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  1. Omega finally released, but severely dumbed-down, the new vintage resource page.
  2. Any info known on this watch? Royce handwinder (photos included)
  3. Waltham Crescent St Non-Magnetic
  4. Is it just me... but why are Vintage Seiko's so cheap?
  5. more eterna goodness
  6. l & j dubois
  7. Omega chronostop check
  8. Wittnauer Geneve Professional Chrono
  9. Uknown watch movements
  10. Porta Automatic
  11. Precista/Gallet
  12. What is a bargain to you?
  13. N.O.S Ogival
  14. Another Longines on my doorstep (I could not resist)
  15. Flea Market find
  16. Best American 12 size from ~1900
  17. Longines dating request
  18. Stumped on Westclox automatic movement ID
  19. Primos [was: Re: Old rectangular Hanhart]
  20. Can anyone help my with this old BUREN watch?
  21. 2 new Illinois finds, Bunn and "Ensign" Special Model B
  22. Cortebert cal 952 from 30-40 - NOS?
  23. Bifora 115 Diver With Tachemeter bezel?
  24. Two Roamer's I am looking at.
  25. Need a Waltham movement.
  26. Help id a pocket watch
  27. Anyone have an early Waltham wrist watch?
  28. replacement dials for pocket watches?
  29. Broke all my rules to buy this... NOS Eterna-matic 1000...
  30. Looking to add a Vintage wristwatch
  31. Information welcome on a 1950s watch.
  32. What's the history behind the Carpentier brand?
  33. Omega 23.4SCAM
  34. Rado Diastar 1E Chronometer.... arrived this morning! A bit bling... but I love it!!
  35. Can Anyone Add To the History Of this Rebranded Glashütte?
  36. Question about Venus 210 chronograph movement
  37. Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels for ID please
  38. Helbros Watch with 1914 Elgin Movement????
  39. New (old) Roamer arrived today!!
  40. 1966 Omega Seamaster 24J
  41. What are you wearing: July
  42. Help with an id
  43. Help with Chronograph pocket watch
  44. Help identify this old Swiss Chrono
  45. Gold Montdor Chronograph would like to know more about BIG Pictures!
  46. (HELP)I need the info on this watch.(Pulsar)
  47. Got this old LONGINES pocket watch from my wife... BIG IMAGES
  48. New pic
  49. New Member
  50. Help on 3 watches im looking at locally
  51. My first pocket watch
  52. LUCIEN PICCARD 18kt Watch Windup
  53. Vintage Ladies Longines
  54. Todays 4 arrivals.... inc unknown Bumper...
  55. Omega Ladymatic Mechanical - Found it at a thrift store and paid $3
  56. Vintage Vulcain watch - Any information please?
  57. Pocketwatch plate materials. Like to see examples of the odd.
  58. Vertex silver Watch
  59. My Father's Omega
  60. Job in a stone pit
  61. Opinions on this antique Vacheron/Balmer
  62. My postmans a gossip!!
  63. RR watch running fast - why?
  64. Illinois The Marquis Autocrat
  65. Help identify this 50 years old Gold Longines ?
  66. Eeeb is poorly
  67. roamer help
  68. INFO REQUESTED! Who knows something about these?
  69. Questions about My Grand-Mother's Pin Lever watch
  70. Trying to identify ALCO watch
  71. is it worth it?
  72. Elgin RR
  73. The first designs of the Gruen Verithin 3 bridge p.w.
  74. Antique Swiss Made 'Cedric' 1930's
  75. Fortron? Info please
  76. ..the one that got away
  77. Elgin Sidewinder
  78. Grand Prix Election
  79. Please help to identify chronograph pocket
  80. I was looking around at an antique shop this morning...
  81. Help! Is this Ulysse Nardin - authentic?
  82. Mr Swatch - Short Review
  83. First post, first watch. Pictures inside!
  84. Interesting US Watch Co movement
  85. Opinion/advice on Vintage Omega Geneve PLEASE
  86. Unknown Pocket Watch
  87. Gruen Verithin p.w. first designed by Aeby
  88. Eterna movement ID please?
  89. Timex Electric Movement
  90. Melrose movement brought back to life :)
  91. Eternamatic 2002
  92. Heirloom Bulova Restoration, ADVICE NEEDED.
  93. Can Anyone Identify These Movements?
  94. Smiths dive watch?
  95. fake Lanco jump hour??
  96. Please help with bristol watch co Pocket watch. Fake?
  97. just won a watch in the public forum-update just received
  98. Hamilton redial
  99. Piquette
  100. A new, unusual Eterna.
  101. Helbros military style 820B
  102. Record ladies' watch
  103. Two new Bulovas
  104. i have to vent - r.e. the purists
  105. Helbros
  106. o.maire watch origins?
  107. Longines wittnauer......jubilee brand history
  108. Valjoux 7730 and 7740
  109. Elgin that I picked up for my father. Any info?
  110. for Dad...
  111. question of value?
  112. Just wondering to buy a vintage watch from eBay
  113. Vintage Keystone/howard pocket watch
  114. calling dr. ranftt
  115. Can you identify this Vintage Movado?
  116. Need help with vintage pocket watch: Beftmar?
  117. Waltham Pocket Watch (Pictures Included)
  118. Buddy asked if me for some info so I could use a hand.
  119. just bought a roamer-update with pics
  120. Vintage Audemars Piguet
  121. Vacation Watch Purchases
  122. James Dean 'Rebel Without a Cause' Watch - Can Anyone ID?
  123. An "Interesting" Carboot sale find
  124. Help with an old Omega please...!
  125. my new Citizen Automatic Chronograph
  126. 1948 CYMA - Back From The Cleaners
  127. ID an automatic Jubilee
  128. Help with Longines pocket watch please
  129. The Studebaker - after restoration
  130. Can you help me ID my watch? Concord, Gruen, Eterna, Waltham
  131. Help ID Jean Lassale Geneve
  132. Re-strapped my vintage Strela
  133. Any experts in vintage Fortis Marinemasters?
  134. two new eternas
  135. real or fake?
  136. LeCoultre on Ebay - what's wrong with it?
  137. Zenith Sporto
  138. The last traditional Gruen Pentagon Verithin?
  139. New York Standard Chronograph - Resto
  140. Help ID my Alpina
  141. My first Waltham watch
  142. Help Please/Anyone recognize these?
  143. My box of vintages from an auction. Unbelievable!
  144. Would love more info on my ladies art deco 1920's Bulova Liberty watch
  145. Help with opening case on a Marc Nicolet Auto
  146. Vintage transformation >>
  147. 100 years young today and still going strong
  148. Servicing an old Waltham
  149. Help! Pocket Watch Identification!
  150. Wakmann Chrono
  151. Trying to find info on old pocket watch
  152. I need some help identifying and determining the worth of an old Omega pocket watch
  153. Opinions on possible Jaeger LeCoultre purchase
  154. old Westend movement ID needed
  155. Found an old Timex
  156. Anyone heard about this?
  157. Can someone help me with finding a value for these pocket watches?
  158. What do you think about this Festina?
  159. Vintage Paul Du Pree Croton
  160. starter watch for repair/refurb
  161. Can anyone identify this Waltham movement
  162. An Early Rolex
  163. How do you store your pocket watches? Here is what im doing for now (pics)
  164. Few from my new collection (Lots of pics of course)
  165. Help w/basic info on Patek Philippe Pocket Watch
  166. Vintage Cartier Pocket watch w/ Zenith movement
  167. My junk shop finds
  168. Identify the Authenticity of this Patek Philippe
  169. Pocket watch of my great grandmother's grandfather
  170. Vintage Girard Perregaux - A real Deal?
  171. How to tell if dial is original (Vintage Omega Seamaster)
  172. Picked up two more this past weekend (lots of pics)
  173. Latest Flea Market finds
  174. Some Watch Fair finds.....
  175. Hamilton 978: railroad watch?
  176. zenith gold pocket watch HELP please.
  177. Gloat
  178. Vintage Longines (late 60's), what did I buy?
  179. Picked up a bunch of Timex watches and one Victorinox at the flea market today
  180. Is this an Illinois Watch Co. ?
  181. my latest acquistion a handwound jaeger lecoultre from the 50's
  182. 1960s Swiss Mystery
  183. P.W. movement under glass
  184. A Waltham pocket watch. How do I go about getting info on it?
  185. Darcy with Henzi & Pfaff movement
  186. A pair of Vintage Tissots
  187. A method to remove hidden crud from bracelets
  188. Introduction and question (pics too)
  189. Benrus Question
  190. CURIOSITY Camy Valgine Combo Watch???????? What... How...Why?????
  191. Help to identify a passed down vintage watch.
  192. Can anyone help me verify?
  193. Looking for first vintage, Tudor Oysterdate style but <$300?
  194. Record Military Watch
  195. displaying your collection
  196. Newbie to vintage... help me pick my first signature purchase!
  197. info on eterna-matic gents watch
  198. PreciMax golden [178g] wrist watch - I need any info ....
  199. My Red One >>
  200. Need some info on these watches...
  201. Please help identify this gold pocket watch!
  202. Woltham (Appleton Tracy & co) Watch circa 1883 - 1890
  203. U.S.Watch Co Waltham Mass.
  204. Hello bear with me my camera is down. New vintage
  205. Does anybody know how old a LUCAS swis made watch is?
  206. Caravelle with French movement?
  207. Dugena Alarm
  208. Is it Fake?...solved it is fake. thanks!
  209. Stauble - Avia King - What do you think its age is?
  210. Some pics of an accutron m9 on a new panatime strap
  211. another help me identify Vintage Omega Seamaster please
  213. Newbie needs Direction
  214. Sent here from Omega Forum
  215. A pair of vintage engineers...
  216. neat watch but...
  217. Old gold Vetta ...
  218. Interesting !!
  219. help identify my watch?
  220. 1926 Elgin pocket watch
  221. 1907 Verithin 1st model & best case
  222. Climatron!(?)
  223. Superman Collection!
  224. To Rado or not to Rado?
  225. Burghley 21 jewel diver with useless jewels
  226. Waltham P.S Bartlet with Faux Chatons
  227. New to Vintage
  228. Gruen p.w. cases
  229. Need help identifying old Croton Chronograph
  230. Before And After Shot's of Mrs. Conjurer's Grandpappy's Lord Elgin
  231. Help if possible - Imado red LED watch
  232. Lewis & Son Chronograph
  233. Another one in today!!
  234. advice please! (Omega watch)
  235. Balance staff for a Cortebert movement
  236. A few from my collection.
  237. Some buys today..
  238. Im not going down in defeat. STRATFORD w/ pic ANTONE KNOW ANYTHING?
  239. Another Roamer
  240. Lancet by Marvin - I think
  241. Info AEG Prima cronograph pocket watch
  242. mantle clock info....and pics
  243. Tinker, Tailor, Appleton Tracy
  244. Opinions on early electrics
  245. Wadsworth cases and Gruen
  246. What are you Wearing June 2011 ?
  247. Just received Grandad's Vintage CITIZEN, anyone w/idea of year?...Mom says early 60's.
  248. Help with crystal and bezel on vintage watch
  249. Charity shop find: £3 Jaquet Droz.
  250. Help identifying a Rensie wind-up pocket watch?