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  3. Bought a DOXA Anti-Magnetique from the late 40s or the early 50s
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  10. Henri Moser et Compagnie
  11. My "new" manual LeCoultre Memovox
  12. Identifying Zenith Pilot watch
  13. A. Lafitte, Geneva
  14. Relide Sportsman with mystery movement
  15. Just spent far too much on a Gruen.... but i like it!
  16. Atlantic Railroad Majestic Pocket Watch
  17. Did I make good buys?
  18. Anyone bought from Gisbert A. Joseph (
  19. vintage wittnauer questions
  20. Thinking of taking the vintage plunge...
  21. Another Blury Job Lot on its way.... but what did I see in this lot???
  22. Lucien Piccard Seashark (Help)
  23. Movado Kingmatic
  24. Georges Favre-Jacot Locle watch, new try to get some information, thanks!
  25. Anyone ever heard of an Ermea watch?
  26. New arrival, a classic early 1940s Roamer - now running and on the wrist!
  27. Help me ID this Horus Pendant Watch!
  28. Please help me identify this pocket watch from 1860.
  29. Help! Need opinion/advice on the Allaine I've bought.
  30. Vintage Bulova
  31. Advice on German made watches
  32. Thank you Seele! A lovely Aussie/Swiss Farren Price
  33. Lord Elgin watch, help!
  34. Real or fake?
  35. Some old watches, thanks for any information
  36. Can anyone tell me about these / this watch >>
  37. Hamilton Diver Chronograph - Voljoux 7733
  38. Is my Grandads Patek Real?
  39. Counterclockwise / Backwards Goofy Watch
  40. Do you still use a pocket watch?
  41. Reseda
  42. WWII Bulova Type A-11
  43. Some pictures from the gp exhibition here in singapore
  44. Hamilton Curve Watch Questions
  45. A nice Longines from the 20's , an excellent refurbishment...
  46. AeroWatch Pocket watch - info needed
  47. Smiths Chrono
  48. American "Best of the Best"
  49. should I go back for this Omega?
  50. 1940s Juvenia Bumper Automatic.
  51. Heuer Stop Watch
  52. I Joined the Tissot Owners Club
  53. Please help assess a pocket watch
  54. Another movement ID challenge
  55. Cracked the crystal on my '52 Seamaster, where to send it?
  56. HELP Starting a Hamilton Railway Special Watch?
  57. My automatic watch won't wind manually..should I be concerned?
  58. Need Help Identifying this Girard Perregaux
  59. Early French Pocket Watch Help
  60. Vintage Bucherer Pendant watch on necklace.. can anyone tell me more about this?
  61. Can anybody help me Identify this 18Kt Gold Watch?
  62. How old is vintage ?
  63. Greetings From a New Subscriber/Collector
  64. Ladies Doxa watch, help out the family watch guy.
  65. Hamilton 917 parts source?
  66. Books about vintage watches
  67. Polishing advise >>
  68. Humbly asking everyone for their thoughts on this inherited gift
  69. Just picked up an Omega Stainless 30T2 SC
  70. Help Identifying Unknown Raymond Weil
  71. Can't seem to be able to identify this movement. Can you?
  72. Can someone tell me about this please?
  73. Of Vintage Watches & Nickel Allergies
  74. Just landed let me introduce two of my beloved Longines...
  75. Thiel alarm pocket watch
  76. Swiss made Medana 7 jewel mechanical
  77. World's first automatic?
  78. Seeking advice for strap for 56 Omega Seamaster/pics inside
  79. Hello, all. Need a little help.
  80. Do you see what I see?
  81. Identification - pocket watch
  82. Berg Parat
  83. ZENITH ?PORT ROYAL" (from the 80s')
  84. My New finds
  85. Current Rotation
  86. Old Elgin dating
  87. Any info on my new ebay find?
  88. Are Omega bumper automatics manually windable?
  89. Need info on this Waltham Dual Time Zone Pocket Watch
  90. New girl here, Need help identifying a pendant watch
  91. Identification help - Hamilton
  92. Eberhard Chronograph Authentication: 1960s or 1990s?
  93. Todays nice flea market find...
  94. Benrus Shock Absorber
  95. 18 C. European Watch Help
  96. vintage Russian MIR watch...anyone know about these?
  97. Good Military find at the flea market, I think...
  98. What do you know about vintage Alpinas'?
  99. Hamilton SkipJack - what to do next?
  100. Universal Geneve Bumper
  101. Anyone ever seen one of these?
  102. What year Timex?
  103. Bigelow Kennard & Co / Vacheron Constantin & Co (House Movement)
  104. My Collection: A Work In Progress - A Photographic Record
  105. Vintage Watch Recommendations
  106. Do i polish the an original crystal on a vintage hamilton?
  107. Le Phare, quarter repeater, chronograph, calendar, moon phase
  108. Vintage Pocket Watch
  109. Need help to identifying Jovial watch.
  110. Waltham pocket watch
  111. Any information on my newly inherited watch?
  112. the Plan watch
  113. Some colours
  114. Ready for another movement ID challenge
  115. Authentication request: Rather time sensitive
  116. Allaine watches
  117. Questions on Vintage Breitling
  118. Early Cyma bumper Cal R.420 - lateral play on rotor?
  119. Parts for Womens Gruen Curvex model 350 (649946)
  120. arthur baume silver pocket watch.
  121. Another Job lot on its way... can anyone spot a gem?
  122. Found a vintage Tissot
  123. Oris Pointer Date....
  124. Pratina Watch?
  125. Garrard Help
  126. I want to buy an old Tissot!
  127. Gubelin watch question
  128. Waltham Riverside 19 Jewel Hunter
  129. IDENTIFICATION REQ: 1930s Ladies
  130. Helbros at flee market
  131. Dating a B&B royal gold filled hunter case
  132. Blindly branching out into pocket watches!
  133. Hormilton 23
  134. Movement ID challenge
  135. Does anyone know about a Hara Swiss watch making company?
  136. This weekend: another Benrus 3 Star
  137. My first Microtor (maybe)
  138. Longines 30L
  139. Anybody recognize this?
  140. New vintage piece - Omega (manual wind) - a pic and a few new owner questions
  141. Experiences with the ebay-seller ybl.worldstore?
  142. Need help to identify this watch, -omega de ville
  143. Help id a vintage strap!
  144. Vintage on Nato!
  145. Vintage Longines says hi
  146. Need help to identify this Mido watch
  147. Cool case back. Cool movement feature.
  148. Westclox pocketwatch crystal fell out. How are these held in place?
  149. Watch Identification
  150. Vintage Poljot watch real?
  151. Accuracy on Omega Cal. 351
  152. What are you wearing (Sept. 2011)?
  153. Vintage Elgin Questions
  154. A Warning to Noobs.... the hazards of buying vintage watches!!
  155. Illinois wristwatch
  156. Finally a high beat Zodiac SST36000
  157. A couple newbies (vintage content)
  158. Westclox wristwatch info/ID
  159. Check out this Elgin I found! any ideas?
  160. Gruen p.w. levers
  161. Looking to buy a vintage Military
  162. I would like some help finding a pocket watch case for a 6497 movement and 36mm dial
  163. helvetia 50's chrono
  164. 1907 Longines - Henry Bockstruck
  165. About a three vintage watches from eBay! Omega and Tissot
  166. Help me Identify this Movado
  167. Need help with info on Lanco Sport Incabloc
  168. Vintage Vostock
  169. Gruen 552RSS
  170. Two awesome re-dials..
  171. Help with Zenith Grand Prix
  172. Need Info on "Berta" Swiss Watch. Ancre 17 Rubis
  173. ID Required: Vintage LeCoultre Dress Watch 14k Gold
  174. LOTEX watch
  175. Omega 30SCT2 ?
  176. Gruen p.w. dials. sources?
  177. Need help identifying an Elgin watch. Thanks!
  178. This weekend: a great Eatons find
  179. Does anybody else wear waistcoat/pocket watch?
  180. Sekonda info
  181. My "new" vintage Certina
  182. Need help with a Jovial
  183. Male or Female?
  184. Advice - Vintage Omega buckle s/s 1950's type
  185. Baume 21 Jewel Watch - Information Please
  186. Platinum watch cases no longer extra valuable.
  187. Gruen got Aeby & Landry to copy Waltham designs?
  188. NIGA Watches
  189. My first Pocket Watch!
  190. anyone knows the brand of this watch? 25 jewels automatic, gold plated from the 60ies
  191. Derrick brand watch
  192. any clue what i just bought? CELLINI but not a Rolex and not a knock-off?!
  193. Info needed on my Jules Jurgensen 18k pocket watch
  194. My new vintage Heuer watch
  195. Updated post with better pic later in thread: Please help identify what it is . Hafis?
  196. waltham pocket watch
  197. Thinking of getting a Omikron
  198. Elkan, Dimier brothers, Borgel (probably) Colonial watch
  199. Old Unicorn,Marconi,Rolco ?
  200. after some information on JW Benson Hunter 9kt Gold Pocket Watch
  201. Any love for old Wextclox pocket watches?
  202. Please help identify union horlogere pocket watch
  203. My weekend garage sale finds
  204. A prize winner Zenith?
  205. Mondaine pocket watch identification
  206. Am i on crack???
  207. Help to identify ROYCE watch needed.
  208. Pierce Chronograph Questions
  209. Exceptional Patek Philippe, ref. 1436 to be auctioned in September by Antiquorum
  210. Cool find at estate sale!
  211. waltham watch
  212. Are re-cased vintages considered "Frankenwatches?"
  213. Stamps on my Watch Band
  214. Pocket watch holder
  215. Looking for vintage watch dealer Albany ny
  216. New to the forums and watches in general. This a good deal?
  217. It deserved another thread.... Longines 1965 30L... Stunner! Sorry, bit of a photo shoot.....
  218. Accutron Service
  219. Please help identify !!!
  220. My Ball Watch Collection
  221. Let's see those bumpers...
  222. '70's LeCoultre Master Mariner
  223. A gamble pays off
  224. Help Identify Early 1900's Cortebert Please
  225. Would you buy a redial?
  226. This just in from 1969...
  227. Probable franken confirmation please
  228. Please help identify this Girard Perregaux.
  229. New to me: 1950s Movado cal. 95M chrono>
  230. Zell brothers info and facts wanted, needed, appreciated, whatever
  231. Who here has...
  232. Got My First Nice Vintage Watch...
  233. I Don't Have A Watch From My Birth Year
  234. I am really excited about this WW1 Trench Watch project that came today
  235. Violate a 1906 Illinois hunter p.w. to case a rare 1905 Gruen?
  236. A strapping little score
  237. Stuck pocket watch srew back
  238. Part 3... Smiths '69 Military watch with strap!
  239. Mobilia silver pocket watch
  240. Ladies' Eterna-Matic anatomic
  241. Need help identifying old Fortis, 50īs? - Marine master?
  242. Waltham ID and info please
  243. Questions about Wakmann???
  244. Croton Chronograph circa...?????
  245. Vintage Wittnauer Valjoux 72?
  246. Vintage IWC
  247. Looking for a pocket watch like this old Stowa
  248. Is this legit?
  249. New here looking for some help
  250. This weekends project: Waltham 750-B