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  1. I hate searching watches that are the name of a place as well.
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  15. Kasper
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  17. Show your best auction find
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  19. Hamilton Chrono Lemania
  20. Introduction
  21. pocket watch pictures please
  22. Mystery Marvin
  23. A nice juxtaposition
  24. First Gruen designed production watch
  25. Is Vulcan worth buying?
  26. Help! Need movement for OLD hunter case
  27. Manual vs. Auto- servicing costs/complexity 50's 60's Bulova / Elgin
  28. Baylor (vintage) watch pictures...Please add your own!
  29. Need Help to ID German hunter case pocket watch vintage 1920
  30. Help me ID this Hamilton pocket watch
  31. Movado Ermeto Pullman 8-day desk clock
  32. Old Russian movement - does it worth restoring?
  33. Ladies & rentelman Please, What is a good mid to low level three dates watch?
  34. Greetings from a noob.
  35. Best Movements ever Made or Historically Significant Horological Pieces?
  36. All prettied up!
  37. Question , Want to change background on Aquastar 3874 ...
  38. Anyone here collect character watches?
  39. Zenith Victorious cal. 40-T Restoration
  40. Just bought an early 50's Bulova... Help?
  41. swiss made Zurich jeweled watch? ID plz
  42. got my Seastar fixed and looking better than new (almost)
  43. noob looking for 1st vintage watch
  44. vintage pocket watch help
  45. Ulysse Nardin Silver Pocket Watch - But is this movement real?
  46. vintage LCD or $1 fashion watch? please ID
  47. Seeking Advice on reliable timekeeper
  48. non omega pocket watch
  49. Omega Seamaster - real or fake?
  50. Help identifying vintage Omega.
  51. First Old(ish) Watch
  52. Gruen 420SS parts
  53. 85 year old Swiss made vintage wristwatch
  54. First production Verithin p.w.?
  55. Seiko Hi-Beat question
  56. Record watch.
  57. Help Identify this 44mm brequet spring watch updated
  58. Vintage croton ladies aquabelle watch info please
  59. How old little Gruen?
  60. Hamilton 942
  61. Top 11 vintage grails for 2011!
  62. Is Helbros a top brand mid or low?
  63. My "new" New York Standard pocket watch
  64. Bauhaus polished up and running strong !
  65. Ebay buying experience 100% last 6 months
  66. Tudor Rolex 1959 - Any further information appreciated
  67. Help ID pocket-watch.
  68. I like the patina on this one...
  69. Is it more likley for cheper pieces to mean that it is more likely to be original?
  70. pocket watch
  71. Found my fathers old watches (2 x omega, zenith, longines etc.)
  72. 1873 English Fusee
  73. Help Identifying
  74. A Lord Elgin for my modest collection
  75. Vintage Girard Perregaux Gyromatic HF - some help needed
  76. Just Sharing, My Universal Genéve Uni Compax
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  78. Riveted balance pivot
  79. Original Roskopf?
  80. Strap for Roamer
  81. Information on Movement Calibre measurement
  82. Question about a Baume & Mercier pocket watch?
  83. Two old pocketwatch movements - help identifying
  84. Arctos Elite
  85. 1888 Columbus 18s overhaul - Warning Megapost
  86. Seeking to learn more about this old Aristo Chronograph
  87. My Vintage Illinois Watch Co pocket watch
  88. I need some info about this Longines ultra chron
  89. Bovet Fleurier
  90. I found a Oyster watch company watch
  91. A real Gruen 12 size p.w. NOT
  92. Antique Store Find one of two.
  93. Another "help me ID my grandfather's Hamilton" thread
  94. Can anyone help me out with this vintage watch????
  95. Do you have a color
  96. Your best vintage under $100?
  97. What is this?
  98. henry sandoz and ogival
  99. Girard Perregaux circa 1965 - comments and info
  100. Accutron Spaceview
  101. A Sad Tudor
  102. Fleamarket find for GBP 8.00 (Timex bargain)
  103. '53 Zodiac moonphase back
  104. '69 Seiko BellMatic overhaul
  105. Rebberg Caliber?
  106. 60's Benrus
  107. Let's find out exactly how versed I am....
  108. My new vintage - Tressa! Opinions?
  109. Is this Elgin orignal and are the parts correct to the watch?
  110. Wristwatch worn by Dean in Rebel Without a Cause?
  111. Whats the going rate for a 1970's Zodiac?
  112. vintage Longines 1963 cal.280 - some photos
  113. Old Strela taking a water buffalo ride!
  114. Old Pocket watch help please.
  115. Pocket Watch Experts: 18k Baume Keywind Help Needed...Baume Geneve B&L ?
  116. Does anyone know what this is???
  117. Omega trésor ot2710
  118. Source of spare parts for limit/thommen pocket watches
  119. Help with vintage wedding watch
  120. Question about a Vintage TIMEX on Ebay
  121. Columbus p.w. sidewise lever setting unique?
  122. Information about an old Russian Pocket watch (Molnija)
  123. Cimier dollar watch .... maybe a discussion?
  124. Omega 26,5 SOB
  125. What the heck is this symbol and age please?
  126. two new constellations: '69 cal 751 and cal 1011
  127. My Christmas present.
  128. Need to Indentify - 1956 Bulova L6
  129. Seeking Help - Vintage DOXA pre-WWII questions
  130. At what point does a restored piece become a franken?
  131. Confirming Gruen Verithin p.w. first production with Leo Aeby.
  132. Is it hard to get parts for a Vintage Camy
  133. Need help dating this old Gruen
  134. Old Niton Geneve wrist watch
  135. What do you guys think? Fake or Real?
  136. Just bought a ferris wheel
  137. Early trench watch arrangement
  138. Swiss Made Felicitas Neuchatel Question
  139. 40+ vintage movements for sale! If only I knew something about fixing watches...
  140. Forgot one from my list
  141. Need some info PLEASE
  142. Help identify vintage Omega
  143. my new love
  144. All I know is the watch is no older than early 1970's.
  145. Latest Flea Market Buys
  146. mimo vintage 14 kt diamond watch
  147. origin if possible please
  148. Old chronograph wrist watch
  149. Vintage 1927 Rolex Oyster
  150. I have decided to try ebay this year I made a list.
  151. Dietrich Gruen Ultra-thin and very-Very-thin pocketwatch
  152. How can I simply shine this watch?
  153. Are Ebel watches from the pre 50's rare or do they lack interest?
  154. I was wondering are part watches worth it?
  155. Gratuitous uncased movt pic
  156. Brequet pilot watch?
  157. Do any of you know these cases ....
  158. Two new (old) pocket watches purchased. (Photos will follow when possible)
  159. IWC trifecta
  160. Help dating Lucien Piccard watch
  161. 1837 Brit RR Watch
  162. Why is my watch not working?
  163. Rado Silver Star
  164. standard time movements
  165. Vintage Ladies 9K Gold Case Swiss Made General Watch
  166. New Pickup: Vintage Benrus
  167. Wanted info about this Michel Herbelin "Lagune" wrist watch. (pics inside)
  168. Question regarding process of appraising a pocket watch
  169. Gruen p.w. dials
  170. Setting a Lever-set Pocket Watch Counterclockwise?
  171. Lesser known but equal
  172. A fine fancy Liverpool Brit antique
  173. Zenith serial numbers
  174. Tissot Automatic Seastar, stoped ticking after a small drop! advice please, worth fixing?
  175. Which Waltham Wristwatch is Wrepresentative?
  176. Caravell by Bulova good vintage?
  177. Vintage LED Watch
  178. Wittnauer--authentic? Please help identify...
  179. Polerouter Sub - the evidence for two early variants
  180. Benrus Pocket watch
  181. Colombier Watch Co., Switzerland, Model 89334 Pocket Watch_ I need info on this.
  182. Help me choose vintage watch -- $300
  183. January 2011 - What vintage are you wearing today?
  184. Vintage Eterna
  185. Is there anyone who knows about this watch? "TIME GUILD"
  186. SNEAK PEAK: '60s Accutron Astronaut Mark II
  187. Titoni Airmaster
  188. Independent Watch Company Pocket Watch
  189. Opinions sought regarding a Polerouter Sub
  190. newbie seeking advice
  191. Help ID this Accutron
  192. Filled another hole...Twin Barrel
  193. It's sure to sell with a name like that...
  194. Every collection needs a bumper, and Benrus had one...
  195. Unknown watckmaker/watch Please help
  196. Info on this Longines?
  197. Please help to identify this watch
  198. New pick-up: AS 1475 surprise
  199. Antique store finds
  200. A not very Veri- Verithin 1919 GRUEN p.w.
  201. Hope this Longines is legit ...
  202. Please help us identify our mystery pocket watch
  203. Solora?
  204. When was Certina argonaut 220 made? Different versions?
  205. Looking for a watch that was bought in Germany
  206. Help Identifying Vintage Pocket-Watch and Value
  207. So, I found this old watch...
  208. Recognize this pocket watch movement?
  209. Yule present and one for the ladies...
  210. Vintage swiss Wristwatch, need help with ID
  211. Need information on Tissot watch
  212. Rare mystery gold Bulova watch, please identify
  213. Help finding a Bezel for a Rodania Diver
  214. Trying to identify pocket watch
  215. Recieved two very sentimental peices for Christmas- need guidance now
  216. Rare 16j Gruen Veri-thin p.w.
  217. Your thoughts on this vintage Omega Seamaster
  218. Vintage Jules jurgensen question
  219. Help identifying Universal Geneve movement
  220. Please identify this watch - Technos Ancre 15 Rubis
  221. Movado Zenith "museum", very rare or fake?
  222. Authentic Baume et Mercier Chronograph????
  223. Vintage Rolex
  224. This Hammie chrono: about 1970-75?
  225. My new old art deco period Jaeger!
  226. HELP! Identify This Old Seiko
  227. Vintage Breitling???
  228. Identification if possible
  229. vintage omega
  230. Omega Cartier?
  231. Lanco-Sarcar
  232. Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875
  233. Pocket Watch transformed into the wristwatch.
  234. White Dials, Please!
  235. Can you overwind a Vintage Pocket Watch?
  236. KING SEIKO Diashock 25 Jewels - help with date, information, if worth fixing, with photos
  237. Rolex Unicorn debate
  238. Request info on vintage 14kt Gold Seiko 4110-5239-D
  239. 1943 Omega pilots watch
  240. Opinions on future value(not price) of Seiko Pogue.
  241. Advice on IWC pocket watch
  242. My nicest Vintage Diver 60-70's Belforte
  243. Can you identify this vintage Bulova pocket watch? Thank you!
  244. I love the (summer) holidays...
  245. Need help opening a vintage Elgin.
  246. Need Info - Large Pocket watch Chronograph I.D help !!
  247. 1916 Omega? Please help a newbie identify
  248. Please tell me about this vintage Omega
  249. Please help...I need to identify a vintage Rolex...
  250. How Good is a 7-Jewel Pocket Watch?