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  1. Roamer Anfibio: How do you get to the movement?
  2. Cortebert
  3. Wonder what "Oh every one has that".
  4. IWC cal. 89 dial question
  5. pocketwatch Omega - some photos
  6. Flea market find: 1960s Citizen Newmaster
  7. Info on my pocket watch
  8. Info on my pocket watch
  9. Tudor Prince Oysterdate and Zodiac Glorious Manufacture dates
  10. sandoz or seiko or non
  11. Old Wright cylinder London stopwatch.
  12. LeGant and Chateau Watch Questions...
  13. Mystery watch
  14. Need information about an old watch
  15. Nimra: who knows some more
  16. Observatory Chronometer, English movement
  17. Vintage Lartoz watch
  18. LUXOR: arrived today... not what I expected!
  19. Vintage Longines pocket watch
  20. Missing...something?
  21. Vintage Railroad Watch Advice
  22. My Handgrave Unitas 6497
  23. New to Pocket watches.
  24. URGENT: Need assistance identifying this pocket watch.
  25. Girard Perregaux vintage Pilot Watch info needed!!??
  26. Please Help to Identify ORIS 7 jewels & AVIA 15 Jewels
  27. 18k pocket watch, james dubois / locle??
  28. Please Help to Identify my old Pocket Watch
  29. Value of 1929 Illinois New Yorker?
  30. What are you Wearing May, 2011
  31. Gallet Prodution Dates
  32. Cartier enigma
  33. Your right, it is passion. I justbought this 40's ORIS.
  34. Langendorf pocketwatch - some photos
  35. Antique Market Pick-Up: Wittnauer Electronic
  36. Possibly issue with my Hammy?
  37. Information on Rado Companion?
  38. Dial refinishing - take 2....
  39. Help With Wittnauer Watch
  40. Who/what is the Bolaro watch movement?
  41. When does an innocent hobby turn into a full blown addiction?
  42. Can you help me with these two? (Omega and Rotary)
  43. Getting interested in vintage pocket watches.
  44. Seeking information on a vintage bulova watch i have.
  45. Looking for any Information on this Vintage Watch
  46. Great-grandmother's Gintz pocket watch
  47. 1891 waltham help PLEASE
  48. 1940's vintage rectangular Doxa watch (Pics)
  49. Speaking of Lanco, here's one you'll probably never see elsewhere:
  50. £10 "Vintage" swiss 17J auto... Franken?
  51. Lanco-Fon
  52. Interesting 1893+ depression time Waltham model 92.
  53. Vintage Hamilton Identification
  54. Info Revue cronograph 18k
  55. CAMY Do they always sign their movements?
  56. My Newest - A 1937 Bulova
  57. Enicar Sherpa Super Jet Automatic
  58. need help identifying pocket watch
  59. Hamilton World Time Power
  60. Todays Trio of watches... 2 caravelles and an Omega
  61. Seeking suggestions for a bracelet on a vintage Seiko
  62. Vintage restoration project.
  63. Elgin Automatic Chronograph help
  64. Looking for a Longines 330 movement?
  65. New Incoming - Luxor!
  66. Zenith Gold pocket Watch info required
  67. New horror story: Eternal sealing - and a new case opener....
  68. Many of my schoolfriends had digital watches:>
  69. A 1895 Elgin 6s ladies' watch
  70. im confused about this one
  71. I need help identifying this timex!!!
  72. Doubts about regulating vintage watches.
  73. Does this Tudor look legit?
  74. I just bought this.
  75. Need some help, ID my Waltham
  76. Waltham?
  77. AEC Watch
  78. WUS Photo Contest...
  79. How do I remove links on an Omega "Beads of Rice" bracelet?
  80. Waltham 16 size p.w. Max and Van
  81. Welsbro - Minty buy
  82. passed on an auto timex and got a timex100
  83. Is it Langel 54 or else?
  84. Elgin and 2 is enough
  85. Silver p.w. cases
  86. i may have started a pocketwatch craze in elementary schools...
  87. Need help - Info on Angelus Travel Clock
  88. Vintage watch bracelets - where to find?
  89. Happy Easter Fellow Vintage WUS Forum Folks!
  90. Tell me something 'bout this caliber
  91. Vintage LeCoultre solid 14k - please identify
  92. Question from a newbie
  93. Hamilton pocket watch help
  94. Vintage Junghans pocket watch
  95. Great Grandfather's SouthBend Pocket Watch
  96. Venus 140 chronograph. (long winded story)
  97. Waltham Royal
  98. 80's Quartz Tag F1 Help
  99. Vetta cronograph 18k
  100. New incomming
  101. what are watches from the 50's and below that are still popular w/ collectors today?
  102. Borgel vs. Baumgartner Breakthrough: The FB mystery solved at last!
  103. Can You Help Me Dating This Tavannes....
  104. 39jewel Benrus 3 Star
  105. Help with vintage watch for husband!
  106. Close, but no cigar.
  107. The Tissot Sideral... Was going to sell... Now its a keeper!!
  108. Questions about vintage pocket watches.
  109. Wm Ellery pocket watch movement with pics
  110. Anyone know anything about a watch made by JAMES JAQUET, ST IMIER ?
  111. universal geneve questions
  112. Waltham Premier Submarine
  113. Movements under glass
  114. Whats it worth? Illinois vintage pocket watch
  115. Inventory: Brands That Have Used Valjoux 7761
  116. Chicago vintage watches
  117. Gold aerojet bulova got this the other day is it a keeper?
  118. could this be genuine?
  119. I found this Seth Thomas at Auction today
  120. First pocket watch and i need details if anyone can help!!
  121. Help with a Ladies pocket watch
  122. Vintage Kienzle cal.147/62
  123. Longines / Wittnauer 17 jewel
  124. got two old wathes today, one pnotiac 15 jewels and one Jupex 25 jewels
  125. Help with id 2 lady watches?
  126. Titus Automatic with Alarm... any clues?
  127. My new project. Input appreciated.
  128. Roamer AnfibioMatic
  129. Todays Arrivals... 2 Tissot's and an Omega!
  130. Cosmos 17 Jewel - Info needed
  131. Need some help with 2 estate watches.
  132. Help with Pocket Watch Movement Identification
  133. Elgin Tonneau Model - need help with ID
  135. Roxy Automatic
  136. An Aluminum Pocket Watch
  137. Vintage Buren not so vintage?
  138. What do we think Bracelet or Strap >>
  139. Are these Solid 14Kct Gold >> ??
  140. Help with bunn special
  141. BENFRE watches, anyone?
  142. Flea Market find: Edox dress watch
  143. Watch stamp identification
  144. Timeco Israel 25 Jewel Auto
  145. Elgin Sportsman 17 Jewel like new.
  146. Need help with a vintage Georges Favre-Jacot pocket watch
  147. Question about my Hamilton Buren watch
  148. Speaking of Timex...
  149. Where have all the wind-up watches gone?
  150. Price for Ulysse Nardin Pocket Watch Conversion
  151. Two new vintage purchases some pics inside!
  152. First Vintage Sport timex
  153. Universal cal 285 parts needed...
  154. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Collection: 95 pictures...
  155. What is this?
  156. Leonidas Pocket Watch Case Help!
  157. Elgin Pocketwatch - in search of balance wheel pin/jewel...
  158. Herald Tank 17 Jewel Need some info.
  159. Stauffer Son & Co. Pocket Watch Movement
  160. Original Columbus 16 size watch is niether.
  161. CONTINENTAL Tecnic watch
  162. Tissot Seastar -- what am I missing?
  163. Stowa Chrono with Landeron 248 is in>>>>>
  164. Pocket Watches: which current brands still make them?
  165. GP Gyromatic - more info
  166. 1960's Rolex, is this one to avoid? Oyster Speedking 972
  167. Omega Suverän with center second???
  168. Interested in Vintage IWC Pocket Watches?
  169. Conclusive Results... Keeping the 1969 Omega Chronostop... Full pics - inside and out!
  170. Systeme Glashutte pocket watch
  171. really strange 50s day, date...eloga??
  172. genuine Vacheron watch?
  173. Wakmann Valjoux 236
  174. "The Albion" Thomas & Son J.L. Fracombe Pocket Watch, 1897, Open Face, Key Wind, info?
  175. Help with a vintage watch
  176. Opened up my vintage Vulcain Cricket today
  177. My LED Love Benrus Galaxy From 1977
  178. help to identify watch please
  179. 2 New arrivals... Want to keep one... but which one?
  180. Help with Ulysse Nardin Vintage
  181. Confusion with Columbus p.w. 16 size diameter
  182. Vintage Timex & "Character" watch repair/service/restoration
  183. Waltham pocket watch help - pics
  184. Very interesting Royal
  185. Help, vintage Glycine!
  186. Envoy De Luxe is a Wenger?
  187. Keep or Return?
  188. Vintage from e**ay seller watchdot
  189. Vintage JLC - Thoughts?
  190. Opinions welcome on auction expectations for 2 fine p.w.
  191. Finally "Movement" photos of 2 Gruen's and a Milber
  192. ...... and Omega....
  193. Just an inquiry on watch brand.
  194. Anyone know what the heck this is?
  195. Embossed lettering...a Franken-sign?
  196. I can´t open this case
  197. 70's NOS West End co watch fancy dial
  198. Evaluating watches
  199. Pocket Watch help
  200. Video re electronic watch, 1952
  201. Need help with Heuer watch!
  202. Latest find (gun Show) Nivada Chrono
  203. Tudor movement
  204. New Vintage Vulcain GT - movement question
  205. What kind of Sandoz?
  206. Question about a Roskell
  207. Bunn
  208. Vintage Hamilton Ventura Movement question
  209. Aeby 19 ligne size first Columbus Gruen p.w.
  210. Sacred Heart Pocket Watch? What kind?
  211. Vintage watch owners - what do you drive?
  212. Help with identifying mark
  213. Todays offering: Lanco!
  214. Question about vintage chrono
  215. Vintage Tiffany Pocket watch
  216. Brandt pocket watch
  217. any help identifying pocket watch movement ?
  218. What Are You Wearing (April)
  219. Help To Identify Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch
  220. Any heard of a Wittnauer 11AN watch calibre
  221. just bought a timex
  222. IWC or Frankenwatch?
  223. Gruen and Aeby collaboration 1973-1920+
  224. New Tissot arrival
  225. Inherited a few pocket watches...where do you get them appraised in Northern NJ area???
  226. Todays 'Vintage' offerings.... DiaStar and Seamaster
  227. Neuvex multi year watch - anyone know anything about them?
  228. INVITATION: An audience with Gerd R. Lang, Founder and CEO of Chronoswiss
  229. Vintage Baume & Mercier
  230. Need help with finding parts (rubber gaskets/seals and crown assembly)...
  231. Simple question... What makes a vintage watch??
  232. Help Identifing a Ladies Wittnauer Watch
  233. Hello; Can any one suggest a book on watch cleaning?
  234. need help: source a balance spring for vintage GP
  235. Vintage Cyma ref. 030
  236. anyone have any information on this watch
  237. Mobilia Watch Movement
  238. Help Identifying 2 Ladies Omega Watches
  239. Seth Thomas
  240. Watchmaker ?
  241. DAMAS 15 Jewels Movement info needed
  242. unknown pocket watch
  243. Help to Identify Old pocket clock
  244. Pocket Watch Movement Help Please
  245. Marvin Calendar/Date pointer
  246. Need some more info on this Omega Moonphase.
  247. 1933 Elgin 4/0 restoration
  248. Can someone help me identify these Omegas?
  249. LETS SEE THEM: The 'service piles' and 'to-do lists'... watches that time forgot!
  250. Unusual 1890 U.S. style p.w. movement decoration