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  19. Apleton Tracey and Co parts.... what model?
  20. Omega seamaster cal. 520
  21. Where to find a new Pallet Bridge?
  22. Has anyone got any info on this watchmaker?
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  25. ALMO
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  27. Every once in awhile, a real treasure emerges...
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  29. Baume et Mercier - What do you think of the watch
  30. American Pocket and Wrist Watch Photos of Dials and Movements
  31. Watch advise please. TITUS
  32. Anyone know anything about vintage Seikos, specifically ones from the '40s? One caught my eye.
  33. Check out my unique watch!! Just came in!
  34. Help I have a Waltham 1892 movement, I need the size of the 3 screws that hold the dial in its place
  35. Gruen Curvex question
  36. FHF watch movements
  37. Fake Moser?
  38. pics of vintage automatics
  39. long term storage.... wind occasionally or not?
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  41. Yet Another budget vintage arrives
  42. 1974 Omega GenÚve automatic day and date.
  43. Favre Leuba Sea Raider II
  44. Early 20th century Hamilton pocket watch
  45. Mother Lode of Waltham 18s movements ... all disassembled
  46. Certina DS-2 Certidate Crown Help
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  48. Suggestions for a Vintage Trading Section
  49. Moeris ? Two former enemies
  50. To those that know Pocket Watches
  51. Deceased Grandfather's LeCoultre Wrist Watch
  52. Here's Febuary - WRUW.
  53. Omega Seamaster 30 (accuracy?) What do you think?
  54. Source for pocket watch chain
  55. Looking for Balance Wheel for Waltham 4861 Balance Staff
  56. Henri Gireaux - Fontomatic movement - 60 jewel dial
  57. First Post - Vintage wristwatch perceptions opinions and help
  58. United States Watch Company, Marion, NJ
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  63. Gallet flying officer video
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  68. Dial Restoration
  69. How do you know how much gold?
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  73. Week-end pick-ups
  74. 1975 Ernest Borel Cocktail with mystery dial.
  75. Longines question
  77. Any info on this old watch
  78. How to store vintage pocket watch movements
  79. How do you I.D. a hand made watch?
  80. Enicar Sherpa - or is it?
  81. Now for something completely disgusting
  82. 1958 Omega Seamaster automatic
  83. Identifying Lancet watch.
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  85. Just plain giddy over this 18s Elgin ... so tight
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  88. 1950's Avia and a post from here in 2006, A lost twin brother!
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  93. Vintage compressors?
  94. Do you like Tissot?
  95. "Brooks" Watch Company?
  96. latest find: Wittnauer SuperCompressor
  97. 0.85mm Key NEEDED for miniature verge pocketwatch
  98. Help Identify a Vintage Hamilton Manual-Wind
  99. NAWCO pocket watch case w/ Record Co. movement
  100. Gallet video for youtube
  101. Does anyone know anything about Arbor watches?
  102. Help me with some info about these watches
  103. Ingersoll 5 Jewels Shockproof Dating
  104. Rolex Oyster pocket watch information needed
  105. IKO - SCHLATTER & SEEWER chronograph
  106. Charles Nicolet
  107. need help 1916-1917 waltham pocket watch
  108. 1975 TRANS CONTINENTS automatic pimp watch
  109. Helbros pocketwatch style wristwatch....what year?
  110. Identify HUDSON 25 jewel automatic
  111. trying to find the correct watchband for my grandfathers unicorn watch.
  112. From paperweight to timepiece ... my latest KW Elgin ... shellac question?
  113. Audemars Piguet Ultra Thin Mystery
  114. 1935 H.Samuel Everite pocket watch gains around 3 minutes every 24 hours - normal?
  115. ID the Vintage Chronograph Roamer with Day and Date
  116. Camy GenÚve Super Automatic
  117. January's Additions
  118. I have a working Citizen Crystron LC from 70'...
  119. Help locating pictures of something similar to this drawing?
  120. delete
  121. Medana
  122. A new member
  123. Stuck as usual - Help with Pocket Watch Movement
  124. Elgin 18s in a "D and Co" Coin case...Dueber?
  125. Cost of servicing a "high end" watch...
  126. Today I went shopping in Bienne/Biel...
  127. A.E.C Watch, Help Please. Its a mystery.
  128. Help Identifying this Patek please
  129. Is GP 124-653 movement any good?
  130. Bentima Star
  131. How old is this watch ?
  132. Vintage Zenith Loses Time!
  133. Newbie collector looking for resources
  134. Litter of 6 arrived today ... 1877 Appleton Tracy, 0s coin silver Waltham, others
  135. year?vintage?
  136. Omega Seamasters with Bezels
  137. BELEMUS Niello Silver 23J Chronometer Movement Identification
  138. My Collection
  139. Collectible watch do's and don't (NEED ADVISE)
  140. Auction find, Key watch st-blaise, help needed!
  141. Help ID these Elgin movements?
  142. Help!! Can somebody find me a Blue screw for an Elgin Size 18 pocket watch?
  143. Could this actually be a genuine black dial (Stowa, 1930s)?
  144. Omega pocket watch , first year of production 1894. low serial number under 1,000,000
  145. Looking for empty Hamilton deck boxes
  146. my two december 2011 acquisitions
  147. Advice on old watch and story included.
  148. Does this look right to anyway?
  149. Is it tough to find original bullseye dials in good shape (and this isn't one... is it)?
  150. Kiblet pocket watch
  151. Just picked up a new watch
  152. Bucherer Lucerne 15 Jewel, need a price!!!
  153. The Hamilton 992 gamble
  154. Help identifying an old watch?
  155. Old Croton Diamond Watch 14k - Any info?
  156. 1894 waltham watch??
  157. Old Venus 170 Chronograph
  158. Now for something a little different, vintage watchmaking tools.
  159. Curved dials?
  160. 1958 Omega Seamaster
  161. anyone heard of this watch brand..
  162. Can you help me identify Nivada watches?
  163. One more - this time a 1920s Roamer Trench Watch Restoration
  164. Swiss Crisis of 1886?
  165. 50's Tissot World Time....Help Needed
  166. Help me identify this watch.
  167. Looking for "large" vintage watch
  168. Any information about this "LWC" watch....??
  170. Accutron Deep Sea 666ft.
  171. The old girl returns...
  172. Early "American Watch Co" Waltham KW KS
  173. 50's Vintage Lutigo Watch ID PICS
  174. Did i just fix my Waltham? I think I did :)
  175. Help me find this pocket watch dial Waltham Size 18.
  176. Info on movement and brand needed
  177. Universal Geneve Tri-Compax needing service
  178. Hi Q. watch movement questions
  179. Vintage WWii wrist watch restoration
  180. A different 1970's Breitling.
  181. Broken feet on my pocket watch dial, solutions?
  182. Oh dear .. this can't be's running backwards
  183. Wrist strap for pocket watch?
  184. 1918 Roamer Trench Watch
  185. ID some watches please
  186. Anyone could spare a minute or hour hand from a pocket watch?
  187. Elgin Nat'l key wind ... pics and main spring question
  188. Parts for Tavannes
  189. Parts for Elgin
  190. 19j Keystone Howard
  191. Longines vintage
  192. Vintage Original Tissot Visodate: quick set date feature - yes or no?
  193. Can someone date this please
  194. Can anyone help - Vintage Roamer
  195. Bum Enicar
  196. FrankenHeuer consideration...
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  199. Help identify OMEGA constellation RARE OCTAGON
  200. Enicar Seapearl 600
  201. Hamilton pocket watch
  202. Can you ID this watch?
  203. Old Orfina, but what movement?
  204. Is it still a grail if you have two of them?
  205. How I found a Bulova and a Hamilton
  206. Stowa Parat
  207. Need info about TELL FAB SUSSIE
  208. Salvos Star - has anyone ever heard of this watch?
  209. Help identifying BRITIX and Coursier watch movement please?
  210. small french pocket watch - help with dating and identifying?
  211. New member here and query about a watch!
  212. New purchase - nos oris
  213. Is this early A. Lange?
  214. I need your opinions
  215. Omega-crowns
  216. Novus-pocket watch
  217. Lanco-pocket watch
  218. Eterna-pocket watch
  219. A nice Waltham model 92 Vanguard
  220. LIP pocketwatch
  221. L'Age Heureux
  222. I'm away for a week
  223. Old pocket watch?
  224. Best way to fix the dial of my Waltham Pocket watch?
  225. Black Dial JLC - Thoughts?
  226. Seeking advice on vintage watch
  227. Hamilton ID Help
  228. Elgin Aircraft Clock
  229. Vintage pocket watch with ring
  230. 36000 bph movement problem
  231. Tough one to identify....tougher to restore? tell me?
  232. Vintage Omega needing identification and authenticity assistance
  233. Please help identify this old pocket watch!
  234. Unknown Watch
  235. Identifying a rotary watch
  236. Question about a Hampden pocketwatch
  237. 1922 Hamilton 910 Pocket Watch
  238. Bunker Hill Watch Co ... and updates to my escapades
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  241. 1928 LONGINES Pocket Watch
  242. Vintage Norexa advice.
  243. Common Swiss bar plate form p.w. movement
  244. Help identifying Art Deco watch movement please?
  245. Need help to identify a unnamed pocket watch
  246. Repairable? Or deal with it?
  247. Smiths pocket watch home repair
  248. I am thinking of servicing my first watch.
  249. help me identify this iwc movement
  250. Dating a Vertex watch...