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  60. Does Breitling make a micro adjustable clasp yet? Are they late to the game?
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  63. I'm really not well!! Lol
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  88. Found a chrono-matic. What do you think?
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  124. Help me decide
  125. Who's the guy to talk to about vintage Navitimers?
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  136. Super 8
  137. How much for a full service in France please in euros ex. parts?
  138. Help for a novice, please - Chronomat Bezel
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  140. Does the Breitling Colt 44 wear small? Is it tacky to go to dealer to try on?
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  155. Shot back in 2003 or 2004 IIRC...
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  158. Just tryin' to hang on to the good old days of actual Breitling aviation related horology...
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  166. I found this rare strap so bought the watch to suit it today.........
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  223. A new Deployant Clasp is in the catalog, anyone with details?
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