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  28. re vintage Cortebert Sport
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  30. J W Benson ~ Ludgate Hill ~ 18ct Gold Half Hunter gents watch
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  48. the pride of Albion
  49. Hampden Watch Co. Serial 3259958
  50. meanwhile back in Le Locle
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  56. 1943 Breitling - Ref. 178 - Complete!
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  58. patek philippe can some help with some info about this old timer
  59. The French Connection - Part 1
  60. P.F. Girard Fine Silver Pocket Watch help-caution, picture heavy
  61. Can any one help please - Sossine- is this German? French? or?
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  63. Rosewood Presentation Case project ... Father Time
  64. Birks Pocket Watch
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  66. Article: "The Man Who Saved The Hamilton Model 21 Ship's Chronometer"
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  69. Favor Pocket Watch, Buffalo Logo
  70. Any info about Sandoz?
  71. vintage imperial 18k gold watch need info?
  72. Record Watch co Geneve
  73. Omega Labrador
  74. Saw this Marvin. Please advice if good to buy
  75. Re: Vintage watch revival
  76. Girard Perregaux cal 382 or 360 - quartz. Repair documentation (or tips?)
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  78. Waltham B-486
  79. Inherited this Girard-Perregaux watch
  80. Easton Quadramatic ? (photos included)
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  83. Lets see a line up of the oldest wristwatches/wristlets on WUS.
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  86. Any premium for "the very last" of any given model
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  88. Orator Info
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  91. The Tightwad Chronicles ... Misadventures of a NOOB pocket watch enthusiast
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  93. poor little thing......
  94. Vertex Bumper
  95. Westclox watch. Can you help me find out a bit more about it?
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  97. not taking care of a vintage
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  99. Old Certina Gold Watch
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  103. GRUEN Dates using Serial Numbers for caliber families 405 420 425
  104. Hamilton 952 movement question
  105. looking to buy how hard to fix?
  106. Cleaning of an enameled verge watch
  107. My first Chronograph Build - Completed
  108. 1900 Omega w.w. and Gruen 0s Omega p.w.
  109. Waltham repeater movement pat. 1888
  110. Antique Olma pocket watch.
  111. Please help ID 1960 Bulova 14kt gold diamond watch
  112. A good day at the watch picker - 2 new to me
  113. Furious in France - are there no proper watch repairers in this country anymore?
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  115. Quality of these watches?
  116. Stumped by Vintage Elgin ID
  117. do you Know who made this watch?
  118. 1900 Longines Pocket Watch
  119. Multicolor gold p.w. American made cases are not all 14k
  120. Une Petite Froglet
  121. Antique Watch Dial Blems
  122. An Embarrassingly Basic Question
  123. Vintage unknown brand to me: TAGUS, swiss made
  125. Gruen 480 SS
  126. Ricoh World Time ( with pics)
  127. Help With My 1980's Seiko Dive
  128. Eterna-Matic 3000 with some questions!
  129. Eterna Quartz 'Sahida' - Vintage ?
  130. regulator arm adjustment
  131. Molnija Pocket Watches
  132. tissot t12 crystal gasket - anyone have one !
  133. French Workmans "Go to Church" Watch
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  135. 1870 Swiss silver dial easy cleaning?
  136. A different type of NOS
  137. Information on this Pocket watch?
  138. Elgin Gr. 149
  139. '70's Lord Elgin Swiss Automatic Neuchatel, looking for vintage service solution
  140. Vintage Tissot VIsodate 195*... ??
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  143. Can anyone tell me more about my late grandad's Bulova watch please ?
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  145. Girrard perregaux repair?
  146. Movement maker ID
  147. Zenith 40T or Zenith 2531?
  148. help: how to remove crown from astrolon movement
  149. Joseph Penlington pocket watch help
  150. 1975 Sicura brochure - Retrotastic!
  151. Longines possible 1940's watch question
  152. Help with ID of two Omega watches passed down to me.
  153. Assistance with buying vintage Bucherer?
  154. branching into CYMA
  155. Back at the bench for a Unitas 343
  156. Great looking silver cased Swiss cylinder watch
  157. Did I make a mistake?
  158. Need help indentifying a Waltham pocket watch
  159. Need help to identify Aerowatch pocket watch
  160. Ladies pocket watch with cylinder escapement, date ?
  161. Early Omega Connie
  162. NEED HELP !Want to Know About My Minute Repeater Watch
  163. Glycine Airman involved; would you mind helping me...
  164. Vintage Enicar Seapearl 600 dial
  165. Watch Identity
  166. few things passed down to me, but know nothing about them
  167. Please help with info on this Hamilton that was just handed down to me:
  168. help with timex 400
  169. Away for a while
  170. Tissot sideral.......
  171. Harlem Watch Company - Key wound pocket watch - any info?
  172. 1950s Junghans manual wind
  173. 1955 Omega Constellation automatic
  174. 1989 Casio BM100-WJ
  175. TWO MORE FRENCHIES - THIS TIME FROM THE 1970's Arvor & Selhor
  176. Apleton Tracey and Co parts.... what model?
  177. Omega seamaster cal. 520
  178. Where to find a new Pallet Bridge?
  179. Has anyone got any info on this watchmaker?
  180. A little Help...Hamilton 992 B Pocket watch...I've got no clue...
  181. 1959 Omega Seamaster Manual Power Reserve Problem
  182. ALMO
  183. How old to be called a classic or vintage watch?
  184. Every once in awhile, a real treasure emerges...
  185. Vintage GP - Solid Gold or Gold Plated??
  186. Baume et Mercier - What do you think of the watch
  187. American Pocket and Wrist Watch Photos of Dials and Movements
  188. Watch advise please. TITUS
  189. Anyone know anything about vintage Seikos, specifically ones from the '40s? One caught my eye.
  190. Check out my unique watch!! Just came in!
  191. Help I have a Waltham 1892 movement, I need the size of the 3 screws that hold the dial in its place
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  193. FHF watch movements
  194. Fake Moser?
  195. pics of vintage automatics
  196. long term storage.... wind occasionally or not?
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  200. Favre Leuba Sea Raider II
  201. Early 20th century Hamilton pocket watch
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  203. Certina DS-2 Certidate Crown Help
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  205. Suggestions for a Vintage Trading Section
  206. Moeris ? Two former enemies
  207. To those that know Pocket Watches
  208. Deceased Grandfather's LeCoultre Wrist Watch
  209. Here's Febuary - WRUW.
  210. Omega Seamaster 30 (accuracy?) What do you think?
  211. Source for pocket watch chain
  212. Looking for Balance Wheel for Waltham 4861 Balance Staff
  213. Henri Gireaux - Fontomatic movement - 60 jewel dial
  214. First Post - Vintage wristwatch perceptions opinions and help
  215. United States Watch Company, Marion, NJ
  216. Hamilton Endicott identification of date??? I have Put it on E-Bay...
  217. Help Identify Hallmark Vintage Silver Pocket watch w/ ceramic Dial
  218. Grand-Father gold pocket the manner of Le Coultre...
  219. Found grandfathers watch- Hamilton Fontainebleu Calibre 11
  220. Gallet flying officer video
  221. UPDATE!! Vintage Breitling Chrono Case ... Can I find one?
  222. West End Watch Co. - Three interesting watches
  223. Orient vintage watch
  224. Gruen Watch. Is this Pre 1930's?
  225. Dial Restoration
  226. How do you know how much gold?
  227. I have a ton of vintage crystals to ID ... need lists?
  228. I want to buy a vintage watch. In need of guidance!
  229. help identifying this watch!
  230. Week-end pick-ups
  231. 1975 Ernest Borel Cocktail with mystery dial.
  232. Longines question
  234. Any info on this old watch
  235. How to store vintage pocket watch movements
  236. How do you I.D. a hand made watch?
  237. Enicar Sherpa - or is it?
  238. Now for something completely disgusting
  239. 1958 Omega Seamaster automatic
  240. Identifying Lancet watch.
  241. Vintage Seamaster question
  242. Just plain giddy over this 18s Elgin ... so tight
  243. 1890 popular 6 size Walthams
  244. "T SWISS T" VS "SWISS MADE" ?
  245. 1950's Avia and a post from here in 2006, A lost twin brother!
  246. My home built watch display case .. halfway done
  247. Ebay strategy - when you find that special rare watch
  248. Should I let a valuable 190yo verge fusee run?
  249. Help with Ulysse nardin vintage
  250. Vintage compressors?