grandfather's Bovet Pocketwatch
  168. Omega De Ville automatic, solid gold case 9ct, blue dial, circa 1973.
  169. Vintage CAMY watch with alarm
  170. Looking for a vintage SEIKO
  171. Anyone familiar with this watch? Kingston 17J
  172. Trench Watch Straps and Holders, Vintage...
  173. Help dating my new (old) pocket watch?
  174. Roxy
  175. just in the mail : lanco fon alarm~
  176. Would like to get a vintage watch as a birthday gift for my brother.
  177. Vintage fakes are everywhere!
  178. Dating a Favre Leuba watch
  179. Frodsham of Gracechurch Street, London Pocket Watch
  180. JAQUET mechanical stopwatch, any info?
  181. Mondia Vintage Chronograph
  182. My first hand relume
  183. Seth Thomas Pocket Watch Fake?
  184. got watch fixed just not right need help
  185. Hello, Can anyone provide any information on this pocket watch? "Guillet A Paris 571
  186. WMF Sellers of Altoona - Any help with pocket watch dating, please?
  187. 1912 Longines pocket watch - a present!!
  188. Larger Vintage Watches
  189. Bucherer 17 jewels, 3 adjustments
  190. 3 min indicators at vintage chronos
  191. Stem removal
  192. Gubelin Antipod Ipsomatic?
  193. Help Identifying Wyler Watch
  194. Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed
  195. Hi, please help me identify this ROYCE watch.
  196. Do anyone know this brand?
  197. WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts
  198. Help Me determine if my Fortis is Authentic
  199. Just inherited this Gruen watch...
  200. Trench Watch Restoration.. Where to start?
  201. Gruen 1945+? RR watch that is not.
  202. Wakmann Chrono
  203. help wanted!
  204. Vintage Seiko quartz watches
  205. Omega?
  206. 1960s Doctor's watch- info?
  207. Abouth Kelek
  208. I can't believe....bought a Harwood
  209. What's new with you!
  210. Looking for a spare part...
  211. favre leuba automatic?
  212. Is this a fake or real Girard Perregaux?
  213. New crystals for Eterna Matic 2002 & 3003 TV style
  214. help finding watch similar to this Patek Philippe
  215. Bueche Girod, opinions please
  216. Swis made pocket/pendant watch, help!
  217. 1940s Military Chronograph watch By Titus, EBAY, is it worth biding ?
  218. Vintage Bulova questions
  219. Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions
  220. What do i have? No really, what do i have.
  221. My Small Collection of Vintage Timepieces - Do share yours too.
  222. converted omega pw to wristwatch>?
  223. JYB - another French obscurity
  224. Hodinkee Comes to Minneapolis to Talk Vintage Watches
  225. Universal Geneve and Valjoux Calibers in the 1960/1970s- Info anybody?
  226. favre leuba waterdeep identification?
  227. Need Help identifing Movado/Zenith? Sub Sea Tempomatic?
  228. movements marks list
  229. Mido Multifort
  230. Gruen Assmann 1896 p.w. marked Ausman
  231. Any thoughts or opinions on this Longines Flagship?
  232. Need some information on Lecoultre Futurematic!
  233. Help identify my omega watch
  234. Old elgin wrist watch with soldier box
  235. Bulova Astronaut MkII
  236. 14K Longines Chronograph Caliber 30CH In-House movement. More info? Dial refinished or custom made?
  237. New to me Elgin 571 and an introduction
  238. Hello friends I need help on this vintage omega 267
  239. Can anyone venture a guess as to who made this pocket watch?
  240. need help identifying age of Ingersoll radiolite (pics inside)
  241. HELP: need more info on this Omega De Ville
  242. Help Pleese
  243. timex 400 17 jewel german
  244. Looking for the real Universal Geneve Expert
  245. Nicolet Watch (but which caliber is that?)
  246. Invex
  247. Is this eterna Matic all original?
  248. Lemania automatic 21 rubys, help with renovation question
  249. Identify my grandmothers pocket watch
  250. gentlemen, be not fooled.