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  1. Does anyone recognize this early Bulova quartz movement?
  2. Illinois Sangamo...anyone seen one like this?
  3. Need help to identify my silver tonneau watch & movement!!
  4. Again an Oil Desaster
  5. >TIPS & ADVICE< Buying My First VINTAGE/RETRO Watch (((Fake vs. Genuine)))
  6. Found my grandfather's pocket watch, looking for info
  7. After Genuine Vintage or Modern "Vintage Style Homage" in a Cushion Case - Options?
  8. Can you spot what I did?
  9. 2 Pocket Watches, 0 Knowledge
  10. New member who collects pocket watches
  11. My collection ( new guy)
  12. I just received an Accutron 214 - problem setting the time
  13. Need Some Assistance With A Lucien Piccard...
  14. Old Watch
  15. Why do old Seiko automatics command such high prices?
  16. Getting a Getty :)
  17. Help with ID of Girard Perregaux watch
  18. Collection examples of Gruen p.w. Verithins not usually seen.
  19. Help find Certina DS circa 1967 or Svalan Sportsman, please?
  20. Le Gran Pocket Watch
  21. Gruen Veri-Thin info needed
  22. ID & INFO semi hermetic trench watch
  23. Vintage Girard Perragaux
  24. Louifrey Pocket Watches?
  25. We have seen a few of these.... but not this bad!! have they given up trying??? Ukraine Monster
  26. PIcs! fun stuff at vacheron constantin exhibition
  27. Ball Pocket Watch - anybody have info?
  28. Unknown Civitas
  29. Beauty or a Beast?
  30. Help Regarding Early Cimier Watch
  31. Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver
  32. Please help new guy identify and date a watch
  33. The watch of my Grandfather, ID & INFO help: Favre Leuba
  34. Which one>>
  35. Any help on Model number age etc?
  36. ID this Rado please
  37. Tissot ID please, aka did I just buy a frankenwatch
  38. Fine cheap antique jewelry
  39. Watra. What Does Anyone Know About the History of this Brand?
  40. 50's Mathey Tissot watch runs really fast after oiling.
  41. Looking for knowledgeable NYC watch maker
  42. 2 Identical watches... which one to keep??
  43. Movado Chronometre, 1940
  44. 1945 Bulova Douglas
  45. Cyprus De luxe
  46. Chronograph Suisse info needed
  47. Hamilton 946
  48. My Elgin RR Grade P/W Collection
  49. A. Wittnauer 9RW-54
  50. Urania-München, how was they?
  51. Longines Ultra Chron
  52. Its been a Valjoux month...
  53. Please Help me Identify if this is a real Girard Perregaux
  54. New to Vintage Watch Collecting
  55. Vintage watches (Omega/Election/Longines) help/advise...(Long).
  56. need information on Gruen pocketwatch picked up at yard sale
  57. Generic "A-O Arpeggio" automatic diver from 1960's
  58. Silvana Automatic, 25 Jewels
  59. Happy news!
  60. Incoming Diver
  61. Omega CCCR
  62. Omega RAF military??
  63. Another Heuer restoring thread,but this time Camaro
  64. Monte Elite - Nivaflex
  65. And I thought 21 jewels was more than enough....
  66. Help in identifying this two pocket watches. One repeater and one wolf teeth
  67. Heuer Autavia newly restored!
  68. vintage piaget
  69. Fuisse...??
  70. Tissot Seastar Seven: show us your graduation watch
  71. Assmann/Grossmann old p.w. pallet not same as Assmann/Gruen
  72. The watch of my great-grandpa (looking for identification)
  73. Fortis trueline
  74. Merely a good example of 24j Bunn Special 18s.
  75. 1943 and 47 Elgin 16s 21j B.W.R. rr p.w.
  76. Chronometre Jakob Zwecher Sarajevo pocket watch
  77. Omega answers & questions
  78. Help in identifying this pocket watch
  79. Movement ID
  80. Help me identify my watch.
  81. Tissot ID Help Please
  82. Need some guidance on old mechanical mantle clock
  83. gluck auf... Any Ideas
  84. General Vintage Watch Questions
  85. Ad. Allemann Rosiere W. Co. I.D. help
  86. And another Enicar
  87. Good watchmaker in Columbus Ohio?
  88. Radium test
  89. determining age of vintage Timex- and whether its got radium on the dial
  90. Benrus Sky Chief Look Alikes
  91. Linder watch?
  92. WWI German Pocket Watch
  93. An old friend's grandfather's old Elgin
  94. German pocket watches, pre WWII, what movement?
  95. Announcement re charitable donations from private sales through WUS
  96. Bucherer Pocket watch, any ideas?
  97. Adding to my vintage Dynabeat collection!
  98. Universal Geneve Bumper... seen better days... anyone know a good redialer??
  99. my collection
  100. Please some shed some light on the Vintage Fortis for me!
  101. Need some info about this OSCO
  102. Good deal for an old Accutron?
  103. What makes a fine watch fine.
  104. Need help IDing these two watches!
  105. Has anyone heard of Gotham or Telda watches? Any information will help.
  106. Waltham ID help and advice
  107. Hamilton, Waltham and 3 Elgin movements, what to do with them?
  108. Help Identifying Waltham Pocket Watch
  109. Poljot (sekonda) 3017 Chronograph arrived today!! 70s?
  110. Help me know more about this watch.
  111. Thoughts on a vintage Longines?
  112. Good stores in London for buying my first vintage wristwatch?
  113. Help Please - Swiss Made Pocket Watch
  114. Enicar
  115. Gruen Verithin p.w. movement surface silver?
  116. My new restoration project: Aurora grade 4
  117. Newbie Needs Waltham Help
  118. A nice workers Waltham mdl. 1883 ATCo
  119. HELP with Pocket Watch Logo waltham????? swiss made
  120. New (to me) 70's Timex Electric Dynabeat
  121. Dilemma with Tissot T12 Navigator Worldtimer movements
  122. Is it worth buying?
  123. Can anyone help me ID this brand?
  124. Tiffany Watch - Opinions Wanted
  125. Enicar ddf 250
  126. This sold for what?!?!
  127. I would prefer not to post this...
  128. Need help identifying a key-run pocket watch please :)
  129. Hamilton ID please
  130. Was wondering if someone could help me identifying this watch and if its worth selling
  131. All ruby jewel p.w. indicate better quality ?
  132. Vintage DOXA - need more info
  133. help for newbie, please
  134. "marine time" brand...anyone know anything about them?
  135. Vintage Timex?
  136. a little no-name charmer
  137. Canadian Pacific Documentary From 1958
  138. Anybody knows AVS brand??
  139. Titoni Seascoper
  140. 60s Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven Arrived... having issues!!
  141. 1934 18K 15J Movado Tank
  142. It's a mystery pocket watch...........
  143. Vintage Hamilton thin-o-matic
  144. Please HELP Noob!
  145. Old Bifora Ladies Watch
  146. Awesome 21j Waltham with possible WWII History (pics)
  147. Maxor 18kt Chrono
  148. Can someone tell me something about this Audemar Piguet?
  149. Need Help with this watch
  150. Rodana Landeron 48 from the 1940s
  151. What happend when 2 forumers with omega's meetup.....
  152. Not quite sure on this one...
  153. Omega finally released, but severely dumbed-down, the new vintage resource page.
  154. Any info known on this watch? Royce handwinder (photos included)
  155. Waltham Crescent St Non-Magnetic
  156. Is it just me... but why are Vintage Seiko's so cheap?
  157. more eterna goodness
  158. l & j dubois
  159. Omega chronostop check
  160. Wittnauer Geneve Professional Chrono
  161. Uknown watch movements
  162. Porta Automatic
  163. Precista/Gallet
  164. What is a bargain to you?
  165. N.O.S Ogival
  166. Another Longines on my doorstep (I could not resist)
  167. Flea Market find
  168. Best American 12 size from ~1900
  169. Longines dating request
  170. Stumped on Westclox automatic movement ID
  171. Primos [was: Re: Old rectangular Hanhart]
  172. Can anyone help my with this old BUREN watch?
  173. 2 new Illinois finds, Bunn and "Ensign" Special Model B
  174. Cortebert cal 952 from 30-40 - NOS?
  175. Bifora 115 Diver With Tachemeter bezel?
  176. Two Roamer's I am looking at.
  177. Need a Waltham movement.
  178. Help id a pocket watch
  179. Anyone have an early Waltham wrist watch?
  180. replacement dials for pocket watches?
  181. Broke all my rules to buy this... NOS Eterna-matic 1000...
  182. Looking to add a Vintage wristwatch
  183. Information welcome on a 1950s watch.
  184. What's the history behind the Carpentier brand?
  185. Omega 23.4SCAM
  186. Rado Diastar 1E Chronometer.... arrived this morning! A bit bling... but I love it!!
  187. Can Anyone Add To the History Of this Rebranded Glashütte?
  188. Question about Venus 210 chronograph movement
  189. Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels for ID please
  190. Helbros Watch with 1914 Elgin Movement????
  191. New (old) Roamer arrived today!!
  192. 1966 Omega Seamaster 24J
  193. What are you wearing: July
  194. Help with an id
  195. Help with Chronograph pocket watch
  196. Help identify this old Swiss Chrono
  197. Gold Montdor Chronograph would like to know more about BIG Pictures!
  198. (HELP)I need the info on this watch.(Pulsar)
  199. Got this old LONGINES pocket watch from my wife... BIG IMAGES
  200. New pic
  201. New Member
  202. Help on 3 watches im looking at locally
  203. My first pocket watch
  204. LUCIEN PICCARD 18kt Watch Windup
  205. Vintage Ladies Longines
  206. Todays 4 arrivals.... inc unknown Bumper...
  207. Omega Ladymatic Mechanical - Found it at a thrift store and paid $3
  208. Vintage Vulcain watch - Any information please?
  209. Pocketwatch plate materials. Like to see examples of the odd.
  210. Vertex silver Watch
  211. My Father's Omega
  212. Job in a stone pit
  213. Opinions on this antique Vacheron/Balmer
  214. My postmans a gossip!!
  215. RR watch running fast - why?
  216. Illinois The Marquis Autocrat
  217. Help identify this 50 years old Gold Longines ?
  218. Eeeb is poorly
  219. roamer help
  220. INFO REQUESTED! Who knows something about these?
  221. Questions about My Grand-Mother's Pin Lever watch
  222. Trying to identify ALCO watch
  223. is it worth it?
  224. Elgin RR
  225. The first designs of the Gruen Verithin 3 bridge p.w.
  226. Antique Swiss Made 'Cedric' 1930's
  227. Fortron? Info please
  228. ..the one that got away
  229. Elgin Sidewinder
  230. Grand Prix Election
  231. Please help to identify chronograph pocket
  232. I was looking around at an antique shop this morning...
  233. Help! Is this Ulysse Nardin - authentic?
  234. Mr Swatch - Short Review
  235. First post, first watch. Pictures inside!
  236. Interesting US Watch Co movement
  237. Opinion/advice on Vintage Omega Geneve PLEASE
  238. Unknown Pocket Watch
  239. Gruen Verithin p.w. first designed by Aeby
  240. Eterna movement ID please?
  241. Timex Electric Movement
  242. Melrose movement brought back to life :)
  243. Eternamatic 2002
  244. Heirloom Bulova Restoration, ADVICE NEEDED.
  245. Can Anyone Identify These Movements?
  246. Smiths dive watch?
  247. fake Lanco jump hour??
  248. Please help with bristol watch co Pocket watch. Fake?
  249. just won a watch in the public forum-update just received
  250. Hamilton redial