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  1. any help identifying pocket watch movement ?
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  4. Any heard of a Wittnauer 11AN watch calibre
  5. just bought a timex
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  7. Gruen and Aeby collaboration 1973-1920+
  8. New Tissot arrival
  9. Inherited a few pocket watches...where do you get them appraised in Northern NJ area???
  10. Todays 'Vintage' offerings.... DiaStar and Seamaster
  11. Neuvex multi year watch - anyone know anything about them?
  12. INVITATION: An audience with Gerd R. Lang, Founder and CEO of Chronoswiss
  13. Vintage Baume & Mercier
  14. Need help with finding parts (rubber gaskets/seals and crown assembly)...
  15. Simple question... What makes a vintage watch??
  16. Help Identifing a Ladies Wittnauer Watch
  17. Hello; Can any one suggest a book on watch cleaning?
  18. need help: source a balance spring for vintage GP
  19. Vintage Cyma ref. 030
  20. anyone have any information on this watch
  21. Mobilia Watch Movement
  22. Help Identifying 2 Ladies Omega Watches
  23. Seth Thomas
  24. Watchmaker ?
  25. DAMAS 15 Jewels Movement info needed
  26. unknown pocket watch
  27. Help to Identify Old pocket clock
  28. Pocket Watch Movement Help Please
  29. Marvin Calendar/Date pointer
  30. Need some more info on this Omega Moonphase.
  31. 1933 Elgin 4/0 restoration
  32. Can someone help me identify these Omegas?
  33. LETS SEE THEM: The 'service piles' and 'to-do lists'... watches that time forgot!
  34. Unusual 1890 U.S. style p.w. movement decoration
  35. Help identifying a logo
  36. Old Gruen. Toothless old and worn. Scrap value only?
  37. How Much service in your country???
  38. Monarch SuperAutomatic AntiMagnetic IncaBloc - 30 jewels
  39. Seeking Information About a Pocket Watch - Santa Fe Special
  40. Todays offerings: An Imado & Buler Jump Hour!
  41. What Is A Nordam?
  42. Myth about early Gruen p.w. history invalidated.
  43. Looking for info on a vintage Roamer Pocket watch (WITH PICTURES!)
  44. Take a Look at My Two Vintage Omegas!
  45. vintage edumacations
  46. Omax with AS MB 530 622
  47. need help to identify a pocket watch
  48. Watch Show Find II Junhans
  49. Watch Show Find Phenix
  50. Certina DS2
  51. I finally got an alarm but...
  52. I got a laugh out of this, thought I'd share
  53. Art deco style movements...
  54. Elgin GMW balance trouble - please help if you can :)
  55. New Arrival Lusserna
  56. One Jewel Wonder!
  57. New Arrival: Omega Seamaster De Ville... Interesting dial.... Whats the movement going to be??
  58. Old Ball wrist, anyone help
  59. What to expect from a watch servicing
  60. Aurore
  61. Mongol ancre 15 rubis
  62. Can anyone help me with this American-French Illinois watch?
  63. How to wear a pocket watch without the chain scratching it?
  64. Ackro - rather odd
  65. Triple Date Moon Phase ID Help
  66. Enicar watches on Ebay - lots of Chinese sellers
  67. Thiel ???
  68. 1960s omega seamaster devile
  69. Hallmark help
  70. Ran across this 1909 Waltham
  71. Rough value of this Girard Perregaux Gyromatic please?
  72. 40s Marc Nicolet Tank
  73. New bracelet combo...
  74. The tip of the second hand needs to be lifted, it's hitting the hr hand tip in a certain time zone.
  75. Vintage Jovial (Needs ID)
  76. Vintage vip memosail
  77. New vintage addition
  78. Ernest borel 1940/50's help!! Can anyone date watch
  79. Vintage Doxa Watch
  80. Vintage JLC
  81. Could someone tell me about this Bulova watch please
  82. Swatch Tissot Repair a bust for vintage
  83. New Vintage addition
  84. Girard-Perregaux Chronograph age, history???
  85. First Listing - Does This Sound About Right?
  86. Inherited a few watches and was wondering if any knew anything about them
  87. My Birth Year Rolex
  88. Help ID My Vintage Watch - Jurgensen?
  89. Girard Perregaux, cal 12?
  90. My double B's.... Two Bulers arrived today... 1 requires some TLC...
  91. Interesting Borgel Movement?
  92. Witch watch ?
  93. Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch key wound... Need help to identify please
  94. Roamer Art Deco Restoration
  95. Looking for Information -- Ball Watch Cortland Movement
  96. hello any body heard of kimberly watches.
  97. ERNEST BOREL 1940/50's
  98. Oris Diver Arrived Today... What Was I Worried About?
  99. oyster watch co
  100. Hamilton chronograph
  101. Can anyone identify this Ingersoll
  102. Love the simple clean look of the...
  103. Sandoz
  104. Jw benson chiming musical pocket watch question
  105. Help to choose between Rado Voyager and Rado World Travel
  106. What are these?
  107. omega 30t2... how much??
  108. Collection of pocket watches
  109. Thought you guys would be interested...
  110. Gruen 8 position adjusted p.w.
  111. The wittnauer I just bought a " 50's Wittnauer automatic".
  112. Seiko UFO...
  113. Some Seiko funk...
  114. Movement identification
  115. 1945 Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  116. Vintage Citizen Watch
  117. Benrus Dial O Rama - Winding Instructions
  118. VULCAIN 18K GOLD (neck watch?)....HELP WANTED
  119. Watch back or no watch back is it no big deal?
  120. Billades pocket watch
  121. What's the proper way to swing a Caravelle 11ULACD automatic movement?
  122. Vintage watch not keeping time correctly
  123. Need help identifying a freak 240-ish Angelus movement
  124. One score, one flop and one regret
  125. Nice but unlikely Gruen p.w.
  126. Help identifying watch
  127. please help needing information on a watch
  128. Help me ID this watch from a movie
  129. Help in identifying a Lucian Piccard Ladies Watch 3944
  130. vintage newbie question - what is acceptable?
  131. To repair or not to repair... that is the question? Sicura
  132. Vintage Aquastar Seatime
  133. south Bay Area - vintage watches places
  134. Acre Breguet gold ladies watch
  135. Hamilton Railway Sp Pocketwatch
  136. What Have *I* Done? Post auction doubts setting in! (My Version)
  137. Antique Pocket Watch Purchased in Europe 25 Years Ago.
  138. South East Asia and Vintage Watches.
  139. Elgin Gold Pocket Watch...what do you think?
  140. Will this Cortebert fit my vintage project?
  141. help id'ing Roamer for new glass
  142. Accutron Tuning Fork - Help!
  143. pocket watch stands
  144. What's your best pics???
  145. Need help with locating a balance staff for a vintage Elgin movement...
  146. Vintage Glashutte
  147. Ties & Vintage Watches
  148. What Have I Done??? Post auction doubts setting in!!
  149. Gruen pentagon-help
  150. 60's "Big Arrow" Diver Chronograph By Sigena - Cal. Landeron 148
  151. My Enicar Chronograph Valjoux 92
  152. Old, 1880 17-jewel Illinois watch
  153. Zodiac Guardsman
  154. The first production Verithin 17 ligne sized p.w. movements.
  155. ROAMER ANFIBIO 70s (lots of pics)
  156. Info on H.Williamson WW1 pocket watch
  157. Help needed Identifying a vintage Omega PW
  158. New Arrival - Emperor Chrono - Pic Heavy!
  159. Union Horlogiere Chronometre Alpina #134871. info anyone?
  160. Need some help - Defiance
  161. Winding antique watches
  162. Help with watch info! Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea diver
  163. "The hand of time" on 50's Zenith: Fotobook
  164. Vulcain Grand Prix
  165. Identification - Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic
  166. Vintage Silver Seiko
  167. Vintage seiko
  168. Dials with chatoyancy
  169. My Rare Zenith 12-4P-50
  170. straps on vintage watches
  171. Rodania project watch
  172. A pair of Hamiltons
  173. Hy There...
  174. Admiral Pocket Watch. 14kt GF. 12(?)S, 15J. 3.Adjt. Swan-neck microregulator.
  175. 2nd Ebay purchase Ingrahm Sentinel
  176. When is it fair to give advice?
  177. Please help me identify my father's Movado
  178. sapphire crystal - rare in vintages?
  179. The Studebaker - before going for service
  180. Longines Automatic . Please help me.
  181. Smallest Gruen not a w.w.
  182. My First Jump Hour
  183. Can anyone tell me about this pocket watch?
  184. Longines Military 24 Hour Time Pocket Watch....Experts Help Please
  185. 1837 R. & G. Beesley Liverpool “Chester” Fusee
  186. My first vintage pocket watch
  187. Please can anyone help me??
  188. It's FINALLY back!
  189. Need some advice concerning these watches....Fixabiltiy, value, selling outlet????
  190. What Are You Wearing (March)
  191. Vintage Wakmann Pocket watch / need help, Please
  192. Today I was a lucky bastard - sometimes you still get a bargain on Ebay...
  193. Eterna Centenaire '61 Grail...
  194. Advice for a pocket watch for a newbie? : )
  195. Full Hunter quarter repeater with moon phase - Landeron?
  197. Why are a few Gruen o.f. cases with hinges on front?
  198. seeking info for this patek
  199. Pocket Watch
  200. My first finds...
  201. Owed pics of this one.
  202. After service woes -- watch isn't winding smoothly?
  203. Voumard 2000
  204. New vintage Oris
  205. Antique Nivrel Swiss Watch Help! Era, Information?Your Thoughts?
  206. Strange looking Pocket Watch
  207. dogma. Spectacular dial
  208. What do you think of this watch? (Bulova)
  209. Can you help with information about this watch?
  210. Vintage? Coronet watch with stainless steel band... help with more info...
  211. New Arrival - Seiko 6139-6005
  212. Looking for places to get a pocket watch serviced
  213. What to do, what to do... Kramer and Moser early wrist watch
  214. Who made Solar Engin or Rolex
  215. Help Needed for Nirvel Antique Watch Information! Date? Era?
  216. Some help ID'ing this piece? 50yr+ old French Platinum/Diamond
  217. Seth Thomas Pocket Watch Questions
  218. Waltham Direct Read Chronograph
  219. Show your favorite bumper automatic...
  220. Vintage Vulcain Cricket, any idea actual age?
  221. Restoring a Certina DS2 Turtle
  222. How long should a Hamilton 982 run?
  223. Need help with this 1940's? GRAHAM Chronograph
  224. What V, VQX and other marks on US imported Swiss movementts mean
  225. Liban triple date information wanted.
  226. Grandfather's pocket watch
  227. Need help identifying a vintage watch please
  228. Help with Waltham Vanguard 16s Balance
  229. Need help identifying a Chablonen Watch!
  230. Please help date a Howard Keystone pocket watch
  231. Seeking information on this 70's Square Dial Omega Seamaster
  232. 18s Waltham pocketwatch
  233. Longines Info
  234. if it runs...?
  235. Italian Railways Cortebert - thanks to Veljko
  236. Dietrich Gruen marked p.w. movements source.
  237. L.u.c
  238. Please help me identify this Bucherer watch?
  239. Sandoz logo
  240. from the melt
  241. Omega Seamaster 600
  242. Questions about a pocketwatch/parts purchase.
  243. Vintage watches
  244. An Old Friend Rediscovered
  245. balance staff help
  246. Opportunity to buy complicated breguet for $125.00 dont know much about them
  247. Does anyone have any info...
  248. Moon Phase inherited......Who made it?
  249. IAXA, Worth Repairing?
  250. Vintage Hamilton 770 mov't watch, any info on it?