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  22. May just need a battery?
  23. S.F.L.
  24. A sheep in wolf's clothing!
  25. Gruen 1905 0 size hunter
  26. Men's or women's Wittnauer?
  27. Orfina Chronograph
  28. Rotary Watch Restoration (Peseux 250 movement)
  29. grandfather's omega
  30. Focal De Lux Watch with Baumgartner 866 movement
  31. eterna watch help
  32. LIP
  33. Does anyone know anything about this watch?
  34. Looking for pocket watch cases
  36. Illinois pocket watch
  37. - Omega Seamaster Geneve -
  38. ID this vintage Hamilton
  39. OK...Timestar Vintage Indian NOS..To Buy or Not To Buy ???
  41. Please ID - unknown mens goldplated wrist watch 35 mm diameter
  42. Hunter case Gruen p.w.
  43. vanguard london, is this valuable ???
  44. Mortima/Cattin - a short illustrated history
  45. General questions on vintage watches from a novice
  46. Need help ID'ing Vintage Omega Seamaster Geneve
  47. Please help me identify this Simmons??? ladies vintage watch
  48. What is this beautiful watch?
  49. Need help identifying watch value of Accutron Bulova, works and hums perfectly
  50. Feels like I have been waiting an age for this to arrive...... 'Early' Borgel 1909
  51. Benson pocket watch
  52. Picked up a vintage Girard-Perregaux @ WUS. Need help with details
  53. Your opinion on these vintage Dugena and Certina watches
  54. Horse and barn door might spring to mind
  55. Which One Of These Vintage Casio W-520U is the Original?
  56. Question on refurbing a 1950s Girard Perregaux
  57. New to me Bulova tuning fork
  58. Came my way this morning, Suizex, with the usual question!
  60. Can anyone comment on the originality of this dial?
  61. elgin vintage automatic - is this real?
  62. first vintage watch in my collection
  63. Need help in finding a movement
  64. Hamilton Count Down
  65. Need some help to identify my pocket watch
  66. Dating old watches for a newbie
  67. Opinions on this watch
  68. Does this vintage ALBA valuable?
  69. 1969 Caravelle Automatic Information
  70. Exacto help
  71. Information on this FL watch would be helpful.
  72. buren auto help needed!
  73. Swiss Waltham with Hong Kong case?
  74. question!
  75. Photo Essay: Omega 30 (1954 Cal 266)
  76. Girard Perregaux. What kind are they? What strap bracelet?
  77. Inherited Lucien Piccard Ladies Watch! Looking for more information...
  78. Old Bulova Watch Identification/Value???
  79. Enicar Sherpa Star - for my wife!
  80. 1940s certina Automatic 17 jewel
  81. Where can I get this vintage Omega serviced in Canada by someone reputable?
  82. Jerger Pocket Watch
  83. "Swiss Made" Egg Watch - Vantime?
  84. COMPLETED: 1944 Bulova President Restoration.
  86. Vintage Roamer advice sought
  87. Helmut Sinn's collection of vintage watches
  88. Please help identify Omega pocket watch
  89. 18 Months later, the after shots - 1949 Hamiton 982 Cedric
  90. "R-line"-Rado with Exacto case
  91. Need help on identifying Moeris pocket watch!
  92. Smiths Deluxe...... Made in England!
  93. My Birthday Borgel... with new inscription!!!
  94. Domino Pilot's Watch
  95. Certina waterking 215
  96. Wakmann 24-hour wristwatch
  97. 1st French Watch in my collection
  98. What is this Bulova Accutron?
  99. Need help identifying this please?
  100. Mappin
  101. 1970 Bulova Sea-King
  102. Hat Trick?
  104. Interesting Bezel
  106. Sinex Geneve 17 Jewels.
  107. Why havent vintage Waltham's held value?
  108. Ogival pocket watch with wright brothers type plane
  109. Vintage Pierpont Automatic
  110. Indian Bifora
  111. Vintage Jaeger Le Coultre ladies watch - help with identifying movement
  112. HELP IDENTIFYING and valuing this vintage 1960's Girard Perregaux
  113. 1963 Omega Seamaster 30
  114. Longines vintage watches x4
  115. Please help me identify this Elgin pocket watch...
  116. what do i have here please help
  117. Patek Philippe?
  118. IWC cal 89
  119. watch in a snuff bottle. Help to identify and date?
  120. Looking for any information about a vintage Sheraton chronograph wrist watch
  121. Inherited 4 pocket watches Help Identify? value?
  122. My 1904/1905 Elgin Conversion/Transition Wrist Watch...Check it out.
  123. Anyome familiar with this watch?
  124. Introducing my Tavannes
  125. Heuer Professional 2000 value?
  126. This time something different for me, so another movement ID request
  127. I need help figuring out what type of pocket watch I have
  128. Help: ID Men's Girard Perregaux circa 1982
  129. Help Identifying Old Elgin Pocket Watch
  130. Aurora Watch Company
  131. Der Uhrmacher am Werktisch
  132. Asprey 18k (?) 1920s Borgel Watch
  133. Help! I think I need help identying an antique/vintage ladies wrist watch!
  134. Relumed Radium Dial- ?
  135. Can someone tell me what a good price for this watch would be?
  136. New Forum for Ladies' Watches...
  137. Current eBay auction of Vintage set
  138. West End Watch Company Watch, 1940s?
  139. Is this vintage CASIO worth to buy?
  140. Two new vintage members for my collection:
  141. Help me to indentify this Rado Watch
  142. Enicar with California dial ?!? My first Enicar, did I get duped ???
  143. Soviet K-43 from 5 factory
  144. Veriwatch? Movement I.D.
  145. Is anyone familiar with this Leeds Meda?
  146. Vintage Automatic Tiffany - help required!
  147. Help needed!
  148. Information regarding French Ultra, Altitude and Mirus brands - Ultra update
  149. gold antique pocket watch
  150. Another 13''' Movement ID. C1918....
  151. Hands for a Revue Sport 59 Cal. Dimensions?
  152. Some recent acquisitions: Bulova Oceanographer 333 ft and Lucerne Calendar Diver
  153. Any information regarding this Swiss ALSTA Incabloc...???
  154. Before and after Hamilton, photo heavy
  155. A Couple of Pocket Watches
  156. Gedeon Thommen Pocket Watch 10 rubis
  157. Vintage Omega Deville Need More Information
  158. Grandfather's Benrus
  159. Tavannes watch C9
  160. Inherited black box.....
  161. Need help opening a vintage case back
  162. AS movement
  163. Look what I found in a drawer!
  164. Glasgow W&D (?) screw case C1926..... mystery movement.....
  165. My Vintage Pocketwatches
  166. Most recent Gallet Excelsior Park movement?
  167. Bulova Goldenhawk 21 jewels any information?
  168. Vintage watches Seattle
  169. Nice Wakmann
  170. Vintage Fludo ID Request
  171. Need help with some info about a speedmaster pro moon watch
  172. Lemania Chrono - pusher button gone :(
  173. Vintage Omega Ladies Watch
  174. 0 size Elgin fourth wheel.....
  175. Ft. Mitchell, KY Regional
  176. Giroxa gold ladies watch: any info?
  177. Help with vintage purse watch, please...
  178. Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?
  179. Removing crystal from 1917 Elgin ladies pocket watch?????
  180. Watch ID assistance; help please :)
  181. appraising a 115 year old pocket watch.
  182. Gallet movement macro
  183. Aleure
  184. poljot,avia,accurist,tissot
  185. Anyone know the brand "Maxwell"? New picture inside!
  186. Help me identify this Eterna 1000 5 Star
  187. have you ever loved a watch this much?
  188. im on cloud nine!
  189. HELP me indentify my DOXA watch
  190. Vuarnet Squaw Peak
  191. Eterna Matic 1000 - Can anyone help?
  192. Please help identify this vintage Movado?
  193. help identify my roamer watch
  194. Help Finding a Pocket Watch Box: FOUND ONE!
  195. Can anyone help me
  196. John Forrest Fusee
  197. blancpain rolls
  198. Equity Watch Company... Dates?
  199. Kismet Antimagnetic ? 17 Jewel / Swiss Made
  200. Need help to identify it
  201. Fulton Officer, what the heck did I just buy? New picture ov movt
  202. Tavannes Chronograph - Help Identify
  203. Tavannes Hunting Gold Pocket Watch,Dennison MOON case, still working, unknown background, help?!?
  204. NEED INFO
  205. Dwerrihouse Verge Fusee...some biographical help wanted.
  206. Hamilton Electronic: fun with obsolete technology
  207. needs a new body!
  208. Some days being a scrounger ain't so bad
  209. Grab Bag from grandfather's collection
  210. Stauffer Center Seconds trench watch from 1915
  211. Need help with identification of this LIVADA watch.
  212. Just joined and have some questions about a Kienzle pocket watch.
  213. My very first watch purchase!
  214. Antique Dunklings. Info wanted.
  215. Looking for that guy that was collecting info and creating the Benrus web site
  216. First model 1894 Waltham Maximus 12 size p.w.
  217. Getting harder to find watches in the wild
  218. Eloga 17 Jewels Moonphase
  219. First run Waltham 92 model Vanguard
  220. 18 Carat Hunter Pocket Watch 21st Birthday Gift 1917 - WEIGHT Approx 180g by Jos Penlington Liverpoo
  221. Antique Frodsham: Please Help
  222. Need help with an antique Zenith Pocket watch
  223. Accutron Space Watches
  224. Need help identifying 1976 bulova watch
  225. before and after shots
  226. ETA 6497 Assembly and Disassembly (link)
  227. Railroad watch promoter Ball catalog.
  228. Date and ID pocket watch please?
  229. Blita
  230. You don't get much for a penny nowadays
  231. E.HEUER Trench watch??
  232. TOOLS?
  233. Vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic
  234. Barr's > Heritage watch Co > Lucerne? Are they linked?
  235. Vintage Accutrons
  236. Waltham ID help
  237. Hi Everyone, West End Watch Co pocket Porclein Dating ang Movement Help Required !!!!
  238. Help identify watch company Gelda
  239. Hamilton Pocket watch help!
  240. Introduction and request
  241. Yet another mystery trench watch movement
  242. Unknown Military?? Watch big size ?
  243. Another Newbie needing advice. Vintage Damas & Vitage Carrera
  244. identifacation help please...
  245. Did a watch ever more capture the hopes and dreams of its time....
  246. I just bought my first Rolex... Vintage Precision - some info needed.
  247. Need help ID'ing this Wittnauer
  248. Think I may have to go cold turkey.... again!
  249. Tellus - Worth it renovating?!
  250. larex luxury