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  1. Looking for someone who works on vintage Eterna movement in Southern CA
  2. "Railroad dial" vintage Omega de Ville
  3. Vintage(?) Candino, identifying help needed.
  4. Seiko Skyliner or 6220 movement?
  5. Omega F300 Seamaster Chronometer Cone (crown at 2 ) - brushed bezel or not?
  6. Can you help me with this watch? Any info will help.
  7. Show Me Your Watches from 1950.
  8. Anyone can give me their opinion on Universal Geneve pocket Watches?
  9. Could anyone tells me about this movement? What caliber is it?
  10. Crystals, 1967 Bulova, 1969 Citizen
  11. Interesting Vintage HYDE Watch Find
  12. 1903 IWC finally back from the watchmaker just for Christmas
  13. Vintage Zenith Pocket Watch - anyone know anything about this
  14. Another vintage Omega inbound ...
  15. R.I.P. Eterna
  16. A bunch of junk I've bought to mess with ... cases, movements
  17. Are 1800's Elgin poket watches good in quality?
  18. First Waltham Lady watch?
  19. Looking for pocket watch advice
  20. Help with Waltham Pocket Watch
  21. What's the best watch?
  22. who can tell me more about this/my watch ...
  23. HMT Vintage?
  24. Best vintage chronograph under $500
  25. Vintage Omega Constellation watch
  26. Very First Christmas Gift, 1945: Gruen Veri-Thin
  27. Thoughts on VC K1001, K1003, AP 2003 thin movements?
  28. Anybody assist with dating 0mega?
  29. Drawer of Unknowns (picture heavy)
  30. Hamilton 4992B and Elgin Grade 162
  31. My new favorite watch. :)
  32. Pocket watches made for the Chinese market (lots of pictures !)
  33. 1956 bulova
  34. 1690-1700 Fromanteel and Clarke
  35. Haughton Vintage Pocket Watch what can anyone tell me about this?
  36. which vintage OMEGA to choose - please advice
  37. declare price for very rare verge fusee- HELP
  38. Watch Imported to France Hallmarks, Movement Maker Help Please
  39. Will you be so kind to help me choose a watch?
  40. New to watches. Would love help with these old pocket watches I was given!
  41. Identifying My Granddad's Benrus
  42. Omega ladies watch, identifying help needed!
  43. Questions about vintage quality (Marvin and Doxa)
  44. What brand of vintage watches should I look for when I'm at the antique shop?
  45. Identifying Old Swiss Pocket Watch
  46. how to set bezel: Ebel voyager?
  47. Old not so popular watches
  48. is there a way to find out the real name of this watch its a omega #196.0080 calibre 1346
  49. Finish on vintage IWC case?
  50. Roamer model and/or calendar make?
  51. Best to stick with what you know
  52. Need help identifying Edward Howard pocket watch
  53. Questions about restoring a vintage Omega
  54. case with break or cut?
  55. Wuilleumier Robert Fils ?
  56. Beautiful vintage Hamilton 'Illinois'
  57. Counterfeit Eterna-Matic 1000 5-Star watches on Ebay
  58. Emblem on older Zodiac?
  59. Can anybody identify this Rolex Pocket Watch Movement?
  60. Watch suggestions? GIRARD PERREGAUX
  61. Help with L'Aviation Militaire Watch
  62. Roamer STINGRAY ROTO 44 date, 44 jewels ?
  63. Nice piece of 14k scrap
  64. Vintage Omega Constelation
  65. Hooked
  66. Help - Dating an Elgin Pocketwatch?
  67. Heuer mikrograph stopwatch
  68. Cortebert Cal. 534 15 jewels
  69. Bezel touch up? Black text...
  70. Hamilton Fontainebleau
  71. Take a look at my Omega Seamaster Textured Dialed 1961 watch
  72. GENEVA-SPORT Automatic, Info and Opinions.
  73. For fans of the Lip T18
  74. Watch case scratch marks by movement adjuster?
  75. West End Sowar Prima
  76. Omega Seamaster 562 auto
  77. Vintage Omega really that expensive when new?
  78. Does anyone know who used the "EXTRA" Logo or Emblem on their PW Movements?
  79. Omega pocket watch - What is it?
  80. What do I have here?
  81. Vintage Swiss Army VIP?
  82. Help identify this vintage pocket watch!
  83. Authentic german ww2 u boat watch
  84. Cortebert model e pocket watch
  85. WTT: need a 23.4x16.9mm MX or CMX crystal. Trade for other shaped crystals
  86. Identification Help Need Please - Vintage Russian Diver?
  87. girrard perrigaux seahawk vintage watch
  88. WRUW - December 2011
  89. CORTEBERT Incablock pocket watch - What date could it be?
  90. Chronograph Alfred Sandoz - looking for information.
  91. Help identify this Longines
  92. Help : My Fisrt Omega, please help to indentify.....
  93. 8000 calibres now
  94. Toothpaste on acrylic- before & after...
  95. branching into Bulova
  96. roamer vintage watch identification needed please
  97. Homage project - Arsa pocket watch + California Pam case
  98. Universal Geneve Compax ???
  99. Buren Wehrmacht Dienstuhr des Heeres - Ordonance Watch
  100. Help me identify Dad's family Hamilton
  101. A curious pocket watch
  102. What is the definition of Vintage - up for discussion
  103. Grandfather's Longines and his Mother's Gruen
  104. My First Ebel watch.... you may be able to guess which one!
  105. Roamer : Need Info. on Rotodate and Popular
  106. Bucherer pocketwatch
  107. Doubly interesting pickup
  108. First vintage: best under $400?
  109. vintage IWC - comments please
  110. J. Johnson Liverpool compensated 1827 p.w.
  111. 2 Monca Liverpool p.w.
  112. Assistance needed in identifying vintage Aristo watch. TYVM!!
  113. Please help can somebody identify this watch
  114. Arrived Appropriately on "Black Friday"
  115. Early 1920s Zenith.... Back up and running.... bit of a stunner!
  116. Angelus chronograph pics for your enjoyment
  117. My first Hamilton
  118. A Solar with a link to its past
  119. Learning how to service vintage movements.
  120. Pocket watch chains
  121. Art and technique of dial making........
  122. Fortis Marinemaster strap issue
  123. Could use some info on this old Fortis watch
  124. Newbie Seeking guidance- Vintage Lusserna Muchanical Watch; How do i open it?
  125. Can you help with information on an Art Deco Watch?
  126. Mido Multifort Superautomatic: information on stem and crown
  127. Help ID'ing a couple of vintage Longines/cracked crystal question
  128. Finest Automatics from pre-1975?
  129. Baylor Mechanical Watch...more info please, anyone?
  130. Vintage Zenith 18K 2 Register Chronograph With 156D Movement - Any Collector Interest?
  131. Anyone have any information on this?
  132. Lady Vintage Omega Watch
  133. The rest of my haul... finally!
  134. An Unbelievable Scenario.... but what would you do?
  135. Longines early diver's wristwatches , beautiful timepieces........
  136. Improved photos for 1827 Liverpool gold p.w.
  137. Identify this movement please
  138. The Giant Mystery Pocketwatch
  139. Helbros invincible men's wristwatch identification...?
  140. Help With Gruen Curvex
  141. How to open the front cover when missing the winding pin?
  142. Vintage Tissot Antimagmentique
  143. Newmark Watch Co Info Please
  144. What do you think about this Watch?????
  145. Unknown Omega.. anyone help me identify it?
  146. Jw benson
  147. Heavy gold fill watch case gold proportion?
  148. Movement Collecting
  149. Couple old jewelry Gruen p.w.
  150. Liverpool p.w. risky purchase result
  151. Need Help to Identify This '60s Diver!!
  152. Please help identify this Swiss pocket watch movement!
  153. was this a good buy?
  154. Girard Perregaux vintage watch help!
  155. Swiss Hamilton
  156. Wyler 2 piece stem
  157. Sandoz Polemaster vintage
  158. Strange venus movement????
  159. A friend's inheritance (pic heavy)
  160. Beat this for this weeks bargain !
  161. Need help identifying this Eterna vintage (circa 1930s? 1940s?)
  162. Help with Elgin Pocket Watch
  163. Help with Elgin Pocket Watch
  164. Buren Pocket Watch
  165. what did I inherit?
  166. Any clues about this one?
  167. New arrival!!
  168. Nisus with AS 1950/51 movement
  169. Bulova A-11
  170. Vintage Roamer Popular Hand Winding - Pictures
  171. Hamilton Automatic 661 cal. Radium??
  172. Can anybody help to ID this vintage silver Ulysse Nardin
  173. Was looking for a junker, got a perfectly good watch... but what is it? Certina Waterking 210
  174. Gallet with possible Valjoux movement?
  175. Help to identify: Favor and Kienzle
  176. Polerouter (finally!)
  177. medical pocket watch
  178. Rolex gold pocket watch, please help identify years according to hallmarks
  179. Just acquired my first "Hamilton electronic" - quick questions
  180. Question about King Seikos
  181. WUS Vintage link page...
  182. Dial-O-Rama question
  183. Old Croton Watch
  184. Information Wanted on Peseux 250 movement.
  185. Help to identify this leather strap please
  186. ID for this older Pocket/Rail watch
  187. Liverpool 1827 . No other ebay bidders.
  188. Seiko Sportsmatic Service Question
  189. Hep?
  190. Bucherer watch, who can help to inedtify, model, price etc...
  191. Possible Vintage Sales Forum...
  192. "" for vintage pocket watches... good reputation?
  193. Great Grandpaw's watch gets a showcase!
  194. Help ID pocket watch
  195. Can anyone ID this Helvetia watch?
  196. How do I care for my vintage watches?
  197. Empire pocket watch a sister brand from Omega
  198. Tell me something of my favorite watch
  199. Replating gold, worth the effort?
  200. Cute 1899 Waltham model 1889.
  201. What do I have here?
  202. More Gruen...
  203. Real Hy. Moser & Cie. or Frankenwatch?
  204. My 3 for $15 today
  205. 1947 Pan American Ace - A Resurection.
  206. Whats the vintage timepiece in this video?
  207. My first vintage Roamer: ASUAG (Swatch) era?
  208. "Nibo R.W.A.G." What Is It?
  209. My new Rodana Antimagnetique Fabr. Suisse
  210. Omega 166.064
  211. Certina DS-2 - a saga from junk pile to wrist
  212. Help to identify my vintage Tissot and advice please
  213. Moeris & Grana 1940s ATPs on Handmade fixed lugs straps....
  214. Solid gold Baume buckles or deployment claps?
  215. New Entry: 80's Fortis Chronograph Moonphase
  216. Revlon Swiss Made Ring-watch
  217. Gold discoloration...Can it be cleaned/polished...Should it be left alone?
  218. Mathey Tissot 14k vintage... value?
  219. new arrival and a question about silver hallmarks
  220. Women's Bulova Watch
  221. 1938 Eterna 600cal.... another odd case design...
  222. Need help identifying a watch
  223. information on B Tadio
  224. Automatic doesn't run, need some help.
  225. Question for an old watch
  226. "TROPICALIZED" On my vintage SECURA?
  227. Help with vintage pocket watch - D.T. Sanders and Son, Greenville, ME
  228. Please help to identify this wristwatch
  229. Another two watches for you to indentify
  230. Heuer 1/100th S stopwatch
  231. New Entry: Vintage 70's Swiss Lucerne Submariner
  232. Pocket Watch purchased from Russia - Looking for any Info!
  233. Anyone have problem with the website? Can't get in.
  234. Was this made by Ulysse Nardin?
  235. Slava, 17 Jewels
  236. PW question - desperate for some help...
  237. Damas Pocket Watch - Info Please
  238. differences in Excelsior Park/ Gallet mov'ts
  239. Pocket watch conversion?
  240. Vintage Ulysse Nardin movement question : Added Pictures, please check
  241. need help to identify a Grovana watch
  242. Dad and I found great-grandpa's pocket watch?
  243. I can't propperly idenfity a pocket watch , any ideas , please?
  244. Any info about this Waltham?
  245. Movado/Zenith Serial Numbers
  246. A2000 Movement?
  247. A Certina movement question
  248. Can anyone identify this WW2 Cyma?
  249. Questions: Elgin GCT
  250. Open up your collection and light the sunshine in...