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  1. im on cloud nine!
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  8. Can anyone help me
  9. John Forrest Fusee
  10. blancpain rolls
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  12. Kismet Antimagnetic ? 17 Jewel / Swiss Made
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  14. Fulton Officer, what the heck did I just buy? New picture ov movt
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  16. Tavannes Hunting Gold Pocket Watch,Dennison MOON case, still working, unknown background, help?!?
  18. Dwerrihouse Verge Fusee...some biographical help wanted.
  19. Hamilton Electronic: fun with obsolete technology
  20. needs a new body!
  21. Some days being a scrounger ain't so bad
  22. Grab Bag from grandfather's collection
  23. Stauffer Center Seconds trench watch from 1915
  24. Need help with identification of this LIVADA watch.
  25. Just joined and have some questions about a Kienzle pocket watch.
  26. My very first watch purchase!
  27. Antique Dunklings. Info wanted.
  28. Looking for that guy that was collecting info and creating the Benrus web site
  29. First model 1894 Waltham Maximus 12 size p.w.
  30. Getting harder to find watches in the wild
  31. Eloga 17 Jewels Moonphase
  32. First run Waltham 92 model Vanguard
  33. 18 Carat Hunter Pocket Watch 21st Birthday Gift 1917 - WEIGHT Approx 180g by Jos Penlington Liverpoo
  34. Antique Frodsham: Please Help
  35. Need help with an antique Zenith Pocket watch
  36. Accutron Space Watches
  37. Need help identifying 1976 bulova watch
  38. before and after shots
  39. ETA 6497 Assembly and Disassembly (link)
  40. Railroad watch promoter Ball catalog.
  41. Date and ID pocket watch please?
  42. Blita
  43. You don't get much for a penny nowadays
  44. E.HEUER Trench watch??
  45. TOOLS?
  46. Vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic
  47. Barr's > Heritage watch Co > Lucerne? Are they linked?
  48. Vintage Accutrons
  49. Waltham ID help
  50. Hi Everyone, West End Watch Co pocket Porclein Dating ang Movement Help Required !!!!
  51. Help identify watch company Gelda
  52. Hamilton Pocket watch help!
  53. Introduction and request
  54. Yet another mystery trench watch movement
  55. Unknown Military?? Watch big size ?
  56. Another Newbie needing advice. Vintage Damas & Vitage Carrera
  57. identifacation help please...
  58. Did a watch ever more capture the hopes and dreams of its time....
  59. I just bought my first Rolex... Vintage Precision - some info needed.
  60. Need help ID'ing this Wittnauer
  61. Think I may have to go cold turkey.... again!
  62. Tellus - Worth it renovating?!
  63. larex luxury
  64. Universal geneve unisonic wrist watch
  66. Good starter watch?
  67. west end watch - competition, help id please
  68. Is $183 for this 14K Waltham Pocket Watch a Good Deal?
  69. Early Waltham
  70. West End Sowar - Is this genuine, if yes, year of manufacture please!!!
  71. 1949 Omega CK 2505-02 cal 265
  72. Baume & Mercier watch
  73. 1969 Bulova Accutron.
  74. WRUW April 2012
  75. Yet another Font trench watch
  76. Help ID this Zenith
  77. Pocketwatch case collecting
  78. Any info on this Hermes watch...
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  80. Hamilton Pocket Watch Exhibition Caseback
  81. Authentic Ulysse Nardin?
  82. Heuer 1900 - 1920
  83. Need vintage Pocket watch cleaned & serviced in Australia
  84. My "new" Eterna Kontiki (1958)
  85. My vintage Hamilton Titan
  86. Help Please_Orfina Golden Flame
  87. bad jewel or balance staff what may it be?
  88. Storing pocket watch collection
  89. A Franco Swiss American - Vitova
  90. Another interesting one en route... Crusader Watch!
  91. Your thoughts on this vintage omega
  92. Mithras, France
  93. Introduction and a Universal Genève Compax
  94. Two that are proving difficult to identify!
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  96. Identifying vintage diver
  97. For Newbies (like me) How a watch works, and putting together an ETA 2801 (links)
  98. Ultra thin titus geneve
  99. SUPER LUXE old swiss watch
  100. Found the time to take a couple of pics in my personal collection - share ur babies too
  101. -Buren Rival- has anyone heard of this watch
  102. Help identify vintage Elgin pocket watch
  103. Link for the advanced movement search feature at Ranfft?
  104. Longines Professional c.1941?
  105. 1943 Eterna... 520 Cal.... Spares/Repairs.... and thanks Marrick for doing the leg work....
  106. Identifying a H.Moser watch with help of signature?
  107. Need Help With Van Cleef & Arpels Watch ID
  108. Newbie looking for info
  109. Aetos watch?
  110. Three from the Grenier revisited
  111. Grandfather's Hamilton.....
  112. Is my grandfather's pocket watch worth much?
  113. Is this watch worth repairing?
  114. Do you like textured dials?
  115. Roamer Stingray
  116. Third attempt for any info about Western Watch Case Mfg.
  117. West End Watch -- Advice?
  118. 1969 Accutron 214
  119. Vulcain Sea Eagle Exactomatic
  120. Found in the Grenier, Tissot, Citizen 7, Ramino & Binatone - info needed
  121. Info on pocket watch.
  122. Hallmarks???
  123. New to the club! (parts availability?)
  124. Please Help Identify 1798-1819 Silver Lapel Pocket Watch - French? Cylindre 10 Rubis E.B.
  125. ETA 251 272 issues
  126. Help identifying a vintage pocket watch?
  127. My first GRUEN
  128. Good place for vintage watches?
  129. need assistance please!
  131. Vintage Baylor watch
  132. Tavannes pocket watch, please
  133. Not always French here's something Swiss for a change - RUBIS - Update
  134. Junghans lot find.
  135. Need help sourcing hands for an AS 1583
  136. Rolex trench watch
  137. Delaware Watch - Radium hands?
  138. Breitling "Chronomat"
  139. Help with information on a Waltham Pocket Watch
  140. vintage Prim - brass & chrome
  141. Ebay Tissot.
  142. 1949 Hamilton
  143. Zedlore
  144. Could you help me identify this swiss 17 jewel watch?
  145. Today's lot of interesting goodies ... and 14K gold
  146. Eternasonic 9162 Hummer
  147. Thinking about adding a less expensive Omega from an auction
  148. Elco 17 Jewels Incabloc Watch HELP ! info
  149. Extra Extra.... read alll about it! Another West End Watch - Extra!
  150. Cortébert
  151. My little vintage collection
  152. Vintage watch loose dials/movements?
  153. Identify this vintage Girard Perregaux mechanical - unlike anything I've seen
  154. Don't make them like this any more...
  155. Need More Info On This Wittnauer
  156. Please help me ID this vintage Fortis
  157. Swiss Carda with Roseba 15 jewel
  159. Pocket Watches
  160. Bulova Accutron 218
  161. Lot Buy
  162. Early American KW/KS Avery "coin silver" case .. for what?
  163. Got pocketwatch? (LOTS OF PICS)
  164. Any info on this bulova?
  165. Help identify this watch possible 1948
  166. Patent 51482 - Fontainemelon - Struggling to believe....
  167. An unknown Eterna watch ?
  168. Military style wrist watch identification
  169. vintage omega constellation correct?
  170. I set a jewel this morning ... successfully too
  171. alpina pocket watch??
  172. OMEGA De Ville Chronograph - Help
  173. Auction Lot find of a Whirlpool Automatic, and not a Dishwasher
  174. Help with vintage Longines
  175. Omega seamaster 30 running fast, expensive repair?
  176. German Chronograph by Hofuhrmacher H.L. Lobner
  177. Vintage factory straps just look better
  178. Help ID this "PB Vulcain" 17 jewel selfwinding watch?
  179. Roamer treasure trove
  180. This morning's "treasure trove" arrival
  181. ID for 24h watch
  182. Vintage Caravelle
  183. "we buy junk, we sell antiques" ... Parts trade page coming
  184. Universal Geneve Monodatic bumper
  185. Omega vs Rolex vintage style
  186. Anyone know about Alben?
  187. Vintage altimeter watch?
  188. my first vintage purchases.. Elgin Shockmaster and Kienzle Selecta
  189. Help on this Omega wristwatch
  190. Unique "Speedmaster"!
  191. Help with Vintage Hamilton
  192. Vintage Timex Assitance
  193. Eterna Centenaire Square case... how do you get the stem out?
  194. Advice and Opinions Please!
  195. Found some old Seiko watches in my house
  196. Yet another movement identification request.
  197. How good are Gruen watches?
  198. Help identify vintage Rolex?
  199. My first vintage arrivals!
  200. Old one button chronograph, no minute register, to identify.
  201. Old Sages ... ID from fuzzy picture?
  202. G GERLACH
  203. Nearly identical 1900 16 size hunter cases
  204. befor I buy is it worth it?
  205. How much tarnish... is too much tarnish??
  206. Reliance Pocket Watch
  207. Need help identifying this ROAMER
  208. Finishing Funds for WALTHAM VANGUARD - A Short Film project in Los Angeles, CA by Bill Barker
  209. Help me buy these vintage watches...
  211. hello everyone iam new to the site and new to collecting watches. heres the first watch i bought.
  212. Need help identifying this Hamilton vintage (circa 1950s?)
  213. Need help with vintage handwound Timex
  214. A project I'm not sure if I can save
  215. Any idea who made this Seth Thomas electronic?
  216. Old England Olsonite Swiss Steering Wheel
  217. vintage stowa?
  218. Hamilton Masterpiece Broken Balance Staff
  219. The Cyma 1915 Borgel... mystery solved!
  220. Look at this monster pocket watch case ... how big do they come?
  221. Identification of a "Porsche Design" Chronograph (pics. Inside)
  222. I want to buy a vintage chronograph, but I have questions
  223. Need Help in identifying an old Helvetia pocket watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. Help Identifying a Vintage Movado
  225. Landeron 48 stops
  226. Some of my best pendant buys ... good things come in small packages.
  227. need some help ladies wristwatch waltham
  228. SMITHS 17 Jewels watch help needed
  229. Can you tell me more about this watch?
  230. Another mystery movement in a 1915 Borgel case
  231. Vintage Omega NOS
  232. Final design by Aeby of the popular Verithin p.w.
  233. Sensible Repair Cost for old Lenox
  234. So .... Did Dueber use real diamonds?
  235. Masonic Waltham - NOT Triangular case + advice needed please
  236. What is the function and name of this watch case part?
  237. LIP movement in Russian ZIM pocket watch
  238. Had my first go at luming a dial
  239. I'll have to thin the herd soon ... but a couple interesting Elgins added to the stable
  240. Another Luxor
  241. 70s Style TV Dial watches
  242. Need help with vintage Lemania
  243. Information on Waltham Commando
  244. Thanks Marrick!
  245. I'm new to the board, and I have a question.
  246. some of mine Rolex vintage
  247. vintage omega seamaster....please some advice......
  248. Help identifying 1958 bulova watch
  249. slow service? should I ask for my watch back?
  250. Wanting to buy a NEW pocket watch.