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  11. Another Timex Electric
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  13. Please help identity the 1940s?? chronograph movement , by Buttes Watch Co (BWC).
  14. Invicta by Waltham Jump Hour
  15. New arrival (thommen pocket watch with second case)
  16. 1950s Girard Perregaux
  17. Help Identifying Bulova Pocket Watch
  18. Need your help! IDing and restoring my grandfather's WWII Crest watch project thread
  19. Teardown + Service: Movado Ermetoscope
  20. Cool Bulova! Need help identifying :)
  21. Help me ID an old Cartier Santos
  22. Restored Gruen Curvex 311
  23. Timex model identify?
  24. Wonder Watch
  25. WRUW July 2012
  26. Final choice of gold case for Assmann Gruen
  27. New arrivals for "JULY"
  28. One I gave away
  29. Need some help identifying this pocket watch.
  30. New to me: Bulova manual wind from 1965
  31. Storch Brothers with a Marvin inside
  32. Newly acquired: 1970 Bulova Accutron tuning fork watch
  33. rainy day
  34. Benda, 1930's/1940's
  35. my 1957 Jaeger Lecoultre handwound reference 955701 coming back from service
  36. Need info .OVARAS
  37. gruen verithin
  38. A tough to find Vanguard
  39. Help with Fulton and Waltham wrist watches?
  40. Need help in identifying this watch
  41. Hamilton 992B(US Gov) help
  42. Help requested in identifying a vintage pocket watch
  43. guidance for fathers citizen restoring
  44. Vintage Bulova Help
  45. German Gruen 18 size p.w. perfect fit in U.S. case.
  46. Inherited a Hamilton 956 pocket watch/ need a couple parts
  47. I know we aren't supposed to ask this but a friend of mine has
  48. The latest addition to the stable, JAZ Electronic,
  51. HELP! With model and year? Vintage Omega Seamaster
  52. REC revisited & re-attributed
  53. Another qualifier for "cheapest vintage) Maty 17 Jewel.
  54. Super Compressor case back gasket production run
  55. Anyone seen one of these? Mondial with unidentified movement
  56. Does anyone recognise this movement?
  57. Bentley - Vintage watch
  58. But....
  59. Hamilton Pan Europ 703
  60. Vintage Tissot Antimagnetique and Bulova
  61. This is glue/resin, right? (Vintage Omega dial)
  62. Rotary 'Maximus'..... bit dirty... but runs!
  63. Vintage omega
  64. Nice untouched Elgin
  65. Eterna-Matic gift by Saddam.
  66. Edox, from around 1975
  67. A couple I didn't buy.
  68. another auction lot
  69. Help identifying rectangular Rado [Dialup warning]
  70. Old "Rolex" strap - fake or not?
  71. Ebay- watch: ok or not ?
  72. citizen bullhead - 30+ years without servicing??
  73. Can someone please help me to indentify these pocket watches?
  74. "Exacto Rail Case deco style watch original 1942"
  75. Need info on a '60s or '70s Timex
  76. Vintage Hamilton Identification
  77. With LOV from a Vide Grenier
  78. S&W Hamilton
  79. Helvetia art_deco identification
  80. Titus
  81. Revor, with a rarely seen French movement, but who is Revor?
  82. Boron labeled watch:any info?
  83. Le Cheminant skymaster 17 jewel 4668
  84. Omega cal 1481 movement quality
  85. Unknown but very interesting and looks old...very old wire lugged
  86. Question about authenticity, with pictures
  87. Vintage Tressa?
  88. My accutron collection
  89. Identifying an unmarked pocket watch movement without the case + a tiny Tissot bonus
  90. New tissot
  91. HELP me identify my DOXA watch
  92. Four vintage pocket watches - 1880s to 1960s - Elgin/Waltham
  93. Help Identify an IWC with sub at 3??
  94. Help with a Jules Jurgensen
  95. Vintage Ulysee Nardin, maybe?
  96. Identifying 1896 Gold Pocket watch
  97. i don't normally do this, but...WARNING
  98. Can you help me identify this Rado watch?
  99. Angelus Chronograph Watches
  100. .935 Silver Pocket Watch Movement, Value and Age?
  101. Seeland/IWC
  102. I'll Admit It: I've Never Heard Of This Brand
  103. Strange Cartier!!
  104. Huguenin Pocket Watch
  105. Any Interest in Vintage Mechanical Ladies' Watches?
  106. Another other Dennison screw case... 1918 military Issue....
  107. Info on West End watch
  108. Louisville Regional
  109. A black dust magnet and the antithesis of a trench watch - 1974 Timex Electric
  110. A shovel full of trench watches from France
  111. Just inherited a vintage Omega Constellation
  112. Thoughts on Patek 335sc movement?
  113. Hampden 306 set lever. Source needed
  114. Help with movement identification? Old French watch content inside!
  115. Please hep me identify this Omega Seamaster
  116. Re-dial affect value.
  117. Another Wyler
  118. Need help identifying a vintage Tramelan Chronograph
  119. Geneva.
  120. Alternative Straps for pre-1920 watches
  121. An as yet unidentified French Romax.
  122. Girard Perregaux
  123. Help Identifying this Rolex?
  124. 1914 Dennison Screw case... another one!
  125. Zenith eye candy
  126. Omega Seamaster Certified Chronometer - Help!
  127. "O SWISS O" What does the "O" refer to?
  128. Glashutte: Current vs. vintage...What's the story?
  129. More information about these two pocket watches
  130. Another three letter word - FOR
  131. Bueren Wehrmacht Ordonance Wristwatch WWII
  132. How does current status affect vintage?
  133. What can you tell me about this Tavannes?
  134. Help Identify Pocket Watches
  135. Three LOV
  136. Marguerite trench watch - with inscription
  137. Belair
  138. GRUEN Quartz pocket watch model number?
  139. Timex question
  140. Revue Sport Dienstuhr des Heeres - WWII Ordonance Watch of the German Wehrmacht late 1930's
  141. Best Dial Refinisher for Longines?
  142. Facit watch powered by a felsa 4007N, what does the "SUR" on the caseback mean? thanks
  143. First Vintage: Bull content
  144. Recommendations for getting my omega repaired
  145. PAX - Paradis Genappe - Pocket Watch
  146. Another new arrival
  147. Do you know about brand "Engadin" watch ?
  148. First post here
  149. A much-patented Gallet
  150. Can you tell me anything about this Monvis pocket watch?
  151. EBEL "Lady President" wristwatch information.
  152. Zenith Pocket Watch - Silver
  153. Chronograph Q: What is a scale to 20 on outer ring on dial, and mechanical question
  154. Yet another movement ID request !
  155. can somebody help me identify this pocket watch?
  156. 1974 Bulova
  157. Fludo & Mathen
  158. Vintage Longines Flagship
  159. 1938 Hamilton Sherwood 10K...With an incredible engraving! Any thoughts?
  160. Jaz Automatic
  161. Le Phare 18K gold "hunters" case manufactured c.1900-1910
  162. FULTON LANDERONOM cal 248
  163. Identify LeGant Electronic Movement?
  164. Identify Unver Chronograph Movement?
  165. Auction lot
  166. Some help needed: Vintage Longines Ultra Chron
  167. Latest acquisition.
  168. West End Watch Co. Secundus Pocket Watch...
  169. Judex-a convoluted early history.
  170. Can anyone identify this 30 min cam/lever manual chrono? An Arexo
  171. Gruen 0 size hunter movement maker?
  172. Omega Military type?? 1929
  173. IWC Pocket watch Movement Identification
  174. Basis Swiss watch not running properly
  175. More LOV
  176. Help me identify my grandfathers pocket watch (WW2 found!)
  177. My Smiths Empire watch doesn't say where it's made on the face
  178. Help identifying REALLY old Pocket Watch
  179. Silvana 70īs movement?
  180. 1970s self-winding Hamilton ID?
  181. Flea market find
  182. History of INTACT Watch Co.?
  183. Please help me with indentify this watch!
  184. Please help me with indentify this watch!
  185. advice needed regarding triple date Chronograph
  186. My new piece - Medana
  187. Help needed for identifying age and more for vintage JLC
  188. Recent find 30's zenith trench
  189. Very Rare 1929 Marvin watch in double silver case..... JW? Movement ID?
  190. re French watch webpages, photos
  191. Fred Gruen's thin p.w. modelsR
  192. Looking for help with my old watch- IKO remontoir ancre, 15 rubiis, levees visibles
  193. My Stratford Watch Movement Investigation Continues
  194. 1902 Elgin Wrist Watch
  195. Marvin cal.621
  196. Help identifying whats wrong with an Omega Pocket Watch
  197. French watch website online
  198. Langel wrist watch
  199. Peercee
  200. BULER pocketwatch
  201. Help with Swiss Makers Marks
  202. Another Kody, but earlier, Durowe?
  203. help identifying "vintage" baume and mercier watch
  204. Maybe a little love from the vintage forum...My new Orfina Chronograph
  205. Dugena Festa.
  206. Help identifying Pocketwatch
  207. Another vintage Longines cal.490
  208. Please help identify this watch I inherited
  209. What pocketwatch is plentiful and easy to work on?
  210. Not so common dial on an 1892 model Waltham
  211. Help needed: Watch Crystal
  212. WANTED: Info on Trench Watch Purchasing
  213. Vintage Omega Serial Number Mystery - Help?
  214. Lets play a game
  215. Fake Gallet Decimal stopwatch???
  216. How to make 1960's 14kt gold Bulova shine again?
  217. Bessa - a little history and of it's relationship to Heuer
  218. 60's GP Gyromatic repair question
  219. Nappey
  220. Yet another Movement ID request- 21 Jewel Automatic, Incabloc
  221. Edward Prior,pocket watch.
  222. Waterproof Double Case "Hermetic" Watches: Rolex, Zenith, Eberhard &c.
  223. Best place to buy?
  224. Old Longines
  225. Worth repairing my Grandfather GP Gyromatic?
  226. IWC Pocket Watch....Walked into my store
  227. Zodiac, but what is it?
  228. Vintage pocket watch: unknown specs!
  229. 1917 Longines 'Campaign' back up and running!
  230. point me in the right direction
  231. Please help me in identifying this pocket watch (potentially antique German)
  232. Whats the connection between longines and wittnauer?
  233. Functionality question regarding an AS 1906 auto
  234. What does this mean?
  235. Zenith Pocket Watch Info.
  236. Manufacturer of this Pocket Watch?
  237. Lecram Watches?
  238. omega&zenith?
  239. Looking for info on this Illinois Autocrat pocket watch
  240. Need help ID'ing Eterna-matic
  241. Elgin military pocketwatch
  242. Need help with DOXA pocket
  243. Anyone like the AS 1361?
  244. Tavannes pocket watch questions
  245. Help identifying Elgin Pocketwatch
  246. Question about rolex watch?
  247. Please help :)
  248. Father of Time.....Worth Restoring?
  249. Arctos Pocket Watch
  250. Movement ID request